Catherines Credit Card vs. Perks Card

With 500+ locations, Catherines clothing stores are a popular choice for plus sizes. However take note, because the Catherine’s card can be confusing since there are two types:

  • Catherines credit card – This is their actual credit card. You will have to apply for it and this will show up on your credit report.
  • Catherines Perks card – This is NOT a credit card, but rather a discount card you can buy. A 1-year membership for it normally costs $25.

The question is… which one is a better choice?

If you go with the credit card, you may be expecting to earn points/rebate on your spending but unfortunately I see no mention of that.These are the benefits I see listed for the Catherine’s charge card:

  • The monthly billing statement – as well as the occasional mailing – will include coupons and other offers.
  • Cardholders can get “up to” $25 back of shipping costs per year, if you order online or through the catalog.
  • The credit card application says “we will protect your purchases at Catherines up to $500” but I can’t find any additional details as to how this works. My guess is that it’s like the credit card purchase protection benefit you will find on major cards.
  • There is access to a program called MyCardExtras which offers a 12% discount as participating spas and other ways to save.

If you go with the Perks card you will get:

  • 10% off all merchandise. There are a couple exclusions (such as gift cards and a few of the online-only brands) but other than that, it appears to give you a very generous 10% off all purchases.

Should you get one, both, or none in 2013?

Since the Perks card costs $25/year and it gives a 10% discount, that means the breakeven point will be $250 in spending. So if you spend more than that per year, it’s probably is worth getting.

The credit card has no annual fee, but the benefits are lackluster, at best. The interest rate of 24.99% makes it a lethal weapon if you don’t use it responsibly. In all honesty, I see little reason to get a store card like this when it offers so little.

Verdict? The $25 Perks Card will make sense if you shop at Catherines stores regularly. The only people I would recommend the credit card to are those who are trying to rebuild their credit and can’t get approved for a major credit card. Why do I say that? Because store cards tend to be much easier to qualify for.

Do you have experience with either? Compliments or complaints? Share below!

Updated for 2013

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