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The Ace Rewards Visa (issued by U.S. Bank) allows you to earn bonus rewards on Ace purchases, as well as gas and groceries. When you get enough points (12,500), you get a $25 Ace Reward that you can spend in Ace stores.

Ace Visa Rewards card earnings

CategoryRewards earned
Ace Hardware purchases15 pts per dollar (3% back in Ace Reward “cash”)
Gas10 pts per dollar (2%)
Groceries10 pts per dollar (2%)
Other purchases5 pts per dollar (1%)

At first glance, the rewards program is a bit confusing. Why is it expressing rewards earned as “points” and as a percent return?

Here’s how it all works together: Whenever you make a purchase, you earn points. Once you earn 12,500 points, you get a $25 Ace Reward, redeemable at Ace stores.

As advertised in Ace’s rewards chart, spending at Ace stores gets you “15 points per dollar”, or “3 percent back.” You need to spend roughly $833 to get the 12,500 points necessary for the $25 Ace reward. Earning $25 on $833 in spending is a 3 percent return, hence the “3 percent back part.”

Basically, you can think of this as a cash-back card that just lets you spend your cash back at Ace.


This card is offered at two Visa tiers: Platinum and Signature. When you apply, you’ll first be considered for the Visa Signature version. If your credit isn’t good enough to qualify you, you’ll be considered for the Platinum.

The rewards will be the same, but the benefits on the Visa Signature will better than those on the Platinum. You can expect both versions to have common benefits, such as extended warranty, travel emergency assistance and rental-car insurance coverage. The Visa Signature will go a bit further with access to additional hotel perks at properties in the Visa’s Luxury Hotel Collection and discounts with partners like Silvercar. In addition, Visa Signature cards have what’s called a flexible spending limit – you’re allowed to go slightly over your credit-limit temporarily to accommodate a big purchase.

Should you get the Ace Rewards card?

That depends on your needs. As with most store cards, the Ace card might be a good fit of you:

  • Shop frequently at Ace: You earn the most rewards on Ace purchases and can redeem your rewards only at Ace stores.
  • You’re trying to build your credit: Store credit cards are usually more lenient in granting credit to those with borderline scores.

However, if your credit is good and you don’t frequently shop at Ace, you’ve got other options. While you may not be able to earn 3 percent back at Ace Hardware with any other card, you can earn more-flexible cash back that can be more flexibly redeemed (for cash, bank-account deposits, statement credits and more, rather than just for Ace Hardware purchases). To maximize return on all purchases (including those made at Ace Hardware), consider cards that offer an elevated level of cash-back on everything. There are a few cards that offer up to 2 percent cash back and plenty that offer 1.5 percent cash back.

Why we gave it 3 out of 5 stars

We rated this card based on our standards for store credit cards.

Introductory financing: This card does not offer introductory financing.
Offer ongoing rewards/discounts: This card offers rewards (in the form of Ace cash rewards) for the life of the card.
Fair interest terms: This card’s range of APRs is below the average APR for store cards.
Consumer-friendly incentives:The card doesn’t offer any extra benefits for loyal shoppers, like exclusive discounts or free shipping.
Can be used anywhere: Since the Ace Rewards card is issued by Visa, you can use it wherever Visa is accepted.

Updated July 10, 2017