American Express inSite Tool Review

If you’re an American Express cardmember, you probably already know about the Bonus Points Mall, which lets you earn extra rewards for your online shopping. Instead of having to login and check the offers constantly, wouldn’t it be nice to have them automatically displayed in search results on your browser? Well, that is exactly what the American Express inSite tool does.\

Update For 2013: The inSite tool has been dicontinued. Here is AmEx’s reason why:

“We decided to discontinue inSite℠ because overall adoption by our Cardmembers was less than we anticipated. The inSite℠ tool will not be available after February 6th, 2012.”

As an alternative, the ShopDiscover program is by far the most generous for online shopping.

The inSite review/offer below will be left up for legacy purposes only.

How does it work?

It’s a browser plugin and any AmEx cardmember can download it for free. You can download inSite for all major browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari. During Summer 2011 American Express offered a $10.00 promotional credit just for downloading and using inSite. To see if this offer or another is currently available, check the aforementioned link.

After you have installed the software/plugin, when you do a search on Google, Bing or Yahoo, you will see an AmEx icon next to sites which currently have offers available:

AmEx Insite screenshot

Also, if you visit a participating retailer website directly, the AmEx Insite plugin will show a box in the top-right corner to notify you there are offer(s) for that website:

AmEx Insite screenshot 2

You can still get these same deals without Insite, by logging into your American Express account and going to the AmEx Bonus Points Mall section. However the advantage with using Insite is that you won’t have to login to AmEx to get a deal. Instead, the deals are automatically fed to you while you are browsing the net, anytime you come across a participating site.

Are there any drawbacks?

The only drawback I can think of is for those who have computers which are living on the edge, so to speak (crashing and freezing all the time). When that’s the case, you may want to avoid adding new software and plugins that could slow down your system. However unlike normal software, please understand that inSite only runs while your browser is running, so it won’t have any effect when you’re not on the net. Conclusion? Even if your computer is old and slow, it shouldn’t pose a problem.

Do you have any experiences or reviews (either good or bad) about American Express Insite? If so, please share them in a comment below! You also may want to check out the American Express forum if you have questions about your card or are looking for a new one.

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