Delta and American Express (a CreditCardForum advertising partner) are inviting SkyMiles cardholders to take an interesting gamble: Borrow miles for that trip you want to take (and don’t have enough miles for) and then earn them later. They’re calling the program Fly Now, Earn Later.

Is this a good deal for travelers? Or a trap? Here’s what to know.
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If you store your card info on various online-shopping sites – and have countless bills set up for autopay – a data breach can be a huge pain. The issuer will refund any fraudulent charges and mail you a new card. But then it’s up to you to swap that new card number in to all your favorite online shopping sites and services on autopay. If you miss, say, a gym-membership payment in the shuffle, the consequences are on you.

A new card aims to solve that problem. It’s called the Final Card (no annual fee), issued by First Bank & Trust.
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How to get your credit score above 800

800When it comes to achievements in the credit-score world, nothing earns you more bragging rights (or better interest rates) than breaking the 800 mark. But getting there takes time, effort and a steady commitment to a specific type of fiscal responsibility.

“Getting above 800 is an entirely different threshold when it comes to credit scores. And so few people are up there that banks don’t even talk about it that much because it’s so unusual,” says North Shore Advisory President and FICO Certified Professional Tracy Becker. “People who are obsessed with cracking the ceiling of 800 tend to be overachievers and strive for the best in everything, and there’s a pattern to how they tend to manage their credit and finances.”

On average, nationwide credit scores have been climbing. According to data from FICO, the average U.S. score is 695. Still, only about 19 percent of the consumer population falls between 800 and 850.

If you’ve already got a sweet score in the mid-to-high 700s and want to join the ranks of the 800-plus club, these tips will help you breach that enviable barrier.

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Guest blog: Which credit cards to take abroad

Traveling abroad means that you’re exploring areas you’ve never been before – and perhaps spending more than you usually do. That’s why credit cards are your best international traveling companion. But which ones should you take along? The options are endless, and you want the top value for your card loyalty.
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