Buyer Beware: Dick’s Sporting Goods Credit Card

Dicks MasterCardRecently, I was pricing out an elliptical at Dicks Sporting Goods. The sales guy made great effort to get me to sign up for the Dick’s credit card as a way to finance it. I shut the salesman down immediately, telling him I would would never use their card and here’s why…

Problem #1: The rewards are very confusing

  • Store Card = 1 point per $1 spent at Dicks Sporting Goods
  • MasterCard = Same as above. And outside their stores, you only get 1 point per $3 spent.

Every 300 pts = $10 off coupon. That means you’re earning way less than 1% on the bulk of your shopping but once you’ve amassed 300 points they’re worth 3.3 cents each.

But the real shocker is that you don’t need the credit card from Dick’s Sporting Goods to be earning rewards there! You can signup for the Dicks Scorecard (which is NOT a credit card, it’s just a customer loyalty program). With it, you will earn the same 1 point per dollar at their stores, even if you don’t use their credit card to pay.

This means you would be much better off with a almost any rewards credit card and using it in addition to Dick’s program.

Problem #2: You’re not able to choose which Dick’s card you get

There are 2 different versions of the Dick’s credit card. One is a closed loop private label, store-use only, the other is a general-use MasterCard that can be used anywhere.

But guess what? There’s only one application. When you apply, the version you get depends on your credit quality and you don’t know what their approval process is. So you have to endure a hard credit pull with no assurance that you will get the general use version of their credit card or just a measly store card.

Problem #3: Very few benefits

Signup Promotion? 10% off your first in-store purchase. This will only be worth it if you are making a big time purchase where the bonus would amount to a few hundred dollars or more.

For example, if you spend $2,000 on a new elliptical or set of golf clubs, that saves $200. But if you’re only spending a couple hundred bucks, the 10% will be miniscule. You would be better off simply getting a signup bonus of $100 on a different credit.

Birthday Bonus? Most store cards will mail out a gift card or coupon for your birthday, with no strings attached. On the other hand, the Dick’s Sporting Goods credit card gives 3x points during your birthday month.

Translation: They’re not giving you any freebies. Instead, you have to spend more to earn anything extra. While 3x points is nice, keep in mind the exclusions that come with their rewards program:

Problem #4: GE Capital issues/manages the accounts

Why is this a problem? Because GE Capital Retail Bank has one of the worst reputations among store credit card issuers in terms of customer service.

GE manages credit cards for dozens of different stores. The vast majority of reviews I see about them are extremely negative. So if you want good customer service, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

rewards exclusion rules

Problem #5: The 26.99% interest rate

The APR is 26.99% on both of the Dick’s credit cards. Excessive? I’d say so!

GE Capital Retail Bank rates

It’s true that most retail store credit cards cards have above-average rates, but the APR that Dick’s is charging is even high by those standards at 26.99%.

Written or last edited on April 2017

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I am a victim of Identity Theft and with the help of Dicks MC and however they allow people to access their credit accounts, someone was able to open a MC obviously with my SS# and information. They used if for several months, charging huge bills on it and then somehow accessed my personal checking account and was pulling money directly from it to pay their entire monthly balance off each month.
I’ve been very ill for some time and have all of my bills set up to be paid automatically because I’ve been in and out of the hospital and didn’t want to miss payments and get bad credit. Therefore, I hadn’t been checking my monthly statements closely and these charges got past my lack of attention. When I finally noticed that my account balance was so low that it was, for the first time, unable to pay off my monthly bills, I scanned through my statements and found the charges. When I contacted Dicks Sporting goods customer service, they said they found the account but that there was no user name associated with it.
Please excuse my language, but after all of the trouble I’ve been going through of filing a police report, filing an affidavit with the Federal Trade Commission, having to close all of my accounts and credit cards and STILL trying to set up my auto payments in a safer manner….
How the hell can they “Have a Dicks MC Customer with a credit account, making full payments from my checking account WITHOUT HAVING A NAME ASSOCIATED WITH IT?”
Does ANYONE have any information regarding any similar situations or contact information for the correct Dicks CORPORATE person I could reach out to for help in recovering my losses?
I’m aware that this is an issue with my entire Identity, but Dicks MC should not allow a process of acquiring a credit card #1 without a name, and #2 with just a social security number.
Thank you for reading and for any help you may have.
[email protected]

