Ann Taylor Loft Credit Card Review

store mannequinAnn Taylor is a great choice for my formal clothes, but when you just want something casual, you can’t go wrong with their sister store, Loft. But should you be buying their closing using their credit card? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons. There are actually 2 different cards:

Ann Taylor Loft card – Can only be used at their stores
Ann Taylor Loft MasterCard – Can be used at Loft and anywhere MasterCard is accepted

Differences? The main difference between the two is that the Ann Taylor Loft MasterCard gives 1% in rewards for purchases made elsewhere. Of course the regular Loft card doesn’t do that since it can only be used at Loft stores.
Annual Fee: Neither of the credit cards from Ann Taylor have an annual fee.

Rewards: Spending at Loft earns 5 points per dollar and the MasterCard gives 1 point per dollar elsewhere. For each 2,000 points a $20 Loft rewards card is given. That means this card gives 5% at Loft Stores (and 1% elsewhere with Ann Taylor Loft MasterCard).

Benefits: Both of these credit cards give $15 off a purchase during the month of the cardholder’s birthday. With the exception of that, there are no noteworthy benefits.

Interest Rate: A downside to these cards is their high APRs. The store-version of the Ann Taylor Loft credit card application listed a 24.99% APR. Meanwhile, the MasterCard version also listed a 24.99% as of October 2013.


Loft Card: The rewards at their stores are good, but it might not be worth the hassle considering you can only use it at their stores and nowhere else.

Loft MasterCard: This is much better than the regular Loft credit card, since it can be used for purchases at both Loft and elsewhere. The 5% at their stores is good but the 1% on everything else is low compared to some other credit cards on the market. So it’s a tossup.
Here are some other good options to consider…

Earn 5% cash back at department and clothing stores
Sure, the Ann Taylor Loft credit card gives 5% at their store… wouldn’t it be nice to get 5% at EVERY clothing store? With the Discover It card you can get up to 5% cash back in rotating categories like clothing stores, department stores, and more. Check out my Discover It card review to learn more.

Great Rewards + Premium American Express Benefits
You’ve probably seen the AmEx Premier Rewards Gold Card advertised. Here are a few of its benefits.

  • Shopping Benefits: On all eligible purchases you get extended warranty, purchase protection, and return protection
  • Lucrative Rewards: 3x points on flights booked directly with airlines, 2x points at US gas stations, 2x points at US supermarkets, 1x points on other purchases.

It comes with dozens of other benefits and perks, check them out for yourself here.

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Never fall for this card. It’s a scam. They’ll tell you that you’ll be getting a discount but in reality, you are registering for a credit card and will have to pay that money. You won’t be aware of those charges and the late fee charge will keep applying to the card. Instead of the discount, you might end up paying more money. Never fall for this. You’ll waste your time talking to commenity bank representatives, will waste money by paying for unaware late charges and the card is not worth it.
The customer representatives are rude and this is just a money sucking machine.

This is the worst card ever! Do not get this, your statements never arrive on time and the late fees stack up. I do not have issues with any of my other cards and always pay my balance in full. I have 5+ other cards and have never had a late payment or had late charges reported to my credit. With this card it has happened TWICE!! Do not get this. I almost want to stop shopping at the Loft all together!

I have never been able to use the reward points certificate. I put in the number and pin and it says invalid. I get the runaround from credit dept. they say they don’t issue the rewards and the same with regular customer service. I don’t understand. They say I should get a copy of the rewards certificate in the mail, I never have. I only shop online and it says I have the rewards issued, just can’t use them I give up with this. Done, not worth the hassle.

Please do not take it out on Ann Taylor. We only offer the card but after that, we have nothing else to do with it. I am also a card holder and I am an employee for Ann Taylor as well. I also applied for the card and the master card and to this day I am still finding out things about this card I did not know. The card and the bank that issues the card may not be so great, because t the company is wonderful.

