Does the Chevron Credit Card have real benefits?

With gas stations coast to coast, it comes as no surprise that the Chevron credit card is one of the most widely issued gas cards in America. But before you fill out an application to get your own, know that the Chevron card isn’t the best way to save money on gas, and here’s why…

"Good Gas, Bad Credit Cards" sign parody

Chevron Credit Card — 2 different offers

  • The “Personal Card” is not affiliated with any major payment networks (like Visa, MasterCard, etc) so it can only be used for purchases a Texaco and Chevron stations. There are gas rewards given during the first 60 days but after that, you will not be earning any gas rebates.
  • The Chevron Visa card is a major credit card, so it can be used for purchases at their gas stations and elsewhere. It does give rewards on gas and other purchases and I’ll explain those in a moment.

The interest rate

As I write this review, the APRs listed on the applications were the following:

  • Personal Card = 26.99%
  • Chevron Visa = 26.99%

With rates like that, carrying a balance on any of these is shooting yourself in the foot. I know a Chevron gas card is somewhat easy to get, but still… almost 27 percent is quite high any way you slice it.

How do the fuel rebates stack up?

As mentioned, only the Chevron Visa card offers a permanent rebate on fuel purchases. The program recently changed for the worse and here’s how it works:

  • A “Fuel Credit” is a statement credit accrued on fuel purchases that can be applied to future fuel purchases made using your card account.
  • If you make $300 in monthly qualifying purchases, you earn 10 cents per gallon in Fuel Credits
  • If you make $1,000 in monthly qualifying purchases, you earn 20 cents per gallon in Fuel Credits

Now I don’t know where you live, but I live in California (coincidentally my surf spot is right in front of the Chevron refineries in Manhattan Beach) and lately the price per gallon is hovering around $4. Using that price as an example, do the math:

  • You make the $1,000 in purchases in a month required to receive the 20 cent/gallons fuel credits. Keep in mind, this is not $1,000 spent on just gas, but on NET purchases made with the card.
  • You then buy 20 gallons of fuel throughout the rest of the month
  • 20 gallons X $0.20 = $4

That means you spent $1,080 (the $1,000 in net spending, plus 20 gallons of gas at $4 a gallon) and then received $4 in rewards… that equals less than a 1/2 percent rebate!

If I’m going to apply for a gas credit card, I expect to get more than that, don’t you? Especially considering the fact that this credit card will restrict where I can buy gas (only at their stations). Let’s look at this another way: Your purchases earn you no rewards until you reach the required thresholds — which re-set every month. Why put up with that when there are a slew of other cards on the market that get you a little something back on every purchase, starting day one?

What category do you fall under?

The rewards chaser: If you’re like me and after rewards, then there are several offers on the market that will probably earn you a higher rebate on fuel. See my current listing of the best fuel credit cards. Some give as much as 3% to 5% at every gas station.

The bad credit guy or gal: For this category I can actually see some logic in trying the Chevron credit card application. Your credit score might not be high enough to qualify for the Visa version, but the “Personal” version might be a good starter card that you can use to work on your credit with. Just keep that high APR in mind and make sure to never carry a balance. Secured credit cards are another way you can work on your credit, too.

 Updated March 2017

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The only advantage to using a “gas card” is the amount of places that do not keep a watchful eye out for credit card skimmers on the pumps, let them get your gas card number, will not be very useful other than the gas station. The point is not to keep a balance on the card so there is no interest paid.

I have been a loyal member since 1989. I was recently charged a late fee of $35 dollars which I accept full responsibility for. However, since this was my first time ever missing a payment I figured there might be some flexibility since I paid the $221 balance off like I normally do as soon as they brought it to my attention. I had no idea the late fees were so excessive. I called the number on the back of the card to speak with someone but the auto mated message just regurgitated my account balance. To my surprise, i uttered the words “Cancel this Card” and the automated system processed my request. No regard for the long term customer of 26 years they just lost. Amazing!!

Customer service is worse then constant sales calls. The collections department calls 5 times a day (not exaggerating) when we are up to date on payments. We are a business and we were prepared to make this card our primary fleet card, but they completely screwed themselves. We cancelled all of our cards within a month.

3 months after the cards were cancelled, we are still being harrassed and the customer service reps that call are the RUDEST people I have ever spoken to. They seriously need to leave their little girl emotions at home and act like professionals. Chevron/Texaco should be ashamed and embarrassed.

Last June I enrolled with Chevron Credit account to receive a $.30 a gallon rebate for the first 60 days for all gasoline purchases to a maximum rebate of $300.00. In July I made a 6000 mile road trip in the USA and never received the rebate. I made several calls as I never saw a credit on my account or any mention of rebates on my statement. When I finally got an answer from Chevron, they advised me the rebates had expired because it was over 6 months. Needless to say I cancelled my credit card. Stay away from this company and their rebate programs as you will have nothing but billing problems.

Where does Chevron get off charging 26.99% interest rate on balances for gas? The gas stations accept almost any card in my wallet and I’m only charged 9-13% for using Visa or Mastercard. There is absolutely no advantage to using a Chevron credit card when the credit interest rate is that high. Can anyone give me one advantage? Besides, I’ve been a Chevron card holder for 20+ years (Don’t ask me why!) and the company doesn’t offer long/good standing cardholder discounts!

Cynthia Braswell

I was charged a late fee when Sychrony Bank started servicing the Chevron cards so I figured ok, my mistake. It took me along time get it straightened back out. Now I find out that I did not receive my November statement, I double checked my email and looked through my paid and unpaid bill to see if I missed and still could not find it. Starting to think that Sychrony Bank likes to play games with the statments to make more money by charging late fees. I wll be glad when this card is paid off so I can be done with this card. I have been a customer of Chevron since the mid 90’s and have never been this diappointed, so much so that I won’t even go into a Chevron store and spend money.

I was tried of all of there ridiculous fees. I paid my bill, i wanted to cancel and they don’t post a balance owned or at least I couldnt find it until close to the due date. I wanted to be done with them. I guessed what I owned. I paid $11 more than I owed. I called and cancelled the card, I faced and emailed a form. The next month I got a statement, they charged me $5 to sent me a bill. I called again they said they would credit me the $5 and sent me a check for the $11 they owed me. I got another bill this month saying I have a $4 credit. If I pay my bill online 3 days before the due date they charge me a $75 late fee. I really hate this company, my husband said to just forgot the $4. But I want my $11 back on principal.

Chevron’s fleet card late fee over $500.00 on a $3500. balance. Please people, if you have this card pay it on same the day you get the bill. Or do like me and choose a different company.

Over 20 year customer.

I do not mean to be impolite, however, the following excerpt on this blog is incorrect:

Using that price as an example, do the math:

You make $1,000 in purchases to receive the 20 cent/gallons fuel credits.
You buy 20 gallons of fuel
20 gallons X $0.20 = $4

That means you spent $1,000 and receive $4 in rewards… that equals less than a 1/2 percent rebate!




Hi Ty!

Couple things to keep in mind here:

-The $1,000 in purchases isn’t on gas. It’s the $1,000 in NET purchases you have to reach every month to get the 20-cent rebate when you do buy gas. In our example, our cardholder spent $1,000 (which earned no rewards) and THEN bought gas. Sure, at some point he may have hit the $300 threshold early in the month and filled up for a rebate of 10 cents per gallon, getting him a few extra bucks. But we wanted to keep the example simple.

– Because of this reward structure, the money spent before you hit the $300 and $1,000 thresholds each month earns no rewards — whether you’re spending on gas or anything else. And the thresholds re-set every month.

