100% Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards?

Q: Are there any credit cards that have 100% guaranteed approval?

approved stampA: Finding anything that is truly 100% guaranteed in life is hard to come by these days. If you have bad credit or limited credit history, it’s probably unlikely you will be approved for most credit cards.

Luckily, there probably still is a way you can get approved! What I’m about to share with you technically are not 100% guaranteed approval credit cards, because there are some basic requirements you will have to meet in order to get approved:

1. You must meet the age requirement
In order to apply, you must be at least 18 years of age.

2. Have proper residency
You will need to be a U.S. citizen and have a valid address in this country. However, if you are a foreigner that is in this country legally (a legal U.S. resident) approval might be possible for some offers, depending on the bank issuing the credit card.

3. Be able to prove you identity
You will need to have a valid Social Security number (or a federal tax ID number if you are a foreigner living here as a legal U.S. resident). In the unlikely event your identity cannot be confirmed, the issuing bank may also request a copy of a government ID; a driver’s license, state ID card, etc.

4. Agree to fees/security deposit
The banks that advertise so called 100% guaranteed approval credit cards are offering secured cards. That means you will have to put up a security deposit and pay any fees (if there are any). Fortunately, the security deposit will be fully refundable if you ever choose to close the account.

Those requirements aren’t too tough for most of us to meet, right? As you can see almost anyone can qualify and get guaranteed approval credit cards that are secured, assuming they meet the minimum requirements.

Just look at how these secured credit cards can help you!

  • Can build credit history – reputable secured cards report to the major credit bureaus every month. As long as you use your credit card responsibly and keep your account within good standing, it will help you rebuild your credit!
  • More secure than cash – When cash is lost or stolen, you’re out of luck. But with major credit cards, there are laws on the book to protect you! When it comes to fraud the most you can legally be held responsible for is only the first $50 of fraudulent activity per credit card account.
  • Convenience – You can’t make online purchases with cash but you can with credit cards! Enjoy the convenience of not having to deal with coins and crinkled up money.

So getting a good secured card is about the closest thing you can find to 100% guaranteed approval. All you have to do is meet their easy requirements! Check out this sponsored section of some of the easiest credit cards to get approved for.

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Good luck

I need a credit cards to pay my bills.

I need crited cards to buy my family Christmas gifts . Thats why i need help bad.thanks.

thad robert becton jr

i hope i get approved it would be a big help.

Michael, it is not unconventional, credit history certainly is taken into account with secured credit cards. I haven’t found a secured card yet that hasn’t gone through a credit approval process.

The ones that check usually only do so to see if you are qualified for something better and/or getting the account partially secured with a lower deposit. So even though they may check, the approval is not necessarily dependent on what they find.

anyone know a good place where i can get my first

Agreed, they are not always 100 percent certainty.


They are not all 100% approval. I have applied with wellsfargo and chase and both were denied.

Sadly, I’m not surprised. BofA and Wells Fargo take into account your credit history when you apply for a secured card, which is quite unconventional but they do it nonetheless. That’s why I don’t recommend them for people with bad credit or bankruptcy.