Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall

Do you have a Chase credit card that provides you access to the Chase Ultimate Rewards mall? Or perhaps you’re considering applying for a Chase card with Ultimate Rewards? If so, here are four tips and tricks for getting the most out of it.

If you are new to Chase Ultimate Rewards: This is the credit card rewards program from Chase. It allows you to redeem the points you earn on purchases for practically anything your heart desires: cash back, travel with no blackout dates or restrictions, merchandise, gift cards and even more (including exclusive experiences available only for Ultimate Rewards Program cardmembers).

Tip #1 – Combine these bonuses to score a windfall of points!

Did you know that you can transfer points between Chase credit card accounts? You can do this within your own accounts or you can even transfer UR points to someone else. This is a fairly unusual feature in the world of card rewards.

This means you can sign up for multiple bonus offers on multiple cards and combine them. For example if you already have the Freedom, then you can sign up for the Sapphire bonus offer and combine those points with your existing UR account.

Here are the cards you can do this with and their best sign-up offers. Consider signing up for the cards you don’t already have:

*The Ink cards are business cards, but you can still apply for them if you are an individual in business (sole proprietor). When you do that, you use your Social Security number for the tax ID field, and your legal business name will be the same as your legal name (i.e. “Jane Smith” would be your biz name if that’s your name).

Think about it… when combined, the above offers equal well over 100,000 Ultimate Rewards points. Think how long it would take for you to earn that many points with normal spending (several years, probably). But by signing up for a bonus or two while they last, you can fast-track the process and earn a pile of points very quickly.

Tip #2 – Use the online mall to earn even faster

The Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall gives you extra points for shopping online. Just use the online “mall” to click through to your favorite merchants’ websites – you will earn up to an extra 10 points per dollar spent. That’s the equivalent of earning up to 10 percent cash back for your online purchases!

screenshot of chase ultimate rewards website

There are hundreds of merchants participating:

Stores: There are more than 100 popular retail stores, from Macy’s to Best Buy. Whatever you’re buying, chances are you will find a place to get extra points for it.

Travel: Don’t forget to use the mall whenever you book travel. You’ll earn extra points with various popular travel companies, hotels, airlines and online travel agencies. Just log in to Ultimate Rewards, and search for travel on your preferred dates to see your options.

Service Providers: Many long-time Ultimate Rewards users aren’t even aware of all the services that participate. Past ways to earn bonus points have included opening up a new Netflix account or AT&T account. There have even been bonus points offered for using TurboTax. You can check your account to see the latest UR offers for service providers.

Tip #3 – Multiply your savings using promo codes

When shopping online through the Chase Ultimate Rewards mall, you might be able to use retailer promo codes, too.

If details for a listed merchant says “cannot be combined with any other offer” then you probably can’t use a coupon code and get your Ultimate Rewards at the same time. However some retailers may have no such restrictions on combining offers.

*Important* If you are going to be using a retailer’s promo code, make sure you look up and gather the codes before you enter the Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall, because most coupon websites make money when you click on the coupons they have listed (they put a cookie on your computer so they can get a commission on your purchases for that store). Those cookies that the coupon websites use could replace the cookies from the Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall if you click on the coupon site afterward. So make sure you have your codes looked up beforehand.

Tip #4 – Use points to buy unique experiences

You can also redeem your points for unique experiences that you might not be able to buy on your own.

At any given time there are tons of experiences available, ranging from VIP access at events, culinary experiences, concerts, sports and leisure activities, and more. A cool one that caught my eye was going in an Indy race car at 180 mph!

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Terrible experience using Chase UR for the first time today. I am using all of my points from my CSR sign up bonus for a Marriott reservation. Chase UR booked me in a room two categories below what they advertised on their site – a partial ocean view room instead of an oceanfront room – a big difference at the property I am staying at. Now I have spent over two hours being bounced around on the telephone trying to resolve. BUYER BEWARE. Chase UR admitted that it was a problem on their end, yet the same room is still posted on the UR site. Now they are telling me that I will need to pay for the upgrade myself and they are promising to refund it later. Apparently Chase doesn’t have a credit card they can use for this. A very short lived relationship between myself and Chase UR.

