BP Gas Credit Card Review

The BP gas card used to be one of the best on the market, but not anymore…

BP credit cardEver since that BP oil spill fiasco in the Gulf several years ago, Americans have given an extra dose of scrutiny to just about anything related to BP. Some people even went so far as to avoid anything related to this oil company… and now they have yet another reason to avoid them. However, since BP provided their multi-billion dollar settlement with affected businesses, gulf states and consumers some of the furor has died down. So, is their card still worth getting to defray the cost of gasoline?

Comparing the old vs. new rewards program…

The old BP Visa card (discontinued in 2012)

There have been a few years where it was rated by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance as the best gas credit card. And guess what? I agreed! If you came to this page before you would have seen my unbiased BP credit card review (I never advertised them but gave rave reviews nonetheless).
Obviously rewards are the most important thing when it comes to choosing a gas station credit card. The BP gas rewards program was:

  • 5% rebate at BP gas stations – All BP gas stations earned a 5% rebate. Think about it… on $3 gas that’s a savings of 15 cents per gallon. On $4 gas that’s 20 cents per gallon.
  • 2% rebate on eligible dining & travel – I had went to the BP website and read the fine print on their credit card application very closely; for travel this included airlines, lodging establishments, and car rental agencies. For dining it included all restaurants with the exception of fast food.
  • 1% rebate on virtually all other purchases – A straight-up 1% on everything else.
  • Unlimited – The fine print said “There is no maximum number of rebates that you can accumulate in the program.”
  • 10% cash back promotion – During the first 60 days it gave 10% on spending at BP. In terms of a dollar value, the additional 5% wouldn’t total out to be all that much (unless you bought a tanker truckload of fuel) but this offer was still some nice icing on the cake.

Being that the Chase BP gas card had no annual fee, you can see why it was one of the most lucrative given those rewards.

The new BP Pump Rewards program explained

The contrast between the old and new version (which began last year) is like night and day. It went from being the best to one of the worst. Be warned, it’s quite convoluted…

The new program is called “Pump Rewards” but it’s hardly rewarding:

BP Credit Card rewards program

  • For every $100 spent at BP you earn a 15 cents/gallon rebate
  • For every $100 spent elsewhere you earn a 5 cents/gallon rebate

At first this actually sounds pretty good, right? Well I pulled up the BP credit card application and combed over the fine print. Here are the caveats that come with it.

Trick #1: Rebates can only be applied to one fill-up

This is where people with compact to mid-sized cars are really getting the short end of the stick. Why? Because when you choose to use your accumulated rebates, you can only apply them to one fill-up.

So let’s say your credit card account had:

Earned (1) 15 cents/gal rebate at BP (by spending $100)
Earned (3) 5 cents/gal rebates elsewhere (by spending $300)
Total = 30 cents/gal rebate

If you drive a small hybrid, you’ll be lucky to squeeze 10 gallons in the tank. Redeeming the above (30 cents/gal) would only equal a $3 savings on a 10 gallon fillup.

Based on the above scenario, you would have spent $400 but only earned $3, which is a 0.0075% rebate. Not very impressive, is it?

Trick #2: Max fill-up with rewards is 20 gallons

Okay. The reasons whey BP credit card doesn’t make sense if you have a small car have been covered. But what about if you’re driving a gas-guzzler? Then it must make sense, right?

No, not exactly.

When you cash out your rebate, it will only apply to the first 20 gallons. So that means even if you have a gigantic fuel tank, you may not get the discount on your entire fill-up.

Trick #3: Typically must redeem all rebates at once

The only good thing about the new BP Visa is that you can choose when to take the rebates. When you swipe you credit card at the BP gas pump, it will say:

“Use $xx.xx/G Y/N?”

If you select “Y” then it will apply your “pump rewards” to that purchase. Unfortunately there’s no option to only use some of them – it’s either all or nothing.

The only time your rebate balance will carry-over is when it is more than the current price of fuel minus 10.9 cents (so 10.9 cents per gal. must always be paid).


The Chase BP rewards change is not a good thing. Get out your calculator and play with the above numbers and you will see that even in the best case scenario, the maximum value you can get is the equivalent of 3% at BP and 1% elsewhere (and that’s assuming your tank holds 20 gallons).

There is a statement credit option that is an alternative to rebates at the pump. However if you go this route, the max value you can get is 25% less (2.25% from BP spending and 0.75% for other spending).

Conclusion? The Chase BP Visa credit card is really no longer worth adding to your wallet. In fact, there are really no co-branded gasoline credit cards that are worth adding for that matter. There are so many other options that reward you handsomely for gas purchases (along with all other purchases) and give you a myriad of redemption options (not tied to a specific gas retailer)

Recommended Alternatives For 2017?

  1. *Top Recommendation* Blue Cash Everyday or Preferred – Pays you a straight 2% or 3% (depending on which version you choose) on gas at all US stand-alone gas stations
  2. Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard – If your credit could use some help (if it’s only fair or average) then try for this one. It has no annual fee and gives the equivalent of 2% cash back at gas stations without any limits to how much you can earn. This will be the easiest one to get approved for. They also have a version for people with excellent credit.
  3. Discover it – Gives 5% on gas for at least one quarter per year. Other categories earn 5% too. No annual fee.
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I’ve been having a peculiar problem with my BP card lately. For nearly two weeks, my husband and I (with our respective cards) have gotten “see the cashier” every time we try to use our BP card at a BP gas pump. (And no, it’s not a credit issue.) Our rewards per gallon are adding up, but we can’t redeem them at the pump because of this. First time I called, the customer service person for BP/Synchrony said it must have been a problem with that particular pump. I said no — because it had happened at more than one BP station. A different VISA card works at the pumps that don’t accept the BP synchrony card, I explained when I called the second time and got a different person. Okay, said the customer service person. “We’ll send you new cards.” My husband and I got the new cards (same #’s, etc.) and they don’t work at BP — but work at other gas station pumps. So, what’s happening? I called a third time, got a different customer service person, and he didn’t have an explanation or solution — said there must be a mix up in the system. So, my BP rewards Visa card works at Marathon pumps but not at BP? So my Capital One Visa works at BP pumps, but my BP Visa card doesn’t? If both my husband and I are having this problem, I figure others are as well.

This used to be THE best card if you put a lot of miles on your vehicles and especially when fuel prices were high. When Chase decided to change the terms their rewards program I wasn’t happy. Voted with my wallet and switched over another rewards card. However, still had a high credit limit ($15k+) and kept the card around but never used. Swithover to Synchrony Bank didn’t impact me other than activating the new card – same terms/credit limit/etc. Pulled my annual credit report recently and spotted the credit limit on this card had decreased under Sychrony Bank to ~$2500. Contacted customer service – their reply “To protect your account, the credit line was reduced due to inactivity”. Excuse me – WHAT? 800+ credit score, high household income, and the limit is reduced? I don’t buy the nonsense about inactivity/account security – you may contact me directly if you have concerns about account security. My new rewards card caught a legitimate fraud once and called me by phone within 15 minutes.

Cancelling this card. Beware to others.

I have tried contacting customer service several times with a question regarding earning points at the pump. No one has responded to any of my attempts at communication.

This card really irked me when I did a full payment amount for the month (pay off, just like all the experts say to do!) They pulled the money out of my account, posted it to the account of the card, balance shows zero, but available credit doesn’t reflect this. I did it on the 2nd of the month, and when I talked to them, they said sorry too bad so sad the available credit won’t show until the 10th. 8 days !!! I told them that none of my other cards takes that long and I will no longer be using that card, and only keep it open for my available credit ratio. and I will keep the snail mail option so I will be costing them money in the long run. 8 days !!

Avoid the BP Visa credit card from Synchrony Bank!!! I had the BP Chase Visa for over ten years with zero issues. After the change to Synchrony Bank, it has turned into a continual headache. Even though there has been no change in my pattern of usage and no occurences of fraudulent use, I started getting random declined transactions and repeatly had holds placed on my account unless I confirmed the activity, etc. The most recent declined activity was while trying to purchase gas at a BP station within a short distance of my residence. (How ironic is it that a BP card holder would try to buy gas at a BP station and it be deemed possibly fraudulent…) Synchrony Bank’s customer service has been of no help, they just continually repeat a line about monitoring for fraudulent activity and won’t try to do anything within the account to try to prevent denied transactions during normal use by the customer.

I’ve been a card holder since 1978. By taking advantage of points and double points on certain occasions I have received thousands of dollars in gas over the years.Problems have been insignificant.

