Costco Credit Monitoring – Review

Q: What do you think of the credit monitoring service from Costco? I almost signed up for it the other day but decided I should do some research first. Thanks

A: Costco credit monitoring is technically not their own. Rather, they are an authorized seller of a service called Identity Guard® which gives its subscribers a variety of benefits. Costco currently sells two different packages from them:

Identity Guard® Credit Protection
This plan includes the following benefits:

  • 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • 3-Bureau Credit Score
  • $20,000 Identity Theft Insurance

Costco charges $9.49 per month for this credit monitoring plan if you are a Gold Star or Business member. $7.49 per month for Executive members.

Identity Guard® Total Protection
According to their website the “key features” of this plan are:

  • 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • 3-Bureau Credit Score
  • Identity Monitoring
  • Address Monitoring
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance*

The price for this credit monitoring plan is $11.49 per month for Costco Gold Star and Business members or $9.99 per month for Executive members.

Should you get it?
Their plans will suffice, but they would not be my first choice. For starters, the pricing for Costco credit monitoring is not very competitive. If they were discounted more heavily I would consider them more seriously, but based on their current pricing, I’ll pass.

Secondly, I personally wouldn’t consider them to be the leader in this industry. There are a couple other companies offering credit monitoring which are more reputable and respected in my personal opinion, not to mention their pricing is comparable. Although Costco is a good choice for many things, don’t just automatically assume their the best for this to. Consider all your options before making a decision.

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As a member of Costco I too started to check this out when offered. After comparing the top 9 different companies I chose to go with a company that has the only breach detective monitoring included along with full recovery back to when the hack and breach began. That’s my assurance to give me peace of mind. I dropped my homeowners that only covered me up to $50,000. I just want to make one call for someone to do the recovery and not be assisted in the recovery. I think people aren’t given the full policy info until they are purchased. I now feel safe with that protects and will recovery my identity that I can trust. If your identity got stolen tomorrow, who would you call? All I want to do is that and file my police report and let them do the work.


Re your 02/12/15 Post

As a Costco member, I too am checking out Identity Guard. A lot cheaper through Costco then direct. You mentioned you didn’t go with their service but didn’t say who you did choose that was better. Can you pls let us all know, so we can check it out too? Thanks


USAA has $5.95/mo for Experian alone, or $12.95/mo for all three- Experian, Transunion, and Equifax.

Jordan, I’m sorry I’m seeing this now. I can still provide that info.

Carol, your post did not include the name of who you chose. Please, give the name of the company.

This was not a very professional review, if you know of more reputable and competent firms with competitive pricing please name them. This review was not helpful.

I have no issues logging into my account or using it whenever I get their emails or alerts. I also have no billing issues with them.


As of 11 July 2012, it’s 167.88 per year (13.99/mo) for regular Costco members and slightly cheaper for executive members. Expensive.

I am very pleased with my service with Identity Guard. I receive notices anytime my credit status changes. I am alerted even if I’ve paid a bill off. One thing that I really like is, being able to view my up-to-date credit score without having to pay a cent more. Plus 1 million dollars credit protection. I am pleased!!!

Yes. Please name the other companies offering credit monitoring services at a comparable price which are more reputable and respected. I have looked at numerous credit monitoring companies and have not found one close in price to the $7.49 per month I pay for the Costco service.

This service is the biggest waste of money and time. Each time I try to log in to my account, my pin is not recognized and when I request a new pin, my very personal account information is unrecognized. They are REALLY GOOD about charging my credit card each month. No problems at all there! Don’t waste your $9.99 per month.

I agree with Dan above.

Please! I smell a little user incompetence here.

I am barely able to start my computer and I have had exactly “zero” problems with the Costco service. They send notifications when they detect an abnormality and it is very simple to log in and view the alert.

Could you identify the “couple other companies offering credit monitoring which are more reputable and respected in my personal opinion, not to mention their pricing is comparable”?