I have been trying for 2 months now to get Chase to show me an actual record ANY place of the Shop Through Chase purchases that earned bonus points. They cannot show me this any place. A SECOND escalation the other day where they told me I was right, it should be visible SOMEWHERE the purchases I made that earned bonus Shop Through Chase points. But it is NOT. Deplorable. I will find another card and company soon that actually shows you proper details of your bonus reward purchases, not just the standard one percent. It should be against the law not to provide you with this. I will be contacting the BBB and FTC about it also.

I’m pretty sure they show up on your statement. They don’t break down each transaction, but there should be a line for “Shop Through Chase” or something similar that shows how many bonus points you earned from that. I check my statement’s points every month and have always been able to reconcile the bonus points from “Shop Through Chase.”

Don’t ever do business with Chase Sapphire! They promised me 40,000 points on ultimate rewards, but the dirty secret is the ultimate rewards redemption site is down most of the time! Calls to customer service do get answered right away – by a succession of people with no training and no ability to access the ultimate rewards website.
In November I’ll vest the rest of my points – I’m waiting for that day eagerly so that I can TRY to get a cash rebate – then I can close the account and have DONE with Chase Sapphire!

I am very disappointed with the Ultimate Rewards program too. They advertise the points that I don’t get when I shop. When I call to complain, I also get a succesion of people with no training that they do not help me. The worse experience is with
I have pre booked using Ultimate Rewards and they keep telling me that I am not doing it from the Ultimate Rewards Mall.

Karen, I have also had this problem as well. The system used to be much better, though I still resorted to keeping an Excel spreadsheet to track the points I was owed. Sometimes the CSRs would be completely unhelpful, and other times very helpful in giving me the points I deserved. However, toward the end I probably missed out on about 5000 points because they would not credit me. One helpful CSR told me that if you have multiple browser windows open and any kind of cookie blockers (read the below excerpt from the UR program agreement), then you will likely not get the points. I have found that opening a single Internet Explorer window (my main browser is Firefox) and not opening any extra windows is the best way to go. However, I have just found this out today while trying to book a hotel. When going through Ultimate Rewards, they’re now screwing you on in another way. After you click the link in UR and select your room on, you’ll notice this little gem: “Good news! The price of your room has now dropped. The new price is reflected below.” What it did was, if I was booking a room that was $350 for the room and $50 in taxes/fees (total $400), it would cut the room rate in half and jack up the taxes/fees. Example: $200 for room and $200 for taxes and fees. This means that not only do you get half as many UR points (as they accrue from taxes/fees), you get half as much credit from as the same applies for your credit toward a free night’s stay. They’re really screwing us now…. Long gone are the 5 bonus points plus the standard 1 point/+1 point for travel (7 points per dollar).

Program agreement:

“If your web browser doesn’t support cookies and JavaScript, or if those features are turned off or if you have software that hinders their operation (such as security software, filtering software, or adware/spyware), we won’t be able to track and credit bonus points earned using Shop through Chase.”

constance green-kuty

I have had your chase visa card for MANY YEARS, loved the idea of earning rewards points for gift cards, because of my age, I found that using the rewards points for fast food gift cards worked for gifts for my grandchildren. I do not shop at macys,or best buy, or any of the other places you are now offering, I don’t go out to eat, at the restaurants you now have to use your points on, and I don’t fly anymore. I very much enjoyed getting the fast food cards! I know that my only response to this will not change your mind on what you are now offering for rewards, but for what I spend each month and pay my bill in full, I want to be able to get something I could use for my reward for using their card. So Iam thinking of finally changing to another card company, that is not affiliated with Chase. thanks for listening.

question: new to chase. my acct. says i have earned a $50 gift card. below that it says the number of points to redeem for my ultimate rewards. are these TWO SEPARATE bonuses i can redeem? they expire?
thanks so much!

The Zune concentrates on being a Portable Media Player. Not a web browser. Not a game machine. Maybe in the future it’ll do even better in those areas, but for now it’s a fantastic way to organize and listen to your music and videos, and is without peer in that regard. The iPod’s strengths are its web browsing and apps. If those sound more compelling, perhaps it is your best choice.

Chase Reward Mall is not working since yesterday. It does not search any retailers for extra reward points. Is it only me?

Anyone know why I’m not receiving any reward points from my chase freedom card?

Sometimes you need to wait for a while. After my purchase, I usually get an e-mail notice in a week or two on how many reward points I get for the purchase. You also need to make sure you go to Chase Reward Mall page and connect the retailer website from there in order to get the rewards points.

