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Costco’s partnership with American Express (a CreditCardForum advertising partner) ended June 20, 2016. Going forward, Visa will be the only plastic accepted at Costco, and the new co-branded Costco rewards card is the Costco Anywhere Visa card by Citi. costco citi anywhere

In this review, we’ll compare both cards, guide current TrueEarnings cardholders through the transition and help potential new applicants decide whether the new card is worth getting.

The transition

If you were an AmEx TrueEarnings cardholder, your new Citi card should have already arrived by mail — and you should securely destroy your old card). You can register your account for online access at The transition should have been automatic, and Citi shouldn’t have done a new credit pull.

As for the rewards you already earned with the TrueEarnings card, those will be automatically transferred, and you’ll receive them on your next regular February cash-back rewards coupon.

If you never had the TrueEarnings card, you can apply for the Costco Anywhere Visa on Citi’s website, according to American Express.

If you have no intention of getting a Costco rewards card, how happy you are about the transition will depend on the cards already in your wallet. If you enjoyed using large Costco purchases to earn American Express Membership Rewards on, say, your American Express Everyday card, you’re likely not thrilled with the change, as AmEx will no longer be accepted at Costco. On the other hand, if your primary rewards-earning card is a Visa, you can start using it to rack up rewards on your bulk purchases.

The rewards

The reward structure for the new Citi product is definitely an improvement over the old card. Oddly, the old TrueEarnings card did not give extra rewards for Costco purchases, but the new Costco Anywhere card does. The new card also bumps up the amount of cash back you’ll earn on gas, dining and travel:

 NEW Costco Anywhere VisaOLD TrueEarnings American Express
U.S. gas purchases (incl. Costco)4%3%
Costco and Costco.com2%N/A
Other purchases1%1%

When it comes to receiving your rewards, you’ll get them annually. This is a big difference from the redeem-whenever-you-want structure of most cash-back cards. Every February, you’ll be mailed a rewards coupon with your billing statement. It’s redeemable at any Costco location for merchandise or cash. If you want cash, you’ll need to request it in person at Costco. The coupon expires in August the same year it was issued.


The TrueEarnings AmEx didn’t have an annual fee, and neither does the Citi Anywhere card. However, Costco membership is required to hold the card. Costco memberships start at $55 per year.

The American Express TrueEarnings card charged a 2.7 percent foreign transaction fee, while the Citi card charges 3 percent.

Other perks and benefits

Visa and American Express offer their own suites of protections to cardholders. While Visa offers the standard collection of damage and theft protection, purchase protection, travel accident insurance, extended warranty and secondary rental car insurance, American Express extends some unique benefits, including a popular and robust deals program (AmEx Offers) and free ShopRunner membership (which offers free shipping from certain merchants). If you made use of AmEx Offers and ShopRunner, saying goodbye might be hard. However, the boosted cash back on the new Visa card may be some consolation.

Other cards to consider

The new Citi card is a solid product for Costco members, especially now that it’s adding 2 percent back on Costco purchases. If you’re already paying the annual Costco membership fee and frequently shop at Costco, the card is an obvious choice. It offers cash back in everyday categories, in addition to what you buy at Costco. Four percent back on gas and 3 percent back on dining and travel isn’t a combination you’ll find on any other no-annual-fee card.

However, if you don’t often shop at Costco, we suggest you tap the brakes. The redemption structure is designed for avid Costco shoppers. Your rewards come annually in the form of a coupon to be redeemed at Costo. These are not the kind of rewards you can redeem for a statement credit in any amount at any time.

If you’re looking for more flexible cash-back rewards that hit similar categories, here are some ideas:

  • BankAmericard Cash Rewards™: This card hits the gas category (3 percent) and also offers 2 percent back at grocery stores AND wholesale clubs for the first $2,500 in combined grocery/wholesale club/gas purchases each quarter. It’s a Visa Signature card, so you’ll be able to use it at Costco post-transition. Your rewards are much more flexible, though, as you can redeem them whenever you want as a statement credit, check or deposit into a Bank of America account.
  • Capital One Quicksilver: This card keeps it simple, rewarding you with 1.5 percent cash back on everything, which you can redeem in any amount at any time via statement credit or check. It’s now a MaserCard card, however so you can no longer use it at Costco (to get 1.5 percent back), but there’s always Sam’s Club, which loves MasterCard.
  • American Express Blue Cash cards: If you still want an American Express card after your TrueEarnings card is phased out, consider one of the Blue Cash cards. The no-annual-fee version gives you 3 percent back at U.S. supermarkets on up to 6,000 in purchase per year, then 1% (but not at warehouses like Costco) and 2% at U.S gas stations and select U.S department stores (all locations). If you’re willing to pay an annual fee of $95, consider the Blue Cash Preferred card, which rewards you 6% back at U.S. supermarkets (on up to $6,000 per year in purchases, then 1%) and 3 percent at U.S. gas stations and select U.S. department stores. Just remember that you won’t be able to use either at Costco (although you can at Sam’s Club and BJ’s wholesale clubs)

Why we gave it 3/5 stars

This card’s rating was based on our standards for cash-back cards, as cash back is the primary advertised mode of redemption.

While it earned stars based on its return on spending and value, it lost stars due to its relative inflexibility for redemptions.

Full starRewards-earning rate: We consider this card a no-annual-fee card, as it charges no AF in addition to a Costco membership. It meets our standards for no-AF cards, in that it offers at least 3 percent in at least one bonus category.
Full starCash-back redemption value: This card meets our standards by offering a 1 percent return on cash-back redemptions.
Empty starRewards simplicity and flexibility: We rewarded no star in this category, as this card has fairly inflexible redemption terms. Reward certificates are given once per year and expire.
Empty starBonus-earning opportunities: This card has no advertised sign-up bonus and no sustained options for earning bonus points beyond what’s advertised.
Full starUnique perks: As a Citi product, this card includes Price Rewind and free FICO-score access.

Updated July 27, 2016

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Remember Citi bank Costco card you will have zero reporting to the credit companies so you better have other means of reporting to the credit companies or you will have zero credit history.

We have been Costco members for years with great credit 800 plus after I retired in 2009 we were spending less but we always used American Express and later Citi bank cards. We were spending around $15,000 a year on the card this year 2017 we were going to buy a Can Am buggy we were turned down we had no credit history because they do not report to the credit bureau, that is good credit bad they do report now we have no credit at all. Always
pay on time but Costco and Citi bank has destroyed us tried to fight Citi bank they do not care good luck.

To Citibank; the 90’s called and they want their reward program back.

You can only redeem in February for the previous year, and they try to hide it by mailing it with your February statement. If you don’t notice it, and don’t redeem it, then you loose it at the end of the year. Smooth. Oh, and you can only redeem it at Costco.

