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bed bath beyond credit cardIf you’re buying a new coffee-maker at Bed Bath & Beyond and the cashier asks, “Would you like a Bed, Bath and Beyond credit card application?” should you say yes?

This card has undergone some changes recently, so it may be worth another look if you’ve turned it down in the past. Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.

The basics

Issuer: Comenity
Payment Network: MasterCard
Annual Fee: None

Comenity does not have a great reputation for customer service. But, if you rarely need assistance, that may not matter to you.

Earning rewards

5 percent back: Bed Bath & Beyond, Christmas Tree Shops, Cost Plus World Market, Harmon Face Values and buybuy BABY.

2 percent back: On gas and groceries

1 percent back: Anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

There is no cap on the number of points that can be earned.

Spending rewards

Every time you earn $10 via the program, you’ll be mailed (with your billing statement) a $10 reward card that can be used at any of the aforementioned stores. You can redeem them online at some of those stores, but not all. Only,, and are eligible for online redemptions.

The points are good for 5 years from the date you earn them, assuming your Bed, Bath & Beyond MasterCard is open. If it’s closed, the points are forfeited.

Interest rate

Obviously these things change all the time but as a I write this it ranges from 14.24%, 18.24% or 24.24% APR, depending on your credit.

Special financing

You get promotional financing for any purchase over $250 made at Bed Bath & Beyond or its affiliated stores:

  • Purchases over $250: 6 months 0 percent financing.
  • Purchases over $500: 12 months of 0 percent financing

Note that these special-financing deals have RETROACTIVE INTEREST. That means, if you fail to pay off the purchase in full when the deal ends, you’ll be charged interest that’s back-dated all the way to the date of purchase. In other words, even if you have just a cent remaining on the balance, you’ll be charged interest on the original purchase amount.


If you’re someone who shops frequently (and spends a lot) at these stores, this card is appealing.

One way to look at it is that every $1,000 spent at these stores = $50 in rewards. If you spend only a few hundred a year it probably isn’t worth the hassle, but if you’re someone spending 2k, 3k, or more annually then the Bed, Bath & Beyond MasterCard offers you rewards that are worth considering.

It might also appeal to someone who just bought a new home and plans to drop a few grand at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Why we gave it 4 out of 5 stars

This card was rated based on our standards for store credit cards. Note that these standards rate the card in comparison to other store credit cards — not to credit cards in general. The Bed Bath & Beyond card gets a high rating, compared to other store cards, due to its special financing and the strength of its rewards. We docked it one star because it doesn’t have any notable extra perks.

Full starOffers interest-free financing: This card offers special financing on purchases of more than $250.
Full starOngoing rewards/discounts: This card offers permanent bonus rewards on Bed Bath & Beyond purchases as well as on gas and groceries.
Full starFair interest terms: If your credit is good enough, you can qualify for an APR below 15%. That’s below the average store card APR (according to's latest retail card survey).
Empty starConsumer-friendly incentives: This card falls short when it comes to “extras” that reward loyal shoppers.
Full starCan be used anywhere:> This card is a MasterCard so can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Updated Dec. 14, 2016

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I was filled with joy upon seeing you finally had a store card while reviewing the ad; then I read Comenity & tossed the ad 😜

since i cant apply online can i take the application home with me from the store or r u offerinf this process online yet

I will like to find application for bed bath &beyond can’t fine one.

I never judge a credit card by its reward programs. That does not interest me at all. The only aspects that matters to me is the interest rate and the the credit limit. Anything else are ploys to get you to use your charge card more than you should. Companies promote using it to pay your utlility bills, cable bills and such to rack up points but the next thing you know you have charged up more than you can pay off so you get charged interest and you are light years away from earning any supposed bonuses you get for points. So in the end you are losing money instead earning some.

Because it only gives 1% on everything else, I do not think the Bed Bath and Beyond offer is very compelling.

When I went to the store I asked the cashier I would like to apply for the card she said we don’t do the applications. I remember a year ago I did apply, same place same time, but my credit was shabby then…I thought that was weird then I called in the 866- number to apply over the phone man do they talk way to much I wanted to know if I was approved first before all the information stated,

where can i find the application for the bed bath and beyond master card i cant seem to find where to apply can anyone help me ?

cathleen white


karen jacobsen

Bed bath beyond

karen jacobsen

Would be interested in app

I think the rewards on the Bed Bath and Beyond card aren’t bad at all. I would consider it for sure if I shopped there more.