I cannot seem to locate orbitz on the chase ultimate rewards portal nor is travelocity on it either. Has this changed?

Hey guru – Online shopping points — Is it possible to earn chase points (clicking through ultimate rewards site) , and also points from another site like ebates at the same time???

i have been searching for the answer and can’t find it anywhere- a reply/email would be VERY much appreciated.

I am curious about this also. Find out anything?

I apply for this card 2 hours ago.They tell me that they will notified me by mail.If awarded they will issue some inf to follow if denied thay will tell me the reason.Honestly I have more than 20 inquiry in a income is $45,000 a year but I have to many debt.Probably is the reason that I’ve been denied lately,RECENTLY,American express denied and Fisrt bank also and PEN FED,Which I had an auto laon for 25 months now and pay in time.So don’t know.Probably the chase was awarded but they said they notified me by mail.

I would like to comment on remarks previously made by: – Mark S. April 10, 2012 at 9:51PM-

“1. The so-called 20% savings realized when booking hotels through the site is a hoax. The vast majority of the “discounted” prices are at least 20% higher than those quoted by Kayak and, amazingly, by some of the hotels themselves! I discovered this only after doing a hotel-by-hotel comparison between the price quoted on the Ultimate Rewards site and the Kayak or hotel price.”

This is Absolutely True!!! There is no savings when individually booking Hotels using Chase Ultimate Travel Rewards. All Hotel prices are inflated to compensate for any “perceived” savings.

“2. The flights and airlines available for booking through “Ultimate Rewards” are a small subset of what’s available in the “real” world.”

This is True, with Exceptions!!! Always visit your Airline Carrier website first as a guideline to market price & available flights. Chase Ultimate Travel Rewards typically displays undesirable flight connections with lengthy or overnight layovers. If you are patient however, desirable flights do seem to surface from time to time. Check the Rewards website regularly for the best connections. You will legitimately save 16.67% on published airline fare (same as +20% Points Travel Bonus).

As I already had Bold Ink Business Card, I downgraded my Sapphire Preferred to Freedom to take advantage of quarterly bonuses. You don’t need two premium cards with $95 annual fee, as you are able to transfer points to/from Freedom. Bold Ink is best used for 5% on Utilities and Office Supplies as well as fuel during off quarters when Freedom does not.

I changed primary spending to a competing Rewards Card which offers to 1.5 points (1 point for every net $1 you spend, plus an additional 50% BONUS on all points earned that month) which includes a 30% bonus when redeeming for travel. This is equivalent to a 23% savings on published fares without the BS, as they do not blackout flights.

I no longer consider Chase Ultimate Rewards as a serious option for travel.

Could you please share which competing rewards card you switched to?

I’m very excited about the MANY bonus options available through Chase Bank, not just the UR program. I save a lot on my mortgage by setting up automatic payments (not through their Bill Pay, which I love too, but a different program; I forgot the name but ask a banker!

I usually combine my UR points and apply them to the principal on my Chase Mortgage each quarter; I love free money! I learned that if I use either my Freedom or Sapphire cards each day, instead of my previous routine of using my ATM card for everything, I am earning more money than any savings account could offer in today’s economy economy! I just need to be sure to pay the total balance of both cards by the due dates each month, which Bill Pay helps me do.

The customer service at my branch is extraordinary! I am treated like a queen upon arrival, offered tea and cookies, and seated at a banker’s desk, where I get very personal attention to my every question or concern.

When I was trying to refinance my VA mortgage loan, only Wells Fargo Bank had previously heard of the VA Streamline refinance program (AKA: IRRL) which should be zero out of pocket for the veteran, but Wells Fargo added their own charges on top of the VA minimal requirements, defeating the benefit of the program, while scamming the veterans who paid the ultimate cost for our freedoms,,, don’t even get me started on that! Apparently, banks don’t benefit much financially from processing these VA Streamline refinance loans, and it requires some extra training for their mortgage bankers, costing the bank a little more money.

I was thrilled to hear the response when I inquired with a Chase mortgage banker,,, She said that ANY bank can process that type of refinance but it wasn’t cost-effective to the banks, so they either don’t offer it, or they add their own fees for the Veteran to pay to this benefit

but their goal is to please the customer

sorry, hit the reply button too soon… Although the Chase mortgage banker was not yet trained on this type of VA IRRL refinance, she let me explain the benefits of this program to the branch manager, who immediately authorized the training for the mortgage banker, and within 7 business days, my paperwork was submitted to the VA, and was approved within 2-3 weeks, with zero dollars out of pocket, and MINIMAL paperwork to sign!