So nothing is online, and nothing is instant. Hello… this is the 21st century! I’m surprised they don’t require a faxed request.


I called citi bank to inform them of my international travel to avoid any interruptions for my card transactions. I learned that citi bank will charge a 3% charge for any transaction if is not in dollars- how lame is that? I guess I’ll be using my W- Fargo card instead.

Had the AmEx card for probably near 10 years, not many hiccups. They always came through with problems and disputes, seldom if ever was the card compromised. Fast forward to the transition with Citi. Note, I used to have a Citi card many, many years ago. The card has been compromised two times, each time requiring that I contact them and easily spend 45 minutes on the phone. I’ve spoken to them about 4 times now, each call about 45 minutes long. Each call I am confirming the same information, once through the automated system, and then again via phone: my card number, my name, my address, my security pin, the code that they texted me, my social – you name it, on and on and on. The conversation ended with them locking the card and requesting that I fill out a form in order for them to verify my social security number. This would be mailed to me via snail mail. Its been about 1 week and still have not received the form – but that is water under the bridge because I have cut up the card and have scheduled to have it closed.

Mind you, this is a company card. I dont understand how this is acceptable, especially since we rely on our vendors charging this card for their services, purchases, etc.

Absolutely terrible card. Big mistake leaving Amex and going to Citi. BIG MISTAKE.

Note: I cancelled my Costco membership too. Just not worth it.

City Visa sucks. I have wasted over eight hours to get the long in problem fixed without any results. I am planning to F. the Visa card and Costco too. What a waste of time and effort. Website is hijacked by and when attempted to bypass, the site does not recognize my card. On the telephone with City Visa customer service for over one hour now. The tech support suggested to delete my data and asked to re-register online again.
After bypassing hacker, I tried to login. My account was not recognized again. Online with customer service for about ten minutes now, put on hold for web tech.
Seems Costco shot itself in the foot with this transition. Switch to Jimmy Dimon’s bank is like going from a legit business to the crooks back alley. Good luck, Costco…

Just a disappointed Citi service, its just not worth it, every time new person on a phone with new excuses. Never know whether their computer is lying or the people on the phone are lying???? Just start using over a month and have 100’s of problems…..Even after receiving the payment and confirmation and their computer system is also giving confirmation but people from citi card continuously calling like a hell and than stop my card. When I called them, they replied due to over due payment, That’s all the lie they have. Even till todays date when I call them back to the number shown on Costco card or called back number after leaving a message on my cell phone, the automatic computer is saying THANK YOU FOR YOUR LAST PAYMENT RECEIVED ON THIS DATE. How come computer says something else and people from citi bank says something else??? what a big name with what a worst service. I never had this experience not even a single time in last 7 years with American Express whether it was affiliated with Costco or not. Excellent people, excellent service from both Costco and American express but very disappointed service and bad name of Citi. What a pitty, PEOPLE BASED IN OTHER COUNTRIES DECIDING YOUR FUTER IN AMERICA OR SOLVONG YOUR PROBLEMS IN AMERICA BY STAYING ON PHONE IN INDIA, MEXICO, SOUTH AMERICA WHO DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE THE AMERICA IS. That’s why I trust more on American Express and Discover card than Citi Card. Its just not worth it and can not afford too much time wastage, have cancelled it.SO RELIEVED AND RELAX, THANKS GOD.

I want to share my worst experience about Citi Card after theee excellent experience of American Express. Upon my 1st payment I started to get calls of no payment and than stop my card. I called them back and computer message constantly says thank payment the day I paid, Should I believe the computer or human based citi system. Such a other country based bad name on American based excellent system of Costco. Never had a single excuse or problem from American Express Card I last 7 years but with in a month worst experience from CITI Visa Card, Very disappointed and full of liers.

i attempted a purchase online yesterday (new Ipad). sort of though it went through, but then no email. so i thought no problem call the CC company. phone tree tried to figure out my last purchases but it didn’t exactly make sense. Frankly, I just wanted to asked if they denied the charge and if so how do i get it purchased. I pay every bill in full and am not near my limit. phone tree asked for customer service. phone tree wanted our secret password. we have no secret password. phone tree said wait time was 26 minutes, then transferred. immediately said they were experiencing heavy call volumes please call back and then CITI hung up. I am going to cancel.

I’m so Sorry…I read the comments and I must agree… Sorry Citibank but your service is ,how can I say , a lot to be desired…. My wife reported her card lost a month ago and as yet has not received a replacement… I then called again and we are still waiting… The on line service has a lot to be desired… My name and password are on auto fill but every time I try to get on line it says “are you having trouble …did you forget your name or password… Then after calling numerous times and either being hung up on or on hold for an eternity they say they have it fixed ,it happens the same way next time … Please Costco I love you But these people are trying my patience…

WORST customer service EVER!!!

I applied for the new Citi Costco Visa on June 20 just like many other Costco members. During the process I applied for an additional card for my wife under my account. I too was told that the new card should arrive in 7-10 business days. I received my card in about 7 business days but had not received my wife’s. Due to the July 4th holiday, I thought I would be more patient and waited until the end of the third week (15 business days) to inquire about her card. When I reached the customer service representative, they informed me that her card has not been processed. I asked that the card be send express as this was their failure and that we/she should not have to wait another 2 weeks. We were promised express delivery within 3 business days. On the 4th day I called back to get the tracking number only to be told that it was not send express but rather regular USPS mail and that delivery could take 5-7 business days. Furious at the deception and lies we were told, I asked to speak to a supervisor to resend a replacement card express as we were preparing to leave for vacation. The supervisor informed that that he could override the system and produce a new card. Through the replacement process however, the system would not allow the supervisor to complete the transaction because the initial 5-7 days had not transpired from the last request. Therefore the supervisor does not know the system requirements or how to support their customers. Therefore we were left to wait for the card while on vacation. Upon returning from out of town, 10 business days after the request for a replacement we still had not received the new credit card. I called again, this time demanding a replacement card be sent express and the customer service representative seemed like she felt my pain and frustration and said that she would have another new card sent express 2-3 day service. I was told that I should receive an email within 24 hours with the tracking number to track the process of the shipment. Well two day later and still no email and tracking information, so yet one more call. Again, our replacement card was send regular USPS mail and I am unable to speak with a manager or supervisor to voice my complaint and frustration for the incompetence of every Citi associate I have dealt with thus far and the lies and deception they provide their customers.

DO NOT subscribe to this credit card unless you want to be thoroughly disappointed and frustrated.

I just cancelled. Be smart and cancel it. You vote with your dollars so vote no.