But your post made me realize that our wording was quite confusing. So I made some changes, and hopefully that makes everything clearer.

Actually, gasoline is considered a hard commodity. The benefits were explained in Paragraph 4 just before paragraph 5, which is the last paragraph and was not buried in my view. Gas cards offer no economical approach whatsoever. A major credit card would be more beneficial. At 26.99% on a large balance is a killer. Gas cards are nothing more than a retail store or department store credit card like Macy’s ot BestBuy.

Why isn’t this article titled “Chevron Credit Card – Excellent for rebuilding credit, but few benefits beyond that.” This is a legitimate business – why use the word ‘scam’. I don’t see how it warrants this kind of loaded language.
Why did you wait until the LAST BURIED paragraph to explain the benefit?
What is with all these comments concerning interest rates? Who in their right mind would carry a balance on a GAS card? How many other partial payments are these people making? For all intents and purposes, gasoline is a utility. Are you only partially paying for your other utilities and financing the rest month to month?

Hi Ed. Thanks for calling our attention to this. We always try to update old content that’s out-of-date or inaccurate, and we’ve made some changes to this one — because, as you point out, the headline doesn’t really fit the story. We appreciate the heads up!

Here’s my 100% truth anecdotal entry into this hilarious comment thread:
“I applied for a Chevron credit card and when I pulled the envelope out of the mail I got struck by lightning which ultimately annihilated the entire Western half of the United States. 100 million people dead, just like that.”
Chevron is pure evil.

How many people out there are unhappy with this company? There are always some that are displeased no matter what the circumstances
We have had a chevron card since 1985 and have been treated with the utmost respect.

We are very unhappy. Card holders since 1989…won’t increase our limit, excellent credit, four drivers we spend a ton there monthly. I’ve never been late with a payment and always paid if full.. Go figure.

In the middle of my trip to SoCal last week my Chevron Charge Card was suddenly denied. I called Chevron and could never reach a live operator because the computer system left me in limbo. I finally got through and they won;t tell me what the problem is and our account is paid in full. Finally the guy says I am not primary card holder and they can only tell that person my wife what the problem is. I told my wife call the idiots back and cancel all our personal and business Chevron accounts…what a POS company that is!


They just did the same thing to me. On vacation, reservations made in So Cal months in advance. Used it for gas on the way down. After 4 days, they declined a charge and said it was for my protection. Why not call me first? THEN they tell me its MY fault for not calling them to let them know I was going out of town. I called when I got home to complain. They reiterated, it was my fault, but “I’m sorry.” Okay. Make it right, lower the APR and I’ll keep the card. Can’t do it. Okay. Screw you, account closed. Never see a dime from me again.

We just had the same thing to us and we will be canceling all four of our cards as well!

Who said Class Action Lawsuit? Count me in!! This company is shameless. We have had a Chevron card since 1989 – but not anymore! We canceled it and are fighting late fees – how can a company charge late fees when the payment is made on time every month? How can you have a late fee in the same month that you have a credit balance? This is bizarre. It cannot be legal. We MUST be able to do something. We may be in a David versus Goliath situation, but remember – David won! Why not take the situation to our congressmen? If enough of us take action, the situation will get noticed. It’s small change to Chevron individually but when you start adding it up, me, you, and the next person – it could be significant dollars going into Chevron’s deep pockets – and it’s not small change to you, me and the next person at our end of things! As far as keeping a card for emergencies – you can use a better credit card for that (better in so many ways…!). If you are a Chevron credit card holder you would be wise to cancel your card and close the account ASAP – before you get burned.

I accidentally paid my bill ahead of time, by having my bank send the $100 payment on the 3rd rather than the 5th of the month. Mind you, the $100 I send is already more than the final required payment. So they charged me $35 for a late fee and $185 because they said my bill was not counted as paid for February. They said they counted the $100 payment in January and they would not allow it to count for Ferbruary, even though it was paid on the third of February. I could not get any help from customer service or the supervisor. She said that if I don’t pay up before the end of this month, they will charge me an extra $200 in addition to the $185 and my regular payment plus additional late fees for every month I don’t pay up. My bill has never been in arrears or late. It wasn’t even late now. This should be against the law. They count on us not to be able to fight them.

I was late paying a $47 gas bill by 18 days and the late fee was $77 so I paid it – no exceptions according to the billing agent BUT I noted the agent said I would not get charged the late fee again so I paid it on-line and it posted the next day – THEN I got a late fee again as the agent on the 13th said the late fee was late!!! These guys are not worth it – no forgiveness just bad business – I would not recommend doing any business with these people – EVER.

A late fee almost double the charge – ouch!!

So I opened up an account about the end of October to get a Chevron Credit card for gas. I left it at home, and activated it the next month…. I still have the stickers on it. I never used it. So a guy called me from Chevron, and it was three times in a day, the third time I picked up, I had time to answer. I don’t understand, why a same place of business would call more than once a day. If they were collecting a bill per se from a collection agency, then this is a violation of the FDCA, and a bill collector can only call once a day one number at a time. Ok, now the guy told me, that Gas was pumped in Dallas. I was surprised, and I told him, that I never have been in Dallas. I told him, how can I pump gas in Dallas, when I live in Washington ? And then he told me, that Gas was purchased ” online “. I asked him, how can someone purchase gas online ? Then he told me, it was for services that were ” rendered ” from some Travel Company or alike. Then I repeated the three things he told me, of which the bill was for, and I told him, which one of the three charges it is, and told him to give me the correct information, and he could not answer me. I told him, he did not know, what he was talking about. I mean, I never used this freaking credit card, and wanted to save it for the rainy days. But I got charged 52 bucks and some change for something I did not use. I might as well take that money and throw it out, if I wanted to blow money away. Ok, advertisement worked on me, I said, I give it a try. I had a BP card years ago, but at that time, I never had an issue but I closed the account, when I left to travel overseas. Then I called the collection agency, because the guy I called at this I think it was a 913 number area code, told me it was in collections. I told the debt collector, that I am disputing this debt. Since then, I have taken other steps, to protect myself. This is ridiculous, so that is how they rip off people and make their money, I would say. I have a gas station right next to me, but I will no longer use them and go back using another Fuel Company. I called and cancelled the car the same day. People, stay away from this, this is a scam at the least to say !

Not only is the Chevron card a crappy deal, but some employers have resorted to threatening to terminate employees who don’t wish to promote the card; despite that it’s a conflict of interest. Furthermore, the pamphlet says that Chevron may do a credit check before approving your card – WITHOUT your consent. I think Bell got sued for initiating a credit check without the customer’s approval before, so…go figure. The whole thing is crooky.

We recently opened a Chevron personal credit card and everything went really smoothly until today. I manage all my accounts so that I pay balances before the grace period in order to avoid interest charges.

Today I tried to get gas and the card was declined even though I made an online payment for 1/2 my balance four days ago. I called customer service and was told that since I made multiple payments (as I said above to avoid interest payments) my online payment which cleared my bank 4 days ago would be kept in “pending” status for 5 more days!

So, lesson learned, I will pay off this card and use it only for emergencies from now on.

OK, I had a senior moment while trying to log on to pay my Chevron bill. Now I can’t log on, I’ve been denied. First it said it did not recognize the computer I’m logging on with. This is the same computer I’ve had for years. then it asked me a challenge question, “who was the bridesmaid at my wedding?” I’m not married. Is this a joke? Don’t they want my money? I’ll go somewhere else if they’re going to make it that freaking hard! I just want to pay my bill!

