Credit Card Bonus Offers In 2015

Q: What kinds of sign up bonus offers are currently available in different card categories?

A: We all love to gripe how much postage rates have shot up over the last couple decades but their is a silver lining… it now costs a lot more for banks to mail us those card offers. The result? Banks have been using more creative ways – like credit card bonus deals – to try and entice you to apply.

However the best bonus offers aren’t always advertised on the card issuer’s website. Why? Because banks don’t necessarily want to give out super generous offers unless they have to. This is why you sometimes have to go elsewhere to find them. As the leading site for reviews, CreditCardForum has access to many of these limited time signup bonus promotions:

Note: The offers below are current and constantly updated. Keep in mind an offer available today may not be available tomorrow.

Travel Bonus

The days of cheap flights are long gone. Nowadays it can cost a small fortune for a round trip flight cross country. To help cushion the costs, there are many who turn to credit card bonus offers. Sometimes it’s possible to get enough miles up front that will either pay for a round trip flight up front or at least cover a good chunk of the costs. Because most travel cards charge annual fees during the first year, ideally you want an offer for a bonus that includes having the first year fee-free. That way you are not paying anything to get your freebies.With the Chase Sapphire Preferred, you can also redeem the points for cash back at a conversion of 1 point = 1 full cent value. That means the bonus points could be used for either travel OR cash back… the choice is yours!

Want more options? Compare travel reward credit cards here! Between all the cards, there are well over a $1,000 worth of bonuses available.

Cash Bonus

These offers give you cash or points that can easily be converted to cash/cash equivalent (like a statement credit or check). Some of them give the bonus after your first purchase, while others may require you to spend a minimal amount during the first few months you have the card. For example, they may give the $100 after you spend $1,000 or more during your first 3 months (that only equals out to be $333.34 per month, which is easy to do).

You can find even more cash back cards on this page

As you will notice, some of the travel cards on the market (the ones with annual fees) also might offer extra points or miles each year after you renew the card. They do this to build loyalty in hopes you won’t cancel after after the first year (or in other words, when the annual fee starts if your first year was fee-free). This is a newer trend and to be honest a pretty smart one in my opinion. Personally, I have found that a lot of times it actually is worth keeping cards beyond the first year if they have a good enough rewards program. So when picking out a credit card sign up bonus, try and choose one that you will actually want to keep long term or at least offers some recurring anniversary incentive that can justify/offset the annual fee.

A lot of people wonder if they are eligible for a sign up deal if they already have a card from a given bank. From my experience and to the best of my knowledge, as long as you don’t already have (or had) the exact same card, you should be eligible for the bonus. For example, if you are an existing Chase Freedom cardholder, you should still be eligible for the Chase Sapphire Preferred bonus if you’re getting the Sapphire for the first time. I have taken advantage of dozens of deals like this and have never once had a problem receiving my bonus.

Keep in mind the above offers are not always available – they are constantly updated. So if there is a good one available, take it while you can!

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