WTF? I have been on hold for 40 minutes. I have never encountered such poor customer service as with Citibank Visa. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT get this credit card. THEY ARE USELESS!!!!! Run to another card.

Did Costco choose the Visa company with the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE?!?!? YES THEY DID, I have been on hold, and still on hold for FIFTY FIVE minutes. Are there only five people working the phones????
You switch 3-million people from AMEX to CITI VISA, and then leave us hanging??? Grow up Citi Bank. You were just handed a huge contract, but forgot to hire staff enough to handle the job? Are you freaking kidding????
I will trade the extra few points for better customer service ANY DAY. Especially today.

Major Costco Fail!

I have been with Costco for 20 years and the sold out the worst credit card issuer in the US?

Utter fail, they should fire the idiots that came up with this scheme!

Received my first costo citicard statement today and have already been assessed a late fee!! How can that be since this is the first statement under the new card that I’ve received? I’ve been trying, without success, to reach a live body from the citi toll-free number to dispute the late fee. Also, I am unable to register for on-line access for my card through their site. This is beyond frustrating.

I ran into a similar issue. First statement from Citi came with a late fee and interest charges. After contacting Citi they acted like its was my problem and I was lying. I promptly cancelled my card. I then call Costco and was told a number of customers complained about not receiving a statement from Citi. Unfortunately, without a rewards card to go along with my membership I decided to cancel my Costco membership as well. Would not recommend Citi…

I hate the Citi card and the Citi customer service. I am travelling and have made several purchases with it over the past 6 days – purchases between $20 and $500, with a total balance of less than $2000 on the card. Today, I was declined on a $200 purchase. I waited on hold with Citi for 1 hour, 3 minutes – yes I timed it with my cell phone – only to be told that until the Citi fraud program “understands my spending patterns” I may be declined at other times/places. I find this amazing since my credit limit that transferred from AMEX is $60K+, and I pay on time, and in full, every month. How can Costco expect me to depend on a card that could be declined at any time due to a “spending pattern program”? When I am not even near my credit limit. I am looking for a new card and this is definitely a black eye for Costco as well.

I agree with steve, I had the same issue. Even before Costco affiliation of Citi Card I went to buy like 5 dollars, 3 dollars purchases and they stop my card by saying for your security reason. What a non sense excuse they have.??? One more time I was at Black Friday sale and after spending several hours the card was declined, and all of my several hours standing in a line went to waste and unable to buy by black Friday deals and when I called them back they said for security reason. Such a idiot system with idiots who have no idea. When I asked where are you located and the guy said in Banglore/India means they are trying help the people of America by siting in other continent with out knowing the situation of the person, wow???? I can just laugh and feel pitty on the fate of our future in America!!!!

Awful service . Looking for alternate card and shopping before Costco came in , I shopped elsewhere.
Long wait times, loosing contact with citi associates during calls etc.

costco member

We are SO disappointed at switch from AMEX to VISA. We are in 780s and 790s for FICO and have great APR interest rates on other (non-Costco) revolving credit cards (from 8.25%-15.24% APR)–so imagine our dismay and shock at a 27.49% APR with this new “partnership” between Costco and VISA!

My spouse laughed and thought I must be joking when I told my spouse the new APR. We will NOT be using it at ALL, if we cannot get our APR lowered by either Costco or VISA to what we had before, which was in the 15% range.

Especially when we have a Sam’s Club 1.5 miles away from our home, and they will take anything. And the nearest Costco is 8 miles away.

The advantages that this new card offers are cancelled out by the awful transition between AMX and Citi’s VISA. I haven’t received my card, even though they claim it was mailed in May (they sent my pin, but no card), and when I finally got through to customer services, they were rude and talked over me. AMX has terrific customer service, and I would take them over Citi any day of the week. This was a very bad move by Costco. I will never hold them in as high esteem as I did previously because they should have known about Citi’s poor reputation and never got in bed with such an awful company. Citi is just not ready for prime time and Costco should have known.

It’s beyond our control that banks were switched but why does the switch for us to Citibank have to be difficult? I registered online and I thought everything went smoothly, only to find out that when I went to make a payment, I couldn’t sign on. I spent the better part of the morning talking to customer service to try to get this fixed — lots of wasted time – not cool!

Raymond O'Driscoll

For the first time in over twenty years, I am seriously considering giving up my Costco membership. If their customer service was anything like Citi service, I would never have joined. Their website has entirely too many screw ups.

Raymond O'Driscoll

i find that the card sucks,customer service sucks. Cannot log into the secure online site, no phone help for hours, ready to shred this sucker and move on

Terrible customer service. Never received card, tried to call and the system kept asking me for my card number. It finally gave me an “I don’t have it option”, then promptly told me to call back later because their call volume was too high. Called back later and gave up after 30 minutes on hold. Citi – you aren’t ready for prime time. Far from it! Despite being several months late versus their original transition target, they are totally failing. I guess I won’t be shopping at Costco for a while.

Worst customer service ever. It took me 50 minutes waiting but still nobody answered. I can’t use the card. Had to go get cash. Decided not to use Costco for many stuff anymore. It is Costco’s fault as well. We have plenty of credit cards, why Costco won’t allow us to use any one we want to us? We don’t care about Costco’s stupid points. Just give us the free option to use any cards we want. Costco is toooo greeedy…want to control all and make all the money


I too truly despise Citi as a disreputable institution. That said, I was disappointed to find that AmEx initiated the sale of the co-branded relationship. Also, as a Costco Exec member the terms of the new card offer no improvement. I will use this Citi card only to receive the 2% matching Costco rebate. When I contacted AmEx last year regarding the change I was offered an instantaneous approval for a new OPEN card, same terms, interest rate, credit limit and even a $300 new card bonus ($1000 purchase required during the first 90 days). I will always be loyal to my AmEx card and use whatever card reaps me the best bonus at Costco. Note ALL Visa cards are accepted so check your rebate % with your other VISA providers, you might find one that offers 2% as well. Hopefully then you can dump the Citi Card like I want to do.

So far this new card is a total fail. Can’t link it to Mobil Speed Pass without calling Citibank. Waiting for ever on hold. Must be lots of screw ups. Very disappointing and not a good start. I now anticipate a rough sled for other uses. Probably just use this turkey card at Costco only.

What do you think about the SimplyCash Business Credit Card ?

The new Costco Citi Card really sucks. Have you read the terms and conditions they sent out. A 3% foreign transaction fee. Chase cards and many others have no foreign transaction fees. Look at the APRs and penalties on the card.

So all the benefits are better, except foreign transaction fee’s that went up by 0.3% and now it sucks? You clearly travel way more than I.

