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There is tremendous variety within the travel-rewards-card space. Some cards are meant to appeal to people with hardcore loyalty to a particular airline or hotel chain and who want to earn miles or points with those companies. Others offer more flexible travel reward “currency” that can be used toward any type of travel-related expense.

Capital One is a major player in the  latter category, with its Venture product.with the Since Capital One introduced this card several years ago you may have seen a number of commercials touting the Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card. From the original Capital One barbarians asking what’s in your wallet to the current slate of famous actors making the same inquiry about their Venture card, the commercials have stayed on message. Whatever is in your wallet, should you follow this message and apply?

Consider these five things

#1. The double miles are real

With the Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card you really do get 2 miles for each dollar spent with the card. There is absolutely no cap or miles ceiling on this – you get unlimited double miles, regardless of how much you spend. As long as your card remains open and in good standing, these miles don’t expire.

#2. You’re earning the equivalent of 2% on everything you buy

This is how the Venture rewards program works: Each mile you earn is worth $.01 towards a travel purchase:
how much Venture miles are worth

The nice thing about this rewards structure is that you have the flexibility to book and pay for travel on your own without being required to use a particular airline or hotel website. For example, you could purchase a discount ticket on Spirit or Southwest Airlines or a book a hotel room through a discount aggregation site like Kayak. These services are all coded as “travel” purchases. So just charge that purchase to your Venture card and afterward, you can redeem your “miles” to offset that eligible purchase. This effectively allows you to double dip because, if you use your frequent-flier/hotel loyalty number when booking the travel, you can still earn the airline’s/hotel’s proprietary rewards points AND get reimbursed via your Venture rewards. If you were to book a flight with frequent-flier miles, you would NOT be able to earn rewards on the flight.

#3. There are no foreign transaction fees

You want to use your credit card while traveling because it’s much safer than cash. But on the flip side – if you have to pay that 2 percent to 3 percent surcharge, the cost vs. benefit is a major dilemma. There’s no dilemma with this card; foreign transaction fees are waived to begin with.

#4. Venture offers a number of benefits

You a number of cardholder perks including an extended warranty program, travel accident insurance, a free 24/7 phone concierge service, and others. Check the application page for details

#5. There are two different Venture cards

Although the commercials tend to be for the double miles version, there are actually 2 different types depending on your needs:

  • Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card – This is the more popular offer because it allows you to earn 2 miles per dollar. There is a $0 intro annual fee for the first year, $59 after that. If you apply now you can enjoy a one-time bonus of 40,000 miles once you spend $3,000 on purchases within 3 months from account opening, equal to $400 in travel.
  • Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card – This is a no annual fee version which gives 1.25 miles per dollar spent. If you apply now, you can enjoy a one-time bonus of 20,000 miles once you spend $1,000 on purchases within 3 months from account opening, equal to $200 in travel.


Both of the Capital One Venture credit cards outlined above deliver value.

But which one should you get? Well we created this graph comparing the Capital One Venture vs. VentureOne, so you can see where the break-even point is…

Capital One Venture vs Venture One

Once you’ve spent $7,866 the value of your earned rewards (assuming you redeem them for travel) will be worth the following:

Venture: $157.32
VentureOne: $98.32

The difference between the two numbers is $59… the same amount as the annual fee for the Venture. So as long as your annual spending will be more than $7,866 (average of $656/month) it makes more sense to get the $59 Venture. If you spend less, go with the no annual fee VentureOne card.

Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card– Enjoy a one-time bonus of 40,000 miles once you spend $3,000 on purchases within 3 months of account opening, equal to $400 in travel. $0 intro annual fee for the first year; $59 after that.

Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit CardEnjoy a one-time bonus of 20,000 miles once you spend $1,000 on purchases within 3 months from account opening, equal to $200 in travel. 0% intro APR on purchases for 12 months.

Before you apply for either, however, consider other options. Barclaycard’s Arrival — probably the most similar card on the market — also gives you 2 generic travel miles per dollar spent, but costs $89 a year. There are also a slew of cash-back cards to consider. These allow you to redeem for statement credits, so you could conceivably redeem your cash-back rewards for travel expenses. Several on the market right now offer 1.5 percent cash back on all purchases (slightly under the 2 percent you get back wit the the Venture):

Why we gave it 3/5 stars

The Capital One Venture was rated based on our standards for generic travel rewards cards (because it earns travel “points” that can be redeemed at a fixed value for any travel expense).

The card performed strongly in our return-on-spending category and our simplicity categories – and also earned some points for its sign-up bonus and access to a free credit-tracking service. Its lack of ongoing bonus opportunities and lack of robust perks (despite having an annual fee) dropped its rating slightly.

Full starRewards-earning rate: This card meets our requirement for annual-fee cards (at least 2X miles on all spending).
half starBonus-earning opportunities: This card received half a star, as it offers an advertised sign-up bonus. However, it doesn’t offer any ongoing bonus opportunities like bonus-shopping portals or redemption bonuses.
Full starRewards simplicity: Rewards do not expire and can be redeemed easily for statement credits. We therefore rewarded a star in this category.
half starUnique perks: This card includes access to CreditWise, a credit-score-tracking service and simulator. However, the rest of its benefits suite doesn’t stand out from that of other cards.
Empty starFair annual fee: The card doesn’t offer any perks with direct monetary value. So the only way to “earn back” the annual fee is via spending (to earn rewards).

This review was written or last updated March 30, 2017

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The application website is terrible! All the information we put in has disappeared. Then the worst part is the phone system at Capital One. After attempting to get a supervisor for about 5 minutes, she began by asking the same questions as I had already explained to the first 12 year old phone person. At this point, I thanked them for their time, told them the reason I’m going to a competitor and then politely hung up. DO NOT EXPECT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM THIS OUTFIT!. Be forewarned. Buyer beware!

Has anyone had problems withdrawing cash from a foreign ATM since 2017? I have used my Capital One credit card for years to withdraw cash from an ATM at a bank in Israel. Suddenly, in 2017 it no longer worked. There was nothing wrong with the card, either in terms of credit or physically. It worked in stores in Israel. But I tried it in the ATMs of three different banks and it didn’t work in any of them. Capital One doesn’t seem to know why. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Is the VentureOne card a visa?

I was upgraded to this card after receiving an offer from Capital One stating that I was applicable for it along with sign-up bonus points for hitting required dollar amount within the first 3 months of activating the new card. However, after hitting the required dollar amount my sign up points were not added. It was explained to me that because I had been a Capital One card holder previously that the offer was not applicable with upgrade status. This is not what I was told upon sign-up. Of course no points were transferred from my preexisting account and the whole reason I upgraded was because I was told I was applicable for sign-up bonus. I neglected to use cards with a higher points return so that I could meet my sign-up bonus minimum and receive my bonus points. Very disappointed with Capital One Venture card.

Chase or Citibank offers a much better deal than this. Capital One miles are worth .01 each far less than mileage earned on the other cards. For the other cards, you can use the miles to purchase tickets that are around double the value of this one or even more if you are flying between smaller cities where the fares are not competitive.

This is what I was wondering. I have the Citi Double Cash card (2% cash back) and Chase’s Freedom Unlimited card (1.5%), both with 0% interest for 15 months, no annual fee and bonus sign-on points. I was able to pay my airfare from Portland to Orlando with points earned in the first month of owning the Chase card. I’ve been wanting to add a dedicated travel rewards card to my wallet but am questioning the need for that now, especially since I want to avoid one with an annual fee.

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I LOVE my Capital One Venture card. I have been nothing but pleased. I did extensive research before I picked a rewards card, and I feel like this is the best one out there! I redeem my awards online and it credits by bill. I used it for EVERYTHING I buy, then pay it off each month to avoid fees. We are less than a year in and have already redeemed $700 in miles/points towards our purchases. You also have the opportunity to get a check, though we haven’t done that yet. I needed to contact customer service with a question recently and I used the online chat feature. I was connected automatically to a person. She was helpful and explained her answer and didn’t have “canned” responses you expect so much. The online site is very easy to navigate, especially redeeming purchases. It literally takes 2 or 3 clicks and you’re done!

