American Express Prepaid Card Review: The Good, Bad, & Ugly

A couple years back American Express launched a prepaid card. I’ve noticed many hailing it as their first prepaid card, but actually there’s the AmEx Pass that’s been out for a while now, although that is geared towards teens.

July 3, 2013 update

American Express Serve cardTheir regular prepaid card offer is no longer available. They have launched a new version called Serve.
Go here for more info about the American Express Serve® prepaid card.

American Express now offers the Serve card — go here for the review.

Is it a debit or credit card?

American Express prepaid credit cards? Or debit cards? Actually… neither!

Since this new card doesn’t allow you to buy anything on credit, it’s definitely not a credit card. Most stories I’ve seen so far has referred to them as being prepaid AmEx debit cards. That’s a closer description but if you want to be nit-picky about it, these aren’t exactly debit cards either by definition.

But that’s all semantics, let’s get into the good, bad, and ugly aspects of this card for 2013.

The Good

Almost no fees
Let’s be honest here… most of the prepaid card issuers are famous for nickel and diming customers with fees, fees, and more fees. I’m not claiming all are rotten but a lot of them definitely are.

With AmEx’s new prepaid reloadable card you won’t be shook down with a million different fees. In fact, getting the card itself is completely free and you can order it online. There are no activation fees, no fees for calling customer service, no monthly or yearly fees, no purchase fees, and no overdraft fees.

So how is American Express making money you ask? Well, since your purchases are processed the same as a credit card, the merchant has to pay those credit card processing fees. AmEx is hoping your purchase volume brings in enough processing fees to offset the costs they have to pay to advertise, issue, and manage these prepaid accounts.

Better customer service
I don’t have any personal experience/reviews to share, so I can’t conclusively judge this card’s customer service. But given that it’s American Express, I expect it will be a heck of a lot better than the service you get with most other prepaid debit cards. According to the AmEx website, service is available 24 hours a day via 1-866-207-7970.

Several excellent benefits for free
If you have an AmEx charge or credit card, chances are you already know about these great benefits:

  • Purchase Protection: Covered items which are stolen or accidentally damaged during the first 90 days will be reimbursed.
  • Fraud Protection: The AmEx website says they will refund charges if your card is lost or stolen (much safer than cash, right?).
  • Global Assist: In a nutshell this is a help line you can call when you are traveling more than 100 miles from home. They won’t actually pay for the help you need, but they will provide free guidance/advice in how to get that help. For example, if you need help finding an emergency dentist overseas or you lost your passport, they should be able to direct you to the right people.
  • Arranging Roadside Assistance: This benefit isn’t that exciting since AmEx is not actually paying for the roadside assistance, but they will arrange the service for you without charge. You can use this up to 5x per year.

Qualifications (almost everyone will qualify)
So what AmEx Prepaid card requirements? Well since there’s no credit check, it doesn’t matter how bad your credit history is! The application says:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • Cards cannot be shipped outside the US
  • Cannot be shipped to Arkansas or Vermont

Pretty painless requirements, right? You will have to supply your Social Security/tax ID number but rest assured, this has nothing to do with your credit history. ALL prepaid cards are required by law to obtain this info from customers due to the Patriot Act.

Helps you build history with AmEx
Now this is awesome. By having and using the card, you can establish a history/reputation with American Express which may lead to you getting invited to apply for a charge card. Here’s how their website describes the “Make Your Move” program:

Make Your Move rules(Update: this benefit has been discontinued)

The Bad

ATM fees
You get one free withdrawal per month with an AmEx Prepaid Card (which is better than almost every other prepaid card on the market) but beyond that, you will be charged $2.00 per withdrawal. Then you also need to take into account the additional fees the ATM operator may charge you on top of that, because the two bucks just goes to American Express.

The Ugly

Reloading with cash
If you don’t want to pay any fees to reload, then you have to transfer funds either from (a) bank account or (b) another American Express card.

The problem with this is that many people who use reloadable prepaid cards don’t have a checking account nor a credit card, let alone an American Express. I’m not claiming that’s the case with everyone who this card would appeal to but certainly a good chunk of people fall under this umbrella.

If you don’t have a bank account or an AmEx card, you will need to reload with cash using a GreenDot MoneyPak (which is used for many other prepaid cards, too). You can pick up a GreenDot MoneyPak at drugstores, convenience stores and load money onto it for a fee, which is often $4.95.

Typically the most you can load onto it is $500 so that means right off the bat, that $4.95 equals almost 1% of your money. If you load $250 on it, the $4.95 equals almost 2%. As you see the less you load, the more your fee is percentage-wise.


If you can reload your American Express Prepaid Card using a bank account or other AmEx card, then this is definitely a good deal compared to almost every other prepaid cards on the market. There are no application fees, no monthly fees, and no annual fees!

However if you need to use the GreenDot MoneyPak those fees definitely suck, but at the same time, they are comparable to what you would be paying on other prepaid cards. So overall, this prepaid card from AmEx isn’t perfect but it appears to be the best one out there.

By the way if the reason you are interested in a prepaid card is because you have bad credit and can’t get approved for a regular credit card, then you might want to consider applying for a secured credit card. The downside is those require deposits of $200 and up. However approval is almost guaranteed and yes, the fees are high, but at least the account will help build your credit if used responsibly.

But you might be able to get a credit card instead (even with bad credit)

Prepaid cards are not reported to the credit bureaus, so they cannot help you build credit. This is why credit cards are better, not to mention, many of them have great rewards and benefit. Even if you have bad credit and don’t think you’ll qualify for a credit card, I would advise you to try this out and see if you have any matches. It only takes a minute to do.

Written or last updated April 2017

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the only thing I don’t like with this card is the fact that it takes 8 days to be refunded any amount of money for any reason for example I moved and changed my address online I thought ok that’s it done a few weeks later I used the card to buy bus tickets online and put in my billing info and everything and it was denied apparently because the zip code was wrong but they took the money anyways I called and found out that changing the address online basicly means nothing that I also have to call and change it (but no where did it say that or would I have ever thought it needs to be changed in two places to count) then they went ahold and told me I know had to wait 8 days to get the money back …. because of that I had to borrow money to get the tickets and hoped to god I could buy them at the station since it was 4th of july weekend and everything was selling out asap it was a mess
the next thing is on the way back 2 days later I go online to get return tickets this time im on the phone with customer service while I do this so nothing can go wrong I check my address with them and put it through again same as before this time with them telling me yes I have the right zip and address for the billing info and it happened again! the same exact thing!!! the guy said he would look at it and was like “oh no no I see now that was the old address that was on the card I was looking at sorry” and once again had to borrow money to get home! im not rich I live pay check to pay check I cant afford other mistakes!!! then I waited another 8 days for that money back too

I have had this card for years and always liked it this all happened recently but I do still use this card but I am worried a lot now when i do depending on what im using it for and now that they are going to start with some fees im going to try the American express serve card instead of the American express prepaid card since the fees are less

just be able to wait the 8 days if you need a refund (even on something simpler like a canceled online order) that’s all beside that its a good card

I am extremely dissatisfied with my serve card right now.
A hotel swiped my card then they tried the ole bait and switch tactic with me. I refused the room and they performed what I thought was a refund to my card. When I found out later that the funds hadn’t been put back on the card I started finding out about this 8 day hold Amex has on my money..
The calls to Amex cust serve ensued over the following 5 days. During this time Amex put $100 back on my card as a one-time courtesy to cover emergency expenses. On the following Saturday (the hotel swiped the card on Wednesday July 22nd) I was told by a manager at Amex there was a workaround to get money put back on the card immediately! He provided me with a fax number and an authorization code PLUS an 800 number to give to the hotel so they can perform the workaround. The hotel faxed the information TWICE to Amex and I expected my funds back on the card the following Monday. But no funds made it! I called several times, spoke with several managers and they informed me there was no workaround and that after the 8 day hold period my funds would be released back onto the card! This, after the manager on Saturday explained to me how to tell the hotel how to do the workaround!
The managers would not explain to me why I have to wait 8 days to get my money back nor would they take any action to refund my money even after a workaround was explained (ON A RECORDED LINE!)
The only thing that was explained to me that made any sense was that there used to be a manual process for releasing holds on the card but since they changed to an automatic system that process was eliminated! I can only guess it was eliminated because AMEX HAS YOUR MONEY IN THEIR BANK FOR 8 DAYS WHILE THEY EARN INTEREST ON IT!
WHAT A SCAM! I’m so disappointed in Amex right now. I would NEVER recommend using this card to pay for hotel rooms to anyone!
J. Cornette.

To add to all of the previous reviews: this prepaid was/is horrible. Their customer service is the worst that I have received from any single major or minor financial institution. Just in case you still have this card, do not forget to close it before October 2015 or you begin to be assessed a monthly fee of $4.95. As a current card holder of a traditional AMEX my overall opinion of the company as a whole has been greatly diminished. Discover does a much better job of interfacing with their customers.

Everyone is correct when they say Customer service is HORRIBLE. They are all in manila. They dont care about amex customers. One rep even told me so. Crazy. They dont help with any problems. Money i used for a trip is still on hold after 10 days. I cant get an answer why?? The hotel told me it released my funds 10 days ago. C S wont allow you to speak with a manager. When my funds are released I will cut my card up.

I have had zero issues with my serve card. For one, although it’s a “credit card” it works more like a debit card, which explains the hold on funds that are preauthorized. I have never been charged to load my card, and have never had a problem using funds I load, immediately. As for the customer service, unfortunately, most companys outsource. It’s simply a sad fact. As for preauthorization holds, ALL prepaid cards work that way. Based on the reviews i have read, it appears many of you did not read the terms and service agreement when you made the choice to use the card. So, you really have nobody to blame for your issues, except yourselves. Anywho…great card, and would highly recommend 🙂

Does anyone know how long it take to get your direct deposit to your american express card cause some,people say its thursday some people say friday

actually it’s Tuesday or sunday.