Lance Elliott

The annual availability of the cash back forces cardholders to wait a year to get points, and keep up their paid Costco membership to collect. Tough terms.

I am INCREDIBLY annoyed that Citi will be sending me a Citi/Costco Visa card as a replacement for my AmEx card without even offering any information about how I can decline it. I consider Citi to be disreputable and a consumer credit bottom-feeder, and this tactic undermines my generally high regard for Costco. Fortunately I already have Visa cards with favorable terms from other institutions, and AmEx wants to keep me as a $15K-20K/year charge card customer.

5/24/2016 BIG ???? I received the Citi Bank Visa card in the mail today……I did NOT ask for this card—I do NOT want this card….Since when in the USA does a business dictate that I HAVE to HAVE another Visa card?
I already have a Visa–I DO NOT WANT another Visa card………….I plan on having the free membership card to get into Costco—-But if I have to have this Visa to charge—–I will just pay by cash or check—I will NOT be forced to pay by a charge I DO NOT WANT—Hang the Rewards…………………. c

There is no “Free” Costco membership. It’s $55, so you can either get a Visa (with benefits and Costco Entry) or you can get a Costco card. It’s still $55 for the membership.

I’m excited by the transfer – one of my primary cards is a Visa, and the two should compliment one another nicely.

You are the only one I’ve seen so far with favorable comment about Citi. I’ve found their customer service to be a disaster so far. The personnel have been rude and incompetent. So will be looking for a way to turn in the card. Likely to continue using Costco with a different Visa.

I got the Sams credit card and the Costco AmEx so I didn’t have to carry a checkbook to the store. Either store accepts the credit card as a membership card, so I don’t have any more plastic in my back pocket and never have to worry about getting to the store without the checkbook (or huge sums of cash). I have a good credit card for normal purchases elsewhere and don’t care about the benefits of either big box store’s card…though as security, its nice to have back up for when my wife has put my regular card in the wrong pocket in my wallet and I’m in a panic over my “lost” card. With the Costco Visa, I suppose I could winnow out one more card from my wallet.

I was thinking about switching to Samsclub as they now take AMEX. I had a Citibank card years ago but cancelled it as the payment address was a PO in Las Vegas which kept changing. I always mailed my payment at least 10 days before due date, but – guess what? AMEX has always given me good service. I too will miss my Costco annual rebates of about $1200, but have to accept that Costco has changed. I used to trust them but they are involved in a cellphone rebate ripoff (Google details)

Amex cut my my credit limit for no reason to 3200 from 12000 while i had a balance of 3100 so go figure if i was on a vacation and relay on that card . I have excellent credit score and all my other card are increasing my limit . never missed a payment , 2 mortgages and 2 cars payments all in good standing . Plus amex has the highest interest rate compare to all my other cards (5 visa,mc,discover). So for my point amex suck. happy with Costco decision

Couldn’t agree more, did the same thing to me only thankfully i wasn’t on vacation. i was undergoing a remodel on one of my properties. Good riddance!

AMEX lowered my limit substantially from what I had with their Costco co-branded card, as well. Their Everyday card is no substitute. I, too, have excellent credit scores. The customer service representative was no help when I asked for parity. The language challenged rep said, “You have to apply for an increase.” Nope, I will not. AMEX is struggling as it is and they want to alienate cardmembers, insulting them with lowering their credit limits? Seriously? I have plenty of plastic to use…AMEX, you took another wrong turn.

Just had heated discussion with Amex – They are going to cancel this card on 31-Mar-16 and make customer “apply” from new card from their list. This is going to impact customer’s credit history just because costco & amex decided on divorce. I wish Amex could move customers to other products without touching their credit history.

In Canada they stopped working together last year (2014) and Amex just send me a new card when the Costco one expired where I collect 1.25% on all purchases. They have an agreement with MasterCard now and I barely use the card. Pretty much only when I am shopping at Costco however the AMEX I still use all the time. The costumer service from AMEX is by far the best in my experience.

I lament the decision to move from American Express to Citigroup. I have worked with both firms since the 1980s and Citi is the worst company in the industry. When I was traveling abroad for business, after paying off the $17,000 balance of changes incurred during my trip the company immediately lowered my credit limit from $18000.00 to $500.00 and left me stranded in India, on one occasion, and Australia on another. After I cancelled the card they reported it as having been cancelled by the issuer inaccurately. I have never had these issues with American Express. The experience between the quality of customer service is like the difference between night and day. I will be opting to go back to the regular Costco Membership as I will not give Citi one more dollar in any way share or form for the rest of my life. I’m sure they will not miss me at all. They have plenty of other people at Costco to abuse. I will not be one of them.

i agree I do not liek city card I will only use Capitol one

Correction I agree that City card is not a good card had it many years ago and I closed the account

Beware Capitol One. They are just as sleazy as Citi

I have stopped using this card. They said it would be a smooth transfer but not what it seems. My balance was transfer And payments I made before the transfer are not reflecting. My balance is way off. I also went to pump gas and my Costco membership was invalid. I was told to request a card from Costco when they took it away the last time saying my Visa card was my membership.

Costco and AMEX are the only two brands I recommend with closed eyes. Customer service from Costco is great, they are not cheap, they are about the quality, and everything is above average; including the Kirkland Brand. If you don’t like it, return it, no questioning, no receipts. I will never go back to Sams. AMEX is excellent on customer service as well. They forgave me when I forgot to pay my bill, all based on my history of payments. Whenever I have to cancel and automatic membership or have an issue with a refund, just call AMEX, the credit me, and deal with the problem. This dupla gives me $600/year in rebates, we are a family of two, but we pay for EVERYTHING with the card. Could not ask for more, and it is very sorry to hear about this separation.

I love AMEX and will be sad to see them go. They are responsive to my needs and give great customer service. Without them, I don’t know about Costco AND I don’t like Chase. Their customer service rating is only 2.4 out of five starts. God forbid I should ever have a problem and have to work it out with CHASE! MD

Is there any point in applying for a Costco credit card offered by either American Express or Capital One when it’ll become obsolete by next year? Should I just continue to pay my Costco bills via bank account/debit card and wait until April 1, 2016 for that Citi card?

Yes, if you apply for the Amex you will have the choice of rolling your info over to the new card.

(costco employee)

Does anybody know if the decision to stop using American Express at Costco was another Costco decision. This time it could affect all of the Costco American Express customer’s credit scores. This may be a good time to stop shopping at Costco

Costco and AMEX could not agree on new terms. I believe AMEX will convert your true earnings card to another card/reward program so shouldn’t affect your credit unless you cancel your account.