I have been a loyal Loft shopper and Love Loft Mastercard user for several years – I used it as my primary card and have always enjoyed the rewards. However, earlier this year I experienced my first real problem with the service – I went to pay at a restaurant and had the card embarrassingly declined. I called the hotline to see what the problem was, and they told me that my card was part of some compromised information and that it was frozen. They said they would send a new one in a few days. Firstly, I was upset that they didn’t contact me to tell me about the freeze, that I had to track them down for the info. Secondly, the card never came! I had to call back the next week to check on the progress, and was told that their card printing machine was down, and that they would get it out to me in the next week or two! As my primary card, I had recurring payments scheduled for processing, and not being able to switch to a new card number was causing problems. Of course, they don’t care about this.
Now, about 6 months later, I found a fraudulent charge on my card. I called, and their customer service said they’d credit it back to me, and it would post in 5-7 days. The next time I tried to use my card the same thing happened – I was told it was part of a compromised set of data, and that it was frozen. I am supposedly getting a new card this week. When I went online today to pay my bill, not only had the credit not posted, but I noticed ANOTHER fraudulent charge on my card, from the same establishment as the last one! How come the identity thieves can use my card, but I can’t?! I called and now they want me to file a dispute for both charges, which could take 60 days to resolve. You would think it would be fairly easy for them to see that I can’t possibly be in Los Angeles AND make purchases at a Canadian grocery store chain at the same time, but that would require customer service to actually think critically instead of reading robotically from a script.
I just sent the payment to pay the card off in full (minus the $100 or so in fraudulent charges), and I will be canceling the card as soon as my dispute is resolved. I’m very disappointed with the lack of customer service, and with the lackadaisical attitude with which they treat these issues. I would not recommend the Love Loft Mastercard to anyone.

Some of you don’t even make sense? Most reviews were useless. Obviously there are other financial issues going on in some of your households regardless of whether ‘ you and your husband make lots of money’ lol. That was the worst one.

I was wondering if anyone out there was told that the Ann Taylor card was not a credit card, that it wouldn’t affect their credit score that it was just a points card. ( similar to ralfphs’s card). I am planning on speaking to an attorney about this but just wanted to find out how many people this was told to by the sales person when signing up.

Honestly , a lawyer isn’t going to do anything bc you willingly gave out your social security.. Since when do rewards cards require that, a license, and a credit card/debit? Common sense…

Do yourself a favor and NEVER get one of these credit cards. Nasty people to deal with. One time paid my account balance of 3 dollars in the store. Did not get credit and charged a late fee. Then because I thought my account was paid, ignored the statements and continued to accumulate late fees. Then in October, diagnosed with cancer and in one of their collection calls,told them I wanted to access the “insurance” I had on the account. Was told I didn’t have the insurance. Funny since yesterday I got 2 cancellations regarding the insurance. Company has been calling me 5 times per day! On my cell phone which is also my work phone. Have tried to negotiate with these people and explain unusual circumstances. Will not work with you at all. Insinuated I was lying to them. STAY AWAY unless you want major headache!

Just received AT store card, but I never give them authority to issue a card for me! I stopped shopping there for at least five years and canceled my account at that time. I’m going to contact my state’s Attorney General’s Office next week for further investigations. I feel it’s ILLEGAL to issue me a credit card without my knowledge.

STAY AWAY from this credit card. They open accounts without your permission and do not give you your rewards or your “gifts”.
When you contact them, there are no answers and nobody gives you a solution.
Pay with other credit card, or buy somewhere else.

I don’t remember being late on this credit card bill, but I just checked my credit report and it had two different late charges of 30 days from this credit card. I have been late on a different store card before and that doesn’t show up. This company is ruthless! Otherwise my credit is perfect if it wasn’t for this card. 🙁 And no, they don’t really give you any benefits except when you first sign up for it, you get 30% off your total purchase. (P.S. The Loft has 40% off the entire store without the card, very frequently…I was a sucker for getting this credit card.) I learned my lesson…no credit cards!

You can combine the opening percent with any in-store sale. So, it was 50% off items, and then I used my bday card $15 and the additional 20% off for upgrading my regular Loft card to Mastercard all on the same purchase. Just FYI

I never really saw the benefit of having this card. Rewards? What rewards? I never got any! Their fees are ridiculous, tiny credit lines, and overall poor customer service. Just called a few minutes ago to close out the account and chop up that card. They don’t deserve my business.

omg the worst c/c don’t even care dont ,don’t do is the online payment you can try but no good and them if you have a return its gets worst. please don’t get this no good.

Avoid the Loft/Ann Taylor card. They claim to have a 7 day grace period if you pay the balance in full, yet they still charged me a late fee when I paid the bill in full at a store one or two days after the due date. Most cards have a grace period to accommodate mail delays etc. They waived the fee but no explanation how it got there in the first place. Also they will only waive one late fee per year, even if you are a good customer and usually pay the full balance on time. Worst customer service of a store card I have had. Go with a visa rewards card and use coupon codes and store sales instead.

Main motto of this card is to get customers that by chance get delayed in paying for the balance and make revenue or money out of it.

I felt like I have been cheated. The store or retailers are quite pushy about signing for a credit card and they also specifically mention to only receive alerts via email no paper invoice

Here you go trapped with little delay.


