American Express Logo History

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I don’t care whether it is a Viking, Centurion, Gladiator, or something else. I just want to know WHY they chose this particular logo.

Stop all the fighting. Can’t we all get along. Bull you weren’t around when they trampled all over Ireland. You don’t have perspective

To set the records FULLY straight .. the illustrator that was commissioned to redo the logo for American Express in 2009 is Steven Noble. He was instructed to illustrate a “Centurion”. He names his image “Centurion” .. and therefore final logo that we all are familiar with today is not a gladiator, not a viking, not a spartan, but … a CENTURION.


This is a well researched article about the identity of the American Express Roman soldier, whether a commander with a fancy helmet or a slave gladiator as originally envisioned in the late 1950s.

No, centurion is the most likely to be (Centurion bank).

Vikings, pirates?! Vikings were farmers and warriors, as well as sailors, but never pirates or the invading hordes people think them to be… much like they think the AmEx symbol is a viking…

Bull. Tell it to the people they trampled in Ireland.