I’ve had a BP visa card for 20 years–have gone through several bank changes, but the one this spring is the definition of disaster! In addition to “losing” my payment during the switch, these are a few of the top customer service fails I’ve experienced in the past 6mo:
1) denied payment on 3 occasions: One was legitimate fraud. One was at a Dick’s Sporting Goods store. They though it was a purchase in Columbia the country and not the Columbia 5 miles from my house that i shop at every few weeks. One was because I traveled out of state. I was told that i should call them every time i leave the state. HUH?
2) I’ve had fraud or possible fraud 3 times in the last six months. It takes them 5 business days to send a new card. If you happen to be away from home, they cannot figure out how to get the card to you without changing your billing address to your travel address.
3) The “customer service” number on the back of the card is actually the claims department. I’ve had several claims dept people inform me of this. In fact, one person told me it wasn’t his job to provide customer service. HUH?!?!?!?
4) The first person to answer the phone is poorly trained and has no ability to deviate from a written script. I’ve called so many times I now politely ask for their manager after they say hello.
They don’t care if they lose customers, so I’m done with this card.

The Synchrony BP card has the WORST customer “service” that I have seen in my life!! If there is a slight problem (payment applied to the wrong acct), they take 6 weeks to correct it! And quickly after receiving the card earlier this year, I had fraud problem, perhaps due to their mailing procedure.
Stay away from this card!!!

Have been a loyal BP card user since 2006. A credit limit of $6500. and since we have a farm, we run a lot of accounts thru there and sometimes have to pay 2-3 x’s a month. But most months end with a $0. balance. The past two months have had a god-awful time with our internet service provider, and intermittent service, since I pay online, I missed a deadline, but paid a few days later in full. Now, all of a sudden with a $6500. credit limit, 0 balance…they are not accepting my card at our places of business. WHY? Can’t get thru, just get a voice recording that we have $6500. credit limit and we owe no money and have $0.00 balance. I cannot trust this card anymore! And so disappointed as we have used this card as our main card. GO DO BUSINESS ELSEWHERE, SKIP this card!

I just cancelled my BP Amoco Card after 20 Years……absolutely horrible! my interest rate went from 12% to 27% overnight. I have 7 cars and BP just lost all the gas business as well!!

Matt - Detroit MI

Like other have said the switch over to Synchrony Bank has been a struggle. I’m 32 and upping my FICO has been a hobby of mine since I was 18. The switch over cost me my first ever late fee. I did call customer service at Synchrony Bank and they overturned the charge and credited me without question. My name was also “too long’ for the card and they sent me two replacements (so 3 cards in total) and the last one was still short a character so I gave up.

Almost all BP stations in my area give cash price when using a BP Credit card. So that is a perk, but YMMV with that one of course and there’s no hard n fast rule on it.

Also with the switch the program has changed from the post 2012 program described above. Now you get $.25 off per gallon for $100 in BP purchases (gas, inside food, etc), $.15 on the eligible grocery, dining, travel, and $.05 everywhere Visa. The non-credit card or ‘Pump Rewards’ program still uses the $.15 as described in the review. So the actual credit card benefit has gone up slightly. You can capture a 5% return if you have a 20 gallon tank ($100 spent = $.25 per gallon x 20 gal = $5 savings or %5 of $100). It’s still crappy if you can’t max out the reward fill up with 20 gallons. Also, who wants to calculate when they will run out of gas and fill up? I can tell you 3 times in past two months I’ve tried to work out my commute and when I’ll be empty because there are no BP stations by work. Twice I had to stop at a Shell station and get a couple gallons to get home, then I drive around town to get on empty. I have a 17 gallon fill up if I’m running on low fuel warning for a few miles.

You can get a statement credit still but you take it with a penalty as noted in the review, so meh.

There is also a special offer for new BP visa customers, it will earn you $.25 per gallon on every $100 spent anywhere Visa is Accepted except non-bp gas stations for your first 90 days. They also ran this same promo for existing customers through from 6/1/15-9/1/15

CreditCardGuru (article author), thank you for the detailed examples in your article. I am a BP Visa card holder and I wanted to understand the changes to the reward program. Love them or hate them, at least with your article, now I understand them. Again – thank you. – Doug

I’ve tried to contact a customer service person on 6 different occasions to check where my new card was since they closed out my old card. I was put on hold every time and waited up to 45 minutes, 30 minutes and 25 minutes before hanging up frustrated as hell. I think it’s
time to dump this card for good. The rewards are a joke.. Service is terrible.

The change over to Synchrony has been a nightmare. In over 30 years we have never had so many issues with a credit card company as we have had with Synchrony. Everything from incomplete names on the card (they claim the name is too long, but it’s only a problem with this particular card) to declining purchases at random. Then Synchrony doesn’t tell you that there is a problem with your card. We are people who pay our bill every month and have never been close to our credit limit. There is no rhyme or reason to what they do. When we call, they can’t explain why a charge has been declined. It becomes a guessing game. Maybe the system flagged you because the online purchase was made late at night, or you made too many purchases in one day. What is the limit we ask and why? They replied that the limit is ten. Then they said it was 20. Then they said there is a formula. So if we are shopping at the mall, we will probably be able to buy some items, but our will be declined at dinner? Who knows? This has been an absolutely frustrating experience. We never had a problem with Chase or any other credit card company until now. Synchrony is an unreliable mess. BP made a big mistake.

BP initially charged me interest and a late fee because I was not able to pay my bill when they were switching their system to the new bank I can’t even spell. There are no BP stations within 100 miles of me anymore, so the new rewards are useless. I did get to talk to customer and they finally corrected it and gave me a $50 credit, but I am leaving BP. I should have left when they screwed up the Gulf of Mexico, but now…they screwed with my credit!

I just got $.96/gallon reduction in cost on 16 gallon fill up. What’s wrong with that?
Synchrony BP Visa

I’m so glad I closed my BP Visa card with Chase just before the switch over to Synchrony Bank. By doing so I avoided the headache that comes with doing business with Synchrony.

This card is now getting even worse as they are apparently eliminating the statement credit option as the card moves from Chase to Synchrony Bank. BP has recently announced their “new” rewards program much as they did in 2012 – ignoring the fact that the program is getting worse for many customers and perhaps hoping they don’t notice. On top of that, this transfer of banks has been managed very badly – via a letter a few months ago which didn’t provide much info and then wasn’t executed promptly. I am a 25 year cardholder in this program but will now leave it since it is no longer competitive with other cards. This is truly a bad deal relative to others available in the marketplace.

This review left out maybe the most important benefit: At least here in NJ I get the cash price when using the BP Visa card. That saves 10 cents per gallon right there, which is 3.3% with gas prices around $2.50/gal. That adds to the max 2.25% rebate for gas. Of course that assumes that the station does not have same price for cash/credit. All but one that I know of around here does charge the fee.

I don’t remember when that started but it was sometime after the change described in the review. I had thought about dropping the card, but when this “cash price” benefit started it was worthwhile again — at least for gas purchases. For all other purchases you still only get the max 0.75%, so I use other cards for everything else.

I found out here in NY that the cash price at the pump is solely at the discretion of the BP gas station. That gas station giving the cash price with the BP Visa card may reprogram their pumps at will to give you the credit card price instead.

The rewards are not my issue. I lost them when I moved to a non-BP state (Colorado) but I liked having a long and strong credit history. What I don’t like is the pitiful service I have received from BP and Chase online. Nowhere have I recv’d a notification that BP was changing banks and I went to log in and pay my bill on the usual day except that my login is inactive and I should ‘Contact BP’. BP has repeatedly been a hassle with their cookie requirements and having to email a confirmation code every month just to pay their bill. (My security scrubs all the cookies every day. Security first!) There have been other hassles but this is the last one. Once I get my final billing I will park the card and let it sit. I can’t afford to cancel it right now since I’m still looking for work but as soon as it’s possible I am gone for good.

I’ve had the Chase BP Visa card since 1986. The card used to have an excellent rewards program. The key words in that sentence were “used to”. In 2012, Chased changed the rewards program for the worse. I kept the card and felt it was still ok provided that I redeemed my points when gas during the “Double Up” promotion which in 2014 was the 22nd of each month. I just learned today that Chase once again devalued points by eliminating the Double up promotion. I do not recommend this card. There are much better options available that offer better rewards. Additionally, the customer service is terrible, most likely located in some third world location where customer service is not important.

I waited till the 22nd to fill up for double savings, now I found out no more
double savings, as soon as my balance is paid I will cancel my card, much better deals out at this time. If everyone would cancel them maybe they will get the message!!!!!

don;t use chase

Agreed. The peppered me with lower cost balance transfers. Did on. Come to find out it an interest rate hook. THEY charge interest on purchases even if you paid them off the same month you made and purchase and even paid the monthly minimum on top of that. They say the balance transfer is still outstanding but there is supposed to be 0% interest on that, until there isn’t..even again if you paid off the purchases and minimum balance for the month.