So what interest rate does you get from AMEX holding your money? “0.00%” Great card. Reminds me of the Flexible Spending Account. Pretax. If you don’t use it all by the end of the year guess who gets to keep what you didn’t use? Not you…! AAA AM/EX prepaid card. RIPOFF…! Who at AAA got paid off on this and how much did he, she, or they get? Request a AAA card without the AM/EX on the back or if AAA won’t give you a renewed card without it, use sandpaper to erase the numbers and logo off the AAA card…!!!!!!!!

I HAVE THE CARD FOR A LITTLE AND THEY STILL MY MONEY if you lost your card you lost you money

I have a question. I have been an AMEX SERVE user for about a year now. I mainly wanted to get it to build a relationship with Amex Credit Cards. Is it true that by using Amex Serve you are building your credit toward the actual credit card? Up top I have learned that it does, yet what worries me is that little UPDATE underneath it. Thanks

The card is great !!! The only thing that sucks is that they show your balance on pretty much every receipt, when you purchase something ….

Yes, your balance is printed not only on the receipt, but one merchant showed me their register screen when I paid. There was a large pop-up window displaying my balance. Why does my balance information need to be provided to merchants? Where is the security in that? I don’t want anyone knowing how much money I have. I would expect better from American Express.

I have the original AMEX pre-paid card and I have NEVER had so many issues. 4 out of 5 times you try to use the card, it will be declined for some reason or another, usually security. They charge you $1 EVERY time you want to purchase something online. I had a merchant decline my sale because my zip code was wrong. You can NEVER change your zip code on your profile and if you call, they can not help you. The merchant did NOT charge me, but AMEX kept my $350 funds from a pre-authorization on hold for 10 days!!! On hold for a purchase I never made. BEWARE of any AMEX pre-paid card. I have never used a pre-paid card and I have never left a negative review before. So frustrating!!

WORST CARD EVER – They will freeze your account and not let you have access to YOUR MONEY for no reason which is totally absurd. This isn’t a credit card, its loaded with my money to do with as I PLEASE.

American Express acts as if they have the right to tell you what you can do with YOUR MONEY. Their customer service is in Indonesia or some other God forsaken place and the robots that answer the phone cant do anything beyond read from their scripts.

Terrible card, terrible company, avoid like the plague

Do not get this card- if you add more than 2000,monthly you cannot have access to your funds. They have to western union your money to you with 48 hours – Horrible

@Chris. You are truly trolling

Worst card. My daughter is on vacation. Tried to use the card and it was blocked call the horrible customer service and not much they could do for me. No where to turn, spoke to two different reps, kept on hold for 20 minutes, hung up. Daughter now on vacation with no access to the money, I am fuming and Serve did nothing to assist except say they are sorry for my situation. Never Never again.


Worst customer service ever known to man kind…I loaded 1000 dollars to pay a bill I was not able to pay, after they told me in would be able to. Once its loaded they won’t refund the money. They told me.there was no fee to load at Walmart…they charged me a 3.95 fee and it took me 2 days to get that back
I could not withdraw the 1000 I put on all at once so I took out the ATM limit which is 600…now my other 400 is miraculously missing and they want me to wait 10 days to refund my money. Mind u this was to pay a bill, now I’m going to have to pay a late fee cuz I can’t even get the money out on time and they are not going to give me that late fee. Why do they get to mess up but they dont have to pay, but god forbid i overdraft my avvpunt, i would owe them so much money

Do not get this card if you want ready access to the cash loaded on the card. I loaded $1500 onto the card for a vacation in Hawaii. On three seperate occasions, a restaurant ran a pre-authorization before they made the actual charge. The idiots at Amex charged the three pre-authorizations (almost $600) in addition to the actual charges against my balance and wouldn’t let me use pre-authorized amounts for 8 business days. So I was effectively billed twice for the same transaction. No amount of reasoning with customer service would release the money. What is the Serve card worth with this kind of nonsense? NOTHING. DON’T GO THROUGH THIS AGGRAVATION!

I had an issue that the cash did not come out the atm and american express serve representatives gave me 15 different fax number that did not work and i have been trying to get my money back for the last 5 days and still have not recieved the correct fax number to dispute my funds. this is the worst card to have because once your money is gone do not expect american express serve to help because there customer service sucks and there fax numbers do work. they want you to get angry and say keep it before they provide the correct information.

Jessica kelly

I go to university of Phoenix online. I am due a school refund. Can my school refund be deposited on this card?

This is the best prepaid card available. Period. Not sure why its getting bad reviews. I’ve never had issues with it.

It is not a secure product. I have been a victim of Fraud, and I have disputed the charges, and after 22 days I have still not have them removed from my account. I have not had access to my money this whole time, and American Express doesn’t seem to quick to get this resolved. They keep giving me the run around, to keep waiting, when I was promised I would be given provisional credit for those fraud charges, once I returned the signed dispute form. It’s a big hassle..not worth it. Don’t waste your time, unless you don’t care that they let fraudulent out of state transactions post to your account, and they have no fraud protection on this type of account or any fraud alerts.

this card cannot:

Linking your cards… you cannot link to any other card unless it is in your name (my husband travels and we linked our cards so we both can have access to his paycheck… ha ha ha after 3 months of linking and tranfering of money, they freeze my account. then it takes 3 different operators to tell me that they cannot link the accounts but we can “email” each other money. I didnt even try!

Access … they hold your money and set limits on how much you can spend, get out of an atm and where you can spent it.

Use… careful on trying to use your card online or over the phone, whether it is to purchase or pay bills, some places will NOT accept this form of AMEX because of the expiration date! They put mine at 2021… most credit card machine do not accept this far off date! Then AMEX told me to have the company I am paying to manually change the accept date on the cc machine!!!! I mean…REALLY!!!! like it is their fault. They just want you to spend money on buying new replacement cards!!! Also some places will take MORE than the amount needed as a secrurity deposit and hold that money till the transaction is complete. 2 to 3 days!!!! in this day and age….REALLY!!!!

I wanted to get away from traditional banking but this is ridiculous!!!! Nice try AMEX but not for me

I for some reason cannot add money to my card all of a sudden. I tried using my debit card and checking account but get a messages telling me I need to call customer service. Why? I have never had any problems int he past adding money to my card so what is the deal now? I am currently in Costa Rica and cannot call American Serve from here and sending them a letter would take forver. I don’t know why I cannot add money to my card if I have the funds in my checking account.

Hey just bought the card to use it online just have one question. How long does it take for them to review my application so I can use it. Thanks I just want to use it already I’ve been waiting for approximately a day

This card is great it saved me lot of money no more Money Gram fee to send money to my wife just enter her email address and voila

Has anyone out gas with this card. I had 100$ on it and it declined it. Checked my transaction and there’s a 99$pending has transaction and I didn’t even out gas. Why is my money being held?

Dude this happen to me today !! Went to chevron to out $40 dollars and I got declined. So I went to Shell and before swiping I checked my balance , I was $40 dollars short . Started with $70. !!!! 9/30/14

This card is horrible. Do not go with it. I’ve had nothing but problems about a month after I’ve gotten it. They will not accept checks unless the address on the check is yours, which means no one can give you a check.

Another problem is any cards or bank accounts you add HAS to be in your name. So if your wife’s name is on the account or card you cannot use it. My cards were rejected because of it.

Finally I stopped using them, logged in a couple days ago to see if anything changed with the account, everything looks ok. Then today I get an email saying “During a recent review of your American Express Serve® Account we noticed unusual activity. You may experience limitations while using your Account.”. I logged in, and the only activity I seen was them taking fees. They want me to call and confirm my identity. I have no plans of calling, they took the last of the money on it in fees.

Serve is like a bad ex that you want nothing to do with.

I have to comment on your review. Being that this is only a pre-paid debit card how could you assume that someone could write you a check to replenish the account. That’s kind of the whole point of it not being a credit card or actual bank account. Also, due to the Patriot act, a linked bank account HAS to be in the name of the cardholder (They make it clear in the cardholder agreement) and that’s just to protect against fraud. Blame it on terrorists and hackers if you must. I have to ask though, why not take any check someone may give to you and put it in the bank and then get the cash to reload the card? I assume from your review that you do (or at least your wife does) have a bank account. IMHO I think the Serve card is pretty good.


Warning: American Express is after your personal information. If you don’t provide it to them, they do not allow you to reload the card. I purchased this so my elderly mother-in-law could purchase food during a flight because the airline does not accept cash during flights. Thanks to American express, she will have to go hungry during her 6 hour return flight. The American Express Serve website said I could use MoneyPak to add funds to the card. I paid the $4.95 fee to purchase a $20 MoneyPak card, but was unable to reload the Serve card. When I called American Express the agent said I could not reload it unless I first provide them all of the personal information they requested: A photocopy of her Social Security card or Medicare card PLUS a copy of her U.S. or state issued ID. It seems like they were asking for way too much personal information to allow me to add $20 to the card. Even if she provided the information, she still could not reload the store purchased Serve card. She would have to wait until Amex sends her one in the mail with her name printed on it. Of course, that does not stop Amex from deducting a $1 fee every month she has the temporary card until they suck it dry.

My Advice…Stay away from the Amex “Serve” card. It only “Serves” Amex’s purposes.

Wow. I’m sorry if this really happened to you but of course due to the Patriot Act you have to understand why they asked you all of the personal questions to reload your Mom’s card. I have reloaded with only my card and the cash in hand so I don’t understand why you could not do the same and I do this with my temp card because I don’t allow the CVS clerks to handle my permanant card (OCD I guess). Also to avoid that money pak crap just reload at any CVS or 7 eleven absolutely free with no hassle. Screw money pak when you have so many locations to load your Serve card for free. 7 elevens and CVS are everywhere!