Just applied for the Venture card… and I have excellent credit and 840 FICO score. Application screen said 13.24 – 23.24% interest rate. I should certainly qualify for the lower end of that scale. However, when the approval screen came up, it said 23.24%. Seriously? If I cant qualify for 13.24%, who does exactly? Immediately called customer service and nicely asked for adjustment of interest rate. Cant help they said, so cancelled the card. INTEREST RATE SCAM, & WASTE OF TIME. CAPITAL ONE… NOT UP TO THE HYPE!!!

Chris – with a FICO of 840, are you really that concerned about the interest rate? My FICO is around 800 and I haven’t carried a balance in years. No balance, no interest. I don’t even know what my interest rate is.

I was happy with my Capitol One Venture card until I noticed that the website to claim your rewards is organized terribly. When you cash in Rewards for travel purchases, they do not erase them from your list of purchases, so if you make the same purchases regularly, you’re not always sure which ones you’ve already used. But what is WORSE is that last month I used my rewards for a flight purchase, but they didn’t adjust the number of miles I had left – I was careful not to reuse that amount since I hoped they’d eventually subtract them. When they DID subtract them, they also took away my unused miles. When I sent a message to complain and ask them to rectify the situation they did not respond. I also wrote them months ago to suggest they mark purchases as used for rewards, but they haven’t done it or responded. I am mostly upset that I’ve lost some of my hard earned (spent lots of money) miles but think their lack of response, whether they believe I am right or wrong, is bad customer service and bad business.

Try again luv , cap one can be very nice ifn you get a good bloke or lass ….

This is probably a really stupid question…….but….I really spend very little in terms of purchases…….can I pay like utility bills or my comcast bill and earn my cash back amounts as opposed to making actual purchases ?

Yes, I use my card for all purchases and pay in full every month, so I get all the reward and no interest. Cap 1 loves this behavior and rewards it with high credit limits.

Any purchase (other than cash advances) counts toward your total. Yes–paying utilities counts. I think you might be confused on the word “purchase” – you don’t have to take possession of a physical item. I pay nearly all of my monthly bills on this card to earn points!

Check with ea. utility bill you want to pay with a card. Some (like my power company) will add a fee to your bill if you use a credit card, which makes it unwise to charge it unless your really need the points in a hurry and are willing to pay for it. My insurance company doesn’t add a fee.

Customer service sucks and wait times incredible….stay away from this card.

I have had a Capital 1 credit card for about 2 years now and have been quite pleased with them. I have had no problems with interest charges and, unlike my other credit cards, the number hasn’t been stolen. I used it in Germany and Poland in May of 2015 (before getting a chip card from them) for 3 weeks, had no foreign transaction fees and the currency exchange rates were on par with the available exchange rates for the date.

I’ve had a Cap One account for years and was recently contacted about being eligible for an upgrade. I accepted the upgrade (Venture One) and have just recently began using the card for purchases such as food, gas, etc. (I haven’t used the card in years before this.) Before now I was using my Chase Explorer Card for all purchases, including utilities, where credit cards were accepted and paying it off each month. With the Explorer, I earn one mile for every dollar and miles never expire as long as you have the card. The miles are for United flights only. I’ve been doing this for about two years. I have used miles for a flight to London and to upgrade to first class for a trip to Sweden and back home. I wanted to try the CO card so I could potentially use other airlines and use points/miles for hotels and other travel related charges. If I understand correctly this is how a flight to Europe may cost me:

Flight Cost = $1200
Miles needed to cover cost = $1200 x 100 = 120,000
Amount spent to earn 120k miles = 120,000/1.25 = $96,000

Based on my spending on the Explorer card, I will charge approximately $30k a year on the card. So it will take me over 3 years to earn a free flight to Europe? Most all of my travel is going to be to Europe and about once a year to every 18 months.

This same flight using my United miles will cost me 30k miles plus $25.

Unless I am missing something, I don’t think I will be using my CO card any. Maybe if I charged more I would benefit more from this card?

Just realized that the 30k miles is for one way, so round trip from United would cost me 60k miles at minimum.

Here’s the difference… when you book a reward ticket with miles on United, you don’t get credit for earning PQD or PQM towards premier status. When you use the card, you’re actually paying for the flight as far as United is cincerned so you earn the PQD, PQM, and reward miles. CO just waives the charge off tje card with you miles. In a sense it’s a big reward because you get the flight free, or dicounted AND earn all the United credits.

I added family members as authorized users and they pay me their balance at the end of each month. Doing this, you could easily get the 50K in soendijg to earn the miles for a free european flight each year. You just have to know how to maximize the system.

you are correct, it takes a lot of spending to earn real rewards, but most cards give nothing at all,so I look at it as debt that I was going to put on a non reward credit card otherwise, one should not go out of the way to accrue debt/rewards. only use the card if you have to,and eventually you will get something that you wouldn’t have otherwise for the same use

Is the capital one VENTURE card accepted everywhere the Visa and MasterCard are accepted? I travel to Canada and Europe. Have a Capital One Visa card now, but it has foreign transaction fees.

We are flying to Maui in February. We already have enough miles for one flight. Am I understanding this? I don’t redeem miles to fly, I redeem miles after I book?

Two reasons I would not pursue this card as a good International Travel Card:
1) It is not a Chip and PIN card, but rather CHIP and Signature which is not accepted by over 50% of merchants in Europe and elsewhere, and useless at any automated kiosk (toll booths, gas pumps, train-tickets etc.) For a truly useful and secure Int’l Travel Card, you need Chip and PIN capability.
2) I concur with other comments on Capital One’s propensity to “deny first – ask later”. Many transactions are declined, causing embarrassing, expensive int’l phone calls to rectify. You’d think that if they are THAT concerned about security, they’d offer the more secure Chip and PIN cards to their customers. Nope. They don’t. Even if you’re willing to pony up a significant annual fee.

This card now comes with a Chip, I have one. That info you provided is incorrect.

I signed up for a Capital One venture card last December. I needed a card that was 0% interest for at least a year because I knew I was going to be putting a lot of money on this card but I had the money coming in later to pay it off. After a few months of purchases I looked at my statements and noticed almost $900 of interest charged to my account. I called “customer care” line and was put in touch with a supervisor who said he could not do anything to help me I was just stuck with what I got. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I asked him to please help we fix the situation and simply change my agreement back to what I originally signed up for but he was very unwilling to corporate with me and to a point became rude trying to explain to me how I was the on that was incorrect when I am staring at my account agreement! I am still waiting for a call from a “district manager”, or someone who can actually correct this issue. I just can not believe that a manager at a call center would argue with me, tell me I am incorrect, and completely go against “the customer”. I will post on over Capitol One site and will tell everyone how Capitol One is sending out customer agreements that are FALSE, and then adding hundreds of dollars of interest charges. I will never do business with Capitol One again!

Apologies Barry. I misread your statement. I will find out on my next trip to Europe. If what you write is correct, that is very disappointing. I was happy to finally get a chip card.

if you request a pin (for cash advances for example) is it the same thing as chip and PIN and work the same?

We have used our Venture chip and sign card in Europe(France, Spain, Germany, England) for everything we’ve purchased (groceries, shopping, restaurants) that accept a Visa and have never had a problem. I can’t imagine that we’ve been lucky enough to only go to the 50% of merchants that accept this type of card on all of these trips.

Capital One is fraudulent in their practices. After carefully researching the best cards for travel points, I called Capital One and told them I wanted the miles/travel program. I called to redeem my miles for a flight from Providence to Virginia. I was told that my card was not the travel card. When I got the card, I chose a tropical beach scene and joked with the representative that the miles were the only way I could return to the Caribbean. Now, I’m out THOUSANDS of points, and they won’t do anything to rectify the situation. I feel really cheated by this company.