Does anyone know if the Double Up days is being continued into 2015? That makes this card worthwhile…


Gerry, I too called yesterday, while trying to use my double points at the pump, and was advised that double days no longer is a promotion. I too will be finding a new card to use. Those double days were great! Especially when taking an extra 5gal gas can to max out the perk. 😉

No double up days in 2015. BP card just keeps getting worse and worse…

I started with Gulf Oil Co. in the ’60s and have been a loyal BP customer since it absorbed Gulf. I try to only buy gas on the 22nd of every month using double-up rewards. On that day I fill up each of my three cars and put the excess (up to 20 gallons) in one of several large gas cans I have. Occasionally, I’ll buy a 4th and 5th 20-gallon allocation that day as well. 100 gallons is the most I have bought on one double-up rewards day. It’s a little more trouble than just pulling up to the pump and filling up, but 100 gallons at 10.9 cents per gallon, and using only half of my rewards (i.e., $1.50 to get a $3.00 discount), is great! The downside is that I have heard that BP is divesting all stations in Tennessee. When that happens, my rewards will be next to worthless, and I’ll cease to be a BP customer.

For the past couple months my local BP pumps no longer prompt for the use of the discount per gallon. My account shows I’ve accumulated $.16 per gallon but I have no way to redeem it!!

Are you using your BP Driver Rewards card at the same time? Apparently if you use that card, even if only to get rewards and not redeem on that purchase, you will not be able to redeem rewards from the BP Visa card.

Well, Chase Bank BP, has told us they will NOT be issuing cards for BP with a chip on them. This is one of the best fraud protections. Thus, I will be closing my Chase BP account in due time. As I recall, JPM Chase was recently hacked bigger than Target or Home Depot.

Double rewards on the 22nd but I’ve noticed lately that they hike the price 30 cents or so on that date.


Bad is getting worse. My local BP station is now using “Cash/Credit” pricing. The sign says that to obtain a 5 cents per gallon discount you must use cash or a BP card. I used my BP VISA and did not receive the discount. The station manager told me that the BP VISA did not qualify for the discount.

They give the discount in Michigan… I’ve been doing it for quite a while…

Chuck, my understanding is that it is up to the individual BP Station whether or not they will give you “Cash” price with your BP card. I avoid certain stations because they do not honor the discount.

IF you can get 20 gallons at a time, this is the best card I have found. It amounts to 1%, 2%, and 3% for gas. IF you can put 20 gallons in your vehicle and/or gas cans on the 22nd of any month, this becomes a 2%, 4%, 6% card!!! Think about it… all rebates go to $/gal discount, so you aren’t just doubling your gas rewards. It doubles them all! Just don’t let them accumulate to the point of being too close to the price of a gallon. Double up days make this card the best in my opinion.

I hated this new reward card at first. Now I love it. Every 22nd of the month they double the reward points, so fill up then. Also, My tank is only 15 gallons so I bought a 6 gallon tank to fill the remainder in. In the last 2 years I’ve filled up over 10 times using this trick. Think about the amount of savings. 20gal x 10trips x $3.50 = $700. How can I complain about that!

I have been with BP for over 40 years and they have gone from one of the very best reward cards to one of the very very worst.I haven’t used my BP Visa for nearly a year because I didn’t want to drop it and affect my credit score but it is about time for them to send me a new BP visa card and I am telling them not to bother,i am just letting the card run out.
I am using a Sheetz Visa and getting 8 cents of the pump price right away and also building rewards for all purchases.
I’m through with BP

many bp stations have sold out to AGO and other companies. How the heck can I plan a trip and find what stations are still bp on trip to fla pan handla from Grand Rapids Mi along the way??


I just received my 2014 Double-up notification in the mail. BP is changing their double up days to the 22nd of EVERY month for all of 2014. NICE JOB BP.

For 2014, the 22nd of every month are double up days.

I just take 5 gallon jugs with me on double up days so I can always get 20 gallons…..siphon gas into tanks as needed…..over Thanksgiving 4 day period ….got 100 gallons for almost free…….so far in 2013 = about $750 free gas. On Nov. 30 ( which supposed to be a double up day)……still had $2.18 …..pump did not double…..paid $0.92 / gallon…..called BP Card……$2.18 reinstated……..BP really screwed themselves on Nov. 30. 100 gallons filled up 6 cars in family + 17 gal still in 5 gal cans. Paid real estate taxes (no fee) with card….$6k = 40 free gallons!

Chris, that is awesome. I hated the new BP card initially, but if you only use it for purchasing BP gas (with the Pump Rewards double dip), and then you only redeem rewards on the double up days, you can get a 6% return on gas.

For those of us willing to play the game, it’s a great deal. For those that can’t take the time to learn how to play the game, get a Chase Freedom card.

Been waiting for Double Up days and went to fill up at closest 7 Eleven (BP) station. Sheetz, across the street and Circle K were 6¢ a gallon cheaper. Asked when they were going to lower their prices and got a “no comment”/”not my job” answer.

Went to fill up, answered all the questions at the pump (Receipt? Using rebates? Car wash? Zip code?) and started to fill up. THE PUMP TOOK OVER 6 MINUTES TO PUMP 2 GALLONS. I asked for them to speed up the pumps because I need to pump 20 gallons and got another “Can’t do; not my job” answer.

Because of everyone else complaining also, the attendant finally came out and told everyone to hold the nozzles up in the air for (either 15 or 50) seconds and it may help. I asked what if that would cut off my delivery. No answer so I DID NOT hold my nozzle in the air as instructed.

After 35 minutes (from the time I started measuring), I was able to finish pumping my 20 gallons.

You might find this laughable, but the same thing happened this past February (same station) when I was trying to collect my rebate. And that time, a lady was sitting in her car talking on her phone with gas running out the fill spout onto the ground because, I assume, there was not enough pressure for the automatic shut-off to work. Then they shut the pumps off, so I could not finish pumping my 20 gallons. Yes, unbelievable!

Thank you, BP!

DAVE: that is the station’s fault . . . not “BP’s” as you put it. If you don’t like that station, don’t give them your business.

Great info. I’ve always knew when the switchover was made, that behind the complicated rewards details, that BP stood to gain by offering less rebates. I used to earn $25 or $50 in a rebate check every billing period before the change. Now I’m lucky if I get $10 in fuel rebates each month. I already have the Costco American Express and Chase Freedom and I’m using those more often now.

This is still the best card and use it with the rewards card it is even better. 2.5% better than the old card:)

I agree . . . double dipping with the FREE Driver Rewards program has saved me more money than before! Thanks BP.

This gives good information.

I dont know about the new BP chase card. but speedy rewards sucks. after six months spending about 2,000.00 on gas All I can get is a cold sandwich. on redeem points. what a JOKE

Is there someplace that lists the double rewards days? I used to get a flyer in (snail) mail and an email, but nothing for this Labor Day’s promotion.

First, there is a mathematical mistake in the article under Trick #1. The % rebate in the example should read 0.75% not 0.0075%. Second, if you use the card primarily for gas and accumulate rebates and cash them in on “double holidays” you can actually achieve a rebate that is more than the original program. For example, I usually put 18 gallons in my truck. For $100 of spending this results in $0.15 x 2 = $0.30/gallon. Multiplied by 18 gallons = $5.40 per $100 spent on gas which is 5.40%. This benefit effect is diluted by the lower rebates of other purchases and, of course, there is no guarantee that the double holidays will always exist.

Are you certain the conditions have changed back or does the card just look like the old card? They have always had the old card available. There is nothing on the web site about a change in conditions.

As far as I can tell, the renewal I got is the old card with the same terms and conditions. But time will tell when I start using it and get my first bill.

What are the double rewards days over labor day?…

I just filled up expecting “double rewards” as this is Labor Day (a holiday).

Didn’t get double rewards. What a crock!

@ Bill:

If you look at your statement, it will show the amount used taken care and then a credit back to you for half the amount. Hence, doubling your reward (if you can understand math).

Well, I just got my BP Chase Visa renewal and guess what? It’s the old card that we all love with the flat 5% gas rebate, 2% dining and travel rebate and 1% rebate for all other purchases. I was very surprised. I was expecting the new BP Visa card that everyone seems to hate. But I’ll take the old one over the new one any day of the week.

This card was once good. Now they are charging a high fee for use. I have quite using my card, but forgot about the fee.

I would like to know what the best gas card is to carry. I don’t charge a lot or maybe on vacations etc.

I use the Bank of America Visa. 3% on gas, anywhere, 2 on grocery, 1 on everything else. I also use BP VISA because I have large van and can always fill 20 gal. Their holiday double rewards are good , too. Got 20 gal for $3.68 on Memorial Day. You have to get you calculator out and play the what if numbers. By the way, the BOA will send you a check.