Our company has been a Chevron cardholder for approximately 20 years. It was about 3 – 4 years ago that I have started having problems with the account. I believe the problems started when their US division took over the finance portion. Now it just seems I’m being nickled and dimed in interest charges. They moved the due date up. They don’t honor the due date by saying processing could take a few days so ensure you make your payment earlier. What is the incentive to post payments on time for a finance company that makes their money on interest. The money is in their account the day I make the payment with electronic transfers. I mean really finance companies are the epitome of conflict of interest.

Now due to rising gas prices our credit limit seems to be maxing out. No sales person has ever called to say your account is going over the limit would you like us to increase your limit. (our account has always been in good standing) First time I got “Oh someone should have been in touch with you if not you should have been e-mailed.” I had drivers in my office telling me they couldn’t use their card anymore that it was declined. I fixed that all up and then it happened again. This time the reply was “oh no we don’t contact you all your information is on-line to see” Other than e-mailed statements I don’t view the services on line. I only get my statements online because if I didn’t there wouldn’t be time to pay it at the bank since the statements seem to get sent out from the US. I call & a majority of the “customer service reps” are rude & dismissive. They are probably this way from dealing with irate customers all day.

I like to do business with companies that make running my business easier not harder. I’ve ordered my Petro Canada cards…..

I just had canceled my Chevron Credit Card that I have had for 23 years following an incredibly rude experience with a customer service representative. Who in their right mind would want to business with such a company?

Class action Lawsuit.

Yes – that’s exactly what I say, too!

Twenty-five years with Chevron for us – but no more! It’s not the same Chevron.

Long ago I learned not to wait for the bills. I keep a copy of each one of my CC statements on file, updated each month after it arrives I toss last months. I have not gone to paperless billing because I have read so many oddities with payments/billing and whatnot. I am also not going to pay to go back to paper copies, which some CC providers will make you do if you go paperless and then go back to paper.

I have a spreadsheet with every card plugged in, every closing date(sometimes they vary but not by more than 2-3 days), every due date, the amount I am going to pay that month, payment confirmation #, remaining debt,credit line,ect. I have my bills structured around the closing dates, rather than around the due dates. It took me one month of double payments on each account to achieve this. I doubled up on one account a month until I had them all moved over.

Trusting the bill to get here and the payment to post 7-10 days as is advised is just too risky. In a time when furloughs for govt employees(USPS) are common, mail gets delivered to the wrong addy because someone read the addy wrong, and is late getting to your box, and when companies want to buff their bottom line for investors.

Patricia Starr

This CC is the biggest rip-off in my wallet. They claim 26.99% is the lowest they offer…that’s crap…they get their money for around 2% & gas is thru the roof…how much do they want 2 screw the public anyway? I’m paying this stupid card off & tell everyone I know NEVER 2 get 1 of their cards at a ‘rapist’s’ rate. I have other GE money cards & their interest is no where near this 1. They R GREEDY & I want nothing more 2 do w/them.

I have had a Chevron card some years ago and had experienced no problems with it. I signed my husband up for a card about 2 years ago and he was approved for $250 initially. They raised the limit to $400 within a little over a year. My husband lives overseas most of the year and I use the card here in the States whenever I am here. September 2012, I went to visit and is still overseas at the moment, but I have been paying at least the minimum if not more. Once I forgot about the card but double up on the payments. I had gotten the balance below $200 this April 2013. Tonight, I went to pay an early payment and to see how much available credit is there (because I am returning in 3 weeks)and it says there is only $8 available. I have not received an e-mail, phone call, or a letter to my address notifying me of a change of available cash. I am very disappointed in the way they handle their business. I understand they have the right to increase/decrease accordingly but a little notice would have been professional.

I have had this card for way over 10 years and always make more of a payment then required. They closed my account because of a 1 time returned payment of $1000 which I accidently entered, it should have been a payment of $100. When I realized, I called Chervon and they said it would not be a problem and I immediately made a $200 payment for the month. The account was closed. They would not reopen the account, they said if I entered the wrong account number they would reopen it, but not for the wrong amount. I am very disapointed in Cheveron’s customer service they were rude and disrespectful.

DO NOT GET A GAS CARD FROM THIS COMPANY. I have never dealt with ruder customer service representatives. What a yucky company. Let’s just say I won’t be driving around trying to find the cheapest gas, I’ll just be making sure I am not going to Chevron.

Chevron stop stealing our hard earned money that should go to our bills.

I have had a Chevron Business Card for 8 years. THEY SUCK! I have had it up to me eyeballs with their BS.

The latest, I pay my bill online. I live on the west coast and naturally they are east coast time. I paid my bill at 11:05am PST (due by 2PM east coast time) and when I received my next statement they not only charged me a penalty on the balance due, they charged me a penalty on the total of the new undue balance for the new statement. Some of which had not even been purchased at the time they received the payment. Is this even legal??? To charge a late fee on purchases not even made or due. I will be closing my account.

Same here. I had internet problems and couldn’t log on to pay my bill. So I called to place a payment at 2:03 Eastern time and they said to bad and charged be a massive late fee. They are the worse. I use BP gas card most of the time now. Chevron’s on payment website sucks too.

I am fed up with the treatment of chevron agents and their blame tactics.

I have had fraudulent purchases made on my account not once but twice. I have my card, and do not go into the neighborhoods listed in my transactions list. I also do not spend over $100 on gas, nor would I go to the same gas station twice and charge the same amount. NOT ONLY THAT but another charge was made for the same amount at another gas station on that same day. It is ridiculous, and I am trying to cancel my account.

I do NOT recommend them.


Today after 28 years as a loyal customer of Chevron their credit department canceled my business credit cards because I had a NSF from a debit on my account. The Credit Department was rude, mean and just downright awful to deal with. This is so disappointing as they charge us over $4 a Gallon for gas and the profits are off the charts. They do not seem to care about customer service nor to they seem to care about long term customers. I will never buy gas again at Chevron. Something has to be done about this type of behavior.

You are my hero. Hope to be doing the same soon.

I am not happy because of $50 late fee and $5 statement when mailed out. It feels like a total scam and they will not listen when I try to explain I never had a late payment before. I call in to cancel my account and They want my signature or won’t be cancel. What a bump…..

I am trying to dispute a charge on my account and I was on the phone with them from almost an hour. Not to mention that I was transferred to 5 different departments. They declined my claim for when my card got stolen. I called them that same day when my card was stolen and had them hold my account; I explained that I filed a police report etc. I had to call them again after one month because I never received the claim forms. I can’t wait until this all gets resolved so I could cancel my account with them.

Think twice before opening an account with Chevron!!!!!

Chevron card charged me the last 11 months with a late fee of 35.00 a pop 11 months ago. The first late payment I had I called and change my due date from the 16 to the 20th come to find out my [email protected] was just paying 20.00 a month but it was due on the 16 so they always received every payment by the 18 or 19 so. I got a late fee every time called them tonight and asked why it wasn’t changed and if they can help me out with some of those and they only said they can only do 1 out of the 11 because my wife or I never caught it til now.

chevron sucks screw that b**** Christy the supervisor. Chevron can go to h***

I just talked to her!!! She is b**** of the century. Closed my account because of returned check payment that was made on an account I removed MONTHS ago. I sent a running bank statement that showed available funds on the day of the transaction for the correct account and they refused to reopen the account. A bunch of crooked bastards.

I am a Chevron stockholder, have been for over 30 years. When the card services went to GE, I have nothing but complaints about the card.
The present card services are actually driving away Chevron clients, and is doing a disservice to Chevron. GE needs the class action lawsuit.