Within 6 months, the rates dropped and my Chase morgage banker called me to inquire if I wanted to refi again… My original VA loan had an interest rate of 6.75%, and my monthly payment was nearly $3500. After 2 VA refinances over a 16 month period, my interest rate is now 2.75% on a 30 year fixed rate, and my minimal monthly mortgage payment is approx $1800.00 plus my escrow for taxes, insurance & homeowners insurance. Now I try to add $500-$1000/month to my principal, to pay down the loan, while still nhaving a mortgage interest rate tax deduction each year.

With their new program, by signing up for their Automatic Mortgage Payment, each ? quarter I earn extra $, which I again, I use that $ to pay down the principal of my mortgage.

If I could sum up my experience with Chase Bank, I’d have to say that they really want to keep their customers happy, and they have many programs that provide free money, but perhaps don’t advertise them as much. If a customer asks a banker the right questions, they should get a feel for the goal, motive, and bottom line for the bank, and by paying attention to the small details in their customer service, one can easily see that Chase is a business and needs to make a profit, but when they can, they pass on multiple opportunities of savings to their customers!

I’ve been banking with Chase for > 10 years, and I have an MBA, so I can say, without a doubt, that sometimes the staff can make or break your opinion of an entire institution, but check out the benefits they offer,, you can always deal with the branch manager or a different branch, but don’t cut off your nose to spite your face! Sorry for rambling but I love free money! Thank you Chase!

Best Buy is only 1 point per dollar NOT 10!

Is there any way to find out which airlines are available through the Chase Ultimate Rewards program? I am thinking about signing up for a Sapphire card but not without knowing if I can get the airlines I want first. Thank you!

Why can’t i get a phone number to redeem my rewards. I like to talk to a live person.

Ruth McDonald

I converted some of my ultimate points for cash and a screen appeared saying the I would be receiving a check for $182.32. As yet, this check has not arrived.

Call them it may have gotten lost and they will replace it, but next time get the credit into your checking account and then you can withdraw it, or use it however you want it is safer and it usually takes about two days.

carmen molinaro

Why can’t I just get a phone number to redeem my rewards. I want gift cards.

I just spent a frustrating hour with no luck

Login online to access your account. Why go the old fashioned way, sometimes the phone is useless.

What happened to the Apple store? Its no longer available thru Ultimate rewards-but it was last week.

Personally, I find the Chase rewards program top-notch. I did once have the issue with Rewards Mall purchase points not being credited to my account, but Chase customer service credited me without any hassle. The 5% is great, I just wish the categories wouldn’t change. I’ve ordered from rewards before, but mostly I just exchange my points for cash. I switched to chase from BoA’s world-points program (or so it was called then). Chase’s program is far superior, and my freedom card has no annual fee like american express. A+ in my book. On another note, Somebody PLEASE tell chase put rolling balance information on their online statements.

The UR travel site was great until they recently changed it. In June I was able to book tickets going to a relatively obscure international city and using the flexible date search I was able to find a great price too. Now they won’t allow the flexible search and they won’t give any fares at all for the same route. UR was the only thing that made the sapphire preferred card worth it’s annual fee. And now it is no better than expedia or any other online service. I will likely drop the card before paying the annual fee again.

Sherry G Riddle

I have been trying to get into the rewards area and everytime hat I try it will not allow me in. Some kind of security message comes on and when I try to enter my temporary ID code it will not accept it. Is there a number where I could speak with a real person. Please advise.
Sherry Riddle

Did you ever get an answer on this? I’m wonder the same thing.

The Ultimate Rewards travel program is a total scam. All they do is bait and switch! It took me more than two hours to book a simple flight online since every time I would find a flight I wanted – where the times worked and the price was right for amount of points I had – I would select it and then the price would literally be DOUBLE what was just on the previous screen. This happened multiple times, with multiple flights – I would try to change times or spend more points, and every time the same thing would happen – the flight would be listed for $1,200 (or 120,000 points), for example, and then when I selected it the site would tell me that the flight was now $2,000 (or 200,000 points). When I finally got a flight booked I also booked a car for the trip, thinking I was using points. Only when I got to the rental car counter did I learn that the reservation was only being “held” using points, and I was charged cash to pay for it. I have spoken with Chase customer service about this bait and switch – making me think I paid for the car with points, only to find out later that I merely made a reservation – and they claim that they just changed the system to now allow you to actually book a rental car with points the same way you could do for airfare and hotel rooms. That doesn’t help me since they never indicated to me that I wasn’t actually “paying” for the car with points (as I clearly would have booked a cheaper car on my own and not through Chase Ultimate Rewards).