not sure why all the bad posts …. I have the Dick’s MasterCard and get double rewards everytime I use it — even if it’s a purchase not made at Dick’s. Bought a set of TaylorMade RBZ irons recently got $50 in Scorecard Reward points plus Dick’s sent me a $10 coupon in the mail. Bought 8 dozen Srixon Tri-Speed Golf ball that were buy-one-get-one-free from Thanksgiving until Christmas, so, got 8 dozen premium golf balls (yeah, I know, there not quite as good as the ProV1’s) for $60 plus tax. Not too shabby.

Not sure how many of the positives come from either those with higher than average wealth/income or if dicks sent their marketing analysts to post positivity in a forum like this. I have the store card and scorecard…not the best card out there…terrible, not really, unless you expect instant gratification from a credit lender losing profit/customers to help you cancel and get out (if so, you are bats#!t crazy or scarily nieve).
Former employee, i have watched various shady methods for cashiers to improve metrics and land apps to get their incentives. It most certainly borders the ethical lines when management will ignore these scenarios until a customer is upset enough to create a scene or threaten ‘calling corporate or bad survey’ at which point they are forced to intercede and determine an outcome positive to the customer, not always for the associate.
In all honesty, its truly worth getting in a few cases…
Large purchases to maximize discount (remember you can still use coupons and reward certificates to increase discount)
Frequent sporting goods purchaser (coaches, parents, administrators)
Firearms purchases…sounds crazy but that 10% discount combined with store promotions, rewards certificates and credit term promotions gets a pretty nice discount on the items and ammo.

Be smart…be prepared…no card is great for everyone, and as long as you pay attention to what you are doing and signing up for (no bonafied rewards card will EVER ask for your SSN) and actually adhere to the terms you thus sign, you are pretty safe. Just remember your income to spending ratio whatever it may be and stay safe.

Awful customer service, when I called in to cancel my card ,I was passed around from India, the phillipines , and I demanded to be transferred to u.s. I was issued a new card, since the last one was involved with possible online fraud . I received my new card in 2 weeks. Could not use it ,wouldn’t t work on line or in stores. After 2 calls to customer service they reassured me it would work now. I tried again, the card would not work on line at all. I ended up calling and cancelling the account. Stay away, awful customer service.

That is Dicks credit card

First of all, I want to say that this is completely wrong. You should really get your numbers correct if you are going to write a review of a card. Ladies and gentleman here are your correct numbers and an opinion of someone who shops at Dicks Sporting Goods frequently.

What is the Dicks Credit Card?
Well to be frank, the CC is no longer just a Dicks CC. It has combined with it’s sister stores and now is a tri-store card. It now works at and accumulates points from Dicks, Golf Galaxy, and Field and Stream. It does have a higher than average interest rate of 26.99%. There are also two types of cards. Depending on your credit score you will either receive a In-store card only, a Mastercard, or declined a card. Like any other store CC, you have to answer a few questions…DOB, Income, SSN…etc.

Difference in Cards
Score Card
Overview: This is your regular loyalty card which has no credit line and only accumulates points. This also now works at all three stores. It does not have a credit line and anyone can get this card. It doesn’t just collect your points but SAVES YOUR RECEIPTS TOO! If you ever lose a receipt, you never have to worry, its saved on here.
Points: You will review 3% back according to Dicks. How does this work? For every $1 you spend you get 1 point. BUT you must get 300 points to receive a $10 reward. Remember those numbers.