I just renewed my American Express card I love to do Business with this Company if Costco wants to use Citi card, I will use other cards I do not like Citi card had one many years ago and closed the account they made so many mistakes on my card I just don’t like citi. only Am Ex.

For some inane reason, I was told that I could only add my son as a joint account member/let him use the Costco credit card if I canceled my [then] current Costco credit card and applied for a new one with my son. Well, I did cancel the credit card but have yet to apply for a new one. It would be through Capital One. If I’m making any sense to you, would it be inadvisable to now apply for a new Costco credit card considering that the deal between Costco and Citi will take effect next year?

Four of my last five statements have arrived on the day it was due or after it was due. Called American Express and they stated that the bills are sent out within 3 days of closing date. They verify address info and send a second statement after I call to get balance 2 days before its due so I can pay on time. Both the original bill and the duplicate arrive together. American Express sucks!

So you don’t know when your bills are due month after month? use computer or a phone and get your balance and don’t wait last minute pay it a week before due. Doesn’t everyone follow this rule?

You got to be kidding… AMEX is one of the best companies to deal with.

Anyone know what would happen to your qualified extended warranty purchases when the Costco/AMEX card is discontinued?

Everything will roll over. It will be a painless transition.

im Just curious if I will still be able to use my Amex platinum card at Costco…. I already have the Costco executive membership where I get 2% back anyway there but I love my Amex points I get from my 8k plus I spend a year at Costco… I don’t understand people’s clomplaints about APR just pay the bill off that’s the o oh way you benefit from Costco anyway or any store you shop at no matter the interest rate. I don’t own a MasterCard or visa after I had so many fraudulent charges happen on my accounts… This will def be a deciding factor whether I keep my purchases at Costco or switch over to Sam’s Club.

I understand that Costco will be using Visa when they leave AMEX. Will I be able to use my Chase Visa, or will be a special Visa?

This article pushed American Express– and did nothing to tell you what the NEW Costco card will be and what the benefits will be. This is an advertisement for American Express I think…. was NO help at all for those of us trying to figure out which card to switch to.

Nobody knows the new card benefits yet as it’s not officially announced. For business executive card holder, you get 4% discount on gas. By screwing the credit card providers, just wonder the member benefits will be cut too.

“I know a married couple in Michigan that are by no means big spenders (an elementary school teacher & nurse) and last Christmas they were telling me how with their regular middle-class spending, the Costco credit card rewards program earned them nearly a $500 rebate for the year!”…which means they spend $16,666.00 a year in gas purchases (the only way to get $500 back at a 3% rebate)

My check this year was in the mid 500’s. I am retired and my wife is a teacher. We use the card for everything, spending about $4,000. month. we pay it every month and never keep a balance. So, please go back and read again what you can get rebates for. It’s way, way more than just gas. I’ll miss that card a lot.

No, they also get 2% at restaurants, 2% for travel, and 1% for everything else, so it doesn’t necessarily mean they spend $16,666.00 per year on gas…it only means that if that is all they use it for.

When the annual reward check arrives, you do have to redeem at a Costco location. However, it doesn’t need to be spent there. I usually buy something & take the balance in cash.

It has been a good experience for me. I hope that AMEX & Costco can find a way to continue their relationship.

So if you use your rebate check to purchase any items at Costco, then the items you just purchased will not get you extra rebate dollars, because they are not being charged to your Costco card.
I take my rebate check to the customer service counter and ask them to cash it showing my driver’s license and my Costco card.
Then if you do buy something at the Costco store with your card, all purchases are counted towards your next Costco rebate check.

I literally signed up for the Costco AMEX a few hours before this announcement. I hadn’t signed up a new card in over 5 years but was persuaded into applying. My main concern is the AMEX Annual Fee; What will happen to that annual fee when Costco and AMEX split ways?! Has anyone heard what will happen with the Annual AMEX Card Fee? I will be very upset if that fee gets passed onto Costco members when they stop accepting AMEX. I don’t want to have to cancel the card to avoid the annual fee either as I’m very conscience about my credit score.

Hi Ryan, I already have the card, and have talked to AMEX. Effective March 31, 2016, the account will automatically close, you will not need to request it Just prior to that date, they will offer you alternative cards if you want to stay with AMEX. The Costco AMEX card will no longer be good anywhere after that date. If you have a balance at that time, you will still be able to make the normal payments as usual. You will not need to pay the balance in full at that time. There ya go!

You will have the option to roll all your info over to the new card and be able to get out of the Amex. I am a Costco employee and was also confused about why we were still offering the card so close to switching. It will be a painless transition for you with better benefits than the amex. If you have any more questions please go to your local costco. We are always willing you help you out.l

When COSCO drops AMEX, they will gain a new customer.

I have NEVER had an AMEX card, but was billed something over $500 for my expenses in England. HAd never visited England and ignored the forst bill. Received a second bill, so I responded that it could not be my charge. The third bill suggested legal action if I didn’t pay up, then a threatening letter.
I threatened back that I would sue for a million dollars for harassment and defamation.
No more bills.

So let me get this right. You didn’t have an AMEX card but you received a statement in the mail for charges in another country…. and you IGNORED IT????

Costco is not that great of a store nor is it wise to shop there. Amex is and always has been a terrible card to have.

Nice job leaving a comment that will be useful to those that read it, instead of a personal opinion with no evidence provided to support your conclusion. C’mon man.

You’re right, you shouldn’t shop there unless you want to save money on most products. And the Amex card is worthless unless you enjoy getting hundreds of dollars back at the end of the year.

Truly wrong on both counts. The only store I’ve never been disappointed by and the only card that has never made a mistake or been a PITA for me in any way. Card member and Costco customer since 2001

Recently Canadian Costco members were advised by Costco that the AMEX card they now have with member identification will no longer be recognized after January 1 2015. They go on to say the card will not be honoured at US Costco outlets either. For Canada they invite you to apply for a Capital One card sponsored by Mastercard. This card will recognize Canadian Costco rebates and any stand alone rebates the card is sponsoring at the time. This card will not be recognized at any Costco outlet outside of Canada. It goes on to say you will be able to use the card for identification purposes to enter Costco but credit will only be extended to the valid card of the day. As Costco has several international outlet facilities it is my understanding that to have credit at these outlets you need several cards to do so. This is a major phoopaw by Costco as the customers for the most part don’t want to be encumbered with several different cards just for the privelege of shopping Costco. As it is I shop at Costco in Canada, the USA, Austrailia and Great Britain without compromise of my AMEX card as it seems to be universal. As of January 1,2015 that will no longer be the case. Come on Costco get your dung together.

This review does not state any of the negatives associated with this card. Yes, it’s great to get all the % cash-back…but its not really cash back. A check is sent once a year, which can be only cashed or used at Costco. If one cancels the card, all the accumulated cash back is forfeited.