Given this horrible experience, and this very clear bait and switch, I am going to cancel this card and sever all ties with Chase. It’s ridiculous to pay an annual fee for a card that earns points that are WORTHLESS when you try to actually redeem them!

Not sure what you are doing to get this issue. I have used the travel site a number of times to both redeem points or just use cash. The prices are usually as good if not better and never had issues with the points or price jumping up.
You should contact support.
I have Sapphire Preferred

Sometimes bad things happen. Please let me remind you of the power you hold as a consumer, and the power you hold as your bank’s client. Try to think of yourself as a client of the bank rather than your bank’s customer. Knowing your self worth is a very valuable asset, and your bank knows that their “clients” are their greatest assets!

I had a brain injury and tend to forget a lot, so I document everything! When they inform you that “this call may be monitored”, let them know that you will be recording the call as well, for medical purposes. Best if you can SKYPE the call or record both audio and visual documentation of the conversations, to save aou would be surprised how much better customer service you will receive when they think they are being recorded!

I audio record a lot of calls (not for malice but to remind myself. I don’t like to deal with issues over the phone because I don’t want to fall through the cracks. Sometimes it is necessary, so if necessary, place the call and record it or tell them u r recording it. Take detailed noted about the conversation I document first & last names (I have them spell it out for me, which lets them know you are seriously going to write a complaint if they don’t fix the situation(, employee ID #, their manager’s name (ask them to spell it out for you),,, by now, I would guess they are willing to do whatever they can to resolve the issue at hand.

Also, don’t let them ask you how they can help you with “your problem”. It is their problem to correct: You can use this example: “Sir, or Madam, I don’t like to interrupt, but let me be crystal clear; that this issue is not my problem, rather, it is your problem to correct. As you are a customer service employee of _______’s Company, (fill in the blank)and I am a client of your company, it is your responsibility to address and correct your problem, that I am now kindly bringing to your attention. By addressing and correcting this problem today, I will be happy to notify to your executive management today to inform them of your excellent customer service, Mr./Ms, ________, that you provided to me today, and how pleased I will be to refer my colleagues and associates to your institution.”

If you do not get satisfactory results, remind the customer service agent that since he/she has been unwilling to correct their problem, which directly effects your excellent financial status, and his/her unwillingness to correct their problem will also potentially negatively effect your creditworthiness, you will have no alternative than to inform the executive board members of your organization of your poor performance, your lack of professionalism, and your unwillingness to help.

If the executives don’t resolve the issue, I like to send mass e-mails to all my contacts, stating the facts, and requesting that they each take a moment to jot a quick e-mail to the bank president about their “unresolved problems”, and request your contacts to ask their contacts to do the same. We have amazing mass media at our fingertips, and we need to stand up for our rights, find our self-worth, and use the power of the pen (keyboard) along with our social media forums, and demand change!

Don’t ever underestimate your power within. By not informing the banks, and just switching to another bank, this doesn’t fix the real problem, but when we bring attention to the problems, with clear and concise documentation, and inform everyone we know, the banks will start competing again for customers, and we will see greater rewards programs, but more importantly, we’ll see greater accountability from the banks, and we will be treated with the respect we all deserve, as being the banks greatest assets!

Sorry, very long-winded, but recent brain injury, and I can go on and on, I hope some of this helps; it has helped me exponentially!

This just blew my mind. I feel so great knowing i found this post. I never realized how often i was letting the bank just sweep my problem under the rug and leave me in tbe dark. Until today when i used this approach at bank of america i had all my issues yaken care of and my money recovered instead of WE WILL LOOK INTO IT wich i what i usually hear. I will be doing this all the time everywhere. Yes it is all about self worth.

What retail stores are avaible in the ultimate rewards mall?

I LOVE the Chase Ultimate Rewards Program. I purchased my husband a Mac-Book Pro, myself an IPad 2, iPad covers, and stylus. No problems at all. Used my points and not one cent more. Im about to order the New IPad.

