Advice of getting a card with part-time job

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Advice of getting a card with part-time job

Postby spincel » Sun Dec 15, 2013 11:22 am

Hi guys. Currently I am looking for an AMEX card, either the charge card (preferably Green) or the revolver card (BCE). Which one should I get based on my below info:

I am a senior - 21 years old - in college (full time) and I only work part-time during the weekend. So my income will not be that great (less than 10k but more than 5k). Still I don't use much the money per month, just enough for food and for some online shopping. My current credit cards are BoA Student (1k limit - rarely using), Chase Freedom (2.5k limit - authorized user of my parent, primarily for gas), and lastly Discover IT (1k limit, primary card for everything nowadays). I had the BoA since my freshman year at college (2011) and the Discover is the recently one in the early 2012.

Currently I only have 2 inquiries on my report. My utilization most of the time was less than 3% because I don't want to carry balance. Although I don't have much income, I still have some scholarship fund from my university and I still on my student loan (currently about 10k). Last but not least, my FICO score that I just got from Discover is 775. Another info is that I got an pre-approval letter from AMEX for the BCE (Well, I know there is no guarantee for that).

So which one will be better and easier to get? I am still don't like the AF on the green, but I could live with that. I saw most people said that their charge card is relatively easier to get than the revolver and when you get one, later one you will have more chance to score a better one with AMEX, so I could get either one of them to buy stuff at the moment and I think I will apply in the future for the other.

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