Are miles dead?

Wired recently pronounced airline miles dead, done in by devaluations and program changes. But are they?

We asked four travel rewards bloggers if miles are really over.

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Why airline “Basic” economy fares make credit cards more valuable

American Airlines recently announced it’s following Delta in United in creating a Basic cconomy class.

“Basic Economy” essentially means you’re paying a lower fare for a worse flying experience. If the “lower fare” part sounds good to you, but the “worse flying experience” part doesn’t, credit cards can fill in the gap by providing some of the benefits lacking in Basic fares.

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What’s going on with the Chase Fairmont Visa Signature card?

The Chase Fairmont Visa Signature is just the kind of product you’d expect to disappear without anyone noticing. Fairmont is a chain with fewer than 200 properties worldwide (albeit unique, luxury ones) and the card was never meant to appeal to mainstream travelers.

Yet travel bloggers and forums alike have noticed that the card no longer appears on Chase’s card landing pages. And this has unleashed a game of get-it-while-you-still-can, with churners digging up still-active application links.

So what, exactly, is going on with the card? And what are some alternatives if it’s gone for good?

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Best travel rewards cards for 2017

travel rewards cards 2016

Planning on exploring the world in 2017? We rounded up the cards that will save you money on flights, accommodations, and other common travel expenses.

First, the usual disclaimer – the right card for you will depend on your spending, appetite for maximization and travel goals. Don’t assume our top-ranked cards will be the best fit for you.

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The dreaded rewards claw-back

Image courtesy of Greg, the Frequent Miler

Image courtesy of Greg, the Frequent Miler

Your excitement at receiving a card’s sign-up bonus may quickly evaporate if the issuer decides you don’t deserve it after all – and takes it back.

This is known a “claw-back.” Here’s what triggers this dreaded action – and what recourse you have.
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