Actually, up until recently, I would have been one of the ones defending this card. But I guarantee that the negative reviews should be taken VERY seriously. When the card is working as intended, it’s the best out there. The online features and text alerts are great. It was the text alerts that started my recent saga, as I received 13 of them for $100 each, completely draining all the funds in the account. I have googled this issue and other people have experienced remarkably similar scenarios. Amex reps say they’re aware of a similar issue and the activity is obviously fraudulent, but they were unable to stop the merchant from taking the funds and the only recourse is a 6-8 week wait after filing 13 separate dispute forms. I am meticulous with card security, and never had any issue in 20 years of banking and credit use with multiple bank accounts and credit cards. I’m actually downright paranoid about that sort of thing and am utterly certain there’s some additional level of vulnerability to fraud that’s specific to these prepaid cards (the repetitive instances of EXXONMOBIL and Home Depot charges that are common to these fraud reports should be a clue to both companies that there’s a security hole being exploited!) Yet they do nothing proactive about it–at least not as far as their customers can experience. Lesson learned: don’t keep money you’re counting on in a prepaid card. Shame on me for that. Maybe I’ll get my money back after the dispute process, but the absence of that much money for 6-8 weeks simply isn’t a risk I’d ever take again. The people on here saying “don’t listen to the negative reviews” are the ones that haven’t had the negative experiences. Hopefully they never do, but they happen, and Amex will be happy to tell you it’s a known issue if it happens to you.

I got hit with the Exxon Mobil charge also. I was told by the AMEX customer service that the card was swiped at a gas pump. Well, I don’t have a car, the card was swiped at 5:20 in the am, and it was done in Florida….I live in California! I only had $40 on the card; about 2 minutes after that I got a text notification that a $100 withdrawal was declined. Customer service didn’t seemed to be alarmed by this.

We had the same thing happen We live in California but when we discovered our account was minus they stated the card was present. You were lucky you didn’t have the funds available. They charged 27 charges in one day totally over 2500. They made us put the account out of the negative before they would look into it. We did that though do not know why we had to do that since it was not our fault they approved these charges. Really 27 charges from Exxconmobile in Florida and we live in California? We are getting quite the run around. Have been waiting for a email for a form we must send in. They keep saying they sent it. Have been put in hold at last 6 hrs this last week. We use this prepaid card for vacation – we are a platinum card member and thought American Exoress has always been great – never would dream we would be treated like this. So mad

I swear I am not trolling when I say this…..20 years of banking and credit use with multiple banks, meticulous with card security and you get a Serve card? Really?

Did you ever get your money back? We are in the process – we had 27 charges from Exxonmobile all in one day that took all our 2500 dollars in the minus. We are getting the run around. Just want to know will we ever see our money? Appreciate it

I’ve been using this card since its inception and don’t have any problems. You can reload for free at CVS or 7-11. Also u can login. I know most of the complaints are old but its a great card and very convenient. Plus there have been many free cash benefits like $50 for signing up for direct deposit and using ISIS mobile wallet. Have any questions hmu. Lets get paid together 🙂

I went to load money onto my card and I got an error after clicking “submit”. I was asked to click on “retry” which I did. Again another error message with the option to retry. After the third try I decided to just wait and try again the next day. I went on to check my transaction history and what do I see there… 3 pending transfer request… How could this be if my earlier submissions for transfer ended with errors.
I immediately called customer (located in India) where they always ask for – full name – address – card number – birth date – social security number – phone number etc…- before answering even the simplest of question.
After explaining the situation I got a thousand apologies, only then to imply that it is my fault that I have 3 loading request pending.
– And here is the worst part…the guy I talked to claimed there is nothing they can do to stop the extra transactions and that I have to talk to my bank. My blood was boiling at that point.
After over 30mn on the phone trying to explained to the guy it is not my fault for the extra request and that AMX should be able to fix the issue, the guy started playing the old trick of bad phone connection…sorry sir your connection is not good I am having hard time hearing you …
I was so upset and responded …”don’t give me that non-sense of bad phone connection trick”. His response was “sir cursing is not allowed, I will hand up on you if you curse again”. At that point I realized I am just banging my head against a wall and I better off hanging up.
– I called my bank (chase) and since all 3 pending transactions were of the same amount they have to stop all 3 transaction for a fee of $35. Luckily chase waived that fee as first time favor. Now to be on the safe side I have no access to the money until AMX requests for the transfer and chase denies it.
To top it all off, I went to load fund again a month after my earlier trouble. I got a message that I don’t have an account set up to load fund. What on earth… What happened to the account I setup in the beginning to load fund from my checking account???
Basically in order to load fund onto the card I have to go through the funding account setup all over again which takes at least a week to be approved.
So that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. So long AMX prepaid card, adios. I know you were doing me a favor by letting me use your card. I will spare you the trouble.

Hi I tried to apply online for this, It has been weeks and my account is still pending. how long will it take to get my aacount accepted?

Don’t waste your time with Amex Serve. I gave it a try. When I try to ‘reload’ the card by bank transfer on the evening of 3/10, the money was withdrawn from my account the next day (3/11) meaning I no longer have access to that money until it ‘hits’ the Serve card. Today is 3/14 – 8pm – an still nothing has been credited to the Serve card. I called Customer Service and was advised that it would take until 3/17 for the funds to be available because I “initiated the transaction late in the day and missed the cut-off, and we are going into a weekend”. If they can’t complete the transfer because I initiated ‘after the cut off’ how did they withdraw my money the next day? Big fail on AmEx’s part. Don’t bother with this re loadable card unless you want your money floating around in internet land for a week.

They didn’t withdraw your money but they sure as heck withheld it pending transfer. My golden rule……I load manually by cash and I don’t link ANY prepaid account to my brick and mortar bank account. Too many variables not under my control. Sorry for what you are going through

Chris, how long did it take for amex to review your application to use the card. I’ve waited a day already and it’s still pending

You people are morons. This card has been awesome.

so far so good! Cody is absolutely right. this card is very helpful to me in managing my money since i pay in cash lately due to credit history, etc. i’m surprise of these people trying to put down AMEX Serve Card. i love it! i can reload money in CVS / 7 Eleven in CASH and i see the balance right away. i strongly believe the AMEX Serve card is beneficial to people who want to pay CASH to avoid bank NSF fees, credit card fees,…all these fees that consumer is paying for that put me into the decision to start paying CASH only…believe me…we’ve been charge with all these fees until we end up with less $$$ in our pocket…my advice this card is a good start!!!

I agree. This card has been awesome in my experience. People seem to be running into issues when they try to use this card like they got it from a bank like a credit card or something

I just applied for this card and saw all the terrible reviews. Im using the card strictly for direct deposit. Should I be okay? Also, do they charge you everytime you swipe for a purchase?

Its a great card dont listen to these negative reviews. People who say the sight doesn’t work typically don’t read directions properly which list time frames for posting or generally internet-illiterate. Either way its a great card and easy to use

My employer is currently sending part of my paycheck account bi-weekly with direct deposit. This is working well. I have had no problems with it. I get an email from American Express when the direct deposit hits the account which is about 2:15AM EDT Friday morning. I also have added cash onto the card at both 7-Eleven and CVS with no problems. I have also attached a debit card from my bank account. This will work right away until they freeze the account so you can call to verify debit card information. They want to know if the card is in your name. Once this is confirmed, you can use it with the confirmed card forever.

BE AWARE that if you use this card at a gas station , you have to tell the station attendant the amount of money you would like to charge to the card for gas. If you use the card at the pump, there will be a hold for $75 or more placed on the card until the actual gas purchase amount is sent to AMEX from the gas station( This could take days). This is exactly what happens when gas is purchased with a VISA/MC/AMEX gift card.

maybe for you. But not in my experience. They are still holding my money and I left the hotel 10 days ago. When I call customer service in manila to ask why.. They dont know. That is not an answer. they refuse to let me speak to a manager. They are useless.

DO NOT GET THIS CARD!!! I bought this card, tried to activate it in the parking lot of the store. It told me to contact customer service to add my PO Box as my mailing address. Then when I called customer service they refused to add my PO Box and insisted on mailing to my physicial address instead despite me repeatedly telling them I do not have a mail receptacle. Long story short, they mailed the card there anyway, it was forwarded to my PO Box so it took twice as long to get my card. The manager I spoke with told me I could add my PO Box after they confirmed my home address but when I called back two weeks after receiving the card, the woman told me my PO Box could not be added AT ALL, that they don’t take PO Box addresses. As a result, I can’t load money online with any of my debit cards or checking accounts because the addresses don’t match. Evertime you call customer service it’s a foreign person that’s hard to understand just repeating apoligies from a script. Completely inconvenient from day one. Wish I had never bought it and would not recommend to anyone. WORST CARD EVER!!!

I got this card to avoid credit cards and better manage my purchases. I had issues couple of times with website to login and check my transactions. It is a nightmare to deal with customer service!! They do not listen to your question, keep repeating the standard script. They keep you on hold for 3 to 5 min for every simple question inspite of giving them all the info including the security question etc., The service is passive, they are very apoligetic without a reason and test your patience by answering the actual queation. I am suprized by the AMEX serve customerservice. I had to hangup since I was on hold for too long when I wanted to check on a transaction. I may have to limit using this card and find an alternative. I am glad to see several card holders reviews on customer service similar to my experience.

Correction – The service is passive, they are very apoligetic without a reason and test your patience by “NOT” answering the actual queation.

OMG! It clearly states you can’t use PO boxes and and if you have all of these debit cards and checking accounts why on earth do you want a Serve card? You know the Patriot Act screwed up how easy it use to be to link all your finances up so why would you even attempt that? Bad form on you buddy. You knew you didn’t have a mail receptacle…I’m not faulting you for that, it is what it is….but expecting them to send you a card to the PO box when they say they won’t do it is asking for trouble…even if they told you that you could add your real address later. PO box equals banking nightmare…..terrorists suck.

