$5,000 Limit Credit Card?

Q: Over the past few years it seems like banks aren’t being quite as generous with credit limits as they once were. I have great credit but my cards only have $1,800 and $2,600 limits. How can I get a $5,000 limit credit card?

A: You are absolutely right in that high limit credit cards are more difficult to obtain than they were prior to the financial meltdown and the recession that followed, even for those with excellent credit. Because the credit card industry got burned with high credit default rates and losses during those years they now are still tighter when it comes to granting credit, even though their profits are once again at record levels nearly a decade after the collapse.

3 tips for how to get a $5,000 credit limit:

Apply for a premium tier credit card – If you have good to excellent credit, then you should apply for cards which are targeted toward high-end customers. However, do NOT apply for charge cards like the Gold or Platinum from AmEx if you are simply seeking a large credit line because those do not have a definitive preset credit limit like a credit card, so those are best avoided.

Here is a highly recommended offer:

Use your card responsibly – Recently a forum member asked requested credit limit increase on a card, but was denied due to card inactivity. So they began charging regularly with the card and paying in full each month – and after a few months, they decided to raise the member’s credit limit proactively. Of course, make sure you always pay on time with all accounts and try to stay within 30% of your credit limit on any card (doing so can reportedly impact your credit score).

Ask for credit limit increases periodically – This applies to existing cards as well as any new cards you get. Every few months or so check with customer service to see if you qualify for an automatic credit limit increase. Each credit card issuer will have a different policy concerning the frequency with which a customer’s credit limit can be raised, so ask the customer service rep to check for you. Regardless of your initial credit line assignment, you can probably build up to at least a $5,000 limit over time if you play your cards right. But be careful because most banks will do a hard pull (credit inquiry) when you request an increase. That’s bad for your credit score, so it can be better to just let the bank be proactive and increase your credit limit on their terms and time table.

My recommendation for a high limit credit card
If you have good credit, you should check out the Discover it. It’s a higher-end card and known for being generous with credit limits. Many people report getting better than a $5,000 limit, even at times when other issuers weren’t being so nice.
However, if your credit could only be described as fair, then check out these cards. The only almost guaranteed way to get this size of limit though is with a secured card where you put up a $5,000 security deposit, which would then become your limit. The term “almost” is used because not even secured accounts are guaranteed – there are still minimum requirements you need to fulfill for approval.

Written or last updated March 2017

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All u people that have no money askin for a credit card with a 5000 limit is a good way for you to stay in debt forever …

Hey I just mainly need a credit card for to invest in myself three thousand dollars so i can have a mentor to help me achieve success and all, I really want this done so after i make millions with him i could pay the credit card people back three thousand. Then i just have it as my emergency card or something.

I well love to have 5,000 credit limit…for my trip:(

I’m looking for a card that will help me get out of a debt with a loan company. I’m 1000 dollars in debt and I need to take care of that bill. My credit score is low and I wish to have that restored but there’s no cardor company that will approve me do to low credit score..they say its cards for no credit/bad credit but you still need good credit to be approved.

Lol at all the people asking the author for a credit card.

I 4got 2 mention I have a good disability income of 3,495.68 a month I pay 1650.00 4 room +
board that inc.s all utilities meals I do help more than I have 2 but they should b able 2
get out of debt with their income tax I got about 1000.00 but need about 3400.00 4 med. equip. can u help me out with a 5000.00 card

I need help reestablishing my credit I would prefer a credit card with a limit of 5000.00 my credit scores r not accurate since apr. 2000 I have been living with 1 or 2 of my daughters so I should not have any utilities n my name altho I have pd. there bills with my account the bills were not n my name. All of my purchases have been cash or 90 days sane as cash that inc.s SHOP NBC HSN QVC JTV all n the 1000s rascal lowes walmart all cash I did make 2 loans 1 4-5yrs ago it was a 2 yr. loan I got behind on a bit but pd. n full on time general finance out of Belleville 2500.00+REGIONS BANK on locust st. n Centralia 3yr. loan of 5000.00 I pd. that off n 10 mon.s last year I think my credit is actually good or should b my last 2 auto’s were cash n 1998 may I paid 12000 cash money 4 a 1996 Firebird n dec. 1999 I pd. 150000.00 4 A brand new s10 xtreme pick-up cash none of this shows on my report. but I can prove all this did occur and more if I get this card I will respect the opportunity I have never had TERRY W. LEA

