Why is your mortgage credit score different?


You’re finally ready to apply for a mortgage. You’ve done your homework and obtained your credit scores—and they look solid. But then you sit down with a mortgage broker and she has some bad news. The credit score she’s obtained is worse than the ones you saw. Sorry, but that house is going to have to wait. Read more

How to make the most of a low-limit credit card

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You felt like celebrating when you got approved for a card. But when you saw the credit limit you realized you lack the spending power to pay for car repairs, spring for a new couch or book a vacation.

A low credit limit might make you feel like you’re not (credit) worthy, but don’t despair. If you use your starter card strategically, it can provide the boost you need to build credit, progress to a higher limit and eventually get a better card.

Follow these eight tips to get to the next level in the world of plastic:
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A common perk on many hotel rewards cards is the free “anniversary” night, which you can use to book a free night at an eligible property after you pay your card’s annual fee.

We asked seven rewards bloggers for their most memorable experiences using their annual free night. While some went big with luxury hotels, others saved theirs for a literal rainy day.

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Consumers trust Visa most, survey says

Whether you trust a card brand can influence which card you pull from your wallet for a purchase or which cards you apply for.

This trust is at the center of an April 2017 Consumer Card Brand Sentiment Survey from payments-consulting company The Strawhecker Group. It reveals some fascinating insights into how consumers feel about their cards and whether they’re willing to extend that trust even further by adopting mobile wallets.

Source: The Strawhecker Group

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Do Barclaycard’s new travel benefits give it a new edge?

Barclaycard has rolled out several devaluations over the past couple years. But recently, it’s been rolling out improvements to its travel-protection benefits on some cards. If you use travel benefits (like trip-delay coverage, rental-car insurance and trip-cancellation protection) to determine which card you use to pay for a trip, take note. Barclaycard may now be your best option for some types of protections.

Here’s a list of what’s changed – and how Barclaycard now compares to the competition.
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