Dicks Credit Card
Overview: This is a credit card. You must be a US resident to hold one, and go through a quick process to apply for it. You will either be approved or denied. If approved, you get a temporary card that is printed out and can be scanned, and also a credit temporary credit limit, and then a credit limit for when the actual card comes in. This as well will have all the features the scorecard has.
Points: This is where there is a big difference! Instead of being 3% back you get twice as much at 6% back! Now $1 equals 2 points. You still need 300 points to get a $10 reward but you get there twice as fast! In other words whenever you have been getting a $10 reward with a scorecard you could have been getting $20 with the CC. NOW HERE IS THE BEST PART! You get 10% back in your birthday month! That is TRIPLE points. Every $1 spent you get 3 points. So for every $100 you spend you get $10 back! You also get 45 days for your first payment.

Dicks Credit Card (MasterCard)
Overview: It is the same as the credit card but you can use it outside of any other the three stores.
Points: The points work the same way as the credit card, but for any transactions outside of the store you get 1 point for every $3.

Other Perks:
This fall until November, you can get 0% apr for 6 months at Dicks sporting goods for any Hunting, Fishing, or Camping purchase over $299. The only downside is, you do not get double points.
Field and Stream offers 0% apr for 12 months for any purchase over $399 at any time of the year but just like Dicks, you would be limited to the regular points.
Personal Opinion
This card is very much worth it if you are a frequent shopper at Dicks Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, and/or Field and Stream. It is especially worth it, if you pay with cash or debit whenever you go in. Just save that money and pay the card off at the end off the month. You get 6%-10% back and there are no other cards that do that much for you. Don’t listen to these people who make the biggest deal out of the smallest things and also don’t know the facts about the card.

Really good site, thank you so much for your time in writing the post.

For John: May 13, 2015 at 11:42 am
I am not sure what type of problem you were having with setting up your internet account. I set up my account with out any trouble and pay off my balance every month for years using my checking account that is registered with them. Once you get your account set up you can go online and make a payment today but schedule it for the due date which might be a couple of weeks out so that you are never late. That is one feature that I like about paying on line.

Shortly after getting the Dicks Mastercard, someone stole the number and charged up a big bill. I didn’t find this out until days later when I tried using it and it was declined. I called the customer service line on the card and they said they canceled the card because of suspicious use. But they didn’t even contact me?!

You stupidly say that the scorecard is equivilant to the store credit card. With the scorecard you earn 1 point for every dollar spent. With the credit card you earn 2 points for every dollar spent. Therefore spend 150 dollars and get a 10 dollar reward. You also earn triple point in your birth month. If you are going to comment on a card it would be nice if you have some actual education on the card. The card is well worth it if you shop at Dick’s a decent amount.

I have had a very frustrating experience with this card as well. I stupidly signed up for it to save 10% when purchasing kayaks, and I wish I never had.

The card never showed up. I got my first statement, and need to pay the minimum in 7 days, but I can’t seem to figure out how. I call all of the numbers on the statement to try and pay over the phone, or maybe get an online account setup so that I can pay, but not a single one of them worked. They were all invalid numbers. This i ridiculous. I’m not sure what I’m going to do at this point. All I want to do is pay my bill.

I am having the same problem. I just want to pay my bill. Someone you manages their payment system needs to be replaced.

Russell W. Windsor

I want to apply for the Dicks Sporting Goods Mastercard and I don’t know how. Please email me or mail me
information on how to apply.

Thank you, Russell W. Windsor 2025 Sylvester Road Unit FF1 Lakeland Florida 33803

Go into a store and apply it is the easiest way. The great thing is that if you don’t get the mastercard but you get the store card, after a few months call customer service and see if they can upgrade you. That is what I did.

I had a card from Dick’s when I bought my clubs last summer. They initially gave me a really high limit, which i didnt use anywhere near, then chose to drop it next to nothing. Then I get a notice they closed my account after the balance was paid. I’m kinda glad they did cuz I’m not too fond of the store anyway.