Do NOT get this card!!! They use a ridiculous fraud prevention algorithm that keeps declining my purchases and it’s incredibly frustrating! It’s a travel card, for pete’s sake, and they freak out when they see international purchases! They had declined some reservation I made in Peru like a month ago, and I had to call to get that straightened out, but then they declined a reservation for Machu PIcchu tickets last night. I called and they assured me there was now an alert on my account and that it would go through next time. So I tried again, maybe an hour after I spoke with them, and it was declined again!!! I called back and at first they tried to deny it, but you know they decline it because they send an email immediately. So she finally admitted they declined it a second time and she admitted that it’s all automatic? But she had me try again while I was on the phone with her, and it was declined a third time. This time she said it wasn’t on their end and that the company was probably declining it due to too many attempts!!! I suspect she is right because I did not get an email from Capitol One the third time around. So now I have contacted the company and am waiting to hear back. But still, if the company agrees to accept the payment next time, how do I know Capitol One won’t decline it again?!?! It’s an algorithm that is clearly out of control! So don’t do it–it’s not worth it!!! They also put a stop on my husband’s card after he made two purchases at the same store in the same day. It’s ridiculous!

DO NOT Trust Capital One..I Just Received My Venture One Card..My CL 10K Which Was Fine..Because I Was Going To Transfer Some Small Balances From My Other Cards The Kicker Was They Claimed My Transunion Score Was 665..So There For They Put My APR At 21.9%..They Lied About My Transunion Score..Because My Transunion Is 721..Eq 730 And EP 740..My FICO Score Is 723..When I Called Them To Tell Them That Their Giving Me A Transunion Score Of 665 Was WRONG..I Was Told That Was The Going Prime Rate Right Now..WHAT?..I Have Way Less On My AE And My Discover..I Talked To 3 C1 Reps Online That Knew NOTHING..Talked To 5 Reps On The Phone…That Knew NOTHING..And The Fifth Lady I Talked To Was Only Put On The Phone To TRY And Talk Me Into Keeping This SO CALLED Wonderful Card…And Accept The 665 Transunion Score..Finally She Suggested That They Do A Review On This Card And Do ANOTHER Hard Pull On My Credit Score..??????…So Today That Wonder Card Came In The Mail..And For Some Odd Reason My Scissors Attacked It..Go Figure..If Your Smart You WILL STAY AWAY.

Curious if you alerted them that you would be traveling there? I pre-advised them of travels to Europe last year and had no trouble with my card.

One item NOT mentioned is that when you use an airline card(Mileage Plus.. AAdvantage..True Blue) and fly that airline after you purchase a ticket using their card there is NO baggage fee( $25/per bag). That item must be figured into consideration for flights.

Capital one is a great company, they helped me rebuild my credit , I have 5 credit cards including Venture and Spark Business totaling 30,000 credit limit Never had any problem since I opened my first card 4 years ago with &300.00 credit limit.. Thank you Capital one

Soooo I don’t really understand the break even point… I understand the graph and what was explained here but why is the break even point stated as $7866 exactly not $2950? So if “Each mile you earn is worth $.01 towards a travel purchase” then essentially, each 100 points you earn will be equivalent to $1 in flyer miles. Correct? So, why is it not just $2950 because $59 multiplied by 100 points per one flyer mile is 5,900 points (total that you would have to earn to make $59 in flyer miles), divide that by 2 points per dollar spent on the card, which equals $2950 you would need to spend to be able to earn $59 worth of redeemable flyer miles, which is when you would “break even” with the annual fee. Correct? Of course, you would ideally want to spend more than that so you would actually ‘benefit’ from the card, but where is the $7866 number coming from? Maybe I’m doing my math wrong or not considering something but I’ve been scratching my head on this one for a minute. Can anyone help clear it up for me please? Thanks so much!

You are correct that a Venture cardholder who spends more than $2,950 per year is earning more in rewards than they pay in annual fees, but that is not the question being answered here.

The Venture card is being compared to the VentureOne card, which earns only 1.25 points per dollar instead of 2, but has no annual fee. The stated break-even point is $7,866 because a Venture cardholder who spends more than $7,866 is earning enough rewards to justify the annual fee AND the rewards they would have earned with a VentureOne card.

Angel your math is correct, your data is wrong. The Venture One card is 1.25 miles/ dollar spent, not 1 mile/dollar spent. Also, credit card guru was not calculating what you needed to spend to get your $59 back, It was how much would you spend to get the same net benefit on both cards. If you spend $7866 your net rewards are $98.33 on either card, because with Venture, you get back $98.33 + $59(annual fee). This is your decision point. If you are going to charge less than $7866 annually, you are better off with the Venture One with no annual fee, more than $7866 and you are better off with Venture with $59 annual fee.

BEWARE if you are signing up hoping to receive the bonus miles for spending $3,000 in three months. They start your “three months” once you have been approved not once you receive and activate the card. Which means you lose out days to actually accrue spending dollars because you do not have the card in your possession to actually spend. I got approved February 28th, however did not receive my card until March 11th. I lost eleven days to spend due to the fact that they start your 90 days once you been approved NOT once you can actually spend. This is FALSE ADVERTISING. I did not get 90 days to spend, I got 79 days. When I called to explain the issue to customer service they were rude and said there was nothing they could do because I do not spend enough money with this company. I then asked to speak to a manager who did not even look into my account because he stated I wasn’t even close to hitting that mark. He stated I had only spent $1,200- which I informed him was false. He then proceeded to be condescending and informed me I “better start spending” and he could put a claim in but from what he has seen “these kind of claims are always denied”. If they would have understood the point I was trying to make and offered me until June 11th to spend the problem would have been resolved but they were discourteous and basically told me I was out of luck. I will not recommend this card to anyone in the future.

Can I use the Capitol One Venture Card wherever Visa and Master Card are accepted? Or, will I have a heck of a time trying places in the States and Europe to use the card if I decide to get it.

Most places in United States take credit card, visa or mastercard.

No worries about visa in the states. I pay for everything with visa. The only place that i have not been able to use visa is sams club and that is a members only wholesale club.

I have had this card for about a year & a half. I was solicited by them regarding a balance transfer offer in the last couple months & I needed it(dental work). I used a “check” & transfered a balance from another card that was getting ready to expire. I was concerned over some wording on the transfer papers so I called & was told that as long as I sent funds over the minimum balance due, there would be no extra fees etc. I pay off my purchases each month in full & when I transferred the funds I sent at least $300.00 over my purchases for the month. This month I reviewed my bill to pay & they charged me interest on my purchases! I called & was told that I was carrying a balance(well duh) & that unless I paid the card IN FULL there would be a fee! Although my transfers were zero my routine purchases were not!! I pay off purchases from each statement each month!!! The ONLY way the transfers will not penalize you is if that’s the ONLY thing on the card. FYI!!! This is a bullshit scam, NO other card acts like that & Capital One is making a grievous error. I immediately got another card(Discover IT) pushing all amounts due from Capital One to this card & AS SOON as the new card is in my hand, I will be cancelling this POS card. It’s really a shame as I was enjoying this card immensely

I applied for the Capital One Venture card and was accepted for it but after making two purchases my card was put on hold for “suspicious activity” and upon calling Capital One they told me I had to either send them copies of my identification or go to a local bank and have the bank call them to confirm my identity which I was told would only take five minutes. Because the process was supposed to be so quick I went to a bank where I’m not a customer at since it was the closest one and the identification process took 20 minutes which is ridiculous since Capital One was using the bank’s resources and making other customers wait just so they can try to increase their bottom line.

Capital One must place a ton of trust in bankers since after they were finally able to look up my account they had the banker read off the personal information on my license, including my social security number which wasn’t on my card thankfully, and then they called the bank and had a teller tell my banker to answer the phone to ensure they were in fact speaking to someone at the bank. Making customers and banks play games like this so a card issuer can get free fraud protection is wrong and something the banker had never encountered in her years of experience. Because of this invasive verification technique I will be very reluctant to get another Capital One card and will be cancelling this one after I take advantage of my welcome offer since they violated my relationship with them almost immediately by treating me much more like an identity thief than a valued cardholder.

Has anyone experienced a reduction in miles when something such as a product or service was returned? Cap one recently reduced my miles due to a return that was made. I’m okay with this but i recently booked a car rental and flight for vacation that i will be taking in less then a month. I used miles and am now worried that they will cancel out the miles i’ve already used. There are a few more returns that have not posted. Please note that i did not make these purchases with the intent to earn miles and later return the products or services. Thank you in advance for your insight.

I have one big problem with this card and we just activated it! I wanted to lower the credit limit as the initial credit limit was too high for my needs. The representative on the phone advised he was not able to do that! Sine when would a credit card company refuse to lower the credit limit? Why? My only thought is they want me to have a high credit limit so I may end up with a high balance and then subsequently paying more in interest . This seems way too weird!