BP must think we are all stupid, trying to make us believe their rewards program is good.

Used B/P for all gas purchase under the old 5% rebate, it was the best card. Now don’t use BP card. or need to buy gas at BP as my Chase card gives me 5% and can go to any station.

To bad. Liked B/P rebates.

I hate the new card, but since I have it, have been trying to use it according to the new rules.

Last statement announced double rewards for July 4-6 so I intentionally planned a fill on the 6th. Used GasBuddy.com to find the lowest price among the six BP stations I use. Drove four miles out of my way to visit the chosen one and guess what?….. The pump didn’t offer any rewards!

Called Customer Service today. Well, not all BP stations “participate”. Told me to go to pumprewards.com to search for a participating station. Did that and, guess what, ALL of the BP stations I regularly visit are listed as PARTICIPANTS in the rewards program. This is not the first time I visited one of them, expecting to use rewards, only to discover that the station computer or whatever, did not offer rewards. When you are driving on “fumes” in order to maximize the fill, you don’t have the option to drive around to find another station!

Either a listed station participates all the time or should be removed from the list. I plan to write the manager of “pump rewards”, if I can find out the name and address! Any info out there on this?

LJ, I called the 1-800 number on the back of the card, and they said you can call them immediately after you fill-up to make sure the rewards points went through or not. Sounds like you may want to call them *before* filling up. I’ve only been to one BP before where the machine was not recognizing that I had rewards points at all; it was weird.

When we found out that if we only took our Honda Civic which rarely uses more than 10 or 11 gallons to fill up, we started taking both of our vehicles at the same time and just fill both tanks from the same nozzle. We always get our 20 gallons in rebates and love the double day holidays!

I have had no trouble with the double rewards promotion. I have used it twice.
I like the BP Pump Rewards. The only hassle is I have to meet my wife at the gas station so we can fit the whole 20 gallons in.

I loved the old program. 5% on gas, 2% on all groceries and dining (including fast food) and 1% on every thing else. When I heard the program was changing, I immediately cashed in my rewards. The new program has its benefits but not enough to keep the card. I plan on getting rid of it soon. I was able to use my rewards on double rewards day and paid only $.10 for gas. I too took gas cans to get the last 3 gallons because I only have a 17 gallon tank. My issue is that when I returned to the SAME gas station, they no longer participate in the program. I can’t help but feel like it may have had something to do with my $.10 fill up because the gas attendant looked at me like I was stealing when he handed over the receipt. Now BP seems to be one of the most expensive gas stations in my area. One BP near me is located right next to Citgo and BP is always .20 higher! I have to drive 5 miles out of my way to visit a participating BP so I will just stick to using my Discover, Chase Freedom, and PNC Rewards Visa. Between the 3, I’m always getting either 5 or 4% back on gas.

You have to actually educate yourself on the program. You can redeem a $20.00 statement credit vs. using your rewards at the pump this way you can always ensure that you receive your maximum rewards. The only exception is on “double days” when you should use your rewards at the pump BUT only if you are at $1.00/gallon eligible. This way you wind up getting over $2.00 off/gallon which at a 12 gallon tank would be $24.00 higher than the $20.00 Again otherwise you should always just do a statement credit.

Caroline, no, under this new program since last year it’s only a $15.00 statement credit, not $20.00 so in almost all cases (except a very small fuel tank) it’s worse to go that route.

double up days may 25-27 was a SCAM, tried to use it may 26 jocked me out after only 5 gallons. Then on hay 27 at a different bp station it locked me out before I could pump anything! Guess what may 28 my card started working again!!

Every BP gas reward is a scam!! BP lured people to their so called “privately owned” station, which did not recognize these reward codes and charged full price, which were much higher than regular gas stations. Their general question line people refused to help us to get our money back even they acknowledged the mistakes in the gas stations. BP benefits from their stations “mistakes” and not protect their customers!

When is the double reward program in May 2013. I thought it starts from 5/25 is this correct?

I was dubious at first but the double rewards are coming at a pretty common interval and make the new confusing to track program okay as there aren’t many alternatives. I believe the announced ones are late May, July and Thanksgiving. 3 day periods. I bring along fuel containers to max out my 20.

I’m trying to figure out if and how the new non credit card reward program with work with the card. So far if you use the new BP reward program card, if you swipe the BP credit card after, it does not ask you if you want to use the built up credit card credits. I don’t know if the purchase will count towards those credits if you use the reward card.

They do count, just when you want to cash in rewards on visa card you ca’t use the rewards card

I love the new card better because I use a lot of fuel. The 5% cards was capped at $500 for fuel which amounted to $25. Now the 3% is not capped and when I use $2800 per month that amounts to $84. I also use rewards card along with visa and I get about 4.5% back. Which is close to the 5%. Just make sure with rewards card you put in 20 gallons in 2 FILLS. not 20 gallons in 1 fill. When you cash in on 20 gallons put in 20 gallons and then put in 1 gallon to make best use of card. This program does no work well on small cars with small tanks.

I didn’t receive the letter from Chase in 2012 to downgrade my Chase Visa card. I still have the original rewards program more than a year later. I don’t know for how long, but I’m still enjoying 5% on BP gas. Now BP is advertising a separate rewards card called “Driver Rewards” on national television. You can use any payment method with Driver Rewards. I picked one up at a BP station last night, and it gives a straight .10 per gallon discount at the pump for the first fill up. I used that together with my BP Visa and got both discounts. You have to either call in or register it online before you can use it. It seems confusing to roll out a loyalty card called Driver Rewards when they already have a credit card with Pump Rewards. I wonder if that is due to customer dissatisfaction with the BP Visa card.

cancelled the card and will never fill up on a BP station again as long as I have another option. Used to be a loyal BP customer.
Congratulations BP – job well done.

I love the new card. I have pickup and uses a lot of diesel, more than 20 gallons. I save for the double rebates and it then pays 6%. 6% is better than 5%.

I got the new rewards card and loved it, and still do. BP prices are relatively competative; if not, I don’t worry about it. Critic missed on detail: you don’t get the nickel discount on purchases at other gas stations (I do at Sam’s Club as it goes through as Sam’s, not gas). Anyhow, during the first 60 days we bought Christmas presents, stuff for a couple of rental houses, etc. When I chose to use the rewards, I got tankfull after tankfull of gas for 10.9 centers per gallon. I kept receipts and the critic is wrong. The pump stops after you dispense 20 gallons, but you can, if you want, just start up again – or wait until next time (have 26 gal tank on my crew cab pickup) I even filled two vehicles at once and when I had lots of credit, both pumped for 10.9 cents/gallon. Going to have my wife fill out an application this spring when we plan to buy a bunch of stuff to remodel another rental house we bought – at 5% we should earn at least $500 worth of free gas!!

I have the old BP Visa reward card that will expire in Sept 2013. By far this is the best Visa reward card ever issued. Unfortunately, the new BP Visa reward card has nothing to write home about. Come September, I’m planning on keeping the account open for the purpose of keeping my credit score high. I’m planning on not activating the new card so that I won’t have to use it. Too bad BP and Chase couldn’t leave a good thing alone.

This BP card is now such a JOKE! Not only do you get screwed on your ‘BP Rewards’ which used to be 5% on BP gas purchases but NOW THEY DEFRAUD YOU! Check it out the next time you fill up. Tonite, I filled up my truck since it was the last day to get ‘DOUBLE REWARDS’ on their new promotion. Gas here today is $3.979/gallon ‘cash price’ if you use your BP CARD. just like always, right? WRONG! I got my ‘DOUBLE REWARDS’ price, but it was based on the $4.079 ‘credit’ price that ‘Non-BP CARD HOLDERS’ pay and NOT the ‘cash’ priced promised if you use you freakin’ BP CARD!
BP FOLKS must think we’re all IDIOTS. I, personally, am done with them and their gas and their illegitimate operation! BP, please all me…I’d love to tell you what I really think! Good bye, BP!

BP Card Sucks

BP recently sent out a new set of double rebate dates. Does anyone when they are?

Feb 15-18, 2013

My most recent statement says the double reward periods will be Labor Day (Aug 31-Sept2) and Thanksgiving (Nov 27 -30).

I love the BP pump rewards card. I have not paid more than 10 cents per gallon for gas since early december. Granted, I charge ALOT to this card, and we bring a 5 gallon can to take whatever the car does not. We saved over $600 in gas purchases in just the first month! After the introductory 2 months, obviously the savings will be less. But I would say that $1000 in gas savings in 2 months is worth it!!!

Is there an additional rebate in January?