One more thing not mentioned yet is that you get TRIPLE points for any purchases made using your Dicks card during the month of your birthday.

Just used my last two month rewards. Both were $40 each. I purchased one pair of New Balance shoes that were on sale for my wife. I also found a pair of running shoes for me on the clearance rack. Originally priced at $114 and marked down to $59. Only had to pay about $20 out of pocket for both. Not a bad deal in my book.

I work at dicks sporting goods as an apparel lead and wish that we dealed more with the credit card process due to the fact that I lost my credit in the dicks I work at and went online because I was going to initially cancel my account and just reapply but then saw that I couldn’t reapply for anther year this being useless for me since I work there and buy things every day there getting the double points if very helpful. So I chose the option of saying I lost my card and they said I would be sent a new one 7 – 10 days later. Whatever happened my account was closed and they are telling me I chose to confirm that I closed my account which makes no sense since I can still access my account. GE Capital Retail Bank, is awful their customer service is not good at all I was told flat out that there is nothing they can do about it. The service representatives were very rude and not people that I would recommend for this job. It actually make me upset that customers I recommend to apply for this card have to deal with these representatives if something goes wrong with their account. I recommend this card because if you shop at a dicks sporting goods often the double points is very helpful and even your birthday month you receive triple points. There are many offers for no interest if you have a large purchase of above a certain dollar amount. The benefits of this card will help you out if you shop at a dicks sporting goods often but the customer service is awful

I think the card has very good benefits. Rewards car gets a point for every dollar spent. Credit card gets you double points for every dollar spent. Cashiers tricking you into getting a credit card instead of the rewards card???? That isn’t possible at all. Any person with common sense should know when they are entering in their social security number that it is for credit. Common sense people!!! You must not even be thinking.

I like the Dick’s card. But this is not about the Dick’s card. This is an add for Capital One. It is just another way to bad mouth one card so you will get a Capital One card. There are pros and cons on all cards it is just what works out for you.

I think the Dick’s credit card rewards are pretty sweet. Say you spend $150 at Dick’s with the credit card. I would receive $10 reward certificate to use the next time I shop. Name me another credit card reward program with such rich benefit. Most of the cards, you have to spend $1000 to get $10 benefit.

Here’s the only reason getting the Dick’s MC would be a good idea:
1. You are making a big purchase and that 10% off the first purchase means you’re getting a good discount.
2. You pay off your credit card statement in full each month.

I, too, wanted a specific elliptical and Dick’s carries it. Couldn’t find it on sale anywhere. So, I opened the Dick’s MC and got about $180 off with that first purchase discount. In addition, with the scorecard points I automatically earned with that purchase, I later received $110 off in rewards. I considered that a nice bonus. Since this resulted in a savings of almost $300 I believe it was a good strategy for this kind of purchase. HOWEVER, I will say that I will probably never use this credit card again and consider that it has fulfilled it’s original function because there are numerous cards out there with better points options.

The great thinkg that I love about my Dicks credit card is the fact that they offer different financing offers throughout the year. I bought my husband a set of golf clubs that I received financing for 12 months and then I added new gym shoes for my entire family to the same purchase and it all got financed it made paying it without paying the interest so nice!!! Get all of the information available!!!

These bastards routinely delete points by the hundreds (900) in my case without issuing your rewards certificates. When you complain they give you the run around. After being screwed out of $30 I wont be doing business with them.

What kind of rewards program chases away good customers?

Moe, I do believe that before you would want to go and bash a credit card, which I love my Dicks credit card and we use it all of the time. You might want to clarify your information. I looked into my scorecard reward points which are linked to the Dicks credit card but are not owned by GE they are owned by a different company, so if you want to bash a company bash the company that deserves it, the scorecard company… not the credit card company

The other bad thing about this card is if you get the store card you can’t shop online with it! You can only use it online if you have the mastercard. That is crazy to me, that you have a store credit card and can’t use it on the stores website.

