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airline seatsQ: My wife and I plan on taking a trip in a few months. I think I remember getting a mailing in the past for an American Express airline companion ticket and am interested in getting that for this trip. Which of their credit cards offer this?

A: You may be thinking of the Platinum charge card from American Express (a CreditCardForum advertising partner), which offers a companion ticket benefit through it’s International Airline program. But this applies only to international first- or business-class seats on participating airlines.

However, there is an American Express companion ticket offer still included on some of the Delta credit cards. Keep in mind that on all of these, you will have to pay any applicable government taxes and fees out of pocket for the companion, so there is an out of pocket cost, however nominal. For this reason it can’t be stated as a “free” benefit according to FTC advertising rules.

  • The Delta Reserve card gives cardmembers one free domestic companion ticket for economy or first class (the second ticket itself is free, but you still have to pay those applicable taxes and related fees out of pocket). The card does have quite a few other benefits, like first checked bag free, complimentary access to Delta Sky Club lounge, etc. The one drawback is the annual fee is $450. Yes, it seems pretty high and isn’t appropriate for everyone. But once you add up the value of the companion ticket and bonus miles, trying out the card could make sense for some people.
  • The Gold Delta SkyMiles will be the best bet for the vast majority of people. Why? Because the annual fee is low and each year you receive a $99 companion certificate. It has no blackout dates and no minimum fair requirements! Update: In Feb 2013 they axed the benefit for the Delta Gold card.
  • Last but not least the Platinum SkyMiles gives you a free companion certificate on domestic flights. Unlike the Reserve card, it’s only good for economy class. The annual fee is also considerably lower at $195 per year.

Right now these are the only companion ticket offers available on American Express cards. I will update this post if/when new ones become available.

Compare the Delta SkyMiles cards and their companion ticket offers

Written or last edited on August 25, 2014

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does delta offer a program with the amex card where you can earn a companion pass after you spend a certain amount of money on the amex card? basically something similiar to the southwest program where you can spend around $110,000 annually and you get a free pass for one person for the rest of the year it is earned plus the next calendar year. just curious. i had a large bill that i can put on one of my cards and was wondering if i could break the threshold and get the similiar benefits with delta.

Hello. I was promised a free companion certificate when I went up to Platinum Amn. Express card. Have been on phone and so far no one has been able to help me find it/see it. I would like to see it and have it so I can travel with my husband. Please email me some info. (Last person I talked with hung up on me, been hanging on phone for 30 minutes at least.) Thanks for any help you can give me!

this may help you


i am planning to travel in business classto India and Sigapore in Nov 14.would like to know if i can use free companion ticket if i get the platinum Amex card.

did you resolve this? try login in to your skymile account, go to skymile profile, then to my wallet, should see the certificate there.

I just got off the phone with customer support for my platinum delta amex card, and they said they still do offer a companion certificate and the guy told me it was good on any flight, not just select business/first class. They said they dropped the certificate on gold because less than 10% of gold cardmembers used it (although I’m sure the real reason is because it saved them a few nickels – meh).

Can I “pay with miles” for part of my ticket and use the companion ticket for my husband?

I received the certificate in December, and it has an expiration date of June (valid only 6 months). I’ve tried to use it to go to New York, Florida, Houston, and other locations, with numerous dates. I have not been able to use it.
Users should be aware that this companion fare is pretty much useless. I’m thinking of cancelling my AMEX card after this fiasco.

I have a platinum card have not received companion fare code from last year. Why

I upgraded to the platinum amex card. I thought I got a notice that my companion certificate had been issued, but I can’t find it. Can you tell me if it has been issued and if not when it will be issued? Is there a place in my account that I can see that?

Can I get a companion ticket good for travel to Lima, Peru June 13 thru June 18, 2013?

Can I use my Skymiles points for the primary ticket and also use my companion ticket for my wife to travel on the same flight?

No. You will have to pay for the primary ticket. It will get you miles for travel for the primary, but the companion ticket will not accrue any miles for travel. You will also accrue the normal 2-for-1 bonus miles for any money you spend using the AmEx on the tickets, even the fees or taxes on the companion ticket. At least, this is how it worked out for me in February 2013.

Are the companion tickets for domestic flights only, or is there any type for international flights? I purchased a $99 companion ticket on my Gold Delta Amex card in October with no problems.

Delta is scrapping the companion ticket for its Amex Gold Credit card after this year. Per the Delta/Amex phone representative, the companion ticket offer is still present on the Delta/Amex Platinum card but who knows how long it will be until this is scrapped as well.

“You’re probably thinking of the Platinum charge card, which used to offer free companion airfare as a perk. Unfortunately they stopped offering that benefit a few years ago.”

This is not true. AmEx Platinum still offers a free companion ticket on select refundable International Business or First Class fares. It’s not always a great choice financially, but it’s a good perk if you like to fly First Class and usually buy refundable tickets.

Yes you are absolutely correct! Sorry about not being more clear, as I had to cut down the original question this post was in response to (it was a very long email and she was asking about domestic airfare).