Chase Secured Credit Card: Where’s The Application?!

Q: Does Chase have a secured credit card? The website doesn’t show the application.

Chase bank logoA: Chase has long favored those consumers with very good to excellent credit scores, ostensibly to control their downside risk. Even though they’ve experienced record profits in recent years there seems to be no change to their strategy.

With the exception of their Slate card (for average credit) these days the credit score requirements for their credit cards are basically on par with American Express; you need to have excellent credit to be approved.

The Chase secured Visa and MasterCard was discontinued several years ago. I asked my local branch if Chase plans on bringing it back, and they said there are no plans for a secured credit card. The last time they offered it was in 2005, so I think it was probably somewhat of an unsuccessful (or at least unprofitable) experiment and can safely conclude that it won’t make an appearance in the market again.

My recommendation? Capital One and some credit unions offer secured cards with low fees and security deposits. Go here to see my favorite secured card for 2016. With this card, a deposit of $49, $99 or $200 could get you a credit line of between $200 and $3,000 (depending on your creditworthiness).

When JP Morgan Chase acquired Washington Mutual in 2008, there was a brief period of time that a secured credit card was available through WaMu. However within just a couple months of the acquisition, Chase axed the card and mailed refund checks to the inherited cardholders (refunding their security deposit and pro-rated annual fee).

So is there any chance we will see a secured credit card from Chase bank again? Highly unlikely and here’s why I say that:

  • With the Fed keeping interest rates low, deposit accounts are no longer money makers for the banks. Why would they want to pay you interest when instead, they can borrow from the Fed for next to nothing? For this reason, having a secured card with a deposit of say, $500 to $2,000, is no longer enticing for banks. Simply put, there’s more money to be made elsewhere… such as with premium credit cards.
  • When it comes to premium cards, in many regards Chase is tied with American Express nowadays. Because of the heavy advertising I’m sure you already know about their Sapphire, but they also issue cards for luxury hotels Hyatt and Ritz-Carlton and a high-status card called the Palladium. In short, the Chase brand = premium cards, so I doubt they would issue secured credit cards because that might dilute the perception of their brand.

Written or last updated January 15, 2016

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You’re all too stupid to get a credit card because you fail to read a simple article stating Chase no longer offers secured credit cards…HELLO???


I am interested in getting a chase card

This is only an article, not Bank website, you are wasting your time asking for more info on a credit card.

I am interested in a chase secure credit card because I deserve a second chance. I’ve been loyal to wamu/chase for many years and now I need them to be there for me.

edilberto perez

I am interested in a chase secured credit card

The Capital One will not ever graduate you to an unsecured card. If you want your deposit back you must close the account. This will ding your credit score, especially if it one of your older reported cards.

I m Interested in chase secure card

Joella VigilJoella Vigil

I am interested in a chase security credit card. Thank you lb