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November 2014 update: Barclaycard announced a new Visa with Apple rewards. Our review reflects the latest information. Comments written before Nov. 6, 2014, may refer to products that are no longer available.

The line-up of cards offering Apple rewards and financing has changed over the years. At various points, Barclaycard has offered financing for Apple purchases without rewards, and even an iTunes reward card. The most current card (the Barclaycard Apple Rewards Visa), offers both financing and rewards. It also has no annual fee. Here’s how it works — and what to watch out for.

The rewards

If you remember the old iTunes Rewards Visa, consider this new card an upgrade. It offers:

  • 3 points per $1 spent at the Apple Store
  • 2 points per $1 at restaurants
  • 1 point per $1 on all other purchases

Each time you earn 2,500 points, you will automatically be sent a $25 Apple gift card. Points do not expire, as long as your account is open and in good standing.Apple rewards visa barclaycard

The financing

This credit card is geared toward those who need to finance their Apple Store purchases. At the time of writing this review, here’s how it works:

  • The financing promo is applicable only for new cardmembers and only on purchases made within 30 days of account opening
  • If your purchase is $498 or less, you get 6 months deferred interest. If your purchase is $499 to $998, you get 12 months deferred interest. If your purchase is $999 and over, you get 18 months deferred interest.
  • The trap is that this is a deferred interest deal. That means, ifyou don’t pay for every dollar of that purchase in full before the promo period is up, you will be charged interest going back all the way to the date of purchase, at either 13.99 percent, 19.99 percent or 26.99 percent. The APR you’ll get depends on your creditworthiness.

EMV chip and PIN technology:

The card has an EMV chip, and, yes, it’s chip and PIN (not chip and signature like many other cards on the market). According to the card’s website, a PIN will be assigned to the card, but you can change it online. However, if you take the card abroad, you must make at least one signed transaction before you’ll be able to complete transaction with a PIN.


It’s good to see an Apple card rewarding loyal customers with triple points on Apple purchases — and the 2 points per dollar at restaurants is a big improvement over old versions of the card (which didn’t offer any bonus spending categories). Chip and PIN technology is a nice (and still rare) perk.

Yet your redemption options are extremely limited; you can use your rewards only for Apple purchases. If you’d like a more flexibility, consider a card that lets you redeem for cash back, travel and merchandise.

Also, keep in mind that financing is available only for the first 30 days after card approval. So if you were hoping to get the card, accumulate some coupons for a discount on a purchase and then finance that purchase, you’re out of luck.

However, for Apple fans who want to finance an initial purchase and then accumulate rewards toward future purchases, the card promises a decent (although pretty standard) value of 1 cent per point.

Another option for Apple rewards

If you’re looking for rewards only (and not financing), you can save 5 percent at the Apple Store online via Discover.

apple store discount from discover

ShopDiscover is a special online shopping portal available only to Discover cardmembers. To save 5 percent at the Apple Store online, all you have to do is enter the store through the Discover cardmember shopping portal. You will then be given a 5 percent cash-back bonus for your purchase made with your Discover card. Here are some product exclusions:

  • Offer not valid on gift wrap, gift card, gift certificate, iTunes, Apple One to One Membership, Bose products, Apple in-store tutorial services, shipping, taxes, and other service fees
  • Cashback Bonus will only be rewarded to a customer for up to five (5) units per eligible product, except the iPhone, in which case the rewards will be issued only for up to two (2) units within a 30-day period.

Most purchases should qualify. It’s an easy way to earn rewards on Apple purchases without a special Apple credit card.

If financing isn’t important to you and you’re willing to buy Apple products online, the Discover it is the way to go. Instead of 3 percent back (which you’d get from the Barclaycard Apple Rewards card), you’re getting 5 percent back. With the Barclaycard, you’d need to make $833 in Apple purchases to get a $25 gift card. With the Discover it, you’d have $25 in cash back after a $500 purchase — and that $25 can be spent on anything, just just Apple products.

