American Express Credit Limit Increase Strategies In 2016

American Express, a advertising partner, has created a brand perception that involves catering to upper middle class professionals and providing high credit limits. Following the financial crisis several years ago this image clashed with reality a bit as American Express experienced huge credit losses and tightened their credit standards considerably and largely retreated back to their core charge card business. Fortunately, as the economy has improved so have the odds of not only qualifying for an American Express card but also receiving a more generous credit line than in recent years. And, for those with an existing Amex card wanting a more substantial credit line, consider the following strategies…

Method #1: Apply for a new account and re-allocate your credit Limits

There have been many complaints on our forum that when people request an increase, often times the amount given (if given at all) isn’t much and they have to take a hard credit inquiry to get it.

Since you’re going to have to take a credit inquiry, here’s a better idea..

American Express will let you re-allocate credit limits on your personal (non-business) cards. So, if you have two different cards each with $10k limits, for example, you may be able to move $5k from one and add it to another (leaving you with a $15k limit on one card and a $5k limit on the other). Many forum members have enjoyed success using this technique, so fear not if you’re thinking this is more theory than practice.

But what happens if you don’t have any other AmEx accounts – OR – you do and you don’t want to decrease any existing credit limits? Well, many people reportedly have experienced success in opening a brand new account and then re-allocating some of its credit limit to the card on which you want to have a higher limit. As with the reallocation technique, there are many forum users who have been more satisfied going this route compared to the amount of credit line increase they expected had it been requested in the usual way.

What are the best Amex offers for 2015 with which to attempt this?

The Green/Gold/Platinum are charge cards without preset credit limits, so those won’t be of any use. Instead, you will want to apply for one of their credit cards, like the ones featured below:

They also offer some great business credit cards which may be of interest if you run any kind of side operation apart from your day job. And, if you’re an actual small business person (whether as a sole proprietor, partnership, LLC or fully incorporated) you definitely should be considering a small business card. AmEx offer a business version of the Starwood Preferred Guest card as well as a great no-annual fee business credit card called Simply Cash. Check out our business section for more info on those two options.

Method #2: Request An Increase on Existing Account (Not Advisable)

This is the most conventional way to go about increasing your credit card’s limit, but also the least preferable due to the (1) hard credit inquiry, and (2) you might only get a very small credit line increase, if you in fact receive one at all.

AmEx webpage for line of credit requests

It used to be that you could request a credit limit increase from the AmEx website quite easily when you were logged into your account. However you’ve probably noticed that option is no where to be found over the last few years, not even on the account services page (seen above).

There used to be a tab for “LINE OF CREDIT” and when you clicked on it, a drop down option would appear for “INCREASE YOUR LINE OF CREDIT”

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to do this through the American Express website. In order to try, you have to contact an American Express customer service and make a formal request over the phone once you’ve verified your account information. You can give it a try, but several of our forum members on our American Express section complain that they haven’t had good luck that way; either their request is denied altogether or they are only granted a very nominal increase. far below what they requested.

The worst part is that even with a small credit line increase they still experience a “hard pull” credit inquiry that will now be reflected in their credit report. So, if they are going to experience a hard pull, they might as well do it for something worthwhile like applying for a new card that offers some sort of signup bonus and good rewards program.

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I have had my Amex CC since 2008 (credit limit 3,000) in 2014, I began to actually pay attention to credit scores and Credit Increase Strategies. Since I had never requested increases, after reading forms, I immediately went online to request 3X and immediately approved to 9K limit. Waited six months and requested 2X increase and immediately approved to 18K. The following six months, I searched multiple blogs and most indicated I could request a limit of 25K max without going into financials and having a 4506T requested (I can supply it, however did not feel it was worth effort of having a random view my personal tax filings). Well as I searched additional information, a few blogs indicated sometimes Amex will not request a 4506T with requests up to $34,500. So after the six month wait period, I requested a credit increase from 18K to 34K. To my delight, the message I received was “you are approved, and your new credit line will be accessible in 15 minutes.”
My basic financial info:
2013- Major Credit Collapse- Charge-offs etc – Fico from 800 down to 550-ish
2014- Employment hours re-instated. worked on credit rebuild 150K annual income
2017- household income now raised to 260K but only 730 Fico due to 2013 blow up.

My strategy with Amex was charged continually, made payments randomly (and frequently online (maybe 3 or 4 payments credits showing per month), and hoped Amex could see my past was due to bad factors (as well as personal mistakes), but I am now credit worthy. It worked for me and as of 7/17 a credit limit 34K.

I had a 7k limit and requested that it be increased to 21k and it was instantly approved on my blue cash card. SCORE. My FICO score according to Amex was 788. Makes me wonder how much more I can increase it!