I have the old Amex prepaid card – it’s all blue and it’s not the Serve or anything. There is no monthly fees, 1 free ATM withdrawal per month, etc. So this card was great – until tax time. I was not aware Amex does not accept government deposits. But the thing is, it wasn’t coming from the IRS directly. I had fees deducted from refund, and because of that, the check was routed to that bank first to get their fees. After that, they send the remainder as an ACH deposit. Now I accidentally put the wrong account number on mine. The money was sent to Amex and has not been rejected after 1 week. I have a trace number but no one seems to know what that is or what to do with it. I was on a call for 1 hour and was transfered 5 times. The last person had me on hold for her supervisor, and after 15 minutes on hold she hung up the phone on me. I am beyond pissed off. No one knows where the check is and no one knows how to trace it. No offense to anyone, but they really need to open a call center in the United States because the people they have answering the phones can hardly understand what you are saying and vice versa.

This card is terrible it doesn’t work online neither

SMH. 90 percent of my Serve card use is online (Amazon, EBay etc.) and haven’t had one hiccup. where did you try and use it?

AMEX DOES ACCEPT TAX REFUNDS THERE IS EVEN A $20 FREE REWARD FOR HAVING YOUR REFUND GO TO THE CARD. Granted you did say that you had the old card..may it’s time for an upgrade.

stephanie hanna

Help I need to register my card and retrieve my #

This card is worse. When i signed up, they asked for DOB and SSN. Really? And then it gives u an error message. U lost me here. Never again. You guys suck.

Yes really. Federal law. Patriot Act. Everyone has to do it. Look it up. Really

Don’t include payoll Direct Deposit and the card is fine.

What do you mean about your it’s not good for payroll direct deposit? Bec i had my paycheck dd into this serve card account, and my check disappeared. I still havent recieved my money, and customer service sucks with this card. Now im broke.

i reloaded $1500.00 to this card thru CVS. When I called and asked what happened, i was put on hold off and on for 1 hr. The customer agent told me to fax the reciept. I did, then they told me to refax they haven’t received it. We three wayed CVS headquarters, CVS reviewed it and saw that the money was taken at CVS and the reloaded process was completed. The customer service agent told them that it would take 10 days to resolve, when CVS threaten them with withdrawing themselves from SERVE, tha gent hung up. Been going through this for 2 weeks and they take my wife car because of non-payment, I called the dealer and we three wayed again, and was told that the money will be on the card, the dealer know that was crap and returned the car to my wife. I am in the military and this is defintely the worst thing I have seen. No money has been returned and they act like its no big deal

At first my experience was going well with my serve card, but as time passed I noticed little things that irritated me I went on vacation and I had pulled out money to use and they blocked me from using the card at all till the next day, my account is cancelled and I have an available balance of 3k+ in there and I’ve been fighting just to speak to the right person about getting the money returned to me, it has been 3 weeks and no one has helped I’m really frustrated with their customer service and how there are 3 tiers, when I contacted the customer service team I have them my information they told me they would have a specialist call me between certain times I waited no call then I received a call that was missed and I had to repeat the step I couldn’t call them directly back. I have done this 5 times Idk what to do

Yah ok. You go on vacations and had 3K plus in the account. Why do you have a prepaid debit card again?

Well my experience with the serve card started kinda rough but has been running pretty smooth since I can reload my card at any 7-11 free of charge, also never had a bad experience with customer service… great job Aexpress.

This card is worse. When i signed up, they asked for DOB and SSN. Really? And then it gives u an error message. U lost me here. Never again. You guys suck. Wish I read this post prior to my purchases.

Are you familiar with the PATRIOT ACT??? Every financial institution is required to ask for DOB and SSN because the Government (1) wants to make sure you are who you say you are (2) no funding terrorism..not just an Amex thing

Does any one know how long it take for direct deposit to come on my card with my american express serve

Amex prepaid card is the worst. 5 days to get fund loaded onto the card. The website had problems and I got an error message when trying to load funds and asked me to “retry” which i did. Which resulted in 2 transactions when I only wanted one! Been almost 2 months and still have not received my refund back to my bank account. Their customer service is the worst!!! I will never use this product again – it’s so frustrating!

Outstanding problems right here. I’m really happy to talk to your write-up. Thank you that i’m eager for contact a person. Might you kindly decline me a e-mail?

Also when you need to speak to an American on the other line just call 18005554318

Wow. All the complaints on this card? I just bought one today from a Walgreen’s. The reason I came here is because I tried to register the card online and had technical issues and was kicked out. Called customer service (which is located not in the US but India) and was told that they do a credit check. I asked why they do a credit check when the card is prepaid and he had no good excuse and said he saw my application and I had to wait 5 days for an answer. I am not applying for a credit card nor do I want one. I loaded money onto the temp card and was just trying to get a permanent prepaid card nothing else. I will let the money run out on this card and stick to my Walmart money card. This is just a temp card and already too many problems. Stay the hell away from Amex card. Oh and not to many online retailers take Amex so basically this card is useless and just wastes peoples time and money.

Just called them and asked why I was kicked out of the online activation for a permanent card and was told I need to send ID and social security card by fax. You have totally lost my business Amex. No way would I send that sort of information on a prepaid card.

if your still looking for a prepaid card check out the chase liquid prepaid card $4.95 a month no other fees i have had this for more than a year with no issues ever.

I’m really trying not to see you as an idiot. You don’t apply for this card so I don’t know what the heck you filled out that needed a credit check. Also you can’t activate your temp card. You activate your permanent card when it comes in the mail. You saying that he saw your application and had to do a credit check and wait 5 days leads me to believe you are lying or you actually applied for a credit card or something. Either way you are the one at fault. Just wait until your permanent card comes and you can activate it online no problems…then again it is you so…..

Hi having just read everyone’s review it seems the main concerns with SERVE Card is 3-5 day delay for deposits, outsourced untrained customer service and a message dated August 2013 claims the “MAKE YOUR MOVE” program has been canceled and AMEX will no longer consider or invite you to a credit card. That really disappointed me, that is main reason I was interested in SERVE to build a relationship with AMEX. It’s a prepaid card it doesn’t build credit, I already have a bank account like most normal people lol not sure SERVE card is worth it without the “MAKE YOUR MOVE” program. Is this true? I am not sure as I customer service could give me no information go figure. Has anyone ever actually been invited to AMEX credit card after using SERVE card regularly? Thanks for any information, also if you know of a better card or best way to build credit please let me know. I don’t have bad credit just never had a credit card that wasn’t connected to my father’s account. No I’m not a spoiled, I was just young and let my family control my life. It hasn’t been easy, I also have a hospital bill I just found about for a ridiculous amount, they have been sending my parents bills for last 4 years, I haven’t lived there since I was 18. Anyway they never bothered to tell me about, specifically to trap me financially. My dad knew with that unpaid bill would ruin my chances of a real loan or good credit cards etc for many years. I’m working on paying it off now that I know about it, the hospital should have been contacting me. So please if you have any advice please help me, I’m not sure what to do and can’t afford to do the wrong thing. Take care, happy 2014 good luck!


Hate that that happened to you London. Go over to and join the community and repair your credit. Bluebird (Amex’s other prepaid) card is said to help build the relationship to join Amex but again not guaranteed. But if your credit is in the dump regardless of reason, you still won’t be invited. So clean it up.

Hi, I have paid for 2 months of letters and have not received any yet. How do I get that fixed?thanks

By far the worst customer service experience of my life included all other companies and all other services. Problems with the web site caused a mix-up in the processing. I spoke to customer services many times. At all times connected to a call center in India where the agents apparently have absolutely no training what-so-ever. Skip customer service and dial the ACH Deposit group or call 1-866-340-2773 to reach a trained agent.

Told the problem essentially had to clear the system and had to wait 30 days. After 30 days, no change in status. All total, it took 2 months and approximately 5 hours on the phone with the service to receive a card. I stuck through because I wanted a pre-paid card.

Finally having the card and the accounts set-up – after many many issues – I made my first transfer. Again the web site gives an error and says it can’t make the transfer. But surprise, it actually did make the transfer.

use the cash, close the card. Good riddance.

While the card claims minimal fees, you pay for it with a lot of lost time, energy, and frustration.

Watch out for the American Express Serve card !

They keep changing their rules, and if anything goes wrong, you may never get your money back !

I signed up when they advertised no fees and two free ATM withdrawals a month.
They soon changed the latter, and in December 2013 started charging $1 a month in fees, saying you could cancel if you did not agree to the new terms.

But when I went to cancel and withdraw my remaining balance, the card was blocked and the web site would not work for me. After nearly an hour spent on the phone arguing with clueless customer service representatives, one of them finally agreed to mail me a check for the balance, except the check bounced! That’s right, American Express actually sent me a hot check!!

Now I’m out a returned check fee from my own bank as well as my outstanding balance, and no one in customer service will even talk to me.

Stay away from the Serve card.

Here’s something that has shocked me while using the American Express prepaid card. When I using the card I was given the receipt by the merchant which had my available balance printed in BOLD TEXT at the bottom of the receipt. This is not a prepaid card despite what American Express tells you. It is just a fancy gift card, no different than what Starbucks offers its customers. Your balance will be printed on your receipt for the cashier or anyone else to clearly see. Not very classy! For this reason I only use it for online purchases.

Yes indeed Evan, I noticed this after having my card swiped at a local grocery store and realized it was printing on darn near every receipt as a gift card balance.

This card doesn’t work for online purchases 99%of the time I’m taking my money off this card ASAP

How did you get your money back? I am having the same difficulty.

I could not believe when I used my card for the first time at a restaurant today that the balance of $225 showed up on the receipt for anyone to see. This card is a joke. I had no idea this was just a gift card disguised as a prepaid debit card. I will be withdrawing my money and never use this card again.

I was an early adopter of Serve and have been using it almost since its inception. When it works, it’s a GREAT tool. I have a young adult son that I’m able to forward funds to as needed, generally very quickly. HOWEVER .. I have had periodic issues where funding doesn’t go through (various technical reasons), which can be frustrating. But THE MOST frustrating part is that EVERY time you call, there is a minimum 10 minute hold time because they’re “experiencing high call volume.” The last time I tried to transfer funds, was 5 days ago and the funds to my son still have not gone through although they have been deducted from my checking account. When I called 2 days ago they said to wait 24-48 hours. When I asked to speak with a supervisor to provide constructive feedback (I REALLY want to believe in this product), I held for 10 minutes and a supervisor never came on. This isn’t Amex bashing. I’m a Platinum card holder and loyal customer, but come on Amex, get the technical and support resources together – please.

one very constructive review and my only gripe myself. Customer service/technical support definitely needs an upgrade.