If you don’t already have a Discover card, then check out this review of the new Discover it to see how it works. The fact that it has no annual fee and high rewards makes it a wise choice for your wallet.

Updated Nov. 6, 2014.

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This is the worst credit card company in the planet. They will bump you will tons of hidden rules and regulations and you will find yourself trapped in a 0% APR turned 27% APR overnight. It is shameful that Apple uses this service for their credit cards processing…..

I was a bit surprised to not only get approved, but the amount of credit I was aproved for!! Lord knows my credit score isn’t the best, but to my surprise I got approved!! Can Anyone Say SHOPPING SPREE???????? iPad PRO here I come!!!

Hi. When I receive my new Apple Rewards Visa Card, can I make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted, or do I have to buy specifically from Apple? Also, do I have to make my first purchase at Apple even if I don’t want to? Thank you.

Barclay’s Bank is not a scam; they are just very, very conservative about lending. However, other Barclay’s products may be of better use, such as the very innovative Barclaycard Ring Mastercard. However, you will have to have excellent credit to be approved for a Ring, especially, and most people are not approved right away. However, you can call Barclay’s and ask to speak to a credit specialist to have them reconsider your application–if your credit is good to excellent, chances are you will be approved on reconsideration. For the Ring Mastercard (8% interest, one of the “a-lot-better” deals around), the application and reconsideration phone call are well worth the effort.

I applied through apple website as a Student and was approved I was suprise. But I didn’t get any email saying I was approved. The next page after applying showed was approved and I guess I’ll go to the store to see what I can do. Anyone know if its best to close the card if I pay off the laptop before 12months?

Zip von Weltzin

It is best never to close any credit card account, as it reflects negatively on your credit. A paid off on time account is a big plus for a persons credit score.

I have this Barclay card and it’s wonderful. All you need to do is give the Barclay card credit card phone number a call and ask them what Apple promos they have going. Even on the Apple website they offer promos using this card. I’ve purchased MORE than one computer from Apple using the same card so the thing about you ONLY being able to use it on your first purchase is NOT TRUE. As long as Barclay has a promo going with Apple you can finance your purchases interest free just as long as you make your minimum payment per month so that you have it paid off by the deadline. The deadlines are 6 months($499 or less), 12 months ($499-$1998) and 18 months($1999 and up)depending on the price of the item. So let’s just say I wanted that new Macbook Air with the Haswell processors and I wanted the top of the line one, I could simply buy a case along also and get the total price over the $1999 and it’s only around $113 a month(works out to $3.73 a day F.Y.I. If you ask me that’s a hell of a deal considering what an absolute killer product you get. Remember this Macbook Air has the newest, fastest processor AND the battery life is now 9 that’s right Nine HOURS. I don’t know about you but I don’t ever spend that much time on my laptop, EVER. So basically it will never die just as long as you charge it every night. Which is what I plan on doing (purchasing this product) in the near future especially since Apple dropped the prices $100.

What’s there to complain? Read the terms. Once you get the card, log in and setup for autopay, and you should be good to go. I got the card to finance a macbook pro last October and for nothing else, but I’ll use it again if another free financing is offered to existing cardholders. Also, they did give me a generous credit line increase without my asking after making six months of payments.

How can I see how many points I have?

Be careful about this credit card. The offer only works if you make an apple purchase within 30 days of getting credit approval. I didn’t read the fine print which was like two links away from the regular terms and conditions and thus got hit with the hefty interest rate. I don’t understand why these big companies have to resort to scams to make money…

I have the card and will have the laptop paid off in 2 more months. I already owned an iPhone when I got the card and still got the interest free period. And, had another interest-free period offered to me that began this past November and ends sometime in January.
Bottom line: read the terms, pay your bills on time, and you shouldn’t have an issue with any of your credit cards.

You score is probably 498

So if you pay you’re bill on time you don’t get hit with the super high interest rate. Seems like a good deal to me. People and their first world problems.

I’m thinking of doing it also. I have fair credit. I wonder how hard it is to recieve a card from them?