I refuse to use the card and or buy Chevron products till this gets resolved with GE services eliminated from Chevron.

That’s crap 2…I have 2 other GE Money CC’s & they don’t chg anywhere near the rate that Chevron charges…they stink. It’s an internal GREED problem…NOT the bank’s deal. I’ll never recommend this CC 2 any1 I know & NEVER buy Chevron gas.

Dec,12 2011, I was stunned while I had been receiving the statement GE bank sent. It is said I will be charged the Late Fee and Interest due to I did not pay my last balance on the due time. but I had paid the last balance online already and I got the confirmation number, and on Nov 27, I got the email twice to confirm I had paid the balance already. what is wrong with Chevron and Texaco?

Then I went to my email box I found out the bank sent a email to me at DEC.3, it said my payment was returned by GE bank so. But I do not think about it is my fault. First, who would pay his attention to something it had been finished again and again by checking email? Second, these guys never want to remind clients with a mail even with a phone call! Just charging some fees to clients? It seems like a typical business fraud, is not it? This is some bad guys’ strategy: they do not care seem to care about their reputation or honesty, only the clients’ “Late fee”.

thinking about how much they have made and will make by this way in whole U.S.A. Everybody reserve the right to lodge a claim for loss. Waiting for some heroes to sue Chevron and Texaco, sure, refuse to get any service named with Chevron and Texaco, GE, so tell everyone you know about this!

I’ve had this card for two and a half years and liked it, always use Chevron and enjoy the discount.

For some reason my payment didn’t go through and I didn’t realize until ONE day after it was due. $25 fee would NOT be reversed because the AUTOMATED system said so, and awful nasal woman was a completely unprofessional jerk about it so I asked to speak to her supervisor.

Her: why?
Me: I think you know why.

I calmly explained to him what happened and he told me the same robotic excuse: NO grace period, no 2.5 years of timely payments don’t matter one bit. I canceled, and unfortunately now am going to stop buying my favorite gas as well =(

I have the card and have not had a problem with it for over 3 years, but I too have had to make sure to constantly check my account to see when charges have been posted and when my payments have gone through. If I can pay balances off weekly I will even if I have a monthly budget for gas. Also, I have several other rewards cards that I alternate with for fuel charges and I have found that to be very effective in minimizing my balances with the C/T card. I think it takes a little extra on your part to maintain your accounts in good standing by mitigating potential risk. Essentially, it might serve everyone best to draw up a budget, try to stick to it, check your account daily, and pay immediately when you can. No one has done anything wrong and it’s really terrible that people have had to eat some serious charges, but times have changed. You have to be more involved.

chevron and texaco screwed me for over a hundred bucks for late fees. what they did is say that i didnt pay for last month so i called the bank faxed over the check (about 4 different times ) showing that it had gone through the bank. this took several calls and numerous emails. they finally made it right. the bill that was in question was over twice what i had owed and they gave me the right figure which was sent in without the bill (which was twice what i owed) i sent the amout chevron and texaco told me with the account number on the check. the next month i got a bill with over a hundred dollars in late fees that i did not owe (i paid them and dropped my account which i have had for at least 10 years) they made me feel like and talked to me like a didnt pay my bills. bunch of theiving a$$holes. they should be investigated. i pay my bill in full every month.not again!

Chevron does have an option to pay online I have a good standing account with them because I pay online instead of snail mail. and last I heard most people have internet or access to it at the library…just saying

‘Snail mail’ takes 2 days on ordinary letters max, in my experience. Online cc payments take 1 (you can’t schedule a pymt for the same day). Humongous difference there.

Wow, I didn’t think Chevron was this bad … or is it just GE Money? I can understand GE’s ridiculous charges … after all, they probably won’t be getting another $25 Million in federal stimulus money from Obama so they have to make it up someplace. I can’t or won’t tell you how you should avoid putting extra money in their pockets but I can tell you how I have.

Not only do I have the Chevron card but JCP, Sam’s and some others that are GE or that were bought by GE. 1st thing is that I do is I use either my MC, VISA or Discover (recent) cards for most of my purchases. When I do use a GE card, I usually pay it off before the due date. How do I know when the due date is? I’m online every couple of weeks making payments whether they are due or not. With Chevron, paying $150-200 every couple of weeks is more palatable then $300-400 at the end of the month.

And I can understand that most people won’t pay due diligence like I do … I get it. I’m just saying …

Now, because I do pay attention to my charges, I found that I had been enrolled in the Chevron Travel Club … which I did not authorize! I don’t know if anyone here has tried to cancel their AOL account in the past but AOL has nothing over Chevron. Numerous emails and phone calls and put on ignore and the only results are emails in the message center to call the travel club. I was going to cancel the card but, instead, I think I’m going to change my statement delivery back to the paper delivery just so I can start sending in my pennies like Bob mentioned above and maybe over pay as well.

Good luck

I have been a valuable Chevron customer for over 20 years. My business has had cards that long as well. We recently switched to the Chevron, Texaco universal business card. In 6 months they charged us over 1,500 in late charges and interest. We have always paid our bills on time. As a matter of fact I have documentation showing the bills going into the mail 6 days before the due date.

I had called and gave them a chance to make things right. They stated my payments were late and that they can not reverse the charges..

I have paid my last bill in full and canceled the account.

I hope there is a Class Action Lawsuit filed for this is nothing short of theft.

I too have been a valuable Chevron customer, average bill is between $600 to $800 per month. Though their website on personal information says mail statement (no fee), they still stick with me a $5 statement fee though I complain. Do an online payment 1 day before it is due and they try sticking a late charge because they don’t post it on a weekend.

Though I own Chevron stock, I just don’t want to use Chevron products any more after dealing with GE that took over their billing. CHEVRON NEEDS A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT, which I hate to see, but their actions deserve it.

Hello Joe: I also have paid on time but have been charged late fees. I am informed that Wells Fargo allegedly manipulated the payment dates they cleared checks thru their customer’s accounts so as to make certain the account balances were inadequate to pay the bills so they could charge for overdraft protection, etc. I suspect that Chevron/GE is delaying the posting of payments to their customer accounts so they can justify late payment charges, as well. If I can develop enough “evidence” it might be interesting to go after them for fraudulent and deceptive business practices. Can you help? Best regards, Mike

My company has had a chevron card over 25 years, we are never late paying chevron or anyone else for that matter. On my last statement I had a charge for late payment and interest of $45.00 on a $303.00 balance, seems my statement closed on June 5, probably took it a few days to get to me, they posted my payment on June 20 but claim it was due by 19th so I owe the penalties. Who’s to say that they process your payment in a timely manner? Looks like a scam to me. I’ve closed this account and am sure other consumers will also.

I have had so much problems with Chevron! I paid my bill by phone in order for it not to be late last year, and they took a double payment! When I saw it on my next bill, it showed I had a credit. But that is my money that came out of my account and I needed it to pay other bills. I called Customer Service to tell them to refund it immediately and they gave me a long run around. I asked for supervisor’s and managers and pushed and pushed. I called the Better Business Bureau and reported it and told Chevron that I did that and after 16 days, finally got my refund. Now, this late fee (I was one day late – paid by phone too) is really incredulous. Bill was due 6/12/11 (Sunday of course), paid 6/13/11. On 6/28/11 statement shows a late fee on the past due amount that was one day late as well as on the amount that will be due 7/12/11. Get that? On fuel that was charged onto the Chevron gas card AFTER I paid the previous bill that isn’t even due yet!! ????? I called customer service reading them the late fee wording on the back of my statement. I interpreted it one way, they interpreted it another. They said that is how their system is set up by their lawyers. Hmmmm. Class action lawsuit? Sign me up! The Better Business Bureau said I haven’t been the only one complaining about Chevron and that they are being investigated. That was a year ago. Well? I haven’t heard anything yet personally nor in the news!

