Chase Blueprint Review

screenshot of chase blueprint websiteI’m sure you’ve seen the commercials, but what is it and how does it work? My Chase Blueprint review will clear things up for you.

What is Chase Blueprint?
In a nutshell, Chase Blueprint is the most advanced tool available to manage your credit card finances. Here’s what it can help you do:

  • Pay off your balance faster
    You can set up a plan for how fast you want to pay off your Chase credit card debt. Simply enter how much you want to pay each month or how soon you want to pay it off. The Chase Blue Print system will tell you what you have to do to fulfill that goal.
  • Choose which categories you want to pay in full
    A very neat feature of Chase Blueprint is that it allows you to choose which categories you want to pay in full each month. For example, maybe you want groceries and eating out to always be paid in full… so you don’t end up paying interest on a silly pizza! This feature allows you to avoid interest on the categories of your choice, even if you have other balances.
  • Advance tools to track your spending trends
    Manage your money better with the help of this feature. You can review your purchases by category and even set up budgets for them! There are dozens of categories, so you can really get specific with this if you choose to.
  • Make a plan for paying off big purchases
    If you’re making a big purchase and want to pay it down in a certain amount of time, Chase Blueprint can tell you how to do that. You can choose a recent purchase, select how soon you want to pay it off, and Blueprint will create a game plan for you to follow so you can make it happen.

Does it cost anything?
No, Blueprint by Chase is completely free. However it is only offered on eligible Chase credit cards, so in order to use it you must have a participating card.

What if I change my mind? Am I forced to follow the plan I setup?
Absolutely not. On your credit card bill you will be shown two amounts; the normal minimum payment amount as well as your custom Blueprint payment amount. You are only required to pay your regular minimum payment amount (which would be the same amount regardless of whether or not you are using Blueprint).

So rest assured, the Chase credit card Blueprint plan will always be optional. However it is encouraged that you follow it so you can stay on track with meeting your goals.

Which Chase credit cards have Blueprint?
The two cards we recommend the most are the Freedom and Sapphire. To learn more about these cards so you can do your own Chase Blueprint review, check out our sponsored reviews:

Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire


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