American Express Daily Wish List

The Daily Wish list claims to offer “products you want, prices you wish for.” But is this too good to be true? Is the American Express Daily Wish a scam?

Actually, it’s not a scam. It’s a completely free way program where you have the opportunity to get some amazing bargains. Here are some Daily Wish tips to maximize your luck…

What is the American Express Daily Wish?
The Daily Wish happens every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. In a nutshell, the Daily Wish allows cardmembers to buy things at incredible prices. But what’s the catch? Well, there is only so many of each item available at the special price. They’re on a first come, first serve basis. For example, tomorrow they are offering $200 Best Buy gift cards for only a $100! However, there are only 25 available. Once they’re gone, that’s it.

AmEx Daily Wish List screenshot

What’s available through the Daily Wish?
Pretty much anything you can think of. For example, in addition to the gift card, the next few sessions include digital cameras, laptops, NordicTracks, TVs, and bikes. However it’s not just retail merchandise they offer. Throughout the years, especially during the holidays, American Express has been known to offer some pretty incredible bargains. For example, last Christmas they were offering brand new BMWs at half price! They also feature vacation packages and other unique opportunities.

How to win American Express Daily Wish list?
Well, they don’t tell you the exact times the items go on sale. They only tell you the days. So if you have a job where you can fool around on the computer all day, then check the American Express Daily Wish page frequently 😉 You never know… that’s three days per week you can try to win.

However during certain periods, American Express will actually tell you when the Daily Wish list items will be made available. For example, during Christmas they will have a full schedule of which items are offered at which times for each day. Some items were even offered several times throughout the day, i.e. 9 am, 11 am, 3 pm, and 6 pm PST. So when they tell you the time, make sure you’re on a lightening fast internet connection and keep refreshing the page in the minutes and seconds leading up to the designated time.

How to participate?
It is completely free to participate in the American Express Daily Wish program. Of course you will have to pay for the designated items at the discounted price if you want it, but other than that, there are no costs involved. However, you do need to be an American Express cardmember to participate. Don’t have one yet? Then check out their no annual fee American Express Blue Cash that gives extremely generous cash back!

Guaranteed way to get free money?
Had bad luck with AmEx Daily Wish or maybe you just don’t have the time to patrol their website all day to try and win? Well instead, you should check out these travel credit card promotions (there are well over $1,000 in signup offers on there!)

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I can tell you it’s not fake or a waste of time. Just millions trying to do the same thing. I won the ski trip to whistler black comb mountain in Canada with lift tickets and hotel stay along with air fair and bus travel up the mountain.

where does one find the 2014 wish list web site

Years ago when they had the BMW Z-4 for free, I clicked on i want it now and the car started up and moved then stopped. i nearly wet my pants but no i did not win it. Nearly had a heart attack but that is the closest i ever had to winning something.

Did anyone ever receive their Trader Joe cards from the very last Daily Wish? They were supposed to have been mailed out no later than October, 2011. Never got mine.

It was hardly a waste of time … pair of round trip biz class tix to Europe + $500 girt card for $2000 (not cheap, but well worth it given the cost of actual biz class tix), Eames chair and ottoman for half price (saved over $1800), a few other gadgets for half price or so, and half off a Fusion Hybrid (saved $17k or so).

This has been over the course of several years, and managed to get very lucky on a couple items, but, overall saved a lot of $.

I actually did get in a couple of times last year. I was able to get the Best buy gift card and saved 400$ I believe. Other times I got Macy’s cards. Too bad they stopped this.

I was lucky enough to get the Ipod radio.

Unfortunately, The American Express Daily Wish program ended July 1, 2011.

It’s not a scam, you just have to be mostly lucky, and persistent. Remember, thousands of people are competing for a small number of these offers, when they are attractive.

Things like cruises of course, rarely sell out. I won a DW once and was pleased with the outcome.

The Daily Wish does work, but requires a great deal of luck. I was a winner of a Pizza Hut card and did receive my $50 cr for FEDEX. Persistence and timing.

Big fat waste of time. Tried it 50x and not even for highly desirable things with steep discounts. Even the secondary items are impossible to get. And this is after setting an alarm and waiting for the countdown. What a joke. I use my AMEX less and less each month.

me too. i won a $25.00 credit with $50.00 purchase on Whole Food Market. But so far i did not get my credit yet and i sent them e-mails . There never reply.
May be this is a scam.


I too won a $50.00 discount off of $100.00 purchase and that was Dec 1st and have yet to receive my credit on my Credit Card. I have sent several e-mails and they keep sending me an automated response that you can’t reply to or get an answer to. I don’t think this is worth all this hassle and definitely wouldn’t do it again if I don’t receive the credit.

I got a Wallmart deal through daily wish where you buy $100 of merchandise and Amex is supposed to credit the statement $50. So far I have yet to receive my $50. There’s no way to contact the Daily Wish except by email, which so far has still been fruitless.

I agree with the above posters. You have a better chance winning the lottery than getting any of the deals on the website. The author of the article attempts to answer How to win American Express Daily Wish list but the answer is completely laughable. Knowing the times doesn’t help you when there are professional IT guys with scripts and servers making hundreds of queries to the site at the exact time the item goes on sale.

This is a internal scam, I have tried this 4 times already and by the time you click when the sale starts, the product is already on hold and in less than 1-2 sec the product is sold. My advice do not waste your precious time as this is all planned internally by Amex.

American Express daily wish list is a scam! They indicate that they are offering e.g. Macy’s discount cupons at 12 noon ET and Amex gift cards at 3pm ET. When I clicked the “I want it” button at 11.30am I got the message that “all cupons are already on hold with other cardmembers, one may open up so keep trying”.

Then I went online again at 12 noon ET and hit the “I want it” button – got the same message. At 12.03pm apparently all Macys cupons were sold out.

Don’t waste you time on this.

I love using my AMEX card for purchases as their customer service is the best around! Any issues you may have with your purchase can usually be resolved with a phone call. I used the Daily Wish for Columbia Sportswear and received $25 off of my $100 purchase!. It was easy and fast and well worth using my work PC to obtain it.

I have brought a lenovo thinkpad edge 14 few weeks ago. It was a very good deal, about $200 less than the sale price on their website. I check this site every week to see if they have on sale what I want.

I have used it twice. Last year I bought a new notebook computer for nearly half off and just today I bought $120 headphones for $49 as a birthday present for a friend. Its a great program and very easy to use, just pay attention to the times. I think they use Eastern Standard time and I am in central so the first time I tried to buy something I missed some items because I was an hour late! Other than that, no complaints!

how do i get to the page that show the items that are for sale?

In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with a credit card offering any kind of incentive to gain customer loyalty. In fact, a lot of card companies are taking those incentives away, which I think is a terrible mistake. I like American Express personally because of their stellar rewards system.