Statement date 5-29-11….Rcvd on 6-3-11….Sent check 6-6-11 for a 6-13-11 due date. They said they got it on 6-15-11…Charged me $127 late fee for a $460 bill. They took off the first one where they played the same game. If they don’t take off this one, I am not paying. They can give me a black mark. My good credit can take a hit. Who cares. Everyone should cancel their card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had this card for three months. The last two months they have charged me a $88 late fee on a $890 balance and $127 late fee on $460 balance. Each time I had my bank mail check 8 days before it was due and each time Chevron said they didn’t receive check til 2 days late. If this isn’t a scam it sure feels like it. I got my bill and paid it 3 days later and they said it was still late. I have paid off my bill in full and this is what they do to make money on you. I am reporting them to the BBB.

Robert Melendez

I had this Chevron account 24 years. Always good, never late. Stopped using the card; but didn’t cancel it. I figured things might change and it could come in handy again. That was a mistake. Though you may not use the card, they still charge for their annual fees and the “Travel Club” dues.

I admit I overlooked it; but calling to talk to those people is anything but easy or convenient. So now, they “ding” my credit with a 60-day late. No one to talk to, but a phone clerk who apologizes mechanically and can say she “regrets”. Not much for 24 years as a customer. The guy above (the three pennies solution) has a good idea; but all you really have to do is overpay by a nickel or a dime. Believe it, it drives those bastards nuts. plus, for a credit balance of 1.50, it costs them 15.00 to send you the statement. Ain’t much, but neither is a mosquito bite…;)

Responding to Miguel…business cards we have had to go through the same with only 14 days to pay. Latest is with the “upgrades” to a “visa” billing period is even shorter. By the time the statement arrives usually the weekend after the statment is posted there is only a 10 day window. This is legal???
If you find any additional information please keep me posted as to where we can file a complaint.

Thank you….

Success! I finally found a way to beat the system. Like many of you I was charged a late fee because the payment was received by them on a Saturday and they failed to credit it till the following Monday, thus incuring a $39.00 late charge. As you no boubt know, that’s how they make a great deal of money. Naturally, no amount of phone calls will convince them to delete the late charge even if you have been a long time customer. They don’t care.

My original solution was to just charge 10 cents worth of gas, pay 12 cents thus generating a 2 cent credit and have them send me a credit for the 2 cents every month. I thought it would get their attention and someone would call me and ask what I was doing. It didn’t happen. That was 17 months ago.

Just last month I found a tactic that did work. On the bill it always says “don’t send cash.” That gave me an idea. I would tape 3 pennies to the bill. That would give me a credit of 5 cents, but more importantly, it would screw up their system. I can just see this bill being kicked out of their automated system and someone manually taking the pennies out and putting the credit on the bill. It worked. Someone called me and I told them that they screwed me out of $39 and I wanted the credit put back with interest. Well it finally happened. I got the credit back on my account with interest, but I am not through with them. They screwed with me for 17 months. Now I will screw them for the next 17 months by attaching pennies to my credit bill each and every month. It will be well worth the 44 cents it will cost me for a stamp just to know I can screw with them and they can’t do anything about it. Oh and don’t forget, always use another credit card for any gas purchase.

Recently, I had a similar experience with Chevron. Chevron arbitrarily changed my on line bill pay payment due date. I was traveling abroad when they made the change. Because they changed the due date, my payment was 5 days late. A charge of $29.00 was added to my bill. The Indians and Philipinos we spoke to had no interest in helping us. Each time we called Chevron we would reach a Philipino Indian or whomever! They can barely speak English and seem insulted when I suggested they go to school and learn how to speak English that is understandable. I even told one Indian to tell Chevron executives to go screw themselves. She thanked me for the compliment! Out sourcing is such a pain in the you know what! Prior to this unfortunate scam, we had been customers in good standing with Chevron for 46+ years. We no longer do any business whatsoever with Chevron. With Chevron’s depressed annual net income ($19 billion was up 81% from its 2009 earnings of $10.5 billion.) I guess they needed my $29.00 to remain solvent! What a scam! Of course, Chevron could care less if they have me as a customer. They are only interested in ripping off their customers. When I called Chevron I was told that it was my problem not Chevron’s. Chevron needs another valid class action lawsuit in order to protect consumers.

I HATE the way companies play with peoples’ fortunes, and the outsourcing they do which is often aggravating, so I feel your pain. But as a linguist – and as a former over-the-phone customer service-type employee, I feel their pain, so I just have to correct you on their English – Filipinos and Indians definitely speak English; India still has many ties with England and basketball is a super popular sport in the Philippines. It’s just that they don’t speak OUR English – just like the British or South Africans or Australians or what have you.

They can understand each other just fine, and there’s English in their media. That’s why they were insulted. Chevron’s based right here in the states, San Ramon, California, and Chevron is the enemy here – not the phone agent who’s just trying to make a living. Unfortunately, their powers to help you are limited (by Chevron), so don’t shoot the messenger.

I just got ripped off by Chevron Credit card company. I was charged a $25 late fee, on $1.75. I wasn’t late with the payment, I had a $49.00 bill, and figured I would pay two installments. I sent my payment in for $25, and my mistake, the due was $26.75. When I called about having to pay the charge, for just $1.75, I was treated extremely rude ( the person really sounded like they were in India, very hard to understand). Same as most the people posted here, I’ve had an account for years, and always paid timely. I’m still stunned over the way I was spoken to. I am so done with Chevron. I will never pull in one of their stations again!

Has anyone noticed the $10.00 check processing fee. I quit using chevron for that reason and also because of the late fees/intrest was incredibly high. and i pay all company bills every 2 weeks. when i called cutomer service about the $10.00 check processing fee on a zero balance they informed me that i had to pay it and if paid by check i will receive a bill for another $10.00 i will just never end. they do not except credit cards the only way out of this is to give them my banking information. i this even legal ??
i was going to cancel the card but insead i’m going to shred it. so they can keep sending me statements with a zero balance. I will never use chevron again or will any of my emplyees. they just lost $700-800 a month over their greed

What’s up with the horrendously egregious customer service Chevron is insulting their customers with these days?! As many others have said on this discussion posting page – I’ve been treated terribly by Chevron lately – even though I’ve had an account in good standing for 25-30 years! Do they have new management? Do they have such a huge portion of the gas market share, that they think they can treat their customers terribly, because they are making so much money that it doesn’t matter how many people throw away their Chevron cards due to mistreatment by their customer “service” reps? Really, I am very curious.

Most companies want customers, and want to treat their customers well, so they can keep the customers they have, and get a good reputation so that they’ll get even more customers. It seems as though Chevron wants to alienate and lose the customers they already have, and of course, disgruntled ex-customers will pass on the advice through word of mouth that Chevron is such an awful company that everyone should just take their business elsewhere.

Dexter Gillespie

Chevron charged me a $39 late fee plus a $2 interest on past due fee on a $42.36 balance. I have been a business cardholder since 1986.(25yrs) So now the 42 bucks of fuel is gonna cost me $83. I will not only be cutting the card…., I’m going to burn it. GOOD BYE CHEVRON, you will not get the opportunity to screw me again. EVER.