I have had zero issues with my Serve card. I don’t like the idea of giving my debit card information out over the internet or at restaurants (I’ve had my credit card information stolen before), so this serves the purpose that I need it to. I have a certain amount direct deposited monthly from my bank account and I haven’t had any long wait times to access those funds. I’ve even loaded money on to my serve account and it was available in no time at all.

I guess I am lucky that I haven’t had to call CS for anything, as I haven’t had any of the issues that some others have been having. I can log into the website fine, I can use the card perfectly fine and have had zero issues. It’s not a scam at all from what I can tell.

I too had no issues with serve. Until I made the fatal decision to add Direct Deposit. I strongly recommend not to add this. It’s a far cry from what Amex claims is faster and easier than cashing you payroll check. They actaully limit withdraws to only $500.00 per day period. The FDIC and FTC are looking into this practice.

My question is, can you use the Serve card for hotel reservations?

yes you can I just did

NO! i ask that question to customer service. you can pay the after your stay using AMEX Serve Card but not to put on hold hotel reservation. Same thing with renting a car.

I have never had any real issue with this card. Part of my pay check is deposited onto my card with in hours of my pay check being deposited into my checking account. I also have my child support money put on the card and yes it does take three days to load onto the card but it took three days to deposited the CSC into my checking. Regular bank transfers from one account to another (checking or savings) takes the bank 3-5 days so I don’t see what the big deal is when it says it take 3-5 days loading funds to your card. I think many of these issues some people are having are from operator error. Yes CS are outsource which I was a bit disappointed but they were very helpful when I needed a refund to my card they promptly refunded my card within 10 minutes. The text to check your balance is a nice feature and works great, but some people who are having issues with this feature may not have their phone number registered. You can’t use this feature with any phone, it’s a safety issue.

Do not get the walmart money card. No one would take the temporary card and it took over a month to get the “personalized” card in the mail. This card is not worth the 6 dollar monthly fee to use it. I would rather deal with the hassel and fees of a Visa gift card every month than deal with them again. Even the CSRs were rude talking over me, and set me back through the automated number again. I talk to a supervisor and the call got cut off. This is unexceptable.

I had no idea the Serve had so many bad reviews. I have had absolutely no problem with it. I got it about two months ago. I’m a college student and was selling some textbooks. Chegg offered the most for the books but my only options there were to get Chegg credit or a serve card. Obviously I chose the serve card. Once I got everything set up, everything has run very smoothly. I only had to call customer service once and they were pretty helpful. I have kind of just been using the card to save some money on the side and it works. I love it. I haven’t had any problems loading money straight from my debit card, and I even got a promotional credit for loading money and for buying gas. The load time for me was very fast, the money was available right away, but I have only ever added it from my debit. I will say though, avoid buying gas with it. It’s just like using a credit card, your balance will be off for like a day or two before they complete the transaction. I really like having this card.

American Express prepaid card system is full of s#!t…Every time I call never once will you get someone that speak English…

“…Every time I call never once will you get someone that speak English…”
– er, I think that’s “speaks English”. I can’t really see what your complaint would be about…

I’ve had the American Express card in various forms since 1976. I obtained the reloadable debit card for my niece so she doesn’t go over a certain amount each month. Money is transferred from checking automatically; but, it takes too long to reload. AMEX is apparently using this time frame to earn interest income for itself with all its users. The amount of cash it holds until it refreshes the card must be significant. So where other companies almost immediately credit an account after they accept funds, AMEX is not. Perhaps the fees are kept low because the 5 day reloading period after they receive money is offset in some way by accrued interest on thousands of cards. They obviously depend on this delay if no one complains.


For over 3 weeks, I have tried to get my money sent back to my bank account. They won’t do it. They froze my Serve card and made me send a photo id and bank statement which makes me terrified of identity theft. I had used them to send money to others but then when I didn’t activate the card they kept my money and acted like it wasn’t mine. I can’t tell you but I spent over 20 hours on hold and talking to various people. What I have come to believe is that if you don’t use the card you don’t get your money back. They are sending me another card. I hope I can use my money off the card. They still won’t release my online account to send my own money back to myself and I have proven it’s mine!

Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry

I needed an online card promptly to keep my main bank account off-the-line and read all the choices at Longs’ and picked the AMEX prepaid… The first Longs’ had none, The second Longs’ couldn’t get the purchase to go through trying two different cards and pulled their sales stock, The third Longs’ made the sale–and fairly quickly under 2 weeks (cf “7-19 days” advertised), and I called and activated it in a few short minutes–nice computerized system–But then when I went to set up the corresponding online account, “the whole shebang fell apart when the chairman quit” (quoting the dictionary): They refused me access to my card information and told me to call a strange-looking AXP number but I really don’t have time for their diversion…

Curiously, I had a account many years, before AMEX acquired it….

For “Request for Resolution” go to

and fill out the form…

I already have a checking account with a debit card but I wanted an “everyday” card to use for gas, eating out, & other small expenses so I don’t have to deduct the $ out of my checking account every time I spend a few dollars. When I get paid I transfer a lump sum over to this card & use this card for my spending money & other inexpensive personal items.

I did a little looking around online before & didn’t notice all of these bad reviews until after I signed up & ordered my card.

Luckily, for me, it’s been great so far and I’ve not had ANY problems. Loading money from my checking account is a breeze (although a bit slow – when they say 5 business days, that’s pretty accurate), but other than that no issues at all. I love the text notifications (every time I make a purchase or a deposit I immediately get a text alerting me of the transaction with the remaining balance).

It might not be the card for everyone, but for what I’m using it for, I couldn’t be happier so far.

What a joke. The only thing I use the card for is the car rental insurance protection. I pay $24.95 for the premium protection and used it. Rental companies want you to pay $3,000 for work that costs them $100 internally and the regular AMEX coverage is for major work.

So, I apply and they bounce me around between debit, insurance, credit (AR) and benefits department for 20 minutes and they won’t enroll me or even promise to manually charge my card.

BAD JOKE. Now let’s hear some stories of their worse than criminal collection agents? lmfao

can you rent a car with this?

Horrendous customer service and load time for the card–I don’t recommend getting this card. I loaded funds via a bank account transfer on Saturday and as of today,Thursday, the funds are still not available. Today’s Customer Service technician and her supervisor reminded me there was a 3-5 BUSINESS day delay in loading the money and that if It hasn’t been loaded by 5 pm Friday I should call back. Note, the funds were withdrawn from my account on Monday. I have no idea if the technical support works through the weekend, and neither did the CS supervisor, so I may have to wait until Monday if the funds don’t appear tomorrow. The time delay and indifference displayed by the company is unacceptable. And mentioning that the funds were needed by my teen who’s traveling internationally on a tight budget made no impression at all. I will find an alternative card to this one once my child returns.

I’ve had the card for about a year, and the only problem I had was the Indian CS. The prepaid logo is in tiny letters on the back. Clerks never look at the card anyways, So what’s the big deal?. I like the card, works for me. Any problems, I can always use credit as a back-up.

American Express Passcard is HORRENDOUS!!!! I have LITERALLY spent 10 hours trying to set up 5 passcards, 3 in my name and 2 in my husband’s name. We have been Platinum account members for 15 years and are in perfect standing with AmEx. Pass card website kept stating that bank information could not be verified–after calling AmEx Concierge, we were told ALL of our information was perfect. We have then spent 10 hours, LITERALLY, on mulitple phone calls, with 4 different supervisors. Each supervisor assured us the problem would be resolved and PROMISED to call us back. (Elise, Hannah, Randall, Selena)–NO ONE EVER CALLED US BACK! Three cards finally were processed and then when you login to account there is a system error so you cannot add funds or manage accounts. BOTTOM LINE: CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NON-EXISTENT and this company is completely DISORGANIZED!!! We asked everyone we talked to (including AmEx Platinum services) and no one can give us a name of someone to address the problems with. Moreover, we were told by 3 different people that we would have to wait 3-5 business days to find out what the problem was…AGAIN, NO FOLLOW-UP. I would NEVER recommend American Pass Card to ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!

I just was notified by text that my balance was taken down to $0.00. Called AmEx right away to report fraud and they said that THEY deduced all of the money that was left on my card, due to a Green Dot MoneyPak glitch?? They said I received an email – never did. They then changed their story and said that MoneyPak would have sent the email – never did. THEN they said that they will now send me an email explaining everything, since I have called in. I am irate and want to know if this has happened to anyone else. They said they are just now taking the money from 6,000 card holders and that all money will be removed by 05/31. I’m thinking class action law suit. Please let me know if this has happened to you also. They can’t just wipe out our accounts without any notice or explanation of why they are doing so!

Samn exact thing happened to me any solutions?

It happened to me as well. I’ve been dealing with this everyday since the 22nd. $500 were taken out of my account and I called right away. AMEX claimed green dot over credited me and that’s why its been removed. False. Never happened. I called green dot and the first gentleman I spoke to verified all my reload dates and amounts and said they didn’t debit it, that it was a glitch on the AMEX side. I have just spent the last three hours climbing the “transfer me to a manager” ladder at the obviously outsourced call center and no one can fix the problem, the refuse to verify the information I have provided via green dot and they have refused prevision credit while they investigate, which is something stated they would do in their card member agreement. Class action lawsuit… I’m in.

The same thing happened to me! I was notified via email. However they just credited my account back. I have had the worse experience with amex pre-paid.

Green Dot has done the same thing to me…TWICE!!! Blocked my card with NO warning and NO explanation. There was no “unusual activity” on my card and I have done nothing wrong. They treated me like a criminal and said I could NEVER have another one again. But won’t tell me why. If someone is starting a class action lawsuit, sign me up!

