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Postby luvbullmarkets » Thu May 08, 2014 1:06 pm

Eav1277 wrote:I saw. Very interesting.

Anyone have any idea if wells fargo will let you PC from Visa to Amex. At the same time, even the lower card has a $45 a year charge.

I attempted a PC with no luck. CSR stated they cannot change my Visa Platinum over to Amex Propel 365. I had to apply from scratch with a hard pull.
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I have the WF Propel365

Postby DaveZChicago » Fri May 30, 2014 3:49 pm

Weirdest thing, I applied and got the "application is being processed you'll hear back in 10 days or sooner if we need more information" type message. I had just applied at a credit union for an add'l card and got denied, figured I had to let me CB report settle and wait out some inquiries.

Decided what the heck, called the number on the WF email and said "your email indicated you might need more info". They said "hold on, let us transfer you to underwriting". Got a nice guy, asked about the weather in Chicago, said "what kind of limit are you looking for" I said $5k and he said "sure, all set" (kinda kicking myself should have asked how much they could extend). Got in under the spend $3k get 20,000 point deal. I have an AmEx Plat which I'll tend to revert back too, but I'll spend the $3k and pay it off just for the point bonus.

Doesn't appear any better or worse than a regular AmEx but at least it's not actually issued BY AmEx (I'm not really a fan of them).

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