I received a reward check from Ultimate Rewards for 76 dollars which I appreciate, but my problem is that I haven’t cashed it yet. I had it on the dining room table with an even smaller check. When I went to get them cashed them this morning I found that the $76 had been taken. I am wondering if there is any way this check can be canceled so that they cannot cash it if they haven’t already? I have someone who has gotten into my house many times and it is very un-nerving. I would call Chase but I don’t know the number to call about this. Thank you for whatever advice you can provide.


I had a $450 amercian airlines credit from an Ultimate Rewards flight that I cancelled. To use the credit Ulitmate Rewards will charge your credit card $150 while american airlines will let you take the $150 out of the credit (AA did charge me an additional $25 booking fee). Bottom line: deal directly with the carrier when using credits from cancelled flights.

I just spent twenty minutes responding to a pop-up survey that followed a frustrating and eye-opening attempted use of the “Ultimate Rewards”” site. Here, in brief, is what I said:

1. The so-called 20% savings realized when booking hotels through the site is a hoax. The vast majority of the “discounted” prices are at least 20% higher than those quoted by Kayak and, amazingly, by some of the hotels themselves! I discovered this only after doing a hotel-by-hotel comparison between the price quoted on the Ultimate Rewards site and the Kayak or hotel price.

2. The flights and airlines available for booking through “Ultimate Rewards” are a small subset of what’s available in the “real” world. By way of example, I searched for flights from Bangkok to Rangoon. The routing proposed by “Ultimate Rewards” required several legs that totaled approximately 9 hours. When I checked Kayak, I learned that there was a non-stop on Thai Airways that took a little more than an hour. When I called the travel desk at “Ultimate Rewards” I was told that they didn’t carry Thai flights on their system. I asked whether there were other airlines and flights that wouldn’t be available and they admitted there were.

3. You will notice if you book a flight or hotel via “Ultimate Rewards” that the message you receive refers to your reservation as having been “requested” rather than “confirmed.” I don’t know why they use this language but it leads me to suspect that the airline or hotel or rental car agency can reject the “request.”

4. When I spoke with what I thought was an employee of the “Ultimate Rewards” program I asked a question concerning whether a purchase of a portion of my trip through the program would entitle me to the various travel benefits associated with “Ultimate Rewards” or just for that leg. He replied that he was employed by a travel agency that was unaffiliated with Chase and that he knew nothing about how or whether the program applied to particular arrangements.

If I’m wrong in these observations or there’s some plan to fix any or all of the problems I’ve mentioned, I’d like to hear about it.

What is up for auction?

The website says nothing about AT&T Service. I just switched to AT&T. I want my 50,000 points! Do you need to use the Chase Card to get it? Is there a way i can still redeem?

Hey Austin, it looks like the Chase UR website currently doesn’t have any ways to earn points with AT&T right now.

Use points to buy gift cards that are on sale and your points will go further than just taking straight cash.

Absolutely, and buy gift cards for Safeway, so u purchase your groceries with the gift cards and gain Safeway Just For U points, and then you can save from 5 cents to 30 cents off per gallon of gas at a Safeway gas station or 10 cents per gallon at a Texaco or Chevron station (I just saved me over $100 in a gas purchase when filling up my truck)!

There’s so many resources out there, just need time to find them and figure out how to combine them for the maximum benefit!

to credit your statement, go to the tab marked “cash back”. choose “get cash” from the drop down menu. the next screen gives you the option of receiving a check or a statment credit. super easy from there. hope this helps !

Is it possible to redeem 10,000 points after closing the account and finding out you had those points? Any input?

You better keep excellent track of your mall purchases. I have now had 6 purchases through the mall where the earn rate was the standard 1pt. when it should have been anywhere between 3 and 10 points per dollar. Granted the customer service rep saw this on my account and credited it about 4500 points, but it’s troubling to know that the system is not working properly. I have checked all 3 computers used to make the purchases and all have cookies enabled. I made sure to access the website through UR Mall, too.

Overall I’m very satisfied, just a little puzzled as to why they are using such a primitive Web site setup for this program.

I just recently discoverd the many things I can get with my points. For 7 years we have used our points for airline tickets. This year we took advantage of the cyber monday special and bought two ipods and a tablet for christmas gifts. It was an easy transaction and no shipping. Wow! Thanks for this forum. I will now pay better attention to how I can maximize future transactions.