Also, the interest rate of the card is 15%+, and if one misses a payment or is late with a payment, the APR rockets to 28%!

The key point this reviewer missed is that the user of this card needs to pay the balance in full before the due date to avoid the 15% finance charge.

As with everything, there are positives and negatives.

I would have liked to see this review bring up some of the negatives.

Almost all credit companies offer cash-back (true cash back, not a Costco rebate.) Discover Card offers equal or better “true cashback”.

This is not a good choice for a credit card.
Especially if one carries a balance from one statement to the next.

While you must be a member of Costco to take advantage of the amex cash back rewards, you can take the check to costco and cash the check without purchasing anything. The reward dies not have to be spent at Costco. The 15% is the standard interest rate, after approval you can call amex and negotiate a different interest rate based upon your credit.

I must say you have pointed out some very true negatives. If you are not able to pay off the balance each month perhaps you need to live more modestly as you are exceeding your means. John wrote: “Especially if one carries a balance from one statement to the next.” These are the very people who should not be using credit cards to chase rewards- with respect to their finances.

If you already pay your balance off every month it is definitely worth it. I don’t like Amex so I never got the card. As a result I use my debit card in Costco. So I am always paying my balance. That being said, if the new Visa offers the same type of deals it would be worth it to get one as long as you pay your balance off each month.

The check can only be cashed at Costco, but you get cash which can be spent anywhere you choose, NOT only at Costco as you stated.

You do get cash back to spend or to cash it at Costco…but you also get a rebate check for shopping at Costco also. so u get 2 rebates…one shopping gas 3% rest. 2% and 1%… then when you shop Costco you get one. PLUS why are you not able to pay for items your buying when u get a extra month by time you get billed…come on why are you carrying balances. BUDGET BUDGET

Will I be able to purchase a Costco membership without a Capital One credit Card?

Costco is no longer taking Amex applications. They will stop taking AMEX altogether as of Dec 31 2014 in CANADA… AMEX will issue new card to existing CANADIAN COSTCO True Earnings and Plat Costco cards… yes.. .you’ll still have to pay off your balance… COSTCO ended the relationship..

How do you know Costco ended the relationaship? Perhaps Amex ended it? Perhaps they mutually failed to come to terms on a new agreement? Only the negotiators from either side know for sure?

Negotiations to renew the agreement between the companies broke down, and Costco Canada pulled all of the marketing material immediately bcd in June 2014. All they told staff was that an announcement would come in the Fall.

Apparently the new affiliation was due to be announced on Sept 2nd, but was held back. The warehouses apparently already have all the new marketing materials in the warehouse, wrapped in Black, so staff still doesn’t know whats going on.

Mark my words, a new player is entering the Canadian Credit Card landscape.

Thus far, this change is only in Canada, US warehouses are still accepting and promoting AMEX. As of January 1st 2015, Costco Canada will no longer accept American Express, and you will not be able to use your Canadian TrueEarnings Amex in US Stores. It also don’t appear that the new card company will be acquiring the existing TrueEarnings card accounts. American Express will likely just do a product change for card holders in the coming months.

Several news outlets have reported that AMEX refused to lower the swipe fee to less than 2.47% that AMEX was charging Costco. Visa and MasterCard charge WAY LESS than that to ALL MERCHANTS worldwide, so Costco is basically saying goodbye to AMEX in order to take advantage of lower swiping fees.

I’m not sure where your info is coming from. I applied for a Costco Amex last week when applying for a new membership. Card came in the mail today – I just activated it.

Is it possible to apply for this card without any credit check required?they only ask for my details but they did not ask for my SIN card and got approved?

Costco confirmed this morning that they are no longer taking applications for this card. No comment on why or if a replacement will be available.

Both cards promoted by Costco during past membership were the most aggressive of all our credit cards in debt collection, Discover and American Express. I explained changed circumstances beyond our control and the Discover card representative simply threatened me rather than offering any adjustments. After that I never even spoke with other credit card companies and will never again use any unsecured credit for the rest of my life.

I suspect Costco has stopped with the card simply for too high a loss rate given the main use for most customers is the recurrent grocery shopping for which Costco offers the best prices, but which is also often the final use of any credit card before default and bankruptcy, since buying regular groceries on credit is a general indicator a person and/or family cannot pay out of current income. Until Costco offered an Amex Card I avoided Amex because of its reputation for unpredictable credit limits and abrupt changes in interest rates and cancellations on trips when it had no specific credit limit. In this case though AMEX might simply be a credit transaction processor for Costco, so you should ask Costco about this trip. Costco’s primary source of profit is the annual membership fee I have read.

I applied in store yesterday with no problems. There were several others doing the same. Temporary retool perhaps.

I just joined Costco on 2/13/15, applied for the Amex card and everything was done on the spot. Accepted and used on the same visit to the store.

Beware of applying for this card. I have been a costco member for over 15years and added American Express over 10 years ago. I have good credit and never late on my payments. I used this card for everything totally relied on this card (never again) and would pay it in full every month. I considered myself a great customer. While on vacation American express cut me off because my costco membership was expired. And although I explained I was traveling and would take care of membership in 2-3 days and I needed to have card active for a few more days explained I was traveling with kids, and no other form of payment. They would NOT give me the few days I needed. My travel was cut short! What happen to customer service!

Similar story here as well Glen.

Just a wild guess here, but perhaps the rebates etc are not actually free. You should assume that AmEx/Costco are gathering information about you with every purchase and selling it to every marketing organization in the world. Are you buying drugs for some condition that you don’t want your insurance company to know about? Now they know! Are you buying diapers? Many marketers want to know. Your purchases indicate your age, sex, income level, family size and much more. Consider using cash if you value your privacy- Costco still knows who you are at the checkout counter, but maybe AmEx doesn’t.

Data mining has always been part of any retail/warehouse store. It is not something that is new. The information gathered are used for inventory and which product and services sells more on this geographic location or on that geographic location. Don’t you know those information you mentioned are needed by businesses to provide a certain geographic area with needed and wanted products or services?

Can you say “Paranoid” lol

I have had a Costco American Express for 2 years. When I signed up they gave me a credit limit of 10,000 which I thought was a little crazy, but I knew I would never come near to that. I have had a high balance of up to 3500 at times. I have always paid my payment on time with the exception of one payment being 1 day late. I have a very good credit report with a credit score of 750. No negative reports. Well, American Express has just cut my limit to 3700 which now makes it look like I have maxed out the credi card. Which looks bad on my credit report. I called and the answer was to send them a w2, a recent pay stub, and a copy of my 401 k statement if I want to appeal it. Really? Funny, when they gave me a 10,000 limit they didn’t require any of. This. I will pay off this card, spend 20.00 a year on it and pay that off right away. This company is a joke. Beware!!!