Do u know what credit is?? Credit is when u take out a loan or credit card and make payments on time.. Doesn’t matter if u pay it in full or minimum in credit card… Longer length and on time payment the better credit score.. Of course u paying cash for cars not going to show up on ur credit report.. To get a card with close to a 5000 limit ur score will need to be in somewhere of the 700-740

Charlotte sinkler

I never had a credit card this would be my first card ever

I just Wanna rebuild my credit. I’ve move into a new house I lost everything in a fire. But a few clothes I have$1,000 dollars save. However a $5000 dollor credit will help build my credit an buy some used furniture


I need an emergency credit card with at least a $5000 credit limit for emergencies.


I would like to know how I can get approved for a credit card. I need it for security reasons and my credit is not that bad.


I would like to know how I can get approved for a $5000 credit card.

I need this credit limit because i recently moved and i was trying to get the gas on and my bill is old from a previous address and i have to pay it off to have gas in my place so that i wont loose my place being on section8 an all i really need to get this before it gets cold

It would help with hospital bills

For those looking for helpful information:

I started with zero credit. Every application was denied for a simple credit card.

I received in the mail an application for a Discover IT card. They required that I scan / send photos of my current ID, social, and/or a recent bill. I went through with it, as I figured it wouldn’t hurt. I’m salaried at roughly 40k a year and have been with my current job for almost 4 years. I’m sure this may have helped. My original credit line was 1,250. This was great. No problems. I just used the card to pay my normal bills. I kept my credit usage close to 80%, which I know is generally frowned upon, but I always made good payments. The last few have been around $500 month and in return, I generally spend that $500 again on the card.

Tonight I called in (New Years Eve, of all times) as I was curious as to what was required in order to raise my limit. I would have been happy with a $250 increase. Didn’t matter. After 6 months of usage, they approved me of a $5,250 credit line! WHAT!? WHAT?! I would have been happy with an increase of $250. At any rate, if I can do it, so can you.

Which credit card did you apply for?

Which card do you recommend for rebuilding credit?

I really need credit card money. I had 5 kids and none of my man’s will pay me – I am hurtin’ for some new couches. One says he loves me but none of that i be thinking is true.

I really need some new stuff in my life to make it better – can anyone suggest what to do?

I making monthly $ 2,000 I would like to get credit card has a 5,000 credit limit, I won’t use this card expect for emergy please I need your help please give me a chance.

You need an emergency fund NOT a credit card!

Could use this card for emergency

I need to find a credit card that will give me a 5000 credit limit; to combine some small debts. I have had bankruptcy and no one else will help me.

Need 3,500 to help with home improvements and pay exciting cards off

Rodney Martin

I have a credit card that has 5000.00 dollar debt interst rate 25 percent is there anybody bank that give me a loan that would cut that rate to help me out

If u already have a card with that high of a limit and u owe money on it m.. Look into getting a new card like chase or American Express that have 0% for balance transfers and 0% interest for 15-24 months

tammie stewart

I really need this card I have seven kids and a single parent school is about to start I’ll pay it back no matter what it takes just give me a chance.

kevin j williams

i really need this credit card

I have two credit cards. We always pay on it about every week because we have to cause of the job that I have. Always staying in the hotel and the company that I work for only gives us $30 dollars a day for perdiem. Not workin much cause of the weather. On unemployment for a week and go back to work for a couple of weeks and back on unemployment. But roughly work about 50 to 60 hours a week. Doing road construction.

i would like to qualify for a credit card with this size of a limit to help me get furniture for my new apartment.

I open a secured card years ago when rebuilding my credit. I started with the minimum ($500) and kept adding more and more as time went on. By the end of it I had a $5,000 credit limit and great history. Best of all, after when I got approved for a REAL normal unsecured cards, that $5,000 I saved up felt like a windfall.

I want one now