My recommendation to you is keep the high limit. This is only going to help your credit! Number one, the more credit you are offered the better your score. Number two, your debt to credit ratio is also a factor in your credit score. So, if they gave you $20,000 credit limit and you only planned on using $2,000, it’s better for your score to use 10% of your limit rather than if you lowered your limit to $5,000 and used 2,000 because your debt to credit ratio on this card alone is 40% which is going to lower your credit rating. If you are responsible with this card you will only help your credit! So keep the high limit, just be responsible!

Wow… these reviews are very over whelming to me as I have a Discover Card, and due to nobody accept Discover Card in Japan (even thou they say wherever accept JCB I can use it, which is not true so far in my last two trips to Japan), so I’m considering to get a good rated, with awesome rewards program, no annual fee, no foreign transaction fee Credit Card. But after reading the above reviews, I’m all confused and don’t know what to do!!! Also I read that Cap 1’s “No foreign transaction fee” is NOT really good, due to their exchange rate is higher than normal or something? Now, what should I do? Any recommendations?

CapOne is a NOTORIOUSLY conservative credit card company whose most important (and seemingly only) priority is keeping it’s customer’s data secure. This sounds like a compliment. It’s not. They routinely deny foreign transactions. Actually, they decline more foreign transactions than they will approve. It’s one of the only companies that will not at all make a notation on an account if you call ahead to tell them you’re travelling out of the country. They will even tell you they can’t take note. They say don’t call us until you’re about to make your first purchase in your destination. If you don’t make that call, they will deny the transaction. Even if you do make the call, it’s likely that on your trip, a number of your transactions will be denied.

Customer “security” is more important to them than customer satisfaction. As a result, international travel can be very tedious using a CapOne card. I have experienced this personally AND have worked with them professionally and this has been explained to me directly from the horse’s mouth.

On their web site you can report upcoming travel, as a frequent traveler I can say my card was only declined once and they immediately sent me a email with a link to click if I’m the one who made the purchase, I clicked on the link and asked the cashier to try again and it worked, they never declined a purchase from me since

We have been on two cruises of of the US since getting this card. We have had no problems with denials. If you call them before you head out that might help with the aggravation.

I have used my card several times while out the country I have never had any issues. Also the thing about not being able to leave traveling notes on the account prior to travel is inaccurate. I call and they note my account with no problem whenever I’m traveling. I do usually call the night before or that same day before going to the airport.

Thanks for your input VoTed. I was considering getting this card for travel abroad because it had no foreign transaction fee. But if my charges are going to be denied, then the hassle is not worth saving the fee.

I use my capital one card in Israel and Europe, their foreign exchange rate is the same as the rest, the rate is decided by Visa and Mastercard and not by Capital One, credit card issuers have the option to add a foreign exchange fee, but Capital One does not add that fee, I LOVE MY VENTURE CARD

if I have a $844.00 flight and have 79,000 in points, will capital one venture
take the all my points and put it towards my flight cost?

Copied directly from the Capital One website:

Here is how your program works:

You Choose: the airline, the flights, the hotel, the car!
The number of MILES required to redeem for Flights and Vacation Packages is based on the per passenger price of the airline ticket or vacation package.
The number of MILES required to redeem for Hotels or Cars is based on the total price of the itinerary.
If paying by credit card, the total airfare cost includes a $6.99 fee per passenger ($10.99 fee per passenger for international airfare).
Loyalty Program Tier Comparison
100 x travel costs MILES needed:
100 x $150.00 (travel cost) 15,000
100 x $350.00 (travel cost) 35,000
100 x $600.00 (travel cost) 60,000

Although the Venture card does not charge “transaction fees” as advertised, they get you by screwing you on the exchange rate. The British Pound is now 1.495 USD but the USD charge on my card worked out to an exchange rate of around 1.57 so this equates to a “fee” of around 5%!! I’d be better off using my regular card with a 3% fee.

I use my Capital One visa and Mastercard, in the beginning I used to check Visa and Mastercards web sites for the exchange rate and I got exactly that rate, the issuer does not decide on the rate, Visa and Mastercards are the ones who do, the issuer can add a foreign exchange fee but Capital One does not charge that fee

Can I use travel rewards for vacation rentals like Homeaway, VRBO, or airbnb?

Everyone seems stuck on at least one point – CapitalOne cards are not tied to miles…they are tied to the cost of an airline ticket.

Cost of the ticket (not miles) x 100 = points necessary.

About 3 year ago, I redeemed CapOne miles for airline tickets at the frequent flyer program redemption rate, i.e 35k miles for a one way transcon ticket. I discover that now their program is tied to the cost of the ticket, which just about triples the miles required. After saving up 560k miles, I will now get my $2800 credit and cancel the card. No notification of the benefit change, just the shock of discovering it. Grrrr…

Question for you, I’m trying to determine which is the most cost effective route. I will be living in Canada and getting paid in USD. There are no foreign transaction fees on the Venture card, however I’ve been told that there are conversion fees with every transaction (fees to exchange my Canadian dollar purchase into USD). These fees are very difficult to find. Would it make more sense for me to have payroll convert the paycheck into Canadian dollars and get hit with that conversion fee? Or to use my Venture card and at least get the miles. -confused in Canada


Did you ever figure out or get helpful responses on this question? I am curious as the the exchange rate that you actually get on their transactions when transacting abroad.

I make almost 100k/year, have over 100k in various accounts, and a FICO score of around 800 and I got approved for $10,000. You have to be kidding me. This card will be thrown away when it arrives in the mail. Waste of time, and now I have a credit inquiry on my record. S.O.B.


This is the exact reason I gave up on Capital One several years ago. The Cap was nuts. My Fica is over 835, yet when I asked for a credit limit hike – I was simply told NO. I simply didn’t renew. Now not a month goes by where I don’t get a spam email begging me to come back with an even worse offer.

why would you ever need more than a 10k credit line on one card? sounds like you may be trying to do bust out fraud.

I routinely charge $25k to $35k a month on my card. At a lower limit it was a pain to constantly pay down the account weekly, sometimes daily to prevent going over my limit. The limit has been raised to $50k.

I recently looked into redeeming points from my CapitalOne Venture card as I was shopping for a new TV. I learned 2 important things. Firstly, the merchandise values are pretty much at retail pricing so that’s a lousy deal and secondly, they are completely eliminating the merchandise rewards in Spring 2015. They are however continuing the gift card redemption for the points. So, what did I do with my 100,000 points? I researched the best gift card deal and I redeemed them all for Target gift cards. The rate is great. For every 10,000 points I could get $100 worth of Target gift cards for a total of $1,000 with no expiration dates.. This is a great deal because I received 40,000 free points when first signing up for the CapOne card. That translates into a FREE $400 value. At the double points rate I only needed another 60,000 points to get to that 100,000 mark. It took 3 years but I really only had to charge a total of $30,000 to get that additional 60K points ($30K x 2 = 60K add’l points). I now have $1,000 worth of gift cards for Target and had to truly only make $30K worth of purchases. Of course, you can redeem anytime at 10K points = $100 gift card. Take note, when you redeem you can either get these as egift cards or true hard plastic gift cards. You can redeem in any multiple of 10K points at a time. You will need a mobile device if you go with egift cards. If you want hard plastic cards (for gifts) you can do this by calling the CapOne Rewards line and ordering the cards. It takes about 2 weeks to receive them in max amounts of $250 each. I plan to let the card expire and then sign up again to get those free 40K points. I compared this to all other card offers on While the 2% cash back seems great on a different card the “free” $400 gift card value at sign up makes this the best value out there as long as you make the required amount of purchases in the first 3 months to get the free 40K points.

I’m having a hard time finding the cash BACK rate (not cash advance rate) for the Venture card. Anyone know? Am I blind? Sorry if someone already asked this.

There is one card that offers 2% cash back. You get 1% at the time of purchase and another 1% for the amount you pay on your bill. However, look at my notes of 1.10.15 regarding how I maximized the value with Target cards. Spending the value at Target is better than getting cash back when you factor in the potentially free 40K points that will be worth $400 on Target cards.