Requested a CLI online 60 some odd days after I opened my Everyday card. Started off with a CL of 8k and was instantly approved for 24k. I would have never thought to request 3x my initial limit – very glad I did some research!


The part that says that you cannot request an increase over the website is wrong.
I just did this, successfully, within the last 2 months on my BCP. The starting limit was 5k I requested 15k it was immediately approved, totally online.

I just applied for AE Open Business cc account. Applied over phone. Got approved for$12,000 credit limit in 3-5 business days, not instant. Credit scores were 827 EX, 840 TU, 842 EX. went online for credit increase 7 days later to $24,000. Instant approval. Did not want to try the 3X because I had read over $25K they may ask for 4506T. will wait 6 months and try maybe to double it again and see what happens. Any comments on the upper limit things please post.

Got AMEX Blue Cash w $2k CL on 8/28/2015. I have FICO8 of 711. On 12/26/2015 (4 months later) requested 3x CL increase to $6k from my web interface. Got instant approval. Was 1st AMEX in years after a cancellation 7+ yrs ago.

I just want to thank this blog for throwing this idea out. I have an Amex SimplyCash and I have an old Amex CLEAR which I never used. I was able to successfully transfer my Personal CL -> Business CL within the same day and with an instant approval.

I had a rough summer and needed to utilize majority of my $6k cl. For 2mos I was paying $300 a month. My goal is to have it paid off by the first of November. Do you think I can request an increase the end of December when my 6mos up? No late payments just used most of the limit and paid it back in 4 mos. Advice please. I have the Delta gold card

Requested an increase at 45 days, got a letter saying my tenure with Amex was too short. Will try again after 60 days and see if that makes a difference. But did verify that it is a soft pull so no harm trying again

Ya I think you need to research this a little better they just doubled my LOC on the website instantly

How long did you wait (after receiving the card) before asking for the increase?

I have had 2 AMEX cards for over 6 months with a $1000 limit. I use them for business travel and usually pay them off when I get my expenses reimbursed. They will not increase my limit even though I am a good customer. they will be your credit each time you ask for an increase. They will not even increase for a trip even though I pay it off weekly,

So annoyed! I have been with Amex for over a year and have never been granted a CLI. I currently have the Blue Cash Preferred Card with a 1k limit. I have submitted 2 CLI requests online and have been declined both times. My credit and FICO scores are in the low to mid 750 ranges. I use the card monthly and pay off before the statement close date. My other credit balances are very low or have no balance at all. Thankfully they have never done a hard pull with either of my CLI attempts. I contacted customer service the first time for a recon and was told that doing so would result in a hard pull. I chose not to proceed with one. What am I doing wrong? Any advice would be great.

you need to let a balance post to your account to show utilization. if you continually have a $0 balance when your statement cuts you’re showing you don’t need any more access to credit. You won’t be charged interest as long as you pay the full balance due by the due date.

Same here seems like if started at 1000 limit it’s super hard to get any increase! Very Ridiculous considering they are giving people 10000 buck increases

Whoever posted this needs to do better research. You can apply for a higher limit by going to credit management. I just did it and got a $6K limit approved INSTANTLY from $2K with below 700 credit (695 TransUnion and 702 Equifax) and have only had it for 3 months.

How did you make your payments? In full?

Ihave2cardit witw America express for long time ach one $1000 how incers my cardit card my cardit oscore 680 but before my cardit card with American express $2000 and amer exp reduce my cardit i don’t know why

I have AMEX Blue Sky for 2 years and I have NEVER been approved for a CLI and I have a great history with them.

Is your Amex business credit card count with your personal one regarding your card cl

I just got a CLI from 8400 to 25000 through the Amex website (No baddies on CRs and FICO=779). The CLI increase link is indeed there (from the top of the page, click Profile > Credit Management > Increase Line of Credit). Approval was literally faster than clicking the mouse button.

Also, I followed up the approval with a call and confirmed with an Amex rep that Amex does a Soft Pull Inquiry initially for CLIs. If you are declined the CLI, it will remain as a ‘Soft Pull’. If approved during the Soft Inquiry, only then does Amex follow up with a ‘Hard Pull’ than dings your CR.

I just got 100% increase..10k to 20k with a soft pull…thanks!


Joseph Bronson

That’s true. You can request 3x’s your cl over 60 days. Then wait another 6 months (no sooner) and you can ask again for another 3x’s your limit. Remember if you ask for more than 25k, you will be asked for an audit & your account will be shut down while they do this!

Joseph, Just got a AE open business ccard with 12K limit. Went on to account and did credit line increase to 24K and instantly got it. Did not want to ask for 36K because I had read about the $25K limit before audit. After 6 months would it be better to apply for another AE card maybe through another one of my businesses then ask for another increase on this card. Thanks for any help.

