Considering changing from clear to something else

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Considering changing from clear to something else

Postby Maxburn » Sun Jan 19, 2014 1:44 pm

I think the main question I have at the moment is this; are the consumer purchase protections offered by amex pretty much the same across the board for all card offerings?

I have used the purchase protection several times for when something dies and the company is gone, plus I think I have had my card number stolen three times in the past six years or so. Amex always seemed to handle it fine.

The long version-------------\/

I have had my Amex Clear card for over seven years now and it's been very good.

Originally I got it because I didn't have my act together and occasionally missed a payment, so capitol one would jack up my interest and spam me with fees, penalties that don't exist under the Clear card. I really like the clear card no fee structure. Obviously the rewards are pretty much non existent running 1%. One neat side benefit to the Clear card, the card is clear and I get lots of comments when I pull it out, looks good. ;)

Today I have my act together and always pay my account in full each month. I'm single and now a homeowner with excellent credit. I no longer travel much for work or business other than a lot of time in the company truck in SC. I do internet purchases amazon prime and elsewhere quite a bit.

I want to get my rewards up so I'm thinking about a Blue Cash Preferred card but I don't want to rule out something better. I think I'd like to get the rewards in the form of cash back on the statement but I'm not very picky about it.

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