I notified Cap One Fraud dept of my travel schedule including my trip to Mexico. Despite this, my Cap One Venture card was declined over a four day period. I spent at least 6 hours in the store on the phone with their fraud supervisors attempting to work it out. Eventually , on Xmas Eve , it was resolved after causing me to miss a lunch date,hours of vacation time, embarrassment of being declined ( I have the highest credit score, never paid my bill late — never) and real anxiety and fear that I would not be able to get the Xmas gifts I had chosen for my family, or have use of my card on my two week vacation with my family. I ad to forego a boating trip for fear that my card would be declined . While their reps were nice, it still did not compensate me for the many hours of my vacation that I wasted trying to work this out. I have a history on their card of travel and vacationing in Cabo st lucas Mexico so their fraud dept shld have done some research. Plus I spoke at least 5 times with a fraud supervisor. I have a high credit limit and I also pay an annual fee for this card. You cannot count on Cap One Venture card… Make sure to bring another credit card because the Cap Ine Venture card cannot be relied on….or you may be embarrassed and severely inconvenienced as I was.

Completely standard procedure for them. In the strongest possible terms I would recommend anybody travelling internationally to stay away from any CapOne cards. They place a very high premium on customer security and a relatively low premium on customer experience. Random internationally travel introduces risk and so to “protect” you (er… them), they shut off your card if they see the transaction. Most credit cards ask you to notify before a trip internationally. If you try to call CapOne before an international trip, they’ll tell you they can’t make any notations to your account but to call back before you make your first international purchase after you arrive. And I’m not making this up. This is actual CapOne policy I have been told while working with (not FOR) CapOne.

I applied for this card because of its simplicity. 2 miles for everything. I have earned over 90,000 miles so far. No foreign transaction fees. I don’t know how well they can handle fraud because Citi is really good at that. I’m not a frequent traveler, so Chase Sapphire Preferred is not a good choice. I am happy with this card. 2 miles for everything is very generous, and honestly I’m not sure how long the bank will be able to survive with that generosity…little concerned 🙂

Don’t be suckered in by this card. The “no Hassle” motto is not true. I wanted to book a cruise and redeem my points. I spent over an hour talking to a customer service rep about how to redeem all my accumulated point (miles) I had earned in the past year. On two credit cards, my husband and myself we spend over $20,000 worth of charges, and had a total rewards balance of 46,000 points. and bottom line is that we could only redeem the points that were accumulated for the $1450 price of the cruise,which added to $181. NOT the points we had accumulated over the past year. The customer service rep was evasive and misleading until I kept asking her point blank, yes or no question, could we redeem all the accumulated points, that totaled $469. Finally after an hour of BS talk, I found the truth. Don’t waste your time with this card. It is a hassle, a hustle, and a convoluted complicated piece of trash befitting the banksters of credit card companies. I am redeeming my pitiful points, and canceling my cards. Life is too short for this type of complexity.

Sam, I can’t quite decipher what your issue was, but I have had this card for 5 years (since back when it was their Visa Signature card) and I have never had an issue redeeming for travel, stay, merchandise, or gift cards. Their online redemption system is very simple. I will agree with the others that have mentioned the credit limits seem low, they finally doubled my limit after I paid for a majority of my wedding on my card which required me to make mid-statement payments so I didn’t go over my limit. Overall, I highly recommend this card if you are someone who uses reward points. It is very simple to redeem purchases with rewards online, I can’t speak to redeeming through customer service.

That has not been my experience at all. I recently booked a vacation rental through an agency which wasn’t automatically eligible to erase using the website. When I called, the rep was incredibly nice and just erased the charge. I have had the card for nearly a year and have had nothing but positive experiences with their customer service reps.

I wanted to ask if all the rest of you had received your new credit card (because of the Home Depot hack), received in the mail already activated? I have never gotten a card that I didn’t have to do something to activate it before using. They confirmed it was “for my convenience”, but since the first set of cards got lost in the mail and I had to request more, this seems alarming to me. Anyone can pick up the envelope and start using the card? That doesn’t seem like good security at all!

Regarding travel, they don’t do their travel rewards like the airline cards. If you get 50,000 points you get $500 off toward your ticket. That’s why there isn’t any blackout date, etc. but it definitely dilutes the value. The airline cards let you go to some very expensive places for the same price as the cheap places.

Has anyone tried to dispute a charge? I’ve read numerous reviews they don’t help you at all in disputing a charge. I always had great luck with Chase both on helping resolve conflicts and potential security breaches. They often called me about a suspicious charge. I’ve had the Venture card for over a year and have not received a single call nor have any charges been declined when I traveled.

Cap 1 has been great started off rebuilding with a 300 limit card and worked up to a 1000 limit and a couple of months later was bumped up to 5000, sent me letter saying that I have earned a opportunity for the venture One card No annual fee, 10,000 limit, and YES it is a signature card which comes with all the perks. Cap 1 gets a bad rap but for me being patient and responsible paid off. VERY happy with new card!!!!

Does anyone know how many miles it takes to redeem a (con 48)US flight?
My current United card is 24K (with restrictions) and 50K (no restrictions).Would like a comparison.

I would love to know the answer to this question. The credit card companies and airlines are diluting benefits at an ever increasing rate.

Wow. I signed up 2 months ago for the spend 2k/20,000 pts and they’re offering 3k/40,000 pts. I just called to see if they could upgrade my offer (I haven’t passed the 3 months yet) I hope they respond well in 4 days…

Has anyone had any experience w/returning an item whose purchase you had redeemed miles on? I’ve had the card for a year, and have been weekly paying for a Disney vacation for much of that time ($100/week or so), which has made it easy to frequently use the purchase eraser tool, and I’ve probably “erased” about $500 in purchases or more, so far. Here’s the issue: I’ve just discovered I can save some $$ by changing my reservation w/Disney, but that requires cancelling the res. I’ve been paying for, refunding to the card, then repurchasing the trip on a new reservation. I know that’s a lot of details, but I’m trying to wrap my head around what might happen, since all of those purchases I “erased” will be refunded to the card. It’s possible nothing will happen other than I’ll lose 6000 points, then get 6000 points back when I pay for the new reservation, but the question struck me in the middle of the night and I had to ask! I just don’t want to see some $500 “fee” pop up because the erased purchases are now REALLY erased! You know what I mean? I’m overthinking this, I’m sure…but saving $275 w/Disney only to somehow have to pay more elsewhere is NOT my idea of a good time!

I did the same thing. All they do is subtract the reward miles from your reward balance based on the refund. So they would only take 550 miles away and be done with it. It’s ok if you don’t have enough miles in the balance, it just goes into a negative balance and you can bring it back up with future purchases.

I recently was approved for the venture one card. Can I use this card wherever VISA cards are accepted?

Very disappointed with service. Was told by two representatives that my three months of spending the $2000 to get my 20,000 miles would begin when I activated my card. I needed to wait to get additional cards as well as make some travel arrangements. Before I activated the cards I decided to check one more time and told NO, the program began when I was approved. Capital One did nothing to rectify the fact that I was given incorrect information. I am now going to cancel the cards and go with Barclays.

Can you redeem the miles for either the Capital one Venture card or the Barclaycard for Gas? Does gas count as a “travel expense?”

I have a lot of cards with capital one always pay on time never late and they turn me down for this card put GE capital gave me a card and that’s who gets my buisness gonna pay off all my capitalone cards and get rid of them!

So I have a question. I’m sure someone has probably answered this already in the comments but honestly I’m on a time budget right now before I have to go to work so I’ve got to make this quick. I have a very limited credit history because I’m young and have only had a credit card for a few years. My credit score is a 710 and I always pay my bills on time. I would like to get either the venture one or the venture card because I am moving abroad and I need a credit card that will have NO foreign transaction fees and where I am going you do not want to carry tons of cash on you. I have heard awesome things about Capital One so I feel they are the best choice. However because of my limited credit history I’m not sure if I’ll be qualified for the card. Has anyone with limited credit history been successful getting this card?

On their site there is a link to see if you’re qualified, it does not hurt your credit, they pull a soft pull, they tell you if you’re pre approved, if you decide to apply then they will do a hard pull, the bummer part is that they pull a report from all three credit reporting agencies, which is like three pulls, I got pre approved this way, I applied and got a $10k limit even though my score is not very great, but I am a current Capital One customer with a good history.