This whole rewards program is a scam and here’s how. The BP stations in my area all have a cash price and credit card price which is on average 10 cents higher. When I used my card for a regular purchase and don’t redeem any rewards, I pay the lower cash price per gallon. I have noticed that when I use my card and try to redeem the rewards, they take it off the higher credit card price which makes no sense at all. One time I wanted to redeem a 5 cents per gallon savings and I actually paid 5 cents more per gallon as it would have been cheaper to not redeem any rewards and just pay the regular cash price.

you guys don’t have a clue, we have been giving over $900 a day back with the BP card in rewards during the double rewards holiday rebates….Every day we folks in michigan have figured how to fill up when our tank is low and maybe bring in a can and save $50 to $80 on a purchase of 20 gallons.. How much are your savings with your max rebate of $75 a quarter twice a year on your chase freedom card or your discover card once you have purchased a base of $2000 before your earnings

Does anyone know when the BP double cents off promotions are running for? I noticed that my pump rewards doubled during Thanksgiving week, and I’m hoping they do the same around Christmas.

With the double cents off promotion, this card is a bit more valuable. But the card is still confusing to use and only makes sense if you buy 20 gallons when using the reward.

November 21-25 and December 23-28

too confusing to sign up
dont really explain, is it a credit card or rewards cards
site really trys to get u to get a credit card
just selling off your company BP, guess now its time to blow off your local customers too

Pen Fed platinum is best at 5% cash back on all fuel no matter where you buy it.

I was glad to have the card when I was buying fuel for a semi. No more. I am shopping for a replacement card.

Add to the list of complaints:
If you use the rewards at a bp station that also gives a discount for things like buying a carwash at the pump, then the bp reward will overrule the other discount even if it’s less. Example- I bought gas and a wash with the sign indicating a $0.20/gal reduction. I also chose to use my $0.12/gal bp reward. The pump programming (which is written by BP) only gave me the $0.12/gal reduction. There’s also no way to cancel the purchase at that point…. I confirmed all of this with the store manager who told me that they’ve been trying top get bp to change the programming and bp won’t do it.

I have the old BP Chase Visa card and it’s good for one more year. I will continue to take advantage of the 5% gas rebate, 2% travel and dining rebate and 1% rebate for all other purchases. But after the year is up, I’m sure BP Chase will send me the new card and I plan to NEVER use it and just keep the account open to keep my credit score high. Or if I can afford a few credit points taken off, I will close the account altogether. BP Chase needs to hear from its loyal customers that we are not happy with the changes to the new card.

Edward Eskdale

I was ripped off today using my BP gas card. Cash price for gas $3.639. Pump asked if I wanted to use my .05 per gallon rebate I said yes. When I got the receipt I was charged $3.649 per gallon a penny more than If I had not used the “rebate”. Gas station clerk said that you have to pay the credit card price in order to get the rebate. BP agreed that it was up to the individual station owner..if they took the cash back incentive away. So where is the rebate? I told them to cancel my card……I’m thinking they should be reported to consumer protection because the BP gas card is NOT the same as cash and their rebate is a sham………their customer service people were pretty rude about the issue also……

I purchased gas at the BP-7Eleven, 28200 HWY 27, Dundee, Fl on 9-8-12 using my BP credit card. The sign advertised the price $3.689 using cash or BP credit card. When pumping the gas I used the rewards option of $0.03 per gallon. I pumped the gas and noted on the receipt that I paid $3.699 per gallon, higher than the advertised price using cash or BP credit card. The manager, Patel, explained that when I used the rewards the price was $3.729, the credit card (I assume he meant the non BP credit card) price, and the rewards was then applied making the price per gallon $3.699. In effect, I was charged an extra penny per gallon and lost $0.03 per gallon rewards credit by using the rewards option at this station. I paid more for the gas using rewards than I would have just using my BP gas card. This makes no sense. This policy is displayed at the pump, but is not readily apparent. Beware. If you buy gas at this station (I wouldn’t) and use your BP gas card, don’t opt to apply rewards credit to the price.

I’ve haad my BP credit card for nearly 40 years 1973 and things have never been this bad on the rewards program. I allways had rewards but under this new set up it sucks just 2 weeks ago i had a $0.50 discount on my gas purchase which i declined because i wanted t wait untill my tank could hold 15 gallons or so of gas. The next time i was nearly empty and was counting on the 50 cent discount and it did’nt appear i had no choice it had vanished,this doesnt make any sence at all. I’ll have to call coustomer service to have them put it back so maybe by the next fillup it will be there.
No matter i intend to drop BP like a hot potatoe and i’ll be useing my Discover card alot more, one would think after 40 yers of being a good coustomer that has allways been on time with my payments BP would give me better treatment.

I agree all the way – I can’t believe this card can even be legal? No information on your statement – no clear explanation of the actual rewards that you laid out with some heavy math brain useage…From best to worst – for sure. Our BP station gives 7c off for cash – better than card these days — I gave up on Discover a long time ago due to their $3000 you need to spend every year before all their fancy rewards kick in besides having to sign up for the specials every quarter. Amazon is the card these days…it is Chase too but still has clear cut rebates & simple straight forward redemption choices.. For Now anyway.

I finally used my first (and last) pump rewards. Almost all of my charges were for dining, previously rebated at a rate of 2%. I calculated that my rebate rate using pump rewards would be 1.5% IF I filled up with 20 gallons. As my car only holds 17.3 gal., I drove around with the fuel warning light on for a couple of days and took ny 5 gal. gas can with me. However, I was only able to pump 18.8 gal., filling both my car and the gas can, so my actual rebate was even less than the 1.5%.

Eric Williams

Thank you so much for this post! It was exactly what I was looking for – I don’t have the time or the ability to read through the legalese and figure out the details. I had the brochure in my hand ready to mail and I decided to run a quick Google search. Man, with the power of the internet, it’s amazing there’s still suckers.

This is the first time in I can’t remember how many years that my BP credit card balance is at -0- and it will stay thay way. I encouraged all my family members to use the BP credit card and now they have followed me in using another card. It sucks to be BP and the executives who decided to screw their most loyal customers. I recently talked to a new owner of a well established BP gas station and he is really regretting his business decision. Since BP changed their rewards his business has gone down 38% of last years sales. Good job BP !!

Well BP, thanks a lot for NOTHING. I still have several small monthly automatic payments on my Chase/BP card, and through these I accumulated a $0.32/gallon rebate. So I decided to patronize BP for the first time in weeks to use the rebate. Well, after I keyed in “yes” to accept the 32 cents/gallon rebate, the gas pump literally slowed down to about 1 minute per gallon dispensed. I sat there for almost 20 minutes waiting for the pump to trickle the gas into my tank. I guess the idea is that the customer will get frustrated waiting and simply hang up the pump, forfeiting the already poor rebate.

In addition, the final number of gallons dispensed on the display was over one gallon MORE than my tank will hold! So somehow they fixed it so it appears that I got more gasoline than I did, which is another way to screw me out of the already poor rebate. BP, listen up. You absolutely SUCK. By the way, I got cellphone pictures of everything including my receipt. I hope you get exposed, and soon.

All of my vehicles seem to take more gas than the tank is rated for. Most of the extra is probably in the fuel hose between the filler cap and the tank. I can put the best part of 43 gallons in my 40 gallon Suburban tank.
If you think the pump is crooked, ask the State to check it. The information is on a sticker on every pump. Or empty a one gallon water jug and fill it with gas, to check the pump display. Then put the gas in the tank, because that jug is not safe to carry gas in.

If you need to pump more than 20 gal. you have to waste time doing a second transaction as the limit on the rebate is 20 gal and the pump will stop just like if you are in an area where they have a $$ value limit on how much you can pump on one transaction. If you pump less than 20 gal it appear the rebate disappears. It’s a pain in the ***. While the credit card company is responsible for all the fine print it’s still a BP brand card and if they didn’t like it they could negotiate a change that was more customer friendly! Thumbs down on the new program.

Just want to say that I wish I knew how it all works. The cents off per gallon SEEMS to adjust to small tanks, i.e if you don’t use up a lot of the rebate on the first fill up, it will offer you a high value again at the next fill up. It appears that you get the same value from the program whether you take the cents off at the pump OR the $15 off your bill. I’m not sure, it just seems that way.

Not for me. After I hung up the pump, the rebate started over at zero.

I’m both confused and disapointed in Chase BP’s rewards program because its done alot of good for my wife and i over the years but what good is it now.
I understand more from this forum than i did back in March when BP sent out it’s new rewards notice, what a screwed up mess the rewards are cut in half just at a time when we the consumers could use a little help. I’m not sure wich card i’ll be useing but i have a Discover card and thats a start, the quarter beginning June 1’st has a %5 percent discount on gas so i am putting my BP card in my safe while i decide what to do with it, hopefuly they will wake up and make useing their card worthwile again.