Chevron’s credit card division has been playing a Catch 22 game with late fees. Through billing and receipt date manipulation they make it impossible for a normal business that only cuts checks twice a month to avoid late fees. In my opinion this borderlines on almost being fraud. When you cancel your Chevron account make sure to report the incident to the Better Business Bureau. Write a letter to Chevron to confirm cancellation and request a refund for all fees that you feel were unfair or fraudulent. Also contact the owners of the local Chevron Stations that you do business with, and explain what has happened.

Be careful of your due date … mine was on a Saturday and although my on-line banking provider does not process on weekends I was hit with a $20 late fee on a $30 bill. Asked customer service about giving me a break — forget it!! “Time Honored” cardholder since 1968. Big Deal! For $20 this card goes from my wallet to my drawer. Great customer service, huh?


I have 3 gas cards: Chevron, Shell, and Unocal 76. I have never had any problems with any of them..not even Chevron. I pay them off each month and don’t keep running balances; but I used to use all 3 and keep running balances on them, but even then I experienced no scams from any of these gas card companies. I am disapointed tho in Chevron and Shell not offering lower rates for those with excellent credit, Chevron and Shell are very high (21-24.99%) and they don’t appear to offer a ladder of different rates for people with different credit ratings..just one high rate for everybody….so for those who keep balances that can be pricey. Out of all three of these Unocal 76 has the lowest rate, I think around 13%.

I was charged with a late fee also don’t how, but all I know is that they have a very poor communication with customers. And yes I am very unhappy.

I have been with Chevron 34 years Paid every month on time. Chevron changed my billing date by 15 days . I send my payment in every month the same time 1- 8 th I got a $41.00 late bill I called and was blow off ! I am really pissed ! I beg everyone out there to cancel their Chevron CARD ASAP. These people have lost the ability to treat people right.

I am soooooo thankful to all of you writing complaints. At a Chevron service station 3-4 months ago, I was approached by a woman as I finished filling my gas tank. She asked me to complete a Chevron credit application with handsome rewards… a $5.00 on-the-spot discount card, then 20% gas discount for one month, and then 10% gas discount after that indefinitely.

I completed the application, gave it back to the woman, and 3-4 months later received a letter from GE Money Bank, saying they were unable to verify my identify, so did not approve the credit card. This is totally absurd since I have had the same personal information for more than two years, and my credit score is 821 out of 850… an excellent score, but they decided NOT to issue me a card, and said I could write to them in El Paso, TX if I questioned their decision.

Not only do I question their decision, but I learned online I should question their business practices, i.e. no person’s contact name, no telephone number to speak to a human being… wreaks of a sham. There were HOARDS of complaints written against them by people who had allegedly been ethically and legally abused and exploited by them.

I am eternally grateful to all of you who wrote complaints to warn us potential victims. I am truly fortunate GE Money Bank did NOT issue me a credit card… with the potential and strong likelihood of abusing my business and excellent credit score of 821.

I hope all of you writing complaints will somehow find a way to ban together and pursue a class action lawsuit.

I use the online payment method to pay my Chevron bill. I receive my bill approximately 4 – 5 business days before it is due. Because this is a business account with multiple cards/vehicles that MUST BE VERIFIED, it takes time to process on our end.

The due date for the invoice last month was August 8th (a Sunday). I processed the payment ON LINE on Friday, August 6th. Evidently I didn’t process it prior to 2:00 ET (I’m on the Pacific Coast so it had to be processed before 11:00am PT) and they didn’t apply the payment until Monday August 9th. I was FINED with late fees and interest of $236.97.

Now really……even the IRS doesn’t do that! If the due date is on a weekend FOR YOUR FEDERAL TAXES, they use the next business day as the actual due date. In other words, I would have had to pay using their ONLINE payment on August 5th in order to have the payment processed for a due date of August 8th.

WARNING WARNING WARNING!!!! If you are going to have a Chevron/Texaco credit card, set it up online for THEM to take the payment on the due date automatically or you’ll get caught with this kind of nonsense too.

Ridiculous…….and it should be illegal.

I’ve always received my Chevron (GE $) billings about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks before the due date, but my latest billing arrived essentially on the due date, making it impossible to get the check in and processed in time.

I’ve had a feeling that this might happen; purposely on their part. I’ve seen over time Chevron / GE $ increasing their penalties for late payments (extra fees, APR’s raised to insane limits, etc.) and sensed a skunk at work. First: set up the trap to allow for more money to come in, second: set the trap by sending the billing off too late.

It’s even worse too. Unlike years past, where the postmark would show up on the envelope (indicating when it was sent), it’s now set up these days so there is no indication on the envelope of when it was sent. More “sign of the times” crap that lessens the power of consumers and increases the power of the big corrupt entities of the big USA.

To: Robert in CA from April 12. You are the one who is ignorant or stupid; take your pick. If you could read, you would see that 99% of us are saying we are NOT late with our payments, even those who do pay the entire balance each month. Chevron says we are late and is ripping us off. Excuse us for following the terms of our agreement.

Please contact consumer reporter
at CTV Olsen on your side

Chevron Credit card ie. GE Moneybank is another working man “rip off”. I had a card with Chevron for over 13 years. i always paid the balance in full and on time. I received my bill on Wednesday April 28, 2010. It was due on Sunday May 2, 2010. The earliest i could schedule on line payment with my bank as usual was Monday May 3, 2010. Yes, i got a $39.99 late fee added to my next bill in May.

I called Customer service at Chevron and the represenative, who could not speak very good english, submitted a request to waive the late fee. Of course, the request was denied.

This infuriated me. There’s nothing else one can do but pay the damn thing, never do business with Cheveron again, and tell everyone i know, and a lot of others i do not know.

D. R. Smith Houston, Texas

I am from Canada. I too am having the same problems as everyone else here. When I receive my statement, I quickly write a cheque out and pay Chevron, but on my next statement I am charged with a late payment fee and interest on top of that. I called Fleetcor a few dozen times and I wasn’t even helped out at all. I was hung up a few times, and was even told that no manager was in the office to help me. This is recently, I called them and ask for a manager to call me back and I have been waiting for two months for a call back and still waiting.

I wonder if you all paid the interest? I am one who will not pay, I will let them send it to collections and file it every 3 years.

Anybody from Canada having this problem? Vancouver that is…

Tony Garzarella

Thanks. The Texaco near my house advertises a 5 cents/gallon rebate, which is very tempting since I drive 100 miles/day. I was just about to apply, but first I googled “Texaco Card scam” and came across this blog. Sometimes the internet can be very useful. Thanks again!

You must be working for Chevron.
I had no problem for 20 years with my Chevron Credit Card until the recent billing change.I also pay my bill in full within 21 days.I have
several other credit cards like American Express,
MBNA,RBC and more without any billing problems and yes no late fees.After my accountant informed me about the “Chevron Scam” and details I cancelled my card.Clerly you must be working for Chevron to assume every card holder complainer is living beyond their means.This is exactly the attidude from Chevron and ask to speak with an Chevron Manager I am still waiting for a call back from anyone from Chevron.LOL !
Trust me ,I do not need Chevron in my life and I do practice the art of living and have a comfortable life.