An offer from a financial institution does not remove your responsibility to read the details of the offer, nor does the fact that you placed an order for multiple items mean that they will all be shipped at the same time, and thus be seen as a single purchase. Before you make a transaction and once the full order has been completed, it is your responsibility to read all of the information parodied. Barclay provides a detailed display of the amounts owed, by order, and the detailed final payment dates which you must meet in order to receive the 0% financing offer. If you do not read it, you will, and should, pay.

If you applied for this credit the you should have read the terms. It is very clearly stated that it the promotional deferred interest is only on your first Apple purchase and also in very large print how it must be repaid to avoid paying interest. To some of us that barely made it thru the recession with any credit at all, these are acceptable terms. I have spent the past 2 years slowly rebuilding my credit. This is just one more opportunity to me, which I am thankful for.

Just got hit with $300 worth of “deferred financing” for the iPad I bought last year. Obviously I should have read the fine print more; I thought they meant 0 percent APR on the card if everything was paid off in a year and if you didn’t, which I didn’t, then the APR would go up to the high 22 percent. That is not what the agreement is. It means your initial purchase is 0 percent APR but if you don’t pay it off they hit you with a year’s worth of 22 percent APR on your entire purchase. Thankfully my purchase was relatively small.

I told the customer service rep I would be paying off the card and closing my account within a few months but I guess that was the end of the conversation since I’m sure he did this to his “customers” every single day; he just sat there in silence for a while then said “I’m sorry but that was the terms of the agreement.”

Bad card with a terrible APR; the whole purchasing system is essentially a sleazy trick. Surprised Apple is partners with them.

I’m surprised Apple is partnering with them too. They reek of scam – around the same level as Verizon’s old music phone (where the big button in the middle that feels like a ‘home’ button actually sent you to the music store = 1.99 data charge). I got this card 2 months ago. After setting up auto-pay, on the 3rd month, I was informed over email that the account was past due. Apparently I had set up auto-pay wrong?

They have terrible service – their web portal was difficult to navigate, and apparently if you have pending scheduled payments, you can’t set up auto-pay. In addition, you can’t contact customer service through email / web message – you have to call them and wait in line. I got hit with a $25 fee unnecessarily – The average bank on a basic misgiving would reverse those charges, help the customer set it up properly, which the customer service rep told me they would. I’ve sat for 3 days and have seen nothing updated. Decided to pay off the entire balance and not deal with them again.

In my opinion, there is a way of doing things that is a lot less scam-y: e.g. an easier portal that serves what most customers know and expect nowadays – flexible payment scheduling, messaging portal with response within 24hrs, and terms made clear. The other cards that I have go above and beyond that basic expectation – Bank of America, Amazon, and GE credit. I don’t want to have to login and check / schedule manually my payments on some fixed principle.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple cuts them off soon based on poor service – they don’t need the likes Barclay, plenty of other companies with Apple-level service that would be happy to partner.

Quick question for those who know – I was approved for the card but I’m thinking that will be paying off the purchase BEFORE the promo period ends. In some instances, I heard, you get penalized for doing so. Also, if I close my card/account will it hurt my score. (Normally it would if your account is older then a year, right?)

It seems that it has to be your FIRST apple purchase. So since my whole family owns Iphones, we are out of luck.

First purchase you make with the card….not first purchase ever!

How dare they? How dare they assume I want their STUPID COMMIE CREDIT CARD??? I went to their site to BUY a desktop computer but the only options they gave me was to apply for their STUPID CARD. There are no “BUY NOW” links! Everything takes you to financing options and if you click on them you are re-directed to BARCLAY’S to apply for their STUPID CARD. How DARE they tell me what form of credit or payment I can use. Apple better fix this quick or lose a customer forever.

Keith, you’re dumb…

Most epic response to ever…..

Bunch of crock. My credit score is 798 yet they reject my ap on site! Why? Dare I ponder was precisely becuase they could tell that would never get that inflated interest rate and accumulated interest from me because I would pay on time and/or before the deadline?!