I also think this new program STINKS. We have a pick-up that takes 30 gals., so 20 gals is nothing! Have already appiled and gotten a new credit card. Liked the old program better when you got money back for using “their” credit card. Also you only get .5cent back on spending a 100.00, that’s nothing! Even Winn-Dixie gives you .5 cent back by spending $50.00. Not planning on using this credit card, not worth it.

Both my husband and I scratched our heads and said, this is the most confusing rebate program ever.

We would rather have the 5% back with our gas bills being well over $600 per month (and that is with one of us car pooling!), but we did the math and at least we have a gas guzzler to get the full 3% back which is 1% more than any of the other cards we have.

To my dismay, I paid at the pump the first time we used the rebates and the discount came off of the credit price – not the cash price. The clerk told me that you have to go inside in order to get the cash price and the rebate at the same time.

Seriously? Is this BP’s way of getting people in the store? How can BP sell the new rebate program as more convenient as an at the pump discount when you can’t pay at the pump? Because the clerk could not do anything for me, I called the credit card customer service and he was nice enough to add 10 cents per gallon in rewards to my card to make up for the loss of the cash price. Yes, I was annoyed and angry and it was a matter of principle over the $2.

I just hope enough people call and complain about this to fix it. BP should not be pocketing this benefit now that they are now probably making at least 2% more on every purchase as it is.

I just received a new flyer from BP and it states in fine print: The rewards you earn in this program are called cents per gallon Rebates (“Rebates”). You will earn Rebates at a rate of $.0015 for each $1 (which equates to 15c in Rebates for each $100) of Net Purchases made at participating BP locations…

Loved receiving $.05 for each $1 spent. Ten gallon tank means we are ending our use of card.

Like everything else BP, resorting to smoke (thick), & mirrors, they figure if they can fool half the people? Well SWEET ..

Last march I opened a BP card and didn’t go anywhere but BP to get gas until they changed the program. The part that makes me the most mad is that I used to get the cash price PLUS the 5% back, now it’s the credit price. So basically I have to use rewards just to get the cash price. If they still gave me that I would keep using it despite the lowered rewards but alas, they got me so I haven’t gone to a bp since March 3rd and will avoid them like the plague. I should mention that I deliver pizzas for a living while I finish school so I buy a considerable amount of gas. I think that anyone that already had the card should’ve been grandfathered in to the original rewards program and future cardholders would start the new program.

Switching Back to AMEX Simplycash. I’ll keep the BP Signature Open, but just b/c its a signature card with no annual fee. AMEX and every other cheaper gas station out there will welcome my business. And once again, I’ll enjoy my 3% no fuss AMEX rebate at the end of every month. Bad move on BP’s part. Grocery stores have better gas rebate programs.

I received the mailings and the stuffers, and was confused at the pump. Then I read the paperwork again. I made my living as a tax specialist, and finally called BP this morning. The credit card rep explained it well, and all that confirmed what some have said below:

From a simple, generous plan, to a complex, far less generous plan. The one plus is that the rewards are quickly realized, but it doesn’t work well when the cents off go against the credit card price rather than the cash/BP credit card price.

Like others, we will looking elsewhere, I believe I had read that Exxon/Mobil is one of the better ones, and with gas prices almost the same at all outlets here, the math become simple.

Give BP boos for obvioiusly not making comparisons between the old and new programs and none of it in everyday English.

Also a loyal user for the past 4 years. I pulled in over $900 in rebates last year filling our 4 gas guzzlers. Over $30,000 in charges last year. Someone said they don’t like deadbeats like me who pay off my card every month. I disagree. I bought a helluva a lot of gas, exclusively at BP and they made 1-2% off of all of my other purchases via merchant charges.

Those charges, plus profit off the gas, surely equates to at least the money they gave me. They now have lost my gas business and the money from merchant charges. I guess it’s a drop in the bucket to a multi-billion dollar corporation, but $900 buck is not a drop to me – it’s real money.

I will now use Discover for 6 months a year and am applying for PenFed 5% off gas at the pump. None of that will be spent at BP. By the way, I e-mailed Customer Service about their “deceptive” description of the program. Who the heck understands “cents in cents per gallon rebates”? Is that even proper English? They were ambivalent at best. Now I am ambivalent about using their card. Adios!

snip snip! What a joke of a “rewards” card.

I love the redemption at the pump. It’s easy and I don’t have to wait 2 months for a $25 check. I get my rewards instantly.

Compared to other gas cards this still has the most value as I make sure to redeem for 20 gallons. I can see all of my transactions online and how much is available anytime.

Yes it is less valuable than 5% but the fact is 5% is gone from many programs. Freedom is 5% for 1 or 2 quarters a year and the earnings are capped. BOA is 3% but their customer service and online experience is terrible. Stop kicking it and just give it a try.

Yes, but 5% for half the year and 0% the rest of the year is still 2.5% average, which is higher than the 2.25% (at best) that you will get at BP. Factor in that BP gas is almost always higher in price around here, and you are losing money to continue using this card. Yes it’s easy – that’s what they want people to do – take the easy route so they get to keep more of your money. Also, it takes me 2 minutes to redeem my rewards online. Not that it matters. I’m going elsewhere so I can keep lots of free dollars coming into my wallet.

Right, and when you aren’t getting 5% on gas it is 5% on other things as opposed to 1% on other things all year so as long as you use it for more than gas it’s much better than BP’s new program. And it isn’t 0% the rest of the year, it’s 1%. So, I agree that Chase Freedom is the best bet right now.

I have been giving it a try. However, you cannot redeem the points at just any BP station. In the Columbus, Ohio metro area, there are only 6 stations where I can redeem my points, which I’d like to do as the hubby as a huge truck. However, where’s the payoff when I have to use 2 gallons just to get there and back?

You obviously work at BP. Terrible new rewards program! If you had any sense you would kick this program along with everyone else.

Chase did not do this…BP did this card change after BP has made huge profits!!! I have gone to Chase Freedom which offers cash back with quarterly variances. Chase contracts for these credit cards BP is the one who made the stinky change.

I dropped my BP gas card into the drawer. So, I used to enjoy the $25 checks every 2-3 months. Now, I have switched to Pentagon Federal Cash Rewards which is at 5% and can use at any gas station. I’ll stop by BP when I have to but will consider all other gas stations first going forward. BP sure knows how to blow away their loyal customers.

Just closed my Chase BP Card account that I used since 1973. Hope the brains behind the changes are happy. By By BP forever.

I also have used this card for 4 or 5 years for everything. I knew the great rebates wouldn’t last. Too many of us (they call us “deadbeats”) who pay off the card at the end of the month and pay them no interest. It was good while it lasted, but I will not be going to my local BP anymore. I have other stations closer and they don’t have the attitude of my local station.

As to the “new” rebate credit card, BP can raise the price of gas to whatever they want, so what’s a few cents to them. They’re screwing us at the pump and on their “rewards” program. Bye, bye BP.

I was highly upset about when I got my notice in the mail that they were switching to pump rewards.

I was using my BP card for almost 2 years and really liked the rewards. It took some algebra to figure out how much less money I would be getting back with this program (they should have explained that better).

With the previous program, I opted to receive reward checks which I could put into a savings account and add interest on that money. You can’t earn interest on pump rewards. And with only being able to put 15 gallons in my tank it isn’t worth it. I suppose I will just stop using the card (let many people have decided on this site) and wait to see if the program sticks around.

Does anybody know where I can formally launch a complaint with BP? Until then, I have a Chase Freedom card and the American Express Costco card which provide better rewards for gas. The only thing I don’t like about the Costco Rewards is that you only get a rebate once a year. I liked being able to cash in monthly with my BP card. *sigh*

no discount, you pay full prices, not the same as cash. see ya

Right! Even if I didn’t get any rewards but got the cash price still I’d stick around. How inconvienent.

This is not all true – The top 5% of card holders will see no change.

However it is true that 95% will no longer get the reward cards.

I am also very disappointwed at the new Chase BP card program.

These are my reasons for not liking the program:

1) I drive a hybrid car with a 9 gallon tank, and the one-time up to 20 gallons rule (with no carry over) means that I give up over half of the benefit every time I use the reward for gas.
I know BP is a gas company but should they really be penalizing those of us that drive economical cars?

2) The reward is over stated. In the Tampa area if you don’t have a gas card for a particular gas company (e.g. BP) you will pay 4 cents per gallon extra for the privilege of using someone elses card. Using my BP card at a BP station has ALWAYS prevented me from paying this premium.

Now that premium (usually 4 cents) is being counted in my benefits. For example it will show I have 7 cents in benefits, when really I see that as being only 3 cents.

3) Too complex – it’s almost impossible to relate my usages of the card to my benefits.