I had moved and did not receive the email statement that I had been forced to agree to, or be charged an extra fee. As my computer had been lost in the move and I lost all my emails I contacted customer service to get the $39.00 late fee and interest charge taken off the bill. My request was sent to a supervisor and 3 days later I received a call back and was told that there was nothing they would do for me, and it was my responsibility to know when the bill was do and should have contacted the company. I advised Cecelia that I was a 16 year card holder, and if she did not take off the charges I would close my account, and did she feel that it was in the companies best interest to loose a customer who has spent at least $100 per month for $39.00. She told me that was their policy. I asked for her supervisor and was told she was her own supervisor and there was no one else to speak with. I asked for the phone of the Customer Service Department and was told that there was none. I asked for the Human Resources Dept and was told that their was none She did offer me a Close Account Request. I asked who to complain to and was given a Corporate office PO box in Norcross, GA but not a phone number. I told her Thanks for absolutly no customer service and hung up.

It appears the majority of you posters here are either ignorant in the purpose of a credit card or maybe even stupid.
I have not had any problems with Chevron credit card or any of the other cards I carry.
Most of you seem to fail to understand that a credit card (no matter which one) is just for the convenience of not having to carry large amounts of cash. I pay the bill IN FULL each month. This renders the interest rate they charge irrelevant. I also and pay the bill online BEFORE the date due. All credit companies provide a secure online payment web page. This ensures the bill is paid on time and I have an immediate confirmation Chevron received the payment. Never any late fees and it does not matter where the mailing address of the payment center is.
You complainers need to examine the root of your problems – YOU AND YOUR ACTIONS.
Wake up, stop living beyond your means and utilize the internet options for paying your bills.
Posting on forums like this about how you are being ‘mistreated’ by the card companies only serves to highlight the fact you don’t understand how to run your own lives.

Sharon Robinson

I agree they started charging me 29.99% and get this offered me $42.00 for a 12 month program. When do you think I will pay this off huh?

Sharon Robinson

see my reply I totally agree after having a card with them for over 15 year plus

Sharon Robinson

We need to ask for the attorney general for help with these situations

Sharon Robinson

I have sent letters to the CEO, Comptroller as well as the VP advising them that I was offered a 7% interest vs a 29.99% 12 month program for a pymt plan of $42.00 per month. People we all know that if we would pay $42.00 per month with an interest rate of 29.99% and late fee of $39.00 and over draft fees this account would never be paid off at $42.00 per month!

Why did they off this to me and not keep their word?

So, for one month I decided to not pay and they kept calling me every day every day!! I mailed them their $42.00 and will but I know I will never pay off this account at this rate especially interest rate componded on late fees etc. This is sad for us consumers especially when we have asked for help to pay off our debt and they promise us something and lie

I got a Texaco Chevron Gas Card; not only is there no Texaco or Chevron Gas Station in Conn.;

but they charged me a $39 late fee on the $25 annual fee; they should say card not valid in Conn

We have a responsibility to inform our friends and family and everyone we know in our communities about Chevron and its hurtful, unfair, fraudulent business practices.
Please text,e-mail phone or fax every one you know to stop Chevron taking more money/profit from
the hard working people.
Please tell every one.
Thank you,
EX Chevron Cardholder.

I have had the same problems with late fees as many of the Chevron card holders have had. They issued a statement with a due date that was four days later which makes it impossible to be paid on time. I called Chevron and explained that the late fee was unfustified and to close my account. Since then they have compounded the late fee three times for a total of $82.00. This is extortion and a fraudulent way of doing business.


Yep…changed my due date without notice…thought I was early but was late….canceled and shreaded.
The lost a good customer who went to Chevron because thats what I had in my wallet…..moving on to some other gas company now…

We as a 30 year customer have stopped using Chevron credit Cards because it is impossible to pay the monthly statment by check, since the statement date is the 19th mailing on the 22nd getting to us by the 26th and GE Capital wants it processed by the 10th and they take 10 working days and do not count weekends. I had a $130.00+ charge for a late payment, they are no longer a provider of services for us.

I was a long term Chevron customer. I cut up my
Chevron credit card today.The Chevrons bill arraived today in the mail,on the due date, now the late charge is $ 20.00
Also an additional $5.00 statement mailing charge
will be charged for future mailings. A new statements arrive every 14 days and the credit card limit has been cut back.
Scam! Scam ! Scam!
Chevron must be in financial trouble to have to rip off the customers.
Please cut up your Chevron card and be happy1

Hi everyone. I’m from Los Angeles California and the business I work at uses a “charge card”. We were late by two days on a payment of about $700 and we were charged late fees on charges of $4000 because of the way they charge late fees. They even admitted to me on the phone that there is no way a customer can tell by the cardmember agreement how Chevron calculates late fees because they define the term “New Balance” anyway they like without defining it on paper.

Please note that we have a business charge card, that is it needs to be payed off at the end of the moment. This is different than a credit card and while I’m not sure, I think laws differ as well because its a business card and because its a charge card.

My name is Miguel and my phone number is . I really want to know if what they do is legally, but we don’t have money to hire a lawyer at $400 an hour.

I contacted the FTC with my complaint but they don’t look at individual complaints. I also contacted the Los Angeles County Consumer Affairs department and they don’t look at business complaints, but they do mediate between companies and that’s where my case is currently heading. I have no idea how that will turn out.

Maybe we can get a couple of business together to split the cost of a consultation fee to find out if what Chevron is doing is legal and if it isn’t, let the lawyer file a class law case. I don’t care for the money at this point, I just want to give it to Chevron.

Got my bill today with a 29.99 late charge plus interest. I have the cancelled check for the charge in question which shows paid on time. Somebody wrote in the for line on the check another account number than mine. Isn’t that fraud? Not even close to my handwriting. Why should I have to take them time and energy to handle their fraudulent employee problem? 35 years of paying my entire bill monthly and always on time. They shut down my credit amount to 180 dollars and want me to send a letter and check copy so they can investigate. They can eat me!

Just cut those loan sharks off an hour ago on the phone!!! Been with them since 1988. Then GE Money Bank came in, and the rate became 29.99%. Hell Mobsters won’t even try to squeeze a rate that high out of you. Anyhow I owed them $212 bucks…. BUT it’s the principle of it. Money/credit cruch my [email protected]@! Take’em shopping…high rates and games..dump’em. Will not buy Chevron Gas. If any of you all have any cards now owned taken over by GE MONEY…CLOSE THE ACCOUNT FAST!!! The will attempt to squeeze you..AVOID GE Money Bank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These guys are a ripoff card, not a gas card. Got it because they offered the discount per gallon; was late paying a few months and tried to get is straightened out, they charged late charges on the day I made payments; you have a 10-days to make the payment after receiving the bill, there’s a $5.00 report fee; fees fees fees fees is what the card is all about. You never make up for it on the gas rebates. DO NOT USE THIS CARD. I owed them $42 and they charged me $205 which was the balance from the last statement; now I have to wait 4-6 weeks to get my $163 refund. There’s absolutely no advantage to using this card at all.

been a chevron card customer for yearsss, never been late. they raised my already high interest rate of 21.46 % to 29.99 % for no reason, and they did this to all customers for no reason. i’m paying this card OFF w/ my tax return. what a waste of money. chevron charges more for gasoline anyways, than most gas stations.

I have a business gas card with Chevron. They are just as evil. I won’t even get into the details, but beware.

I was a cardholder for 18 years. I only used Chevron gas because it was the first gas credit card I received. I had always paid my Chevron bill with my paycheck on the 15th of the month. They changed my due date without notifying me to the 12th, causing me to be late. I called customer service and the service was horrible. They raised my interest rate from 18% to 29.99% since I was late. Even though it is the first time in 18 years I had ever been late. I cancelled my card after this horrible treatment and have not been to a Chevron station since. I would encourage any law office to look into a class action lawsuit for deceptive business practices. I now get gas at Valero with my new Valero credit card. I would urge you to avoid to avoid Chevron at all costs, you will be sorry later!

