Identity theft is no longer a fringe concern. Whether they’re hacking Wi-Fi networks, smartphone apps or online financial transactions, identity thieves are diligent about obtaining all sorts of personal data, including credit card information.

Nonetheless, experts are concerned that the average consumer may be unwittingly helping thieves, particularly when it comes to compromising our credit cards.

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How to earn extra rewards on wedding and baby-shower gifts

Buying gifts for wedding and baby showers can get expensive, especially if you’ve got more than one coming up over the next few months. But since you have to make these purchases anyway you might as well get some extra credit card rewards and points from all of those mixing bowls, cheese knives, tiny onesies and teething rings, right?

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Which card has the longest 0 percent balance-transfer period?

If you have high-interest credit card debt and need some breathing room to pay it down, a card with a lengthy 0 percent balance-transfer offer can be a great strategy (Read: How we unlocked our debt-payoff potential with balance transfers).

To give yourself as much time as possible to knock out your debt, you’ll want to get the longest 0 percent period you qualify for. We surveyed 30 popular balance-transfer credit cards to determine which gives you the most time to pay down debt.

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Credit cards for new U.S. immigrants

When Alex Gerard immigrated to the United States from Russia in 2010, he encountered a problem he had not anticipated. Though he had an excellent financial portfolio back in Russia, he had no credit history in the U.S., which made it very difficult to obtain a credit card.

“I did some research online and everything I came across made it sound like this was going to be a big problem, but I came to realize my situation was definitely not as bad as many articles indicated,” says Gerard, CEO and founder of the credit card advisory service “With no credit, I realized my chances of getting a credit card were similar to someone with an average or fair credit score, and they were much better than if I had bad credit here in the U.S. I just had to make a plan.”
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