What did you do to get the increase?

This info isn’t correct at all. I’m twenty years old with 2 years credit history, and they just bumped me from 7500 to 15000 and I asked on their website. There is indeed a link available if you log in.

How long have you got the CC when you asked for the CLI?

This is not true. I started with a $12K line that Amex reduced to $6K. I paid off all o/s and have paid off balance monthly in full. In about a year and half, I’ve had my CL increased from $6K to now $25K. Amex will not pull a hard request for CL increase request. My requests were reasonable, in increments of $5K, and the last one, I requested a $10K increase to $25K. Before the rep could finish saying “This will need to be reviewed by underwriting…”, it was approved instantaneously. Granted, I charge several thousand, to to $4K/$5K per month and pay it all off. And, you can only request a CL increase every 6 months on any Amex card, meaning I couldn’t do a CL increase request on my other Delta Amex card because I just got a $10K increase on my Amex green card.

This information is not accurate at all. It is very simple to request a credit line increase from American Express through the website, or by calling. I just did so by clicking Profile -> Manage Credit -> Request Increase. You enter the amount requested, which after 60 days in good standing, they will commonly issue a 3X increase, and you get an instant decision. The available increase was available immediately, and says it is available for use within 15 minutes.

They were just saying that requesting a credit line is the least desireable because it puts a hard inquiry on your account

Joseph Bronson

No hp’s for these cli’s. Just sp’s. I made a mistake, it’s anything over 25k that will get you an audit.

Not True,, I went from 14k to 29k and was approved instantly.. They didn’t ask for any information other then income (25k/Year)

I just filled out an application on to increase from 5k to 10k and was automatically approved. I will have access to that in 15 minutes. I am not interested in having additional cards.

just confirmed with amex that no hard pull for credit line increase.

I am actually not sure what the poster of this blog is talking about. You can very easily go to account management with AMEX and click on “manage credit limit” I just recently increased my line to $10k online.

same deal i just requested a credit line amex change from 10,500 $ to 20,000 $ and did it all online for my blue cash preferred card’s easy to do it all online and I was instantly approved for a credit limit increase of $9,500.00!

I have one Amex, which i was added on through a family member, and i have a limit of 19,500 (Costco Card, so i dont have to pay membership). I decided to open one of my own cards and i got Delta gold, which is a great card by the way. They gave me a limit of 1600 i think. I paid my bills on time and in full every time, one year later they increased my limit to 2700 without pulling a report or anything. The secret is really to pay your bill more then once a month, when they see that you are trying to run low debt credit ratio they will increase it. I usually charge about 2K monthly on my card, and i pay it twice a month.

I just got off the phone with Amex and asked for a Credit Limit Increase. They told me that they do not pull a “hard” Report (only a soft hit) they had given me a $1200 increase 2 months ago, and i just asked for a $1000. I was approved with no “hard” inquiry in a couple of seconds.

David P Harrison

Hello, I have been with American Express for quite awhile and have never missed or been late on a payment and I would like a credit limit increase.

I hear that once you go beyond a $25k credit limit with American Express on a single card they will need to verify your income. But ironically you can have multiple cards with $25k credit limits and they don’t do that. Have you ever heard this?

Not true.. Im at 29k credit limit and nothing had to be verified.. On blue cash preferred

When it comes to personal cards – If your TOTAL credit limit on all the cards if $34,500 or more, we would always ask for a 4506T form, which authorizes us to get your 1040s from the IRS. For Example – If you have 2 personal cards with a limit of $10,000 each, and you ask for a Credit Limit increase of $ 15,000 which would make your credit limit $25,000 on this card and $ 10,000 on the other card, we would ask for a 4506T because you are requesting your total credit limit to be $35,000. However, if you ask the credit limit to be $34,000, you might get approved.

Credit Limit Analyst

For many years and even the past month, I have not found this to be the case. Many Amex cardholders on multiple forums have reported going well beyond $34,500 in TOTAL Amex credit limits with no request for financials or a financial review. Some have done this in a very short period (in as little as 1 year of Amex membership history) by opening multiple credit cards and a subsequent CLI. Perhaps Amex has mentioned your discussed policy internally, but their system doesn’t seem to enforce it.

On the other hand, it does seem Amex often requests financials to approve CLIs that will result in a limit greater than $25k on a SINGLE Amex credit card. If one does not agree, then the CLI is denied; unlike the “true” Amex financial review where your accounts are closed for not complying.

What about Business Cards. Is there an upper limit for those either on a single card or combined before a 4506T is asked for?

It never hurts to request a line increase whenever possible if you have at least 6 months of good payment history. Except for the hard credit inquiry.