Look at all the rip off stories and they are similar. This company will do everything they can to screw you, however I have found that I CAN FIGHT BACK. Here is how I do it. First of all, I over paid my bill by 10 cents, then put the card in a drawer and decided to use my Discover card for all future gas purchases. When the Chevron bill comes, I had a credit of 10 cents. That will force them to spend the price of a stamp every time the end of the month rolls around and they have to send me a credit of 10 cents. It’s a reminder to myself that I can screw around with them. It’s not much but it’s the satisfaction that counts.

By the way, if they ever send me a check for 10 cents, I will cash it and then charge 10 cents, and over pay 20 cents and let the entire game start again.

I am hoping that some human being from the company will call me and ask me why I am keeping a credit of 10 cents on the card, then I can tell them why I am messing with them the same way they are messing with me.

Same as others story. Been a customer for years with no problems also ahve AMEX ansd others. No problems The chevron bill has always been paid in full at the end of each month. The have a due date on Sunday. they do not post on Sunday so it is when ever they get around to postinf they will charge you a $39 late fee doe $22 worth of gas.
It seems no matter how you pay they are out to get your money. Pay by phone they charge you $25. They send my statement5s on the e-mail and If i mail from the mail post office that same day it takes them from 11/25 to 12/11 and the check is still not clear. Over two weeks. I am sure I will have a compiled excessive late fee. What can we do about one of the major oild companies riping off small business and senior citizens ?
Someone need to help put an end to this.
SM. Las Vegas

We were 18 years with this rip-off company. We switched from regular chevron to the new Visa by GE (deceptive trade company)! What jerks. The worse scammers I have ever dealt with. They need to take lessons from American Express in customer service. With this scam on late charges, billing, interest rates and price fixing if I don’t sue first; when someone is ready to sue them, I am on the band wagon.

I am a 25 year customer. In July, they raised my limit for being a good customer. I paid my bill. In August, they said I was late, $39 late fee, raised my interest rate to 31%. I sent a letter with my two statements, showing there was no way that I was late. GE Money never responded to my letter. All they do is call and threaten me, won’t even discuss. I am contacting my attorney. THAT is why I blame the company!

We use our Chevron card for travel and pay it online as soon as we get home and pay no interest. We can almost always find a Chevron station wherever we go and have been very happy with it. It’s for convenience in buying gas, not ‘rewards’. You would pay for it with a debit/credit card for the same reason you would pay your cable or electric bill that way. Seems to me the problem people are really having is running up their charges, and sure, you’re going to pay big that way. We used to have the same problem with VISA when we’d run it up and then only pay the minimum payment. But you agree to that when you purchase the cards, so why blame the company?

I got the same bullsh_t excuse. Their remit to address used to be in Concord, CA (same county as we are). They changed that to North Carolina AND reduced the number of days before it’s due. I asked for an overnight mailing address they refused to give one and said “you can pay with a credit card”. Why would I pay a credit card bill with another credit card? We were charged $100 plus interest! I think it’s time to say bye bye Chevron!

My company Chevron bill arrived today. Not surprised, had late fee of $175 plus interest. This account is paid in full every month and well before the due date. Statement posted the payment being made on the 25th. The due date was the 12th. Because this has become a regular occurance the payment was sent USPS certified return reciept requested. Reciept shows delivery on the 10th, two days before the due date! When called, the explanation was that it took 3 days to enter the payment and an additional 12 days to verify the funds. FTC complaint is in the works. Anybody else treated this way?

I want to order a credit card FOR GAS ONLY for my son in another city, What card do you suggest I get?

Rather than pay the billing fee (extortion) I elected to receive my business statements on line. After Chevron changed mailing addresses without sending out a mailed notice my payment was received after the due date. I was hit with a “late fee” of over 300.00 as well as interest! When I called customer service to either remove the late fee or cancel my account the rep called me dog and hung up on me and still didn’t close my account! Why has fair business practices been replaced by corporate greed. I believe that Chevron needs to be held to task for this by our legislators.

I recently was charged a 39.00 late fee on a 44.00 balance which was paid 2 days late! It took 10 days from the date of mailing the payment until it was posted. I pointed out to the “customer service rep” that it was impossible for my payments to get there timely. They have a 14 day billing system, It takes 7-10 days each way. Which means your always going to have a late fee! I had been a customer for 20 yrs, didn’t seem to matter. Chevron refused to credit the late fee! So long chevron-Texaco

Terrible rip-off and they don’t care. Regarding the finance charges-I’m a bookkeeper and I keep telling my clients to cancel their cards. They are paying over $1000 a year in late fees. They barely mail out the bill in time to pay it before the due date-then they say they can’t be responsible for the mail. You would think that for $5 they’d get it to you sooner. It’s all part of their game. I expect that their finance charges represent a very large amount of income to Chevron.

Thank you for this blog and the comments it helped me to make my decision about one of these cards! A definite NO and now I do not even have to read there legal fine print jargon.

Judith, please respond to me. We have the same issue and want to do something legally about it. Exhorbitant late fees, interest on late fees, late fee charges on non-late amounts, etc.

similar thing happened with me..I filled gas in my car at my neigbor gas station and they charged for that twice on my card..i talked to them..but they didn’t listen and I had to pay for that i also recommend not to do business with chevron..they are cheaters..

Recently received a bill at my husband’s company from Chevron which indicated a late fee in excess of $175.00. Review of the card indicated the last payment of $400 was one week over the due date of the bill. When I telephoned Chevron to inquire how they arrived at the late fee, they informed me they charge interest on all charges outstanding at the date of lateness, including current charges not yet billed to the customer, and apparently past charges already paid. In my case they indicated late charges accrued on over $1600 worth of charges. My new bill was less than $500. No matter how I worked it, I could not figure out any formula that would justify their charges. Needless to say, after decades of business with Chevron, my husband and I have elected to spend our money with other fuel companies…

Glenda - Ontario Ca

So glad I came across this blog. I logged on to apply for the Chevron Card because at the pump it read “15 Cent off Per Gallon” but did not say how long. I thought “what the heck”. When I went to apply I noticed that the site was not sucure, so I back up and found this blog. Thanks for all the info. I will just stick with my American Express.

I had a Cheveron / Texaco account for almost twenty years. I always paid on time. I cancelled my card prior to a deploymeny with the National Guard. Upon returning, I found that they did not cancell the card. They had also charged me for the travel club and late fees. When I returned home, they would not even discuss it with me as they had sent it to collections. Some of the worst customer service that I have ever encountered. I have cancelled the card again, and I will not be purchasing gas from them. If you are thinking of getting a card from them… DON’T DO IT.

Paid my Shoveron off when I got my tax return as the revolving interest was eating me alive and left for dead!!!Horrible interest you pay.

Chevron has instituted a $5.00 per month “report delivery” fee for mailing a statement to customers. I have hundreds of vendors we make payments to and none has made such a policy. We have never been late and have a 30 year relationship with Chevron. It has taken repeated calls on my part and weeks of wiating to get a response from a supervisor and then they chose to let us cancel our $700/month company account rather than reverse these charges. To boot, they were rude and dismissive! Thanks for the lead to Discover Open Road! Goodbye Chevron!!

Applied for chevron/Texico visa because of 13.49 rate. I have great credit score and was approved. When the card arrived the rate was 17.49. I called them and was told to bad did I want to cancel card. That’s nice. Beware of this scam. It’s GE Money Bank!!!!!!