I will sell you 50,000 points for $750. Tell me how to do this if you want.


I believe this is ethical and allowed. While I was reading, I believe it said you can transfer your points to another Chase customer who earns ultimate rewards.

I am very interested but also very late today for an in-law visit and kids are nagging. I’m sure I can figure out how it’s done but I can’t work on it until later tonight… If no one else takes your offer by then, I’d be happy to! Of course, business is business, so if someone else comes along, you aren’t obligated to wait for me, but I will check back with you later tonight, or tomorrow the latest! I don’t have Sapphire Preferred, just the regular Sapphire Visa and Freedom Visa, which both earn UR points and I can combine the points from both accounts.

Anyway, I’m very interested. My e-mail is Thanks, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

How do I find out how many points I have on my chase freedom card?

Richard Hane/Judith Hane

How many points are on my Chase Freedom card?

@Thomas: I agree. Their Ulitmate Points are not working well on their website. I too, will cancel my Chase credit card and I will find another Visa company.

Everybody loves to talk about the bad experience with chase rewards but they should know this: just like with everything else, it has good moments and bad moments, so please suck up and enjoy the good moments..

Sounds like Lynette Perez is someone’s secretary within the chase group. I too find this whole site/system NOT very user friendly. Also, why have to waste time every 3 months to update the specials, why not just make it automatic, seems very silly to make a production of signing up for something that should just be year around. Poor English or slang is quite frustrating, not to mention these people have too much access to our information .

We just used 88,000 points to book a hotel in LA…we couldn’t get there because of the hurricane in NYC that weekend – flights were cancelled and airport closed…now chase says the points are not refundable!!! they are no help on the phone at all..very rude…they claim the points are now held thru a 3rd party – some booking agency, not the hotel – and that they can’t re-instate them…of course i cannot call the booking agency myself – supposedly someone at the rewards program is doing that but is only leaving messages and voice mail…in the meantime we want to re-sched for 2 weeks from now, and can’t re-book the flights until we find out about the hotel…chase bank is horrible!!!

I agree with Thomas. I used to do the statement credits all the time and it was easy and convenient. With all you have to do now, it’s not even worth it anymore.

I’ll be canceling my account with Chase after my first attempt to navigate the new Ultimate Rewards web site. It’s no longer possible to simply trade your points for statement credit, now you must redeem them for individual purchases made in the last few days. The site dose not streamline the process, it doesn’t give you a list of eligible purchases. You need to click back and forth between the rewards page and your statement, and enter the date, and amount of the purchase one by one.

When I called Chase, to ask if there was some way around the poorly implemented new system, it took 20 minutes to navigate though their phone tree. When I finally spoke to a live person it was someone who spoke English poorly, and told me that generic statement credits had never been possible. An obvious lie, I’ve been using my credits for statement credits for years.

Chase, you used to be the best credit card in the business, now you are just a sad mockery of your former self.

I guess it only takes one time to ruin your experience with a rewards program. I think getting it as a check is kinda no hassle as well but i guess you’re entitled to your own opinion.

I have no idea what all the fuss is about concerning the website. I was able to redeem my 20000 points for a $200 statement credit with two mouse clicks.

Reward Redeemer

I do statement credits through ultimate rewards. I just pick a day in the past week and redeem as much as I want. Just ignore the per transaction part.

my question….

chase said that no matter what, you get 1 pt or every dollar spent on any purchase from anywhere.

now when i go to the rewards mall it says i get 1pt per dollar from does that mean 1 extra point per dollar or still just 1pt, if its still just 1pt then wheres the benifit? or if i buy from bestbuy (through the mall) would i get 10pts or 11pts per dollar?

one other thing you forgot to mention, every season chase has a 5% cash back promotion on certain goods. from july to september you get 5% back on all gas/hotel/air plane ticket purchases. then october-december it will change to something else (maybe clothes/food/home goods…. just an example).

should be 1 point for every dollar spent for each transaction. If not, contact Chase immediately so they can fix “their” problem!

Lynette R Perez

I would just like to say that I have an Ultimate Rewards card and was not aware of all the options I have until I went to this website and I am so excited about it! I used to not really worry about if a store ran my card as a debit or credit but now, I will make sure it is always done as a credit and will be using the online mall for companies that I currently or have considered establishing service with that I didnt know would earn more rewards! Thanks Chase Bank!!!