Alleged Card Scammer – Evidence That’s Tough To Swallow!

Alleged debit card fraudster Florin Necula was confronted with some incriminating evidence which was tough to swallow, but he found a way… by literally swallowing it!

The alleged events actually occurred back in January, but they’re just coming to light now, thanks to a recently unsealed search warrant affidavit.

New York City resident Florin Necula and his accomplices are accused of running a card skimming operation involving local ATMs. Allegedly, they rigged the ATMs with credit card readers; when a customer inserted their card, the numbers would be recorded. Necula was apprehended by Secret Service and awaiting integration at their district office. In view was evidence which Necula reportedly had on him at the time of arrest; a USB jump drive. According to court documents, he “grabbed” the jump drive and swallowed it!

After four days, the “evidence” had still not passed through his digestive tract, so doctors at a local hospital “removed the flash drive because they were concerned that Necula would be injured” if they didn’t. It’s unclear whether or not the contents of the drive are still intact since the drive was extracted from the suspect.

But I don’t know what’s dumber… the suspect swallowing the drive or that his defense attorney reportedly said “they didn’t have a right to take it from him” and might file a claim to suppress the evidence.

Written March 2010

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I’ve heard of criminals swallowing drugs to hide them but never this before! I hope this credit card fraudster gets what he deserves!

Why would he do that? Wouldn’t that make him look more guilty, like he has something to hide?