My initial attractions to this card were the amex benefits in a pre-paid card and the per-qualification of an amex charge card after consistent use. I deposited funds every paycheck to the card. 4/24 my account balance was depleted to zero at a Target 700 miles away. I called Amex support and reported the fraudulent transaction. I spoke to several reps, none in which were American working at American Express and was told I needed to submit a dispute form and the “investigation” could take up to 8 weeks. The dispute form turned out to be an unprofessional, sophomoric word document. I was able to call Target and have them confirm the transaction, the time and what was purchased in less than seven minutes. I don’t understand why it would take Amex so long to find the same information. Either Amex is using a third party to administer the prepaid program or Amex has absolutely the worst fraud protection of any credit card company. Either way, Amex does not really give a damn about it’s prepaid card holders. The reps didn’t even offer to cancel the fraud card and send a new one. I had to ask for it. Highly disgusted.

Yes, the website is a total joke — you have to re-register the card every single time you visit.

And there’s another big problem with this card: Nobody will take it! Most of the local and online businesses that I do regular business with won’t take Amex, only Visa or Mastercard. Same with many utility companies. So it’s basically useless. I like the fact that it’s no-fee but if I can’t use it, what’s the point?

I have had my card for almost a year. I read all the information that came with it so I knew what to expect, such as the hold on your funds when using your card for gas. SIMPLE FIX: GO INSIDE! I have loaded my card many times at walmart FREE! No problem, money is available right away. Maybe some people are not aware but you can make FREE withdrawals at walmart at MONEY PASS locations, the site will even direct you to the banks that are considered money pass locations, all you need to do is enter zip code. I’m sure there are many that are having problems with this card but thankfully I am not one of them. The only thing I don’t like is on the receipt is your amount of funds available. That is not the cashiers business and since it duplicates receipts the store has a record of it as well.

Do you have the American Express pre paid card or the serve card. I’ve gone to the Walmart website and they said that its a $3.74 charge to fund a pre paid card

Absolutely horrendous experience with my son’s AmEx Pass. Parents – you may think getting one of these cards is a wonderful idea, but I suggest you call their customer service number an engage one of the reps. Either 1. English is not their native language or 2. they are ignorant. I made 5 requests to speak to a supervisor during the first 12 minutes on the phone with AmEx. Their customer service just cannot be located in the US. The alleged supervisor had the same issues with understanding me, playing dumb or just being ignorant. My son tried to use the card in 3 European countries at hotels, restaurants and stores with no success. When he called us, we called these people and they advised that he should break away from his high school group to travel 100+ miles by train to some bank’s ATM machine. Is AmEx for real? I now got him on my real AmEx account and got him a real AmEx card, just setting a lower credit limit. And now although I funded the Pass card from my regular AmEx card, I find it not easy to get money taken off the Pass. AmEx you dropped the ball on this product and should be ashamed of out sourcing customer service to a third world country.

Pls don’t get this card. I loaded funds via my bank account. One transaction was posting two times. I call AE to stop one of the transactions, they could do anything. So I had my bank stop one of the transactions. They close my account, they said of fraud. I think because they had to return the money. It’s been over 6 months and I have been trying to get my money back. All I have been getting the run around. I even suggested to them to just cut me a chk. They won’t, they say because the funds were loaded from my bank, my bank will have to filed a claim to get my money back. I did that, I chk my bal funds are still they. I think I really have to sue there ass. Sorry about that but as fortune 500 company they sure to act that way. Is it really worth the headache. My advice say away.

I’m going through the same it’s honestly stressful.

Unlike many of the experiences shared above, I have had zero issues with this card; I absolutely love it! From ATM withdrawals, to direct deposit, and even a recent refund for a fraudulent charge…flawlessness! The only thing I would change, if it were possible, is the outsourcing of the Customer Service Division, which is handled out of New Delhi. But, hey, the fact that my funds are ALWAYS accessible without delay matters most…Cheers!

How long does it take to reload from ban account to the card?

Stay away from this card, instead try to get the SERVE Card, with American Express they do have American Reps.

I just joined and will be just leaving, changed my direct deposit, last pay day money did not post until 11:00 Today it is 1:30 Pm Eastern and still no money, cant live like this, it’s my money, I figured they are holding it also for some type of money making scheme, will try the Liquid card, I’m outta here, suppose I had no gas or food? Not for me, not that desparate. Yeah also not every store takes Amex. Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH and I’m talking the Blue Bird Fiasco. This birdie sucks!

25 minutes and counting on hold for customer service. Having to call because an attempt to make an online purchase results in continued denial due to “invalid billing address” even though I’ve triple-checked that it’s correct. So, essentially I have a useless card. Run. Run quickly. Do NOT get this card.

This is for David. I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU DAVID. FOR ANYONE ELSE who thinks this card is fantastic, IT’S NOT!! I set my account up in April, 2013, used it for over a month, added money to it until yesterday. I was looking at a msg that said I needed to ACTIVATE MY CARD…wth? So, I contact Cust Svc, then was told by 2 of them that my funding source was a Prepaid Debit card and AmEx DOES NOT ACCEPT Prepaid Debit cards as the Funding Source. First of ALL, My Funding Source is NOT A PREPAID DEBIT CARD. They suggested I link my Savings Account to it…REALLY??? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN AMEX!! AMEX SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES FOR MISREPRESENTATION!!

rosalind williams

I got a card which 3 of their customer service representatives told me three different lies they lied saying I could receive my income taxes on my card to they don’t accept only job incomes being deposited all the way to multiples of supervisors telling me they don’t accept anytype of government funding to oh we accept first of the month checks. They wont turn over my money back to the IRS they give me the run around about my money to even blocking me out my account and wont let me in my own account. This card isn’t a good card they don’t do nothing but lie to you they don’t help you out or answer your questions and the only way you go get your hard working money is to get your lawyer to call them and threaten them in order to get your money.

I thought the AmEx prepaid was a good idea but after 2 months of technical glitches and problems with transferring dollars to the card, we finally gave up, probably a blessing in disguise. Foreign reps who speak poor English who constantly apologize but are of little help. A low-budget operation. I thought American Express was better than this.

FYI – AMEX discontinued the “Make Your Move” program for the Prepaid Card. So you will never be considered for a regular card. If you’re planning to apply based on this, I suggest you reconsider.

@ReVeLaTeD – thanks for sharing. I have been apply based soley on the “make your move” program. Disappointed about the update but, grateful for your feedback. Thank you!

I have used AMEX prepaid card with Greendot money paks and never had an issue..UNTIL I decided to give Direct Deposit a try and its a NIGHTMARE! My payroll department sent my paycheck to the card ahead of my payday and its almost a week a NO FUNDS have been posted to the account! I am extremely upset, I’ve had to rely on family members to spot me until I get my money. I am have tried to call their customer service line numerous times, only to be answered by reps in India who give me different answers to when my money will be available. I’ve talked to a few supervisors who claim they can’t see my money pending and they have no answers for me. I went on Twitter to AMEX’S twitter page, @AskAmex, and the online rep at first told me to call customer service, after I told him this is unacceptable because I have called many times and no one can help me, he told me to email him my information and he would pass it along to Prepaid management. However, did not hear anything back from them yet either. I even went as far as filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and they have sent the complaint to AMEX headquarters and now I have to wait for a reply for them too! NEVER AGAIN, will I use this card!

“I don’t have any personal experience/reviews to share, so I can’t conclusively judge this card’s customer service.”

That’s right….you don’t. So you got a bit trigger-happy writing this review, didn’t you? This review is completely misleading. Michael, had you done even the slightest amount of research you would have known that this is the outsourced version of Amex customer service. They save the good stuff for people who pay exorbitant fees.

I’ve had this card for 5 months and choosing, verifying and changing funding sources are a nightmare. I’ve spent hours on the phone repeating myself to Indian people, and the only real way to do anything with your funding source is online. Eventually, it gets done but usually only if I talk to the complaint centre located in the U.S. and you have to escalate quite a bit to get them to transfer you. Do I like yelling at hard-working Indian folk? Absolutely not.

I’ve had my funds take up to 2 weeks to clear…5 days my foot! Fine for me, I have other options, but not fine for a lot of people I’m guessing. I’m not scam-savvy, but that’s probably the basis for how they make their money on this card.

New review: Bottom line, you absolutely, positively cannot rely on this card.

Do not get this card! The customer service is aweful, you cannot use it as a debit card and get cash back, you only get 1 atm withdrawl per month for free-amex is not accepted everywhere! I have had an aweful experience. The website is not very detailed, you can’t tell whats pending still and what’s cleared. I would recommend an “Upside Card”, check it out.

Ok. I do not like this card for many reasons:
1. Foreign customer service reps
2. It takes 5 days to get your money loaded onto the card.
3. The service is plain slow.

I just received my Amex Prepaid Card today in the mail and it looks, appearance wise, very nice. Much nicer then my Amex Bluebird card I have been using for a month now. It looks just like a regular Amex Charge/Credit Card. Atleast till you turn the card over and see the “Prepaid” word above the Amex logo, LOL. Since I have just received my new Amex Prepaid Card, I can’t pass judgement yet, so as soon as I load some money and use it for a month I will give my review of “MY” experiences with the card and service it offers.

On a side note, I have had NO issues with my Amex Bluebird card as of yet. I initially loaded $30 on it at my local Walmart and used the “Temp Card” in the starter box without issue. My “Personalized” Amex Bluebird card came in the mail about 5 days later. Activated then used the card and no issues. I do have my bank account and bank debit card registered with my Bluebird card too. I also ordered the Amex Serve card as well but am still waiting for that card. The cool thing with the Amex Serve card is now through Dec 31, if you load atleast $25 onto it they give you $25, instantly. The Amex Serve card also has a very nice design to it just like the Amex Prepaid Card does. Which is also nicer then the Bluebird card. Of course that’s just my opinion.

