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AMEX Credit Card Application Question

Postby jazzmailman » Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:31 pm

Hi all,

Sorry if this is a long post... bear with me...

I have had an AE Blue Cash credit card since 02/2008, and I recently called in to "convert" it to the current Blue Cash version. There must be a misunderstanding at some point, since I specifically told the rep that I want to convert to an AE card that doesn't perform a hard pull on my credit report (like when I converted Discover More to Discover IT). However, I found out that the rep signed me up for a completely different product (no annual fee), so I got a hard pull on my credit report.

I then called in to see if there is anyway to revert the hard pull on my record, and was told it is not possible - however, the rep told me that I can apply for other AE cards without a credit inquiry since I just accidentally had one - so I proceeded to apply for the SPG card and was approved.

Today, I received the card which I accidentally applied for, and was going to call to cancel right away, but then I found that it has a whopping 20k credit line... which made me think maybe I should keep the card since AE reports this new card as if it's opened on 01/2008 anyway (6 year old account!)

So my question is (sorry for the long post) - whether if I should keep this "accident" card or not. OR since there is already a hard pull on my record anyway, should I cancel it and get the American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card instead?

I'm being extra cautious because I read on some blogs that AE would likely only approve 4 AE credit card accounts and I am planning on getting the American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card at some point anyway (was waiting on a better offer).


CC Deville
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Postby CC Deville » Sat Jan 25, 2014 1:52 pm

So wait, you already had a Blue Cash Everyday and you wanted to convert to another Blue Cash Everyday? Or the Blue Cash Preferred?

I would be very leery about what the rep told you about applying for another Amex card without another hard inquiry due to the accidental SPG account. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure like 99.9% sure that if you apply for the PRG it will result in another HARD inquiry if you are approved (soft if you are declined). I have never heard of Amex using the same inquiry for a second account within days due to an error.

Doesn't the SPG card have an annual fee after the first year? Do you frequently use Starwood hotels? If yes on the annual fee and no on hotel stays, then I would dump it. $20K credit limits are s e x y yes, but you could easily get that on your Blue Cash Everyday instead.

So here is what happened to me back in 2005: I had a 6 year old Gold Card ($75 annual fee) that I called to close because I couldn't justify the annual fee any longer. When I called, the rep stated that Amex would hate to lose a valuable Member Since 1999 (eat your heart out 2008!!) and would like to offer me the Blue. I repeatedly asked her "will this be the same account? will it be the same open date?" and she said "yes" to all my questions, so I allowed her to proceed. This did result in a new account number and a hard inquiry. Now, granted, in 2005 I did not know about backdating so I was uber ticked that I would have a new 2005 trade line. So I called a manager and was told to write to Amex to have the new Blue removed. Here is the address (granted it is 9 years old):

American Express-Credit Bureau Department
PO Box 297871
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33329

The number I was provided with was 954-503-3787; fax: 954-503-76985 (Monday thru Friday 9-5 eastern time)

So if I were you, I would write or call this department to have to SPG closed and removed from your credit bureau. I would also inform them that the hard inquiry was an error and that you would like that removed as well. I worked for a credit bank in the past and we could remove inquiries for cases such as this but you will probably have to really, really fight them on it. Then, once it is all cleared up, you could apply for the PRG (which will result in a new hard inquiry if approved-but at least you won't have two hard inquiries like you likely will if you go for PRG now).

If you choose to leave the SPG opened as is and apply for the PRG I am pretty sure that if approved, you will have another hard inquiry. But I have to ask, is it worth the inquiry? What is the worst thing that can happen if you have a few hard inquiries? Are you buying a house soon? Buying a car? If not, just leave it be because it isn't worth the time and aggravation sometimes. People put way too much emphasis on inquiries. They only marginally effect your FICO score and every six months they become less and less of a factor in your FICO scores (unless you've gone batsh*t crazy and applied for 20 accounts).

Good luck and let us know what you decide to do. And say hi to Mickey and Donald Duck for me as well.

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Postby MemberSince99 » Sat Jan 25, 2014 5:13 pm

You need to tell them you want to be connected to an AMERICAN rep (who actually knows what in the hell they are doing but don't say this part) in the future when you do things like this. Those foreign idiots have NO freaking clue what they doing. A PC should NOT have resulted in a pull normally.

But in this case, given what you got, which is an upgrade to a massive limit plus another card, it all worked out in the end and it's a wash since you would have gotten a hard pull for the new card anyway. So basically if you wanted the new card, it's all good.

But I would make it a point to ask to speak with someone in the US who knows what they are doing. It's just playing Russian roulette to trust what the untrained foreign reps in Bangladesh tell you reading from their scripts. They are very little better than the ones you talk with when you call Cap One.

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Postby jazzmailman » Sun Jan 26, 2014 6:25 pm

I have an older version of Blue Cash Everyday card (the 0.5% to $6,500 then rewards start kicking in) in which i wanted to convert to the current version - I specifically asked the rep if this will result in a hard credit inquiry and was told NO since it's a simple conversion like what I did for my Discover More -> Discover IT.

I then received another Blue Cash Everyday card (newer version? I don't even know anymore) which is apparently a "new card" that I applied for. This one has a 20k credit line - but I did not ASK to apply for a new card - this resulted in hard credit inquiry.

I contacted AE to explain that I did not want to apply for a new card and was told that I can call to cancel the card and then call Experian to explain my situation. Meanwhile, the AE rep told me that applying for the SPG card won't result in another inquiry since they have already inquired using that previous report. I then applied for the SPG card since I have always wanted to get this card; however, unlike what the rep told me, I got ANOTHER hard credit inquiry...

IN short:

1) I now have 2 Blue Cash Everyday cards for some reason - the rep wrongly applied for a newer version for me - which resulted in a hard inquiry
2) I have a SPG card (and a hard inquiry even though the rep told me that they just use the same report)

and yes, I will say hi to Mickey and Donald for you! I have an annual pass to the happiest place in the world! :)

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