Just an additional comment about customer service they are unreasonably rude and unprofessional. Please do not expect any normal conversation with them

I’m a little perplexed by a few of these posts. One woman complained it was the worst card because her husband was 30 days late during a move. This was her bill, regardless of if he was paying for it or not, it was her responsibility to be on top of it and to inform her husband. Also, it must be nice to have your husband pay for your shopping bills. I prefer to be in control of my own spending, so that we can better budget for us. Also, another woman said that she could have paid the bill with one paycheck if she could and that her and her husband made “lots of money”. Well, if money wasn’t an issue, why didn’t you simply pay it in full? I only use the card for the things I know I will immediately pay back based on the spending budget I give myself per week, with a balance paid in full asap (much sooner then the due date). And if not, I at least pay a large chunk and put myself on a little payment plan so that I set aside a little per week to have it paid off by next month. I see credit cards as an advantage to build good credit. It’s so easy and simple if you manage payments yourself, buy within your means, and pay all or a large chunk of it immediately. Two good credit scores are better than one.

Looks like the people complaining are the “WORST CUSTOMERS EVER” to complain about the “WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER”.

It’s pretty simple. Paying your bill on time will not give you late fees. Eventually, they accumulate in rewards. Then, you can use the rewards.

Also, it is common sense to check on your statements every month to see if any fraudulent charges do occur. We live in a world where the hackers become smarter every day. You have to smarten up too. The sooner you contact the credit card companies, they better it will be.

If you have responsibility and a frequent shopper of the LOFT, I would recommend this card. If you cannot pay bills on time, and have to have someone else manage your money, I recommend staying away not only from this card, but also from every credit card. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. It matters how you manage it.

The Ann Taylor car is managed by Comenity bank, not the store. Comenity is in the retail credit card business also manages store credit cards for many many other retailers including Pottery Barn, Victoria’s Secret, Pier One… I agree, the card company is a pain and the interest rate is ridiculous, but I still love Ann Taylor clothes and don’t blame them for crappy card customer service. Just pay a different way if you don’t like it.

Loft Master Card is the worst credit card I have ever had. They just closed my account and I was always paying on time my bill. I would never go to that store again and actually thank u for closing because I wanted to close it anyways. Also I will close love loft store credit card.

This card has been a nightmare for me! I was a faithful Loft customer..for YEARS and loved the store….I had a regular loft card when the clerk at ATL told me a could save even more money if I opened a charge card…I told her I had one, but she was very persistent and so I agreed to open the ATLMC. In the process of getting married my husband was confused about the two cards and was 30 days late in march and then we crossed in the mail June…The balance is paid in full…I am trying to get a mortgage…which is when the mistake became evident. This company REFUSES to budge for faithful customers and will not forgive what was overlooked during a life change. Although I was a flag waving hardcore fan of ATL for years….I will not shop there and feel I should warn others. It’s clear the relationship was more about selling credit cards than keeping customers. BTW I have NEVER complained publicly about anyone in my life. This is a first.

This is the worst credit card I have owned. I had nothing but problems, I have never had an account hacked into and this was. Also the customer service is awful! The rewards are not worth it. I make quite a bit of money and they cancelled my card. I have to say the bank they use is stupid. I was never late on a payment, but they cancelled it because I had a balance that was not real low (when if I wanted I could pay off the entire balance with one paycheck). My husband also makes a lot of money. We had a short sale on a house more than 5 years ago simply because of the real estate market crash and moving out of state. I was issued the card after that and while in school getting my masters degree. Now that I am working they want to cancel it. Well thank you for doing it for me because I kept meaning to cancel it myself so I can get more points using my Marriott cards!! All I have to say is this is the worst credit card company and I do not recommend it.

I had this credit card. It was complete crap! Do NOT GET!!!!!

I agree with Amy. My wife has a Loft Master Card, and they have THE WORST customer service we have ever encountered. They are extremely rude, and unprofessional. I can’t wait for us to pay that card off and cut it up!

I am totally disgusted with the “Perfect Rewards” program from ANN TAYLOR MC. They owe me two. I have waited over 6 months and STILL don’t have them. I have called customer service 3x’s and sent an email. Each time I was promised it was “In the mail”. What a bunch of B.S. They must spend more money fielding calls from people in my situation than if they just printed out the reward with the monthly statement like the GAP does.

The person in charge “perfect rewards” should be fired. FEB 2012.

I will die of old age before I get it :{

Lisa (Arlington Hts. IL)

Terrible customer service. Don’t ever call them with an issue. They will be rude and not helpful at all. The behavior of them makes me not want to shop there.

The worst customer service I ever encountered. VERY BAD BUSINESS ATTITUDE. EVEN MANAGER. DON’T EVER APPLY ANN TAYLOR Credit card.

Hello Amy ,

How are you? Please contact me and explain about the Ann Taylor

problems that you posted on Nov. 23, 2011
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