This card totally sucks. It doesn’t let you use all of your available funds…EVER. When it shows you what your available funds are, if you make a purchase that is less than your available funds, your available balance goes back to ZERO. It takes 2-3 days for them to update funds, which of course will still not be all that you put on the card.

The customer service call center took forever and they were not professional. The Text for balance option delivers no reply back. This is truly the worst prepaid card I have ever come across. I tell everyone I meet whenever I have a few moments how absolutely terrible it is. If I am at my local walmart, when I am standing in line I tell everyone in line, including the Cashier, to not recommend that card because it doesn’t let you use all of your funds. How terrible it would be if someone put a large amount of their holiday spending money….they probably wouldn’t be able to use it all up until spring of 2013.

Just the fact that they are using customer service reps in India is enough to make me run. I will never do business with any company who not only outsources, but outsource to a country full of idiots.

You know whats funny,The 25% of India’s population with the highest IQs
is GREATER than the total population of the United States.
TRANSLATION: India has more honors kids than America has kids. So how can you say their idiots?

I have read almost all of the above review, that is sad. THERE is a reason why a customer does not receive his money right away and that is simple to answer. You see, it’s all about a company making money. American Express holds your money as long as possible so like that they get interest off your money. The banks operate the same way. Its all about money. Remember, the American Express board sat down and had to find ways of making money. And yes one way is the prepaid card. Remember your money earns interest for American Express.

The direct deposit sucks on the card. I get direct deposit on friday they said it takes one business day for it to hit the card my other prepaid card it would load 2 days early on that wensday so i might have to wait till monday to get my money

I totally agree with Martin this card is totally unacceptable. By far one of the worst i encountered. They try to talk over you when you’re explaining your situation and then if they feel you’re being rude, they’ll just hang up on you!!!

awesome, i thought the only problem was with the green dot card 🙁

what prepaid cards are good…i have to have one for direct deposit….

hi sarah,
when i worked at walgreens, we received the “elite paychek plus”, and it said “metabank” on it. i thought it was a great card whereas i’m not so sure with my new american express one yet. the conflict resolution team is really good, but the indian customer service team is really “bottom line” and subpar. try the one i mentioned if you can get it. it was basic, but fast. no problems.

Try the chase liquid card. Direct deposit hits like a regular bank account and is available on payday.

Worst card period. Funds take forever to load even though bank sent funds days before. I had a charge from an overseas charge which was not mine. I am at week eight and continue to be told the dispute is being handled and call back in two to three business days. The problem is you wait 30 minutes or more to speak to anyone. Give me the money back and i am done

I would not recommend this card. Several reasons. 1. Made a deposits using the camera and it took a week to get the funds. 2. If you us it for gas it will take all the money on your card and hold it untill the official amount of gas posts to your account then you will get back any money left over. $50 on the card only got $20 gas but took all $50 to hold. Only aloud to transfer in $100 per day from another credit or debit card.if you don’t have direct deposit its pretty much worthless or unless you run to the store and put cash on it everytime you need it. Was in the middle of a transaction at the store and the cashier made a mistake and she didn’t know how to fix it, so she voided it and started over. Well it authorized the card already and took all the money on the card and tried to redo the transaction and the card was declined and I am still waiting on it to be creditied the first week of using this card it had over $200 of my money being held for no reason really ,just because of it taking so long for any transactionto post. Now when it comes to taking the money boy it comes out right away but they don’t give it back so easily.

If you are going to use this Amex Prepaid Card for gas, PAY INSIDE. Issue solved. Next…. Thats how it goes with ANY prepaid card retard. If you go inside and pay that the register with the Amex Prepaid Card then it will come out immediately. I have had my Bank Issues Debit Card (Suntrust) do the same thing. It “Pre-Authorizes” the pump so you can go ahead and pay for the gas. Not pay instantly right then and there.


This card is the absolute worst! I rented a car using this card and had some erroneous charges added that were greater than the amount that I had in the account and caused the account to have a negative balance. First of all how were the charges authorized on as prepaid card where the charge amount was greater than the available funds?????? I called their call center in India filed a fraud complaint and was told that it would take 6-8 weeks to resolve. I called back on week 6 for an update and the woman told me that I had to wait 2 more weeks for a resolution. I have tried to file a customer complaint with AMEX and they have no customer feedback form anywhere on their site. American Express should be ashamed for backing such a poor product!

Did u pay a deposit to rent the car? Did u rent at the airport? What company u rented?

Ummm, I thought there was clear language about where *NOT to use this card. Hotel/Rental Car Reservations and Fuel were on the top of the list. I have had no issues with this card whatsoever, nor have I needed to speak to customer service. Then again, I might be using this card as intended…

I agree with you Donut. I have had this card for 3 years, and have never had a problem with it. Sometimes it was difficult to find a MoneyPak card to load it, and I’ve gone several months without using it. Luckily, there are no monthly fees, so I just use it when I need to. Customer service has always been kind and helpful, and I never paid any penalties that were undeserved. Overall, this is my favorite prepaid card. …and yes, I have my checking linked to the card and have NEVER had a problem.

I went to the gas station and put $15 dollars worth of gas on my serve card. There was no sign stating the gas company could put a hold on my card for $75 dollars. When I went to do shopping I found out that they had a hold on my card for $106 dollars !!!! I complained to SErve and was given a number to call the station…wrong number. I asked why I had this charge on my card they said it is in pending so there is nothing they can do. Five days later it came off and my money was back on my card, something happened that serve can’t explain and it caused my card to be $13 dollars overdrawn….still have no response …spoke to a customer service rep they closed my account and said I didn’t pay the 13 dollars timely. Had no clue I owed it. They told me they called me but didn’t leave a message. Right. Worst card ever

This card sucks. They withdraw money from your bank account and hold it for days before letting you use it

This card is absolutely horrible! Let me start counting the reasons why. I’ve been using pre-paid cards for a while, b/c it allows me to transfer funds to my son & keep him on a budget in college.

Well, first of all:

1) you can only take $400 out a day, and they will not lift that, even if your car is in the repair shop, and the repair shop doesn’t accept AMEX & your repair bill is $1200! (yes, this really happened)…

2) Direct Depost w/your job is a joke. If you’re going to use a pre-paid & have your paycheck direct deposited, use NETSPEND (You get your pay 2 days earlier). AMEX Prepaid does not put the money in your account until the afternoon of your PAY DAY! Who does that??

3) Want to talk to people in India from a script? Sure, call the AMEX Pre-Paid customer service line. They offer NO help at all.

UPDATE…just adding an update, as I recently got an AMEX prepaid card. It now seems to have moved the “Prepaid” logo to the back (in small letters to where it isn’t as obvious). So amex has listened to complaints.

Also… I was having trouble getting into my account, when I discovered that I had been trying to go into the regular credit card website….instead of the “prepaid” website. Now that I have found out my mistake, I can access my account info right away.

I give AMEX prepaid a nice thumbs-up.

Have had the card about 9 months and it works fine. No problems. To transfer funds from my bank acct takes 3-5 days.

I ordered an American Express prepaid card over three weeks ago. The funds were verified three weeks ago. I have not received the card. Over the last week I have call numerous times to receive a different answer each time.The first time I called I hung up because I couldn’t understand a word the women said.

The second time I was told I had to wait one more day to call because the cutoff date was the next day. The next day no card arrived so I called back they asked me to wait one more day and if it hadn’t arrived I could get it sent out priority and would have it within three business days. I waited two days since it was on Friday they said to call back I gave them one more day to be sure since it would have made a difference being a weekend the card wouldn’t be sent out until Monday. Saturday arrived I called because still no card. I was then told it was sent out the day before and had been given incorrect information this whole time. Actually card being sent out three weeks after verifying account was “on track” and the card would be there when it got there.

I asked for them to email me a copy of the shipping label that the gentleman said he was looking at on his screen to be sure I was being given the correct information this time. I was told he didn’t have access to email and no one could send me the information. He also refused to let me talk to a supervisor. So now I ask for refund, which will take another 15 days to process and receive even though my account had been verified. Currently they are holding my money that I was trying to find an easier way to send to my son. So now we are digging for money from savings accounts to make up for the time we have to wait to receive this refund. I have yet to see if they can process a refund in the allotted time, lets just say I am not holding my breath.

I had the exact same issues. Over the last 2 months, I had to call their “customer service” call center 12 different times. Every time I called, I had to wait on hold more than 30 mins before a rep even answered my call, and everyone gave me a different “answer!” They would just tell me what they thought i wanted to hear and not what the real truth was.

It has been over 2 months and I have yet to see a card!! WORST situation I have ever been in, by far!!

I ordered this without seeing Kelley’s response. I’ll not participate int he bank verification, and not be using this card. I got my credit messed up in the past, when my dad passed away, and I got into a mess with his property. Therefore, I use a cool little Visa Paypower card. I love my card. I travel for my job, and I used it in Albuquerque for a month. I loved it. It is a debit card, not attached to the bank account,and I refill it with reload it cards. I only had Amex put 35.00 on this card, by the way. I wanted to see how it went. I got my confirmation email today, and then I’ll see how it goes, with caution. If there’s no way to see how much is in your account, then forget it.I thought it would be easier to load it through my savings account, than bothering to go to the store. But 3 days to see the cash amount? I have my doubts if I’ll ever use it.

This was probably the worst thing I have ever done. I ordered the $200 card online to get the promotion. The American Express website duplicated the order unbeknown to me until my bank was charged the amount twice. I called the “lovely” people at American Express to query the duplicate withdrawals from my bank account and I was promptly informed that there was two orders made in their system. After spending 1 hour on the phone with both the representative and the supervisor I was utterly frustrated because THEIR solution was that I needed to wait 25 days to be issued a refund of my money. I absolutely regret my decision to buy the card already because if this is the customer service, I’m in store for and I haven’t even received my card yet. My worse decision ever what a nightmare. Don’t be fooled by the American Express brand name they suck where customer service is concerned.

