American Express Facebook Deals: Link, Like, Love

For years, American Express ran a service called the Daily Wish List which offered limited quantities of products/services at reduced pricing. Often times, the deals would be snatched up within a matter of seconds. It was a popular benefit for bargain hunters but then in 2011 it came to an abrupt end.

When that happened, I knew they must be cookin’ up something new to replace it. Well sure enough, not long after, the American Express Link, Like, Love was launched.

What is it exactly?

Just another daily deals service? Nope! These American Express Facebook deals are actually a really innovative thing for a few reasons:

(1) Coupons are free, so don’t fret about not using them
How many of you have unused (unwanted?) Living Social and Groupons sitting around? I know that I have one or two. With AmEx’s new service, you can grab all the offers you want because they won’t cost you anything up front

(2) Coupons are linked to your American Express card
Now this I really like. Instead of having to lug around a stupid printed coupon, you just go on the AmEx facebook page and you can add the deal to your AmEx card.

(3) The offers are actually worthwhile
So far at least, most of the Link, Like, Love promotions are quite good. That’s refreshing… I don’t know about you but I am sick of those half-off “deals” on the other sites for haircuts and spa treatments that are 2x overpriced, anyway.

(4) The deals are offered for more than a day
No need for those daily deal email notifications, because unlike the other guys, it appears the Link, Like, Love deals so far have been offered for more than a day. So if you only check it once or twice a week I doubt you will be missing out on anything.

Some examples from when they first launched…

We all know how outrageously overpriced Whole Foods is, so this offer for a $5 discount on a $20 purchase was pretty good…

American Express Facebook deal for Whole Foods

Here are some others which weren’t too shabby:

  • Dunkin’ Donuts – $2 off $10 purchase
  • Outback Steakhouse – $10 off $25 purchase
  • The Sports Authority – $20 off $50 purchase
  • H&M – $10 off $75 purchase (not really a great % discount, but I never see coupons for H&M which what makes this offer unique)

Now for some deals that I’m not impressed with…

Some of the AmEx Link, Like, Love deals are in all honesty, not that impressive. Here’s what I mean:

  • – 15% off plus free shipping (never even heard of this store and this sounds like something you could find on any run-of-the-mill coupon site)
  • – free ground shipping (not exactly the wow factor going on with this one)
  • – 5% off + free shipping
  • My M&M’s – $5 off $50 order (what am I going to do with $50 worth of M&M’s?!)
  • Weight Watchers Online – 25% off (This was directly under the M&M’s promotion… I guess they complement each other?)

Still a good choice for 2013?

Yes, there are some lackluster deals but fortunately, American Express buries them at the bottom of their Facebook page and shows the best deals at the top (note: they now *mostly* refer to it as “American Express Sync” instead of “Link, Like Love”). For the top deals, you can really score some great discounts and since they don’t cost anything, you have nothing to lose.

Know that to participate in the American Express Facebook deals, you will need one of their cards. If yo don’t have one, I would recommend you check out this American Express Blue Cash review to find out about its new 6% cash back program.

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Do you find that the offers are still as good as in the past?