2013 Bealls Credit Card Review

Before we talk about the Bealls credit card, it’s important for you to know that there are two totally different cards you can apply for which use the Bealls name:

  1. Bealls, Inc. – Operating under the names Bealls Florida and Bealls Outlet, you will find these stores in Florida, Georgia, and Arizona.
  2. Stage Stores – Based out of Houston, Texas, they operate stores under the names Bealls, Goody’s, Royal Peebles, and Palais. They have 800 stores in 39 states. Their Bealls dept. stores are in the South Central states.

Because these are two totally separate companies, I will talk about them separately. Here’s the first…

Company #1: Bealls Florida and Bealls Outlet credit cards

There’s no denying this store has some bargains but if you’re thinking about applying for their card, you may want to re-consider. Here’s why…

  • Issuer: Comenity (formally known as World Financial Network Bank or WFNNB). They manage credit cards for a number of different stores. There have been quite a few negative WFNNB credit card reviews posted here and elsewhere due to bad customer service and unfair billing practices. Fortunately though as of 2011 they seem to be improving, as I go through to customer service promptly when I called and the rep was nice to me.
  • Interest Rate: As I write this review, the APR is a flat 24.99% variable APR for everyone. I called customer service to ask if those with good credit get a better rate and the rep said no. She said everyone gets the 24.99%. This is extremely high!
  • Rewards: It gives 2 points per dollar (pre-tax) on eligible purchases. Since there is a $5 coupon given for every 200 points, that means this Bealls card is basically earning rewards worth 5% on spending. This is fairly good for a store card.


The main drawback with Bealls Florida/Bealls Outlet credit card is that it is not a major credit card and you can only use it at their stores. Obviously this means its of limited use. The sky high APR is another major drawback. I would only recommend this one to people who have bad credit and plan on using it to help rebuild their credit history.

Company #2: Stage Stores – Bealls, Goody’s, Royal Peebles, and Palais

Even though this is a different company, their card has a lot in common with the one above.

  • Issuer: Comenity, which is the same issuer as the other Bealls card.
  • Interest Rate: This one also has a very high variable APR of 24.99% for everyone.
  • Rewards: When I was looking at the Bealls credit card application it did mention the typical promotion of 10% off the first purchase but aside from that, this won’t earn you any additional points for your spending. The points you earn are through the Bealls VIP card (which is not a credit card).


A card with a super-high APR that gives you no additional points for spending? The Bealls Texas credit card doesn’t make sense either, unless your credit is shot and it would be used for credit rebuilding purposes. Most folks whom regularly shop at their stores would probably be better off with just sticking to the VIP rewards program, since that will earn you good rewards without their credit card.

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On my montly statement there is a charge for $23.00 for magazines which I did not authorize. I have called your store here in Fredericksburg, Texas. The phone rang for a good 5 minutes and no one answered, but rather hung up on me. I have tried to get a phone number for your main office where ever it may be. I will call the better business bureau, state attorney general and a few others if this e-mail is not answered immediately. Furthermore, I want my card cancelled. What a sneaky way to get business. I am surely not impressed with the way you do business.