Buckle Credit Card: Should You Be Using It?

mannequin at clothing storeI’ve been shopping at The Buckle ever since high school – I like the styles and brands they carry and the prices are usually pretty good. Because I shop there so much, I decided to take a closer look at the Buckle card to see if it would make sense. Here’s my updated review for 2013…

Interest rate?

If you ever carry a balance, even if it’s just for a short amount of time, the Buckle credit card is not what you want to be using. As of Jan. 2011 (the time of writing this) the APR on this baby was a whopping 24.99%… ouch! So if you’re the type of person that doesn’t always pay in full, stay away this thing is dangerous!


This is why I was interested in the credit card from Buckle in the first place. If you’re going to spend money, you might as well earn credit card rewards for doing so, am I right?

Here’s a lowdown on the Buckle card rewards program:

  • Every 4 months is a different “B Rewards” period.
  • For every $300 charged during a given “B Rewards” period, you get $10 to use towards a future purchase.

They really pull a trick by making the rewards expire quickly after being issued:

expiration of rewards 2013 schedule

So if you don’t use them during this short period of time, they become worthless. Really sneaky of them.

Classic vs. Black?

Everyone starts off with the “Classic” Buckle credit card. The website states there’s a minimum credit limit of $250.

The “Black” version of the Buckle card is given after $500+ is spent annually on the “Classic” card. To maintain this level you need to keep spending at least $500 annually.

The extra benefits on the Black version are free shipping on domestic orders and 100 bonus points if a purchase is made during the month of the cardholder’s birthday. Sorry, but if you were expecting benefits of a concierge service and a private jet charter, you will need to turn to the real black credit card from AmEx 😉

Is It Worth It?

After reviewing the application, I was pretty disappointed with the Buckle credit card and here’s why…

  • $10 in rewards for $300 in spending only equals a 3.33% rebate. That’s not very good considering there are major credit cards out there which give up to 5% at all clothing stores.
  • The birthday bonus on the black version isn’t very exciting. If 300 points = $10 rewards, then 100 bonus points = $3.33 in value.
  • What happens to spending that’s more or less than $300? Like if I spend $500 during a 4 month “B Rewards” period, will the other $200 carry over to the next period? I might be wrong, but unfortunately I see nothing on their website which suggests that it would be carried over.
  • The interest rate is ridiculous.

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I have seriously never had worst service. I know that when I bought that $20 purse IF I even used my credit card I would have paid it off immediately. I have extremely good credit and I have never once not paid a bill or racked up late fees. Buckled charged me $35 late fees every month when I was not even aware that the sales person at the time obviously did my transaction wrong (Bellingham store). On top of that NO ONE HAS TRIED TO CONTACT ME Via phone and have said I went “paperless” only to get a FINAL bill payment in the mail for $150 for a $20 purse!!!! Unbelievable. I finally got them to waive 2 service fees so that I only had to pay (only right?) $92 for a $20 purse after being on the phone for like 3 hours (took up my whole Monday morning). Makes me sick I paid all that money for what? I never take the time to write reviews but I am still so angry about this whole situation. I use to love Buckle and got my jeans there but you guys have lost a customer. On top of that I will make sure to let everyone know how awful their service is and how they make your REAL money.

thinking of getting a buckle credit card can anyone tell me how it works

Hi guys, just wanted to drop my .02c. The buckle card is not that amazing, the interest rate is eh, and the buckle rewards program is a joke…..
I don’t like 75% of their preppy/hipster clothes. I do love me some over priced Oakley gear and occasional long shorts though.


The saving grace of this card is the fact it is one of the ONLY store cards that reports to ALL 3 credit bureaus every single month. In the credit rebuilding phase of my life, this card combined with a card from nfcu and usaa cards have helped me jump from post bankruptcy score of 530 to over 700. So buy a little something, pay it off every month and watch your score go up.


How long did it take to increase your score from 530 to 700?

I got a card is it worth useing it?

victoria bailey

is there a monthly fee on these cards? i want to get one but do not want to be stuck paying monthly fees regardless if i use it that month or not.

This review is misleading because it says the interest is 24%. It’s now 2014 the interest rate is 27% annually!! That breaks down to 2.7% for every $100 . You literally pay $2.70 a month for every $100 and that if you don’t pay the balance before the 30 days. Also there is no annual fee. Period. Name a few credit cards out there that can say that. The Brewards breaks down to about 3% cash back but you also get the in store lunch card that works that same. So if you combine the b rewards and the punch card you are basically getting 6% cash back. The buckle also has promotions every few months where card holders get double and triple rewards. The rewards may expire but it shouldn’t be a problem for most buckle card holders. Most buckle card holders frequent the store once a month if not more. And like any card you can pay online with your checking account and in store with cash or check. I see the comment above saying they wouldn’t accept your account. Did you try calling them and telling them what the website said? I am sure such a customer satisfaction driven company would have fixed the problem. Any problem for that matter as long as you contact them and make them aware of the problem. This is all coming from a buckle employee. I am not biased I am very strait forward. If the card doesn’t make sense for you don’t get it! It makes sense for a lot of people and you should be informed of the facts when making a decision not some 3 min blog that isn’t even close to accurate.

When I first got my card through buckle I loved it and I pay it off monthly. I received the buckle black card shortly after I got the classic card. So obviously I spend a ton of money at this store. I get my monthly statements and junk mail from them every month. BUT I have yet to see a b rewards check. They owe me over 60.00 and they basically said that I’m SOL. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m considering closing this card because of this.

Saria Patterson

I love shopping @the buckle and I pay my bills early so it works fine for me

@JK – Sounds like a bonehead move getting a store card to a store you don’t go to. Idiot.

I have had my card for 3 months and love it. If you are a responsible credit card holder and pay the balance off monthly, this card has its rewards. My reason for getting a Buckle card was the benefits and I have several stores within a 75 mile radius. I am not from a large town, but if I did not have a store close I am sure that their Customer Service department would be willing to help with any needs someone may have. PLus they have a website. I have had nothing but great communication with their Customer Service Team and there associates are very friendly. This is better than some service I have received from my other credit companies.

NOT ONLY ALL THIS, but they sent my card to the wrong house. Fine. It was to my mother’s house 1,000 miles away from me. That’s an easy fix. I got the numbers to call and pay. There is a $15 service charge to call and pay, so I proceeded to go online to pay. WOULD NOT ACCEPT MY ACCOUNT NUMBER SO I COULD NOT LOG IN TO PAY ONLINE. It is a trap and they are ROBBING YOU. Such a joke. DO NOT GET A BUCKLE CARD. I’m going up to the store today to pay it all off and tell them to NEVER send me anything again. Did I mention there are no stores where I live? I have to drive hours to the next store.