Question, if I purchase a airline ticket for $500, then redeem venture rewards 50000 miles for that purchase. Do I still get the 1000 miles earned for the $500 purchase or are they erased also.

Yes, mike.
Since you are purchasing the flight with the card, then when the bill comes in you have the option to check mark that purchase to pay with your points, done.
Look in your statement on line under rewards

Deceptive, dishonest!!!
I have Capital One Venture card. I got it because it offers commission free currency conversion for foreign purchases. This is what happened today. We were buying an airline ticket online in Euros and tried to pay w/ an Amex Delta card. It also offers commission free currency conversion for foreign purchases. The charge after conversion came to $112, but the transaction did not work for some security reason, so I switched to Capital One card, which worked. However, the charge came to $120, even though the original amount was $81 Euros in both. So I got interested why such a difference for the same amount in Euros and called both cards. The Capital One reps could not answer any questions, the supervisors could not explain it either. They were happy to refund the difference, but that is not the point, is it? I wanted to know if there is some deceptive practice going on here. Turns out there is!!!. The Capital One computer appears to have a different conversion rate, 1.47 as opposed to 1.39 published rate today. The reps tried to weasel their way out of admitting it, but the numbers speak loudly! I am stopping using this card from now on. The HIDDEN FEE comes to 7.1%, way more than the other, honest, cards charge in the open!!!

Thanks for investigating. This is very helpful info!

Good to know Jacob. Will watch out for that one. I have CO Venture, but FYI, a nice alternative to CO Venture is the Barclay World Arrival+. Plus being that they just added chip AND pin which is very hard to find in US cards right now although it’s slowly changing. Aside from being way more secure at merchants that accept it, it’s also VERY handy, if not required, if you plan to use the card in Europe where local vendors will often strongly resist or deny swiping(even if they’re not supposed to). Also the Arrival’s real rewards rate is about 2.2% due to the 10% redemption refund bonus. Yearly fee is $89 though I think.

Not sure why you’re so upset; it was probably just a computer error that they fixed without a problem. Mistakes happen, it’s how companies deal with it that makes a difference, and seems they corrected yours just fine.

Thanks Jacob this just goes to show you “nothing is free” they are making back the “rewards” in other ways.
I also read that the 11.9 -19.9 APR actually was 19.9 and a card holder could not get a straight answer on that either. I have 9 percent now so even though the Capital One card has no annual fee if you pay more in interest…I have changed my mind thanks to all your honest reviews!

Whatever you do, DON’T get a CHASE card

Over 99% of the time, they will favor the merchant over you.

I was planning to sue Chase over 10 times, but was too busy. They’re not off the hook. When I return to the U.S. they will get a big, fat lawsuit

Please elaborate on this. It seems like if you had 10 good reasons to sue, yet did not, then your claim sounds empty. I am seriously considering trading from AMEX PLAT, and would like to know more about your problems you had with them. I’ll keep checking back to see if you reply. Thanks.

I ran into the same problem with Chase; it was a very small amount but shocked me that they did in fact favor the merchant over me. Not is what is supposed to happen!

Me and my attorney planing to do class action against chase sapphire cards. You welcome to join us.


I have both these cards and they use to have a good earn more program called “perks central”
where you could get 7x plus your 2x for every dollar spent. EX say you shop on itunes, amazon or you wanna buy a cruises, you go on CAP 1 in their private market place use the card and you’ll get even more points. So if you bought a cruise with the card you’d get the 2x plus 5x on like 1400 dollars. YUP they discontinued it

My wife and I are considering the CO-Venture Rewards card and want to know if paying utilities is considered part of “Purchases”. Does anyone know? Also, can this be used as a “debit” card?

Anything (apart from the checks for balance transfer) is considered as a purchase.

Thank you all for posting your comments and views on Capital One. I simply got approved with a $300 credit limit, and that i need positive if i used to be progressing to settle for the cardboard or undue to worry of messing up once more. I’ve learned from my immature mistakes and understand the worth of paying things off on time, so as to own sensible credit. Right now, im average however need to enhance to not simply sensible however glorious credit. Hopefully this mastercard can facilitate ME get such goal. Again, give thanks u all for posting your comments.

I have been defrauded by this card and by the dealer and tour guide on my trip to Morocco. I have traveled to Morocco many times and used another card ( Chase Sapphire) for my purchases. I switched to the Venture card because it was easier for the dealers to process — a fraudulent dealer managed to process it twice — ie. charged me twice as much on the card as what the value of the purchases were. I contested this, contacted the card company, the dealer, the tour guide and Venture decided to believe the people who were double charging me for fraudulent services to me, a person who has excellent credit and has always paid on time. Well, I will pay through the nose for this, but do you want to as well? Just get a Sapphire card, you are better off, no problems with it. You don’t want to be a victim to this card which happily participates in fraudulent activities perpetrated abroad.

leo gabrielian

Patricia. You do have a recourse against the bank. File a complaint with the FTC and if that does not help file a small claims action against them and subpeona all the people that were involved in defrauding you. Be very meticulous in documenting your file.
When they get served they will think twice in coming to court from another state.

After talking with a Rep, they informed me that I was eligible to upgrade my existing card. After talking with them I was ready to upgrade my card, and then I was informed I was not eligible for a single one of the new card bonuses. If I wanted the bonuses (waived fee, 20000 points, etc) I would have to cancel my current card, and apply for a new one because “that’s how the system is.”

After talking with a supervisor on the phone, same verdict…that’s how the system is. Can someone please explain to me if there is any way to get the bonuses with an upgrade and/or why “that’s just how the system is” and why no one can help me. I’ve been a member for 10 years, pay my balance in full every month, and I’ve never missed a payment. I can’t even begin to describe how frustrating it is to have a supervisor say “Cause that’s how it is in our system.” Upgrade or new card, what’s the difference?

If I can’t get these bonuses I’m thinking about dropping usage on my CapitalOne card and getting a Barclay World Card.

i just upgraded mine without having to cancel my card or apply for new credit.

Get the Barclaycard Arrival. Actually better deal and you pretty much are excluded from the Capital One Venture deal. But don’t cancel your Capital One especially if you have been a member for 10 years. Also you will lose your miles if you cancel.

This is a sales tactic, and they’re not telling you the truth. Phone sales reps get paid for new accounts only (or get paid way more than an upgrade), so that’s their way of “harmlessly” duping you in to opening a new account.

My guess is that they can see that you’re approved for the better card (on top of the existing one, should you want both), and once they know they can cancel the old one and definitely get the sale, you “can’t upgrade because of the system.”

When dealing with call center reps who are on commission, always take a second to think about how they’re paid and whether they’re doing something only to get a bigger paycheck.

Sad but true – cell phone company employees do this stuff all the time as well.

They are not compensated whatsoever.

Credit card representatives don’t win a commission off of card upgrades, new accounts, etc… Graeme yes in general the bank stipulates that when you get an upgrade from the same bank you have to close the previous card. They are trying to avoid general issues with payments being made to the incorrect accounts(which happens a lot), and one of the most important reasons is because they want you to start using the new upgraded card ASAP because the bank makes more money off you with the new upgraded account than it would with the previous card you used to have. No matter how long you have been with them you would still have to close the previous account and open the new one.

Upgrading is different than applying for that specific card (you upgrading to). Applying for that card will require them to pull (hard pull) ur credit report, and basically u are getting a new credit card with new credit limit (just like a new customer). Thats when you get the bonus. However if you are just upgrading, they don’t pull ur credit history, and there is no new credit involved, they just change ur card, lets say, from venture one to venture, and u get the new benefits of the venture, which is 2% instead of 1.25%.

Be careful–with Capital One you will get reimbursed at the quoted rate ONLY for travel purchases. Other purchases on the card qualify for only half that value.

I am not sure what Linda means. I receive 2 x the points for ALL my purchases with my Capital One Venture Card, not just travel purchases.

She means that if you redeem your points for anything other than travel expenses which you can do, you will only be able to use 1 mile per dollar rather than the double miles. So only use your miles for travel expenses.

