Citi Bonus Cash Center

Over the past few years it seems that just about every credit card company has hopped on the rebate website a.k.a. “bonus mall” bandwagon. These sites can be a great way to save but to be honest, most of them are more or less offering the exact same thing.

Well, the Citi Bonus Cash Center is different than all the others. Why? Because not only does it offer rewards for online spending, but it’s unique in that it also offers rewards at physical stores, too!

  • Earn an average of 5% additional cash back on spending. Keep in mind that is in addition to the rewards you are normally earning on your Citi credit card.
  • You can shop online, by phone, and at participating retail stores
  • There are over 400 participating Citi Bonus Cash center merchants (and that list is growing!)

Which cards are eligible?

Not all Citi credit cards have access to this program. In fact, most don’t. According to the Citi website, as of 2014 only the following could participate:

Citi Dividend (Platinum Select, World MasterCard, and American Express versions)
Citi CashReturns (regular and world MasterCard) discontinued for new applicants
Citi Simplicity Cash Card discontinued for new applicants
Citi Professional Cash Card discontinued for new applicants

How does it work for online shopping?

The online version pretty much works the same way that the typical credit card bonus mall does. Here’s a screenshot for department stores, but please realize that the stores/discounts could change at any time.

screenshot of the citi bonus cash center

Step One – Login You will need to be logged into your Citi credit card online account to access the Citi Bonus Cash Center Step Two – Shop Choose from over 400 merchants, click through to the site you want to shop at, and complete your purchase using your participating Citi card. Step Three – Rewards They will send you an email confirming the new cash back that you have earned, but that probably won’t be right away (Citi first has to get notified by the retailer which in some circumstances, could take up to a few weeks). The cash back will be reflected on your billing statement no later than 1 to 3 billing cycles after your purchase.

How does it work for in-store shopping?

The in-store portion is new and hence, there aren’t as many merchants participating [yet]. Right now there are a few stores and a number of travel related businesses, like hotels and cruise lines.

screenshot of participating citi in-store merchants

Step One – Find a Merchant Check out the list of Citi Bonus Cash center merchants that offer in-store participation. Step Two – Shop Go to the store/business and make your purchase using your eligible Citi card. Step Three – Rewards Just like with the online shopping, you will receive an email and the extra cash back will be reflected on your billing statement in a short while.

Are you taking advantage of this?

If you’re not using the Bonus Cash Center then you are missing out on free savings. Remember, their program is bigger than a lot of other credit card bonus malls… they have over 400 merchants participating! The in-store side of it is completely unique and I know I’m excited to see them continue growing the number of merchants in it.

Before applying you may want to consider other cash back options.
This review was written or last updated April 16, 2014

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Hi there, I still have a grandfathered Citi Professional Cash card which still seems to work with the Citi Bonus Cash Center. However, I also recently opened Citi’s new Double Cash card, and I can’t seem to get it to work with the Bonus Cash Center – do you know if the Double Cash card has access to the Bonus Cash Center? Thanks.

I’ve had the Citi Dividend card for almost 10 years, back when it used to offer 5% on gas, 3% on groceries, and 1% on everything else. I haven’t been too disappointed with it, however I have been thinking about switching to the Quicksilver. I always hear that you shouldn’t have too many credit cards, or that canceling one will hurt your credit. Should I cancel and switch? or just get a third card?

I also have a American Express that gives 3% on groceries and that’s all I use it for.

question: is n.t.b. one of the merchants covered by their 5% cash back?