I just received my first Costco AmEx card bill, and in the section titled: Reward Details, a table lists “U.S. Gas Stations”, “U.S. Restaurants”, “Eligible Travel Program”, and “Other Eligible Purchases”. I was credited with $49.00 in “Qualified (gas) Spend”, and was given a 3% Cash Back Reward, amounting to $1.47. However, my bill lists only one gas purchase, in the amount of $55.00. Similarly, I was credited with $33.00 “Qualified (restaurant) Spend”, and was given a 2% Cash Back Reward, amounting to $0.66. However, my bill lists a total of six restaurant charges (including I-Hop, Ruby Tuesday, a local diner and 2 hamburger joints – all of which are clearly restaurants), for a total amount of $217.15. But none of the restaurant charges were for $33.00. I read the small print on my bill and the AmEx True Earnings website to look for an explanation of how reward benefits are derived, to no avail. Can someone explain this to me? Is it incumbent upon the card holder to identify gas and restaurant purchases, or is the a list of “approved/qualifying” gas stations and retaurants somewhere?

Not sure about your statement, but mine clearly reads that the rewards detailed on the statement are from previous billing periods and that rewards based on purchases that show on the same statement won’t be applied until at least the minimum payment is received and not late. I haven’t checked one month against the previous yet to see but that made sense to me. Guess I will check a couple months together and see what I come up with, but anyway, that explains the above comment I think.
Also, rewards should be eligible based on the type of business that’s charged – the automatic category that comes with the charge. I will look more closely at my statements and see if only major oil company gas charges have been eligible but it should be based on the code no the name of the store so if your gas isn’t eligible then it’s probably the merchant’s issue because they are logging as a different merchant code when they charge your card. Just my best guess on that one….

I just found out after years of having the Costco AmEx card, that we have NOT been receiving the 3% cash back reward on most of our gasoline purchases. It is extremely difficult to notice because of the way they calculate these “rewards” on the previous month’s statement. However, when I noticed this month that we had “0” rewards for gasoline, I dug out last month’s statement. I saw that we had purchased over $100 in gasoline from “Fred M Fuel” which Amex itself categorized as “automated fuel”. I called Amex and was told that even though it is a US fuel purchase, since it is associated with Fred Meyer it is not eligible for the reward!! I feel that we have been getting ripped off by this deception for years.

My husband had an American Express Costco Card that was just cancelled without his knowledge of the account being closed. Is this the way Costco American Express operates? I call this just plain dirty!!!!!!

Something suspicious here and I don’t think it’s Amex.

Take it up with American Express. Costco neither approves/disapproves/cancels credit cards.

I’ve just applied for the credit card at Costco, and the employee called the American Express to sign up for the card. Then, about 10 minutes later, they called back (through my cell phone number) to confirm the information(SSN,DOB and address). Is that part of the application process or we have to confirm with Costco first?

Does IRS consider the earned cash money rebate a taxable income?

Unless you’ve some how managed to legitimately declare the purchase as a taxable deduction, the rebates are not considered income.
If you did declare the purchase as a deduction, then the rebate is income to the extent you deducted the purchase (i.e., it reduces the deduction.)

Eligible travel purchase,hmmm… Does my purchase at Priceline or Hotwire qualify as travel purchase?

I felt having the Costco AMEX card made it easier for me to spend way more money in the store I otherwise might not have spent, The rewards do add up but if you don’t cash the award check the same year by August, It becomes expired “worthless” I called AMEX after finding the reward check that is sent by mail in the back of the statement and they would not honer or reissue the found expired check, I was so upset, I canceled the card. Yes, This was my fault, But no customer service like I expect from Costco from AMEX and I have great credit.

What are the approval odds if you have zero credit?

Good info to remind people to read the terms and conditions when getting a new card so they don’t run into such surprises. Not sure why it’s Costco or Amex’s fault when someone doesn’t pay attention or follow directions though.

May16 I concur I got a call from a giant crdiet card company last night. They wanted to let me know that if I used their card I’d get cash back. Then they wanted my email address.I pointed out to the woman that if they actually analyzed my customer data they’d see I’m well aware that I get cash back take a look at my monthly spending and that I do paperless billing so they already have all my information.

So Amex is resposible for your eneptitude? You admit it is your fault but don’t think you should be responsible for it. Perhaps you should hire a babysitter to look after you?

Eneptitude eh?

Who’s the idiot?

I heard the other day that the American express Business cards are not insured or covered if stolen, and the full amount charged buy the thief must be paid by the card holder..Is this true?


Consumer Credit Cards offer you PROTECTION, Business Cards are NOT covered by the same consumer laws that cover your consumer card. I have Navy Federal Signature and CapitalOne Venture Cards. The 2 best cards out there with the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE 24/7/365 and with 2% for everything worldwide and NO Foreign Transaction Fees Worldwide. A business card is 100% different than a consumer card!

A big negative I encountered was that AmEx has not reported my considerable use of this card and spotless payment record to the credit bureaus. After many years of use I found that I have “no credit,” only what could be established from occasional use of a bank Visa card. AmEx says it is a “business” card, so it won’t report to the credit bureaus. Then how about Dun and Bradstreet? I don’t see it there. We don’t report on “small” businesses (I’m a solo lawyer). Glad my house-buying days are over. Having a substantiated credit rating is mighty helpful in buying a house, or a car, for that matter.

A big negative I encountered was that AmEx has not reported my considerable use of this card and spotless payment record to the credit bureaus. After many years of use I found that I have “no” credit, only what could be established from occasional use of a bank Visa card. AmEx says it is a “business” card, so it won’t report to the credit bureaus. Then how about Dun and Bradstreet? I don’t see it there. We don’t report on “small” businesses (I’m a solo lawyer). Glad my house-buying days are over. Having a substantiated credit rating is helpful in buying a house, or even a car, for that matter.

I guess I have my answer here, if the card reported to the bureaus approval odds would be low, so therefore approval is probably guaranteed

Can Membership award points from an Amex Blue account be transferred to a Costco Amex card account?

We got this card when we joined and we earned 77 dollars and we were not big spenders this more than covered the membership cost and the apr is very reasonable by today’s standards good card!

Barbara weinbaum

I want to make an autopay payment how do I do that?

Hi! This is the first time I apply for Amex Costco card. I don’t know how to pay for the purchases I made with this card in Costco. Will they all appear in my credit card report each month? Or I have to write a check to transfer money from my personal bank account to American Express?

You’re kidding, right?

