Brylane Home Credit Card: Are The Coupons Worth It?

Recently I was shopping online for bedding when I stumbled upon, which sells kitchen/bedroom/bath/home décor.

I actually ended up buying my sheets from instead, but did take a good gander at Brylane home and saw they were peddling their own branded credit card.

Should you use it for shopping with them or not?


  • 1 coupon for 20% off the highest priced item in your order (this is a one-time thing given after your Brylane Home credit card application is approved)
  • Promotions and offers that come through email and with the billing statements. There is also a birthday and anniversary offer given to cardholders, but they don’t say what it is.
  • Express checkout on orders at Brylane Home when paying with their card.
  • Easy to get approved for. Since this is not a traditional credit card, getting one of these is rather easy.


  • No program for rewards. So that means no 5% cash back, double travel miles, or anything else paid for with their card.
  • Excessive interest rate. As is the case with most WFNNB-issued credit cards, the Brylane Home card comes with a 24.99% APR.
  • Can be used at Brylane Home only and their affiliated websites like OneStopPlus, BCO, King Size, etc. They used to have a Visa card but it appears they no longer offer it to new applicants.
  • Low credit limits. A quick Google search shows customer complaints about the credit limits being on the low side (but then again, that’s to be expected with this type of card).
  • Limited benefits. One of the advantages of shopping with a major credit card is you get benefits such as a free extended warranty (extends the manufacturer’s warranty up to one-year extra) and purchase protection (reimburses you for new items that are accidentally broken or stolen). You won’t get these perks with the Brylane Home card.
  • Discounts aren’t always competitive. The thing is you can find tons of coupon codes online. For example look at what I found just now on RetailMeNot:

example of coupon

That’s a coupon for 20% off the highest priced item in your order. Isn’t that the same offer the credit card was touting to entice new applicants with?

My advice for 2013?

  1. Skip the credit card from Brylane Home.
  2. Signup for their free email list and get offers that way instead.
  3. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for even more discounts.
  4. When shopping at Brylane Home, use a NORMAL credit card so you can earn rewards!

This post was written or last updated November 3, 2013

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Julie @ Freedom 48

Sounds like it’s not really worth it. Yes, there’s some upfront benefits – but in the long run, there’s no sustainable benefits – and at the end of the day you’ll just have one more credit card to keep track of.