10 Best Credit Card Perks

chase sapphireThese days there are scores of credit cards on the market… this benefits you! Why? Because they have to compete for your business by offering ever-growing rewards, rebates and signup enticements. Here are the best… some are well known, well others you probably never even knew existed! Compare credit card perks to see which would benefit you the most.

#1 – Compelling Signup Bonuses
There’s noting like getting something for nothing. One of the best perks from credit cards is getting a cash bonus just for applying. Here are the best bonuses you can get right now.

#2 – Above-Average Rewards
This is a well known perk, but surprisingly many Americans still continue to use their measly 1% reward cards anyway… that’s just throwing money down the drain. You’re better off with a card that gives you higher cash back on at least some categories. For example, the Chase Freedom gives up to 5% cash back and has no annual fee!

#3 – Airport Lounge Access
Let’s be honest… traveling by air is a real pain in the butt these days. First-class ticket holders get to wait for their flights in the exclusive airport lounges, which have free drinks, snacks, plush comfortable seating, entertainment, private bathrooms and more. However if you are willing to spring the $450 annual fee for the American Express Platinum, you can get free access to these airport sanctuaries no matter what class of ticket you have!

#4 – Concierge Service
One of the credit card perks you will find on high caliber cards is free phone concierge. This service can be used for simple tasks like directory assistance, to more complex tasks like planning a trip, choosing a birthday gift, etc. The Chase Sapphire offers this service for free.

#5 – Discount Programs
Some credit cards have negotiated discounts with various companies for their cardholders. For example, AmEx business cards get automatic discounts at various hotels, airlines, etc. through their Open discount program. What is perhaps the most generous discount program is ShopDiscover (for Discover cardholders) that saves you 5% to 20% at around 200 popular online stores. The Discover It card offers this benefit, which is definitely one of the best credit card perks around.

#6 – Extended Warranty on Purchases
American Express cardmembers often have a perk known as the Buyers Assurance Plan, where manufacturer’s warranties will be doubled up to one full year on eligible purchases. In certain situations, cardholder perks like this may be give you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings if you ever have to make a claim (i.e. a TV that stops working after the manufacturers warranty). Check out the no annual fee American Express Blue to find out more.

#7 – Loss, Theft, & Accidental Damage Protection
Did you know some credit cards will actually cover eligible purchases made on the card for 90 days from date of purchase against loss, theft, and even accidental damage? The Amex Blue mentioned above is one of those cards.

#8 – Car Rental Insurance
Renting a car is already expensive enough. If your regular car insurance doesn’t cover rentals, then you’re left paying $20+ per day for insurance from the rental company. Fortunately, many credit cards offer car rental coverage to at least some degree. However you really need to compare credit card perks like this, because the exact coverage varies greatly depending on the card. Find out more about credit card car rental insurance.

#9 – Travel Insurance
Did you know that some credit cards automatically provide travel accident insurance on eligible trips you pay for using the card? For example, you get luggage insurance, travel accident insurance, and more with the AmEx Gold Premier Rewards card.

#10 – Exclusive Entertainment Access
Visa Siganture as well as some top tier AmEx cards give cardmembers exclusive access ticket pre-sales and special seating for numerous concerts, sporting events, and more. Find out more about this on our Visa Signature benefits guide.

Hopefully this comparison showed you at least a couple new credit card perks you didn’t know about!

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