True, if I made only one $100 purchase a month I could work out that this is worth 15 cents (I believe), But if you make many purchases a month like I do its almost impossible to track spending to rewards. And (see #1) I know I will get less than half of the benefit of someone driving a gas guzzler!

So I am now looking for a better card that has gas rewards, and apparently that isn’t Chase BP anymore!

Dave S

To be fair, they do sell gas. They wouldn’t want to encourage gas saving.

Used the BP card for last four years and it was good. Did not price shop for gas, as I knew it was a good deal just to charge.

Now put card in draw in case they change their ways.

Now using Discover with 5% off gas 6 months of year with special promotion. Applying for Chase Freedom which claims 5% gas promotions through year.

Liked BP gas, but consistently higher in New Jersey than other gas stations. Like to be Loyal, but Loyal is two way street.

Suggestion to BP – Convert back before you loose all your loyal credit card customers.

Card will stay in Drawer I guess until 2015, when it expires.

Did my own calculations before finding this website. Everything the writer said is true. I can only fill up to 15 gallons in my car. It’s only on the 3rd fill up that I receive a rebate (have to spend $100 first). Then my rebate on BP gas purchases is only $2.25 on $100. or 2.25%, but on other purchases it’s less than 1%. I was referred to this card 4 years ago by a good friend. I just warned him off. After showing him the new calcs. he’s leaving too.

BP has an image problem due to the Gulf disaster. But I stayed loyal with them. Now they don’t care about the loyal customers. I don’t know who they worked with on this program, but clearly they don’t know anything about people and how to fix an image problem.

I have been a loyal user for four years. Just tore up my card and applied for EXXON card, they claim $.15 per gallon, that’s almost 5% in TN!

The new card (Pump Rewards) is not valid at the pump in either NJ or Alabama.

That is in the fine print. Thus only option is reduce your bill – call in monthly.

No comparison. The old card was the best, and now BP has one of the worst. Searching for other Visa options.

UPSET Loyal Customer

This explains a lot rather than BP’s explanation. I am putting up 25k-30k a year with this card but I will say good bye soon after I get my new card from other merchant.

I just received my first bill after the conversion. Using the pump rewards, I calculated that my rebate would be about 0.3%. Most of the charges were for dining, previously rebated at a 2% rate. Since the charges were prior to 3/2/12, I had hoped to get a statement credit equal to about the 2% I had expected. However, they have been “processing” my request for more than 5 minutes now (I must have reverted to dial-up).

I had hoped to continue to use the BP card for dining, but any card that gives 1% on all purchases appears to be better. My Chase Freedom MC will give 5% for dining in the third quarter of this year and my BofA Visa gives 3% on all gas purchases. I have been a loyal BP credit card customer for 10+ years, but it appears that BP will join my Shell MC in the sock drawer. Folks, it has now been over 10 minutes; it appears that I will not actually receive the statement credit.

I have been using the BP gas card exclusively for years. The rewards were a large part of the reason but also, when I used it at a BP gas station, I was charged the cash price and not the credit price which is almost always 10 cents higher. It’s more convenient for me to use a credit card every time than carry the cash. On top of the cash price, I also received the 5% rebate. I have $108.00 in rebates at this time but BP will no longer allow me to receive a gas credit card for $100.00.

The gas stations no longer give you the cash price either. So now, when I went to use it and answered “Y” to apply my pump awards, the pump price was .06 cents less than the credit price (.04 cents more than it used to cost me). It’s a joke and BP has lost a customer. I didn’t even get gas that day from them. I hung the nozzle back up and went to a different gas station and used a different credit card. I will be shredding my BP rewards card up and mailing it back to them.

The BP application is a joke

Oh well, guess I’ll put everything on another card with a 1% rebate. Don’t forget to apply your old card rebates to your statement balance to keep from losing them. Originally I used cards to pay everything to earn interest on my cash longer. That’s nothing any more. Using a credit card does still serve to protect your bank balance from fraud.

I already switched to BankAmericard, it’s the best option with 3% on gas all year long. Or discover card that gives you 5% 6 months/year.

The Amoco new reward procedures are very complicated. Your explanation is clear. I agreed and followed by a cancellation of the credit card which I had been used many years on their first day March 3 2012.

Also, if a station offers a discount for using Cash/BP Credit card, you CANNOT stack the BP credit card discount with the Loyalty program.

I was a charter member of this card – since the mid 80’s I believe – and I’ve suspended use of this card permanently on March 2, 2012.

They could have at least sent a letter of apology for getting rid of their rewards program and replacing it with, well, basically nothing. Instead, they insult us with a rewards program that throws a few cents at you at the gas pump. I can get a better deal by driving to the Shell or Exxon station a block away.

I agree, this used to be the best gas rewards card out there, but not any longer. For other rewards, to those who think that the credit card company somehow pays those, that is a lie. Credit card companies charge the rewards back to the MERCHANT, and merchants have no choice but to pay them or not accept the card. BP subsidized part of the 5% for their gas purchases, but all other rewards were paid 100% by the merchants where you made the original purchase. That’s how all rewards cards work.

I’m in agreement with all of you writers – this new BP rewards programs STINKS! Like most of you, I also did the math and could not get the numbers anywhere near what the rewards were under the old system. What blows my mind is that if you go to the Chase/BP website, they are STILL advertising the old rewards program on their homepage, which will expire in about a week. With 4 cars & 2 motorcycles in the family, I loved the $25 rebate checks.

However, none of our vehicles has a 20 gallon tank, with the exception of my Grand Cherokee, and I NEVER run it that low prior to filling. Why could Chase/BP not be honest with us and simply state that they are reducing the rebate, instead of this confusing fluff packaged to appear to be the Second Coming?

With fuel prices about to explode, we need all the help we can get. Chase/BP, ARE YOU LISTENING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS? Your card is toast, and will collect dust in my wallet if you don’t fix this sham. Your local BP merchants are about to take a bath, and your competitors will reap the benefit of the mass exodus. Fire the idiot who thought up this program. You make billions of $, and can easily afford to keep the old rebate program. Do the right thing!

So long to a card I’ve charged over 20k a year on since 2006 – hello BOA.

The new rewards program blows! What a complete mess. Chase is basically saying forget the rewards. I’ve been charging $500 to $1000 per month on this card for years and enjoying the $25 gift cards several times per year. I won’t cut this card up (although this new farce of a rewards program makes me mad enough to) but I will start charging with my other cards now. I guess Bank of America (I know, don’t say it) and Discover will both appreciate Chase/BP’s gesture.

And one more thing — they should have just said, “Hey look, we’re reducing the rewards from 5% to 3%.” I would have been mad about that too, but at least I could have respected it, and I probably wouldn’t have changed my gas and purchasing habits. But like somebody said below, this is just smoke and mirrors to cover up a drop in rebates. Very smarmy, Chase.

I’m out. For all those saying they are going to Chase Freedom, why do you want to continue to support Chase after they crapped out on this card.

Yep, I am out as well…my parents are too

BP & Chase took a perfectly simple rebate program & made it confusing, confusing in order to cover up the cut in rebates. They don’t have the —– to tell you up front so they apply smoke & mirrors hoping you don’t get it. Take a look at Discover, they give straight forward rebates and are doing 5% the 1st & 3rd quarter of 2012.

Looks like everyone agrees this card has turned into a POS. What’s the best alternative?

Look at Discover.

the new card is not very rewarding….in any way,at the pump or with a statement credit.the pump price at bp is high,not much coming back any more=cut the card

Pump this, BP. Your revised rewards program looks awful. Convoluted, confusing. And why would that be? Because it’s much less generous than the old program! Do you think we’re stupid? Shame on you.

I love the insert included in BP’s mailing: “Important account updates”

Your acct # has not changed…
Your card exp. date has changed….
Your credit & Int. rates are the same.
Wonder why they didn’t say: Your rebates have been significantly reduced..

The fact is that as of March 1, 2012, BP is reducing their reward from 5% to 2.25% on BP gas purchases and from 1% to .75% on all other purchases. Do they think we are stupid?

I’ve used the BP Visa card for many years – only because of the reward program. Well…not any more. This is the worst reward program ever! I will be switching to a new reward card as soon as I can find a decent replacement. I already have a Capital One card – and right now that looks like a good candidate to replace the BP Card.

Do the math. Currently $200 of gas at 5% equals a $10 reward. The new program gives you $.30 off of 20 gallons. That is $6.00, and only if you pump 20 gallons. My Honda Civic might take 10 gallons and that is $3.00. This is a one time pump at $.30 with no roll over. Time to ditch the high priced gas at BP and go to Quicktrip.

