$500 Limit Credit Card A Smart Choice?

Q: Where can I find credit cards with a $500 credit limit that are easy to get approved for? I think this would be best to control my spending but will the low limit be OK for my credit score?

A: There are two different questions here so let me break it up and answer each part separately…

$500 credit limit: bad or good for your credit record?

The answer is not black and white, unfortunately, and here’s why – a $500 limit credit card won’t be the best for building credit, however, neither is having a high credit limit with a lot of debt. There are pros and cons going either way. Here is a list of good entry level cards with lower limits.

If you’re concerned that having a high credit limit will tempt you to spend more than you have and max out the card (and it sounds like it will, since you asked the question) then I think it’s a wise decision to have a low credit limit of $500. In fact, I commend you for being honest with yourself and admitting it could become a problem. Most Americans in your shoes would never confess that!
As far as your credit history and building a positive FICO score, having a low limit could limit your ability to get approved for credit in the future for higher amounts (i.e. car loan, mortgage, or a higher limit credit card). However there are some alternative ways you could bypass this issue…

Have a family member add you to their account, but not give you the card
If you want to have a high limit credit card on your record, but don’t actually want the card, then you could have a spouse or family member add you to their account and they would never give you the card.

I am normally against adding authorized users, because if the person runs up a lot of debt and flakes out, the original account holder is left holding the bag (and that could ruin a relationship). However if you are never given the card in the first place, I don’t see how this could be a problem in your circumstance.

Have loan(s) of higher value
If you already have a car loan or student loan on file, then you will have a record of higher credit being given to you. However loans are considered installment credit. Credit cards are revolving credit. You need both to obtain a high score, so consider doing the authorized user idea mentioned above, too.

Aside from that, a card with a $500 limit may adversely impact your credit in another way – credit utilization. The percentage of credit used on a credit card is called credit utilization. You want to aim and keep this number below 30% at all time. Obviously if you have a credit card with a $500 credit limit, that could be hard because it would mean never using more than $150 of the limit.

How do you get around this predicament? Well, it’s typically the billing cycle’s closing balance that is reported each month to the credit bureaus. I suppose you could make an early payment each month before your billing cycle closes, to bring the balance below $150. That way when the cycle closes, it would show 30% or less for the credit utilization.

Getting credit cards with $500 credit limit?

Although it would be a very unusual request, I suppose it would be possible to ask for a $500 credit limit on any credit card (if you can qualify for the card). The problem is that you may be tempted to increase it, or the credit card company may increase it automatically when they do their “account reviews” which typically happen several times per year. Conclusion? An unsecured credit card could be risky for your situation.

It’s probably best to look at getting a secured credit card in order to limit your spending and pretty much guarantee approval. Not only would it have the control to set the limit at $500 initially (based on your deposit) and make sure it stays there if that suits your lifestyle and needs but also the chances of getting approved are almost 100% if you have the funds to put to send to the issuer for the security deposit.

  • With a secured card, the approval is guaranteed even if you have bad or no credit history.
  • You put up a security deposit and that amount becomes your credit limit. As long as your account remains in good standing, your security deposit will be fully refunded to you when/if you ever choose to close the account. With some secured cards, your deposit will even be earning interest while it’s in there.

For these reasons, I believe your best bet for a $500 limit credit card would be to get one that is secured and allow that smaller credit limit to keep your spending in check while slowly building a positive credit score. Good luck!

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Written or last edited on February 2016

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I would like to apply for $500 credit card

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I would like to apply for 500.00 limit unsecured credit card