I agree with you. My only grip is the fact you can’t use a dicks store card to make online purchases. They have lost $500 easily from me just because I couldn’t use their card on their site.
A first in my experiences with a store credit cards!

I just used my Mastercard on another site since I can’t use their card on their site.

Just used my November and December Dicks card rewards. One for $60 and one for $50. Went on Black Friday around Noon and took advantage of the buy 1 box of ammo and get the second at 25% off. Spent about $200.00 and only paid about $90. Not a bad deal in my book.

If you have good credit, the dicks card is a smart move on a big purchase- I saved over 200 bucks on a beretta o/u shotgun AND got additional dicks money ($approx 120) back in coupons. All around , a win-win


i got this to get 10% off a shotgun i bought. no problems, i paid my bill. it’s a mastercard like any other mastercard. a credit card like any other credit card. if you dont pay, you end up with tons of fees. credit cards are for responsible people, and morons. dont blame the card for your problems.

i haven’t even received my statement in the mail yet and keep getting calls from them. I cannot locate the site on line to pay either. can anyone tell me where to go to start paying this on line?

I have had the Dick’s Master / score card for a long time now. I also have good credit and pay the card off every month so interest is never a problem. I am a bargain shopper and rarely pay retail for anything. Dick’s has most of the items in the store marked at retail. They do have weekly sales ads in the Sunday paper. I put all my purchases for everything I purchase on my Dicks card ( gas, electric, insurance, food, etc……) and get a Dick’s check every month which is good for usually a little over a month. I will save up 2 checks and go to Dick’s when the have something on sale that I want or just check the clearance tables to stretch it further. I have never had a customer service problem when I have called. But I don’t put my self into a situation to have to call customer service for something I did wrong. I think they have a good program compared to other cards that I have had in the past. The whole credit card industry has cut back on rewards. I have had Citi Bank and GM cards which you could earn points going to the purchase of a car. That also was cut back on points. My Banker told me the part of your credit score was not just how good a payer you are but also how long you have been with a card company. So find a program you like and stick with it even though the program may change. Good Luck


If you have a credit card then you have a scorecard so you are getting 2 points when you use your credit card unless you just refuse to let them scan your rewards card!!

I didn’t even want the credit card, the cashier asked if I wanted the scorecard/ membership/ rewards card/ etc. I told them I didn’t really go to DICKs that often and she told me it would save money on my purchase and it would only take a second.
2 weeks later I found myself with a new credit card I didn’t want. Given, I must not have read the fine print well enough but she still was dishonest with me.
The business practice has shaken me enough that i’m seriously considering going to the store to return the membership card as well as the purchase and getting my money back.

The same thing just happened to me last night. I thought I was signing up for a membership card. Quite embarassed when I realized what I did.
Now I have to decide whether I want to cancel the card right away (which may hurt my credit score a bit) or just never use it.

Lol. Why would you give your SSN for a rewards card?

She magically must have stolen your social security number!! How else could this crooked teenager tricked you into a dicks credit card with her dishonesty.

I had the same experience (although I realized what they’d done before a statement could arrive, and I called and canceled the credit account). It’s VERY MISLEADING!

When you have the card you are actually getting 6.67% back on in-store purchases, not 3%. You would never make a purchase without also using your rewards card since the two are connected. Pretty good if you shop there often, but pay your balance off in full because the interest rate is ridiculous.

While I agree the card is not very good, you have a mistake. you actually earn 2 points for all in-store purchases, not just 1. You only earn 1 point if you use a scorecard without the credit card.

You earn 2 points total, BUT only 1 of those points comes from the credit card. The other point comes from the loyalty program which is separate from the credit card.

Therefore the credit card only earns a measly 1 point per dollar.

Yes, but she says it’s the equal to using the scorecard. It isn’t. It adds another point. If you shop at Dick’s the card is well worth it. Spend 150 bucks and get a 10 dollar reward. Better than most store cards.