I’ve been a happy user of this card for several years until the recently announced change in rewards. Today I applied for PenFed’s Platinum Cash Rewards Card. 5% back on gas purchases at any station.

Just received the new info on the Chase BP card. Very confusing. I really liked receiving the $25.00 check every so often. I probably going to look for something new.

I am certainly open to correction… my suspicion is that new rules governing banks now in effect by the recently signed “Consumer Protection” legislation is going to limit all sorts of income received up til now by banks from fees, etc. If there income is drying up, there is no way to keep such great rebate programs going.

I am with everyone… I have already called Chase and told them I don’t think the new program is worthwhile to me at all. I use the Chase Freedom card… at least for now they have a straight 1% all the time on everything and revolving quarterly categories for 5% rebates. (That’s better than Discover) If I remember right, last year, Chase Freedom had 5% off all gas stations for two quarters of the year! I wouldn’t be surprised that that goes the way of the dinosaur too.

Just got a letter from Chase. They are going to a convoluted new rewards programs. The rebates are really being slashed beginning Mar 3, 2012

The bottom line math reveals the following about the new card & rebates.
2.26% rebate for gas
1.5% rebate for dining & travel
0.75% rebate for all other.
What a bummer……………

At current gas prices, whether you take the discount at the pump, or take the statement credit, you’re only getting 2.25% back. And with the discount that’s only if you can pump 20 gallons at once. I’m out.

Just received the brochure in the mail and am very disappointed, for several reasons. First, the materials are poorly written and the new “benefits” are difficult to understand. Second, in essence they are gutting a good program and replacing it with a confusing and much less attractive mess.

No thanks. I’m looking for a new card. I have had the BP gas card for years too.

Been using this BP card for years. Probably over 15K yer year. The new reward program is worthless. I will be using something else from now on.

Go to their website and use the calculator option. I’ve been running numbers, and they have basically cut the rewards program in half (assuming you don’t use the ‘at-the pump’ option which is even worse. To get the credit, you’ll have to spend 666.67 on gas, and you’ll have to log into their website and apply it to your statement. A lot more work for half the reward. They make it sound like a good deal, but it’s just a clever way to fool people. I’ve used this card for over 15 years, but it looks like its time to find something else.

I calculated the new program…after you spend $666.00 on BP gas, you will receive $1.00 per gallon off up to maximum 20 gallons…so let’s say you max out at the 20 gallons…you will get $20.00 off on that tankful…that’s 3% on the nose. If you instead take the “credit” on your monthly bill for the rewards, it comes out to 2.2%. Better to use the credits at the pump. All other purchases are about 1/2 those amounts…1.5% redeemed at the pump…1.1% taking the credit on your billing. It is very confusing at first, but I am quite sure I got it.

I think if you can find a card that offers 2% on everything, you will have a better deal, if there are no “maximums” (like the 20-gallon maximum)…the fine print has me convinced that in the above example, if you only took 15 gallons, you then lose the $1.00 per gallon on the 5 gallons you couldn’t fit into your tank. No carryover the fine print says.

I just received the new program description. After you spend $100 on gas, you get a ONE-TIME discount of 15 cents a gallon. If your car takes 8 gallons per fill-up, you save $1.20. Spread over the $100 you spent for the ONE-TIME discount, that’s a 1.2% rebate! What a joke! I can save more by just going to a different gas station.

For non-gas purchases, it’s 5 cents a gallon for $100 dollars, which comes out to 0.4%!

It seems the thing to do is use one of the cards that still pays 5% on gas during certain times, and use another card that pays 2% when those offers aren’t available, and that pays 1% on everything else.

It’s a pain having to juggle 2 different rebate programs, but it may be worth it.

One thing not mentioned yet is that the end reward will be based on the size of car you drive. It’s a one time discount of up to 20 gallons. If you can’t pump 20 gallons (and how many of us can) you won’t receive the full value of your reward.

It’s one thing to lower the value of the program. It’s another to base the end reward on the size of car you drive!

I just received the “new” rewards program. It is confusing – I enjoy receiving the $25.00 increments back to me – this new program is too complicated & I don’t feel it benefits the consumer as much as it does BP – I, too, will be looking for a new card. Does anyone have suggestions on a new type of card with good benefits? Thanks…….

I’ve been loyal to the Chase BP card for many years. I’ll be switching, maybe to the Chase Freedom card.

The new ‘rewards’ program is a joke. And read the Fine Print, folks…you will see that the Legal description of what they offer is totally Different than what the brochure says. Check out the legal – they say they will pay 15 cents per $100. (The brochure states 15 cents per gallon.) I envision Chase & BP claiming a misprint — but of the brochure – not the legal agreement.

Even without the discrepancy you’d have to have a spreadsheet to figure out if you were actually better off cashing in the rewards or accumulating them at any given time. What a BAD Joke – they shouldn’t even be able to call it “Rewards”!!

I read the confusing “new” rewards info several times. If I understand it correctly you get a maximum $0.15/gal for a one-time fill up to 20 gallons per $100 of previous BP purchases. If the fill is 20 gallons you save $3 (.15 x 20) which amounts to 3% ($3/$100), 15 gallon fill you save $2.25 (.15 x 15) which amounts to 2.25% ($2.25/$100), 10 gallon fill you save $1.50(.15 x 10) which amounts to 1.50% ($1.50/$100).

If the fill is less than 20 gallons you still lose the credits that you use. If you take a $15 statement credit for $1 in cents/gal credits that is equivalent to 2.25% on previous BP gas purchases. It takes $667 in BP gas purchases to accumulate $1/gal credit ($15/$667 = 2.25%. The percentages are based on BP purchases only and would be less if you factor in non BP purchases.

BP probably believes that most people will briefly look at the “new” rewards and be happy to receive instant discounts at the pump without doing the math. Is this not similar to the way the Gulf Oil Spill was handled? BP could not tell its credit card customers that we are reducing your rewards to save the company money.

I agree with MARK and will be cutting my card and looking out for one that is more beneficial for the consumer.

I am another one who is going to tear up the card in March. The new rewards program is worse than getting 2% back which is what other cards are offering. I shall be simplifying my life in March.

I’m on the lookout for a new card as of a couple days ago. The new rewards program is worthless!!

The new reward program stinks!! I liked getting 2% cash back on travel purchases (I travel by air frequently) and being able to access my accumulated cash back on a monthly basis. I do not want to be limited to a statement credit or a few pennies off at the pump. Chase, you turned an attractive award program into a crappy one. I won’t be using this credit card in the future.

i just got a brochure which says that from March 2012 onwards only 15c/gal rebate will be applied. I guess this means that for $4/gal you pay 3.85/gal instead of 3.80/gal (5%).
Only if the price is $3/gal then 15c/gal (rebate from march) and 5% (current rebate) would be equal.

I guess big companies like BP are also feeling the pain of soaring gas prices!!!!

well this would suck now and I would rather start filling shell or chevron which are better than BP in quality in my opinion

The “new” BP Pump Rewards Plan, beginning 3-3-2012, is a confusing game, at best. It’s all stacked in favor of Chase, and the bottom line is, you lose considerable amounts of money, because now there is a minimum quota to earn .15 per gallon in return, and you have to spend it within so much time (see the brochure for the confusing details as well as the tiny-print legalese, as if you weren’t confused enough.).

I’m cutting my card up in March, because this once-simple plan is being blown up, as Chase execs laugh in our faces, knowing most of us will be suckered into the big numbers, which, bottom line, many won’t qualify to receive.

This card is changing it reward on march 3 new rewards program SUCKS! (Im not happy about it) Dont waste ur time with this card.

In a day when gas is so pricey, this card is great if only used for the 5% cash back. Instead of paying $4 per gallon, it’d be 3.80 after using your rebate. Fairly good savings at BP compared to not receiving a discount at other stations.

FYI….I’ve been a Chase BP cardholder for years. Two years ago, they started limiting the rebate on gas purchases to $500 per month, or $25 (5%) in gas rebates per month. I believe all other rebates are unlimited. Just a word to the wise.

I got the card for my wife who is a homemaker. I used my income, no company phone, no company address, added myself as an authorized user and she had the BP Cards in 10- days. I have a Speedway gas card. You’ll be tempted to purchase items on the BP card since it can be used at any retailer.

Kevin A. Lemmie

Would like to re-apply for a BP Card Consumer Credit Card. My last card just got cancelled for lack of use. I Will be traveling a lot the next few years and I need a gas card.

The card is misleading. If you go to BP’s website, and use their station finder, it’ll list Arco. They should specify that it DOES NOT work for Arco stations, (which only take ATM) making it pretty much useless on the westcoast.

you are 100% correct. I just received my card only to find out it’s worthless on the West coast. No Arco station will accept the card. BP consumer relations were of no help at all on this issue. Live and learn