I agree with Kelley and Omar and several others here.I just got it today and thankfully, I’m not traveling with this card nor do I have a lot on it.Until I could open a bank a/c with some money, I’ll use it with the money that is already in it.I don’t trust it,but my sister was looking out for my best interest when she helped apply for this card because of AMEX’s reputation.I find this deal very shady where you can’t log on and cavalier customer service reps with attitude (especially Renaldo or whatever he calls himself, just don’t talk to him).

I just got the American Express Prepaid. I tried signing up online and kept getting a page stating difficulties. I tried for a week without luck. I tried calling several times and they kept transferring me around then I’d get hung up on. Not sure if this card is really worth the hassle.

The AMEX prepaid was a complete and total fail on my recent trip to Rome. It would not let me withdraw anything, the AMEX office in Rome handed me a phone and called the INDIAN support center (where I got a representative only partially english speaking who could not be convinced that Rome did not have a zip code), half the stores and restaurants I went into would not accept it and it was declined twice when I had (respectively) 10 and 3 times the balance required to pay what I was attempting to charge. They say it feels like membership – I say it feels like something else entirely.

I think the card works great, especially good for online purchases if your credit card doesn’t offer virtual numbers.

I think most people did not read the instructions. You cannot access the account on the regular americanexpress website without
the /prepaid at the end!

I’m happy with the card.

Transfers from Bank account take a little long, but other than that no problems. I have never had the card rejected because it is Amex or Prepaid.

It works great for me. The only thing I don’t like is the word ‘prepaid’ stamped on the front of the card. I have credit and other credit cards and use this for certain expenditures to be responsible. It’s annoying that money takes 5 days to be transferred to the prepaid card, but that’s still doable. As for people talking about the screen not letting them in… go to cards, prepaid and select the pre-paid card you have and log in from that screen. You don’t log in from the regular Am Ex webpage.

I’ve had the Amex Prepaid card for sometime now. It’s only sole purpose is the get money, quickly to my Nephew when he’s in need.

For my situation, It is the ideal card. Grab a MoneyPak, add money and my Nephew is set to go. Along with most others ( as I can see ), I and my Nephew do not like the PREPAID slammed right upfront for all to see. Why does it make a difference? Because it basically SCREAMS.. “I’m not credit worthy enough for an actual Credit Card, so I must lower myself to use a PREPAID”. As petty as it may seem, this is an issue for me.

Over-all, Most places do not take the card, the limited amount of cash flow allowed and depositing (outside of a MoneyPak) is a hassle and then on top, we have the PREPAID. Best bet to avoid any PREPAID or DEBIT stamped on front, Is the Nfinanse DISCOVER Card at the Dollar General. I’ve switched to it and as soon as the balance depletes on this PREPAID AX, It is history!

Kelly is sO right on the mark. Cannot access the website after you register. Not worth the trouble.

Can I rent a car from a rental car agency with this card, just like I would with a credit card.

Listen up, folks. For anyone with a U S bank account the AMEX pre-paid and Pass cards are so far beyond the competition, it’s unnerving.

1. ACH re-loading is a breeze. If you’re not familiar with the process, try it. It is effectively a free wire transfer.

2. Customer services generally does answer in India but there are some like Jason working out of Salt Lake. Just tell the Indians to speak slowly and clearly and they will oblige and not take offense.

3. I found the Pass card a little trickier to set up than the Pre-Paid. But, hey, I also received a $20 sign on bonus through

4. If you do any international traveling, nothing comes close to these cards for utility. If I want to withdraw $200 from my Chase card, it’s $5 fee for non Chase ATM, and $5 by the local foreign bank. With AMEX, I am not getting charged by the local foreign bank. And, as reported above one ATM withdrawal per month is fee free. Need more than $200 foreign cash per month? Help yourself to a bunch of Pass cards. Otherwise pay $2 fee for additional withdrawals, subject to max $200 per 7 day period.

Look, these cards are not for heavy lifting. It’s a stretch to use them for buying long haul flights or cruises. But $2500 per month spend limit translates to a lot of petty cash!

You think ACH reload is a breeze… until the money doesn’t show up. I transferred money directly from my bank account to the AMEX prepaid, waited the 5 business days and my money still isn’t there. According to them, it’s a “technical glitch” and I will need to wait 3-5 business days.

I suppose I should be thankful I am not in desperate need of that money while I wait it out. But what about those that are?

Like I mentioned above, AMEX wants you to believe that they have revolutionized that prepaid card industry. But really this card is just as unreliable as all of the other prepaid cards out there. It’s a bologna sandwich that they threw together and slapped their logo on. I am very disappointed and once I finally get my money back from them, I’m done with this card (and all prepaids) PERIOD.

P.S. The ONLY great thing about this card is that there is NO MONTHLY FEE. Other than that, I could not comfortably recommend this card (well, maybe to my enemies).

Unsure why prepaid has to be on the front of the card. But on the gold colored version “prepaid” is not that easy to see. I discovered that regardless of your balance, they only allow you to withdraw $200 per week in cash. They only allow you to load $500 per day in cash via greendot. Walmart prepaid MasterCard allows $1100 per day.

Do not get the Card !!! It takes American Express about 5 days to post monies from your Bank Account, even after the money is deducted from your Bank Account !!! You can transfer monies to the Pass Card from your Amex account and it will post immediately….This is a trick from Amex to get you to use your Amex credit Card !!! Also, the phone calls about Pass are answered by reps in India and it is very hard to understand what they are saying !!!!

By obtaining an AMEX PREPAID CARD, I think that after 6 months of proper usage, you shouldbe offered an opportunity to obtain an unsecured AMEX CARD using your own money. Thus leading towards an opportunity to obtain a secured AMEX CARD. The purpose is to build credit with most reputable credit card company!

I have been using the American Express Prepaid card as the purchaser of the card and also for someone else for the past three months. Also tested their website which is with not a single time where I was having any trouble accessing it or interacting with the site.
Ease of linking to checking account using ACH transfer to “refill” or add to the available cash on the card. Fund showed up and available within three business days.

As an American Express personal and corporate credit card holder, I have no reservation of using a card with Prepaid emblazoned on the front of the card viewed by waiters and other vendors. The logic here is to manage your money and provide personal flexibility. The likely user of this prepaid card are consumers that need additional flexibility in managing their spending. It’s great for travel since no foreign transaction fee is imposed or any other fees except ATM. Even that fee is reasonable by other comparison.

American Express prepaid is an added option to consumer without the hassle of monthly fee and any other hidden fees charged by other prepaid card. It will not save you any money if you do not already have a bank account and by no mean advertise you as “deadbeat” since this is not a prepaid Credit card. It uses the vendors’ credit transaction but that’s where the distinction end. It is neither debit or Credit card. This is the exact product that I can actually use to buy lunch, pizza delivery, and any other small items. Well heck, I’ve just spent $500 on network cameras with the card and never had a funny look by the sales person. Maybe because he doesn’t care as long as the transaction is approved and went through the processing.

Using a prepaid card shows that you are responsible and smart about managing your money. I am not the least bit embarrassed for using the card.

This is kind of funny how I ended up on here and then ended up seeing Kelley’s comment. Let me explain.

First – Some Additional “The Good”

I have credit cards, but I like the idea of prepaid because I don’t like being tempted to run up card debt. (They said on the news that the average CC debt in the U.S. is almost $8,000 per household.) So a prepaid AmEx, with no fees, seemed a no brainer.

— When the AmEx advertised I did not need any money “down” to get a card I was really sold, since this permitted me to see how everything went before giving up any money.

— All went well, AmEx kept me updated by e-mail.

— About a week after I applied I got my card.

— It is a nice looking blue card.

The Bad:

— On the FRONT of the card, in the lower right corner in obvious all caps white lettering the word “PREPAID” set distinctly above the AmEx logo!

— IMO that word will cut back on people who will use this card, I predict. After all, nothing says “deadbeat” louder than the word “prepaid” emblazoned on the front of the card. Not sure who thought of that and why AmEx did it but even my Wells Fargo debit card says “Platinum Business Card” on the front. Far more impressive than “PREPAID.”

— I personally won’t use this card because of that word. If I used it I can hear the giggles by the waiters congregating in the kitchen. And can you imagine using that card on a date or business lunch!

— Similar to what Kelley posted, when I tried to log on to the AmEx site to see how loading funds on to the card is done, etc. (I was more curious, did not really intend to load the card) a screen popped up that asked me to “register” the card. So entered the card number and four digit number that was directly above the card number. When I clicked “continue” I got the following message, same as Kelley:

“We’re sorry, your Card could not be registered. We’re currently experiencing technical difficulties. You can also call the 1-800-AXP-1234 for immediate assistance.”

— SCAM? Seeing how Kelley says one can never log in so you end up calling India, I have to label this some sort of scam by AmEx Prepaid. I don’t know what it is they are doing, but IMO this site needs to NOT recommend this card. Something is up and I don’t like it.

Bottom line: I am contacting the FTC and my State Attorney General. I suspect that AmEx might be doing this to get people’s personal information so they can sell it to third parties. That’s all I can think it could be if one is never able to use the card (can’t access the site to load money into the account).

And what is AmEx’s motive in putting the word “PREPAID” on the front of the card for all to see? it is almost like they want to discourage people from using the card.

Don’t get this card. Holy cow. Not because anything in particular is wrong with the card itself, but because there is no way to access your account. The login screen will never work. I take that back. It will work once. And then you’ll have to call AmEx for them to reset the password, and then it will work once. And then you’ll have to call AmEx to reset the password. Which of course will work once. See where I’m going with this? Every time you attempt a login, you will get a screen telling you to call AmEx. By the way, the number listed on the error screen is going to be the wrong number and you’ll be transferred, as if the first hold wasn’t long enough. Think you can email them? No. That’s not an option. Be prepared to wait 40 minutes to talk to someone in India who has neither the ability or the inclination to help. Soooo not worth the aggravation. I would rather lose 3 square inches of skin than deal with American Express ever again.