Bank of David Bowie?

With all the gloomy banking news here’s something to lighten the mood…

Did you know in 1999 David Bowie had his own retail bank? They even issued a MasterCard debit card. The operation closed shop shortly after. Apparently customers don’t desire debit cards with David Bowie’s mug on them.

Other celebrities that have dipped their toe in banking include Usher who had a prepaid Visa card, and Kiss, who has issued a credit card. Capital One has issued World Championship Wresting credit cards featuring the photos of Hulk Hogan, Bill Goldberg, and Sting among others. The Cool Country Visa from SunTrust featured the faces of Reba McEntire, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Alan Jackson among others.

No celebrity banking service has ever been a huge success and most have only last a very brief time. Just because we want to buy their music does not mean we want to do banking with them… especially during a time like this.

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I want a card with Bowie’s beautiful mug on it 🙂

I would love to apply for a crefit card eith David Bowie on it. Is the application still avail?
Thznk uou

You are missing the point, its not about banking – the banking always comes from a larger bank that really has nothing to do with the celebrity. Its just “fun” and branding, and I think its a great idea.

why not try it ? i would like to have card with my favorite baseball team on it !!!

Ok I had an account with Bowie Bank. and yes I did it for the card. It was fun. and yes I was always asked about my card.

LOL my dad would definitely get this card if it still existed

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Bank of David Bowie?