American Express vs Visa

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Visa or American Express… who should you choose? This matchup will give you the answer! Numbers have been updated for 2015.

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Round One: Size of Company

First, let’s a take a quick look at AmEx’s basic stats:

AmEx vs. Visa

 American ExpressVisa
Stock SymbolAXPV
Value of company$51 billion$144 billion
How many credit cards in U.S.52.5 million278 million
How many debit cards in U.S.N/A428 million

Winner? As far as the size of the company, Visa definitely beats American Express

Round Two: Card Acceptance

American Express: Acceptance in the U.S. is very high; there are approximately 4.5 million merchants who accept their cards. Amex is also accepted in over 130 other countries, but its acceptance is usually much lower in other countries than it is in the U.S.

Visa: Acceptance in the U.S. is around 8 million merchants. Worldwide Visa is the most widely accepted credit card and can be used in over 170 different countries. Visa archrival MasterCard is actually accepted in many more countries than Visa (around 210) but Visa still boasts greater merchant acceptance at home and abroad.

Winner? Visa is more accepted than Amex. However, in the U.S. you can use your American Express at the vast majority of business. There will be some exceptions, however, because American Express charges higher merchant acceptance fees and some businesses refuse to play along.

Round Three: Best credit cards?

For starters, it’s important to note that Visa doesn’t actually issue credit cards… they only process the transaction. The banks that use Visa are the ones that control the cards, so you really can’t stereotype Visa, because one bank that issues them may be despicable, while another is spectacular. It’s sort of like how you can’t fault a particular brand of car if one of their dealerships has a terrible reputation. Banks are basically franchised dealers of Visa cards, with a license to issue them to the public. Now to be fair, American Express has also begun to issue come cards through banking partners but this only makes up a fraction of it’s card business, currently

American Express on the other hand does directly issue the vast majority of their credit cards. Generally speaking, American Express cards are targeted toward upper-income working professionals and offer more premium benefits. Using the car manufacturer analogy again, AmEx is like Tesla – they both make and sell their product to the public without a dealer network.

Winner? American Express, due to their superior benefits. However, there are a number of Visa cards with excellent rewards and benefits as well (especially with cards branded as Visa Signature), but most consumers would probably assign a higher level of desirability to an AmEx vs. a Visa. This may just be a result of brand perception created through decades of advertising but American Express usually takes the top slot when it comes to prestige.

Final Round: Who Wins For 2017?

Overseas, Visa is probably your best bet. Especially if you’re looking for a card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees, as there are several issuers like Capital One that don’t charge these fees. But here in the U.S., American Express has some pretty amazing cards with great benefits. So, I would say Visa wins internationally and AmEx probably takes the domestic prize. However, there are some Visa cards that are better than AmEx cards and vice-versa… it really just depends on the type of card, rewards and spending patterns that benefit you most.

  • Chase Freedom – good Visa card with no annual fee and a respectable cash back program
  • AmEx Delta SkyMiles – tons of benefits including + a lot of bonus miles!

Written or last edited February 17, 2017

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I have had many types of cards throughout the years. I have settled on just two cards: the Everyday and a VISA card from my bank. Cards are always coming in. The incentive to try a new card because of the perks is sometimes irresistible. For me, I have found it is WHO the card is from that makes the difference. CUSTOMER SERVICE. Who is on your side when the SH*t hits the fan…

Heartless yes or no? You decide….American Express is suing a poor Widow ! A widow on disability with stage 4 cancer!!!!!!!

Amex also issues a charge card which requires the balance be paid IN FULL every month. If you are going with Amex, make sure you are getting a credit and not a charge card. Otherwise, you could be in for a nasty surprise when the bill comes.

You’re absolutely correct Denny. The Green/Gold/Platinum are charge cards that require payment in full each month. The others are regular credit cards.