Natalie T. Stanfield

What is the difference between the MasterCard Capital One Venture Card and the Visa Capital One Venture Card?

I pair this with my Schwab checking account, which reimburses your ATM withdrawal fees. Great for travel.

I love this card!!!! One question. If I travel outside of the US does the card provide travel insurance? Thanks

The insurance is actually covered by Visa. I did use it to rent a car in Turks and Caicos. Someone hit the rental car and caused $900 in damage. Visa did reimburse me but it took a little while as they kept asking for all kinds of documentation/information to make it difficult.

I applied 2 cards, one from citi and one is venture. The citi card told me to wait one week to process my application but capital one gave me immediate approval. After a week citicard called to verify my application, but I was approved by capital one. I told citi to cancel my application.

I have had the CapitalOne VentureOne Rewards card for about two years. I travel a lot internationally, and the no foreign transaction fee, is a major plus. I use the credit card and a debit card, linked to a CapitalOne checking account. The debit card has no foreign transactions fees, and you do not pay for any unauthorized purchase. The CapitalOne VentureOne card and the CapitalOne debt card/checking account, are an awesome combination for international travelers!

I had a US airways card and their customer service was garbage! I have been well pleased with capital one venture rewards card!

I have had this card for 18 months. Great reward program. The only time I had a merchant refuse the card was in Galway Ireland. The merchant would only take a card that had a micro chip in it. This card does not have the chip so it was refused. Not a big deal. The No Overseas Extra Fee feature of this card saves a lot when you are traveling outside the USA.

Thank you for this review. It was the most helpful one out there!

Thank you all for posting your comments and views on Capital One. I just got approved with a $300 credit limit, and I wasnt sure if i was going to accept the card or not due to fear of messing up again. I’ve learned from my youthful mistakes and know the value of paying things off on time, in order to have good credit. Right now, im average but want to improve to not just good but excellent credit. Hopefully this credit card will help me obtain such goal. Again, thank u all for posting your comments.

All my dealings with Capital One, from the application process to customer service calls, have been a pleasure. Could not recommend a card more highly. You will be glad you applied for this card.

Great card.

I got my bonus miles the instant I had racked up the required purchase level. I went to use them on a booking thru Hotwire and could not, because it did not register as travel in the online banking website. I called them, there was no wait time, and no arguments, just a helpful rep that said “sure no problem, I will take care of it”.
The next day I had my statement credit. 🙂

I am desperately trying to rebuild my credit. How foolish I was to not take credit as serious as it should be so I am certainly paying the price. Thankfully, I am getting the opportunity to rebuild it but I am given very low balances. Capital One gave me a MC and I am hoping that with paying on time, without missing a payment that they will eventually give me a Venture card. Anyone been there and been given a Venture card down the road?


Please don’t fall in the credit trap. Unfortunately, this madness prevails in this part of the world. Credit system was devised for corporations and really holds very little significance in the lives of people like us. It also depends on why a person needs it so there is no simple answer.

Answering your question, make sure you have a good revolving balance. Minimize the use of credit cards and maximize the use of debit card or cash (keep it 20-30% credit cards and 70-80% debit cards; also pay off the purchases on the credit card before the statement for that month is prepared). The more liquidity one shows over time, the better credit one gets. Depending on one’s history, it might take a few years before the credit card companies gain confidence in a person. Reply to this post if further guidance is needed. Hope you succeed in the art of financial management!

How much of a negative score does my credit score get if I applied for (and was approved) for a Travel Rewards card within the last year and now if I apply for the Venture One card? The Venture One is a better deal. Is it an issue opening two credit card accounts in less than a year?


I had an issue with my Ex wife taking out a ton of credit cards in my name and ruined my credit. About a year ago, I got approved for Capital One’s basic card, with only a $500.00 line of credit. Generally I would buy something, and immediately pay it off online once I got my next paycheck, so usually I would end up going through about $1000.00 a month, even though I only had a $500.00 limit. After 6 months, they increased my line of credit to $750.00. After 9 months they reduced the time they took to credit my account from 5 days to about 48hrs. After a year they increased my line to $1000.00. A month later I called and asked if they could switch to Venture Card and they said YES.

Hi Laura, I have been in your shoes with regard to poor past credit. Today I called Capital One to see if I could upgrade my Platinum card ($29 annual fee) to something with no more annual fee. To my surprise, they said, “Sure” and upgraded me to the VentureOne card. Keep in mind, I filed bankruptcy in March of 2006, and the Capital One web site says that the Venture One card applicants need “excellent credit” with no previous bankruptcy.

Apparently, because I have been a good customer since 2009 (always paying on time every month, rarely keep a remaining balance, etc) they were willing to upgrade me.

Very nice. I don’t know how long you have been a Capital One customer, but if you are patient and responsible for at least 3 years, my guess is you will be considered worthy to upgrade to a much better card with no more annual fee. Good luck!

Dan (in Milwaukee, WI)

I started out with Capital One about 6 years ago while rebuilding my credit and I just “upgraded” to a Venture Card. I may have been able to do this even sooner but never looked into it. With consistent payments Capital One increased my credit limit on 3 different occasions even before I upgraded to a Venture Card. Good luck.

I had Capital One Rebuilder cards for 5 years before Discover Card finally approved me ( also it is a card I had included in BK 10 years earlier) so whomever said they blacklist is wrong. My second prime card was American Express Zinc…. Another creditor that had been included in BK 10 years earlier so they are another card that did NOT blacklist me. It actually has my member since date as 97 which is when I opened the account I had included in BK. my third EBay MC then Amex JetBlue then finally Venture from Cap One. So keep rebuilding ! You will get there!

I have been with Capital One for a very very very long time (16 yrs) and yes I started with a low balance card to rebuild after a failed marriage. Well they just told me I am approved to move to the VentureOne card no fee card. I have even used Capital One for a car loan and I paid that off on time in full never late. SO yes it can happen I hope not as long as it took me but who knows.

I’ve been a Capital One customer since 2007 and had less than stellar credit (high 500’s) at that point. The limit was quite modest. However, I always paid on time every month. Have carried a balance, have carried a zero balance, maxed it out, paid it off, etc, etc…

After a few years my credit line was raised, automatically.

Last month they converted it to a VentureOne card, without my request. Great customer service.

Thank you so much for this post, particularly with the graph in deciding which of the two Capital One cards to get! I really appreciate it!

I think I know what MU was talking about. I think “Kathie” and “Jordi” were offended just by taking what they read rather than the what MU was really really saying. It’s just a figure of speech guys… listen to what MU is saying….. Hey MU, I’ve been there. I moved on to do something else that I enjoy doing and getting paid with the same company. Good luck with your next adventure, hopefully to a better one 🙂

I feel your frustration somewhat. Unfortunately you lack the intelligent verbal ability to express yourself without the F word. It diminished everything else you had to say for me to empathasize with you. Also….America is capitalized !!!

Kathie – I agree that MU’s use of foul language really diminishes any point he’s trying to make, but since we’re on the topic of verbal ability, what does “empathasize” exactly mean?

It’s like bassetball or digical pssketti Zink occifer wheel to wheel recorder and BAN HALEN it’s america mate

I love the Vikings…..can’t stand Alec Baldwin….

some people demand too much from credit cards. the rule is, if you want a good relationship with your credit card, pay more than minimum of not all balances on time. most important, don’t go on a shopping spree. it’s just a big red flag on your account. spend what you can afford. i have been with capital one for 5 years now. i use the card sparingly and pay full balance on time. they never gave me griefs. : )

The trick to having good credit is to pay off what you owe, each month. Secondly, don’t “consistently” spend outside your means. That is, it is OK to spend $5000.00 one month, and take 2 or even 3 months to pay it off… but don’t make it a regular practice. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.

I am amazed at the negative reviews. I lost my card on vacation last year and called Capital One. They had a card overnighted to me. I had a new card the very next day! Customer service was awesome!

I have had a Capital One card for 12 years, My experience with customer service has been going from good to great. No issues nor charges for purchases made overseas. Now I just opened a bank account with them and could not be happier. They also got two JD Power certifications last year for excellent customer service

For case and obvious point, see M U’s rant above.

