Amex protections vs automotive aftermarket

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Amex protections vs automotive aftermarket

Postby Kaiokenryu » Sun Apr 06, 2014 1:05 pm

i am mostly familiar with the broad strokes to the protections of Amex:


for warranty protection: does it include automotive parts with 5 year or less warranty

for price protection: will they honor price match BETWEEN competitors

for return protection: will it cover defective items denied by automotive retailer after 90 return policy if i should purchase another part at another company?

I know that dealing in automotive can reach your annual limits for these protections pretty quickly.

i just dont find any mention of automotive parts in the small print for these protections....or maybe i overlooked it?

the reason I ask is sometimes...we run into a customer who is just SOL with proof of purchase ....and MAY have used Amex.

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