Sadly, I don’t think so.

I pay my amex bill online from my bank…takes 10 seconds to set up, then 3 seconds to pay each month.

just like any other credit card, you pay the credit card bill HELLO?

I am the secondary member on our Costco membership. Can I change my Skymiles Amex card for a Costco Amex card?
Have been paying our yearly membership with my Skymiles Amex card for years.

Thank you

y’all gotta chill and get american exepsrs bank issued gift cards they are the best, and u dont even have to goto a bank to get them, but it must be the card with a brown gift box with a matching bow appearing on it, american exepsrs logo at the bottom right side of the card, these vanillas and green dots are not bank issued they are just using the card companies name like an outsourcer, use the real deal and not some fake junk.

I already have an AMEX card but am not a Costco member. How will this deal shake out for me?

Ok, when I try to link my Vanilla Visa to PayPal, it says this: Your credit or debit card has not been added since your card isseur does not allow checking the card’s billing address. Please enter a different card number. If you have further questions, please contact the business that issued your card. Any help please, because it worked last time

Does anyone know if you can do an in person cash payment on your AmEx Costco card at your nearest Costco?

According to my local Costco, all payments have to made online through a bank account.

You can’t

For sure Costco does not accept payment on your AmEX card. I already asked about this issue.

Do you have to pay the full balance on the TrueEarnings® Card from Costco and American Express or can you pay partially over time?

no…I’ve had this card since 09 and minimum payments are an option.

Just an FYI.

It appears that they changed the way the calculate the Costco AmEx rebate. I noticed that the last couple of months.

Before, it looked like monthly, they took the total spending in each of the three categories, and applied the appropriate percentage.

Now, it looks like each individual transaction is calculated and rounded down. So if you spend 99 cents on a 1% item, you don’t earn any rebate on that transaction.

I know it is only a penny per transaction, but it does add up. If you have 200 transactions a year, that could mean $2 difference.

So if you are getting gas, and the pump stops at $30.98, adding the extra 2 cents, will let you earn and additional cent.

Is the primary Costco member the only one eligible for Amex cc or can spouse apply too?

I had a Costco membership and the Amex before I got married. After the wedding, I took the hubby into Costco and added him to my membership. Once he had a membership #, I could go online to my Amex account and add him to that as well. Easy!

Each Costco member can apply for his/her own Costco AMEX.

Let’s ask Dave Ramsey about this card.

I’ve had a Costco AmEx card for over a year now, and the advantages for this card are all true; however, there are a couple of disadvantages:
– Don’t forget to pay off the card’s full amount every month so you avoid interest; because my APR is a whopping 27.24%
– The AmEx card won’t link with my BillPay service, like many of my other bills. For example, for some bills, I can say pay the full balance, rather than specifying some fixed dollar amount. With AmEx, I can only specify to pay a fixed amount (to make sure I don’t get a late fee).
– They don’t have the ability to generate virtual cards for online purchases. For example, BofA’s credit cards have a “ShopSafe” feature, where one can generate a virtual card number, attached to their real card number, and both the card limit and expiration date can be specified when the card is generated. If one generates a virtual number for each online transaction, for the same of slightly over the amount of the purchase, the number becomes useless after the purchase. I think this is the best fraud protection one can have.

When all is said and done, I’ve still received more rebate than interest fees; so I’d still recommend the card.

The was a penalty APR. Pay your bills on time and the APR is much more reasonable.

Just set up Auto Pay on the AmEx side

Do you need to spend a certain amount of money every month/year in order to have an Amex? Or keep some minimal balance on it? Or can you have one and spend zero money all year and still be a member?

You don’t have to spend any money, but your Costco membership will be charged to the card, and you’d be foolish to use a different card for purchases that didn’t have as high a rebate as the Costco AmEx card.

I first applied for my card just before an RV road trip of about 4500 miles, and, at roughly 10 MPG towing a trailer, and a rough average estimate of $3.75 per gallon, would return about $68 of rebate (I get 4% back for gasoline purchases; this seems different from what others have said). Another way to look at this is the discount of 15 cents per gallon (@ the $3.75/gallon price).

You should also know that the rebate comes in the form of a check which can be cashed at Costco (expires after 6 months, though).

for 2 years i didn’t use my card. i was just paying it off. there’s no minimum purchases necessary.

They had to make a very special deal with Costco for them to accept American Express credit cards. This special deal also includes that COSTCO is not to accept other credit cards, not Visa, MasterCard, Discovery or other, only Debit cards. Stinks like high heaven of kickbacks or similar.

Costco otherwise is a great place to save money.

That isn’t true.

I believe the only “deal” they made was negotiating a lower merchant fees for accepting the card. Other cards can hit the merchants with fees as high as 6% of the total charged.

Kevin and Mike ,
That is why they just got sued and lost to the federal government is because of such deals.

Amex doesn’t charge Costco a fee. Visa and Mastercard would.

Costco is the card for me. Great savings.

I love the rewards program.

When is the Costco AMEX rewards anniversary cut off date for purchases? Rewards are paid in February based on what cut off date? – Thanks

Does Costco accept the American Express Gold Card? I think it is the best Credit Card out there anywhere.

Yes you can use that card at Costco.

Julianne O'Boyle

I am a current Costco member & have been since around 1990. I still carry around my old card, which I have never turned into a charge card (it still says “Price Costco”). How do I change that current card into a card in which I can charge my purchases on? Can I? Is there a fee involved? Do I have to go to a Costco location to do this? Thx.

We are Costco members here in Naples Fl and we also now hold American Express Blue cash card. However for first 6500.00 we earn nothing, and after most of time we don’t get anything for gas. Our billings looks like we are getting screwed over. Is this card a better bet for us, and do they pay on all purchases, or only after you have charged so much??

Yes I would definitely say the Costco card is a better idea! You get the full rewards starting from the very first dollar spent (unlike your other card).

I have a question i know the Costco American Express card allows you to put a member on the card. Does that member establish credit in the process? My mother just opened the card and placed me on both the Costco store card and Costco amex credit card. Im 21 yrs old & already have my own well fargo platinum credit card but; i need more credit cards to create more credit. I would be the only one using the amex card, making also high purchases & would be making the checks to pay with my name from my personal bank account.

Thanks! Ana

American Express is a money grubbing corporation! After being a loyal customer since 2008 and never missing a payment they raised my interest rate from 12 to 16% and my FICO is 760(nothing incredible but not bad). I used to carry a $1700 balance but paid it off a couple months ago so it is now zero. I think this pissed them off because now they get zero interest..Want to make these guys pay? Make lots of small charges that qualify for the cash back then pay off he balance at the end of the month! Thats my plan