I’ve had experience with Capital One, and it’s all been bad. I place them in my collection of banks that I recommend that you avoid. Others in this group are: HSBC, Citi, US Bank, GEMB and BofA (and their FIA Card Services group) plus all the many subprime lenders out there. I’ve done business with a lot of banks over the years. I would say go with an AmEx(a charge card or Blue Cash Preferred) and/or Discover(Escape is great). You will probably need a VISA or MC; for that I think JPM Chase, Wells Fargo and little advertised Nordstrom, fsb are good bets too. Take a look at your credit union and USAA(if you qualify). Consider all aspects of having a particular card. It’s not just about rewards; look at service, billing disputes and others’ experiences before you apply.

I have always had good CS with Capital One. I have a platinum rewards card, yet keep getting Venture solicitation. Is there somthing I’m missing here? They want to increase my rewards 25% for nothing? I know the interest rates are higher, but I always pay my total balance.

Is it possible that the new contract gives them greater flexibility in making arbitrary changes down the road??

Beverly Goodnight

I have one capital one card the rewards platinum and I love it. Always pay on time and for a person trying to rebuild their credit they are number one in my book, best customer service and they helped me by believing in me and my credit score is getting better and better. Thanks to Capital One they opened the door for other companies to give me credit just pay your bills ol time and the quality of my life has been so rewarding.

I just applied for the Cap1 Venture card as I’m traveling overseas for 6 months. The no foreign transaction fees are great, and as long as you redeem for travel you get a decent 1% rate. The cash redemption option is a bad value, but to be fair, the card is advertised as a miles card so if you wanted cash, why you get this card?

However, they have some racket going when trying to reach them while overseas. They declined a purchase because of the $ amounts so I tried to call the ‘call collect’ phone # on the back of the card. It wouldn’t go through. When I finally got an operator on the line, they said the 804# on the back of the card has a collect call block on it! So, instead I logged into my account, sent a secure email with my details, the merchant name, $ amount, etc. so they wouldn’t decline the transaction. The response I got was “call the collect # on the back of your card, we can’t accept written communication for this request”. Again, AMAZING.

Tracy Hall Jr

I had the same problem while abroad (collect call refused). Next time it happens, go to an Internet Cafe and place a voice-only call with Skype. You may have to obtain avfewdollars of Skype credit and pay a few cents a minute.

I have found that to many B & B and Lodges will not take a Discover card !

please stay away !!!!

There are no issues what so ever with capitalone customer service. I have been using their card for 3 years now, I had a late payment twice and charged the late feee, and when I called customer service, they waived it, with out a second question. Also had a over the limit usage fee, which was also waived. I am sure the customer service is outsourced as we can understand by the ascent, but I did not have any issues, as my fees was waived 🙂

Everyone, calm down. The negative reviews are so unbelievably overblown and exaggerated — OR maybe I’m just very lucky. I’ve had nothing but STELLAR service from Capital One. I’ve had the Venture card for several months now, so far no complaints, it’s been great. That said, I can’t comment on any redemption situations as I have not tried to redeem any miles at this point.

I have been with Capital One for nearly six years, and I have nothing but good stories and feedback regarding their customer service. They’ve been outstanding, for these reasons specifically:

1) Every time I’ve had to call, I’ve never had a foreign call-center rep(not that it would bother me anyway).
2) CapOne customer service also has always been very gracious to me, thanking me every time I call for my loyalty and being with them for such a long time.
3) CapOne customer service reps are always polite, I’ve never had a single experience with a rude/unpleasant rep.
4) Forgiveness. There have been 2-3 instances, in the six years I’ve been a member, where I genuinely forgot to pay my bill on time. I was an EXTREMELY BUSY college student, it happens. The reps, seeing that I consistently pay on time, fixed the problem and reversed all chargers IMMEDIATELY. No hassle what so ever, no need to beg or plead.
5) They offer limit increases to me, again, no need to beg or plead.
6) No unbearably long wait times on the phone, I’ve got a rep almost instantly most times, or within a reasonable wait-period.
7) Website is a dream to use, makes things so easy.
8) Replacement cards have arrive quickly in the mail, and are painless to acquire. Usually a nightmare in my experience.
9) Fraud liability and protection: a dream.
10) Probably what blew me away from the start — THEY TOOK A CHANCE ON ME. When I was a lot younger, nobody would take a chance on me to give me a credit card, not even my local credit union which I only banked with for a short period at the time. I’m very grateful Capital One helped me out with my first credit card, $500 at the time, more than enough for a young man eager to start building credit.


This is a perfect post! The Venture card is awesome and Capital One has been great with customer service. I called about an extended warranty with an ottoman that we purchased and suddenly had a tear in it. They only needed a receipt to give me credit for a new one. I didn’t need to send a picture or anything!

Also, did you know that redeeming give cards through their rewards also allows you to get the same value as travel? For example a gift card for Lowe’s, Target, or many other merchants is 10,000 points for $100. That is the same as travel credit. If you don’t travel much, you can still get the double “miles.”

I have been 100% happy with my card!

Aye cap one os deserving of the praise… its nary about the money or the amount but without my asking and my oldest account approaching 3-4 years how long will I wait until my credit limits increase … thankfully they are Transunion partners and I am excellent with Transunion…also do you know if it is important that I report incremental..small increases in my rent ? asking because if I request increase I will have to or will I ? Report amounts for account verification. What happens when you request a c.l. increase ? Thanked mate

The TV ad featuring Alec Baldwin is misleading. First, the actor notes that it is nearly impossible to get an air ticket from airlines mileage programs for 25000 miles, which is true, but then he continues that with the Capital One Venture Card you can get air ticket on any airline at any time. The confluence of the two is the impression that with the Capital One Venture Card you can get air ticket on any airline at any time for 25000 points. This is false. Each point counts as 1 cent towards the purchase of an air ticket for whichever the price is. Since most long-haul tickets today cost more than $400 it means that with the Capital One Venture Card you get a ticket for more than 40000 points. But most airlines these days have a two or three tier pricing and for fixed 40000 miles you can still get an unrestricted air ticket at any time.

I have the Capital One Venture One Visa Signature Card, and this is a GREAT CARD! Earning 1.25 miles per dollar spent is better than the standard 1 point per dollar, or 1 point per 2 dollars, and way better than the Chase Sapphire card. I have called Customer Service several times and get through and get VERY GOOD assistance right away. I have had a No Hassle Cap One card for about 10 years and upgraded to the Venture One Visa Sig card and have not had any issues with either card. I also have the Sapphire Preferred and have cancelled it since it charges an annual fee. I think a lot of the people that are having issues have bad credit or did not qualify for the Visa Signature and received the regular Platinum card.

I love my Cap One Venture Visa Sig card ! I also think all the guys that are complaining didn’t qualify for the Visa Sig card. I travel internationally A LOT, and this is one of the few cards that has no foreign transaction fee. This alone has saved me thousands per month. The customer service is great and you get a live rep within seconds of entering your credit card number. The card is also very nice looking, all gold with Passport stamps on it. I like this better than my AMEX Blue and Chase Sapphire Cards. There is no annual fee and the points are easy to redeem. If you are using this card for travel then getting a credit for airfare or travel expenses is no problem.

I’ve had Capital One for years. Had issues here and there and their customer service was excellent. Every issue was resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. I’m in no hurry to switch. I have one major credit card and it’s Capital One. It’s all I need. Also have great service redeeming rewards. I had a Chase Continental Airlines Visa for years and the rewards got so skimpy and hard to use I dropped them like a bad habit. I just wish I found Capital One sooner. Live and learn….

Hated my crappy Capital One student card, then they upgraded me to the Venture card.

Night and day, its like dealing with two different companies. When I call about my venture card, I get a real person, US based who quickly handles my concerns. It took me 3.5 hours to unlock my old C. One card while I was traveling and had filed a travel thing with them so they WOULDNT lock my card.

Hey all, how do you compare the Capital One VentureOne (the free version- no annual fee, 1.25% on purchases) to the Chase Sapphire? Which card works out better?

I have a question! If I convert Venture to VentureOne to avoid annual fee, do the miles carry over? That is if I get the sign up bonus of 40,000 miles and say earn another 20,000 from spending over an year, would that 60k miles carry over to the VentureOne or would I lose that?

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