AMEX Traveller's Checks and Membership Rewards

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AMEX Traveller's Checks and Membership Rewards

Postby VictorSuede » Sat Aug 10, 2013 3:01 pm


I've got no experience with TCs, so I'm not really familiar with how they work, but now that I've got an AMEX card, I just had a random thought and thought I would check and see if it was feasible.

My student loan servicer won't take credit cards, but will take checks. I'd love to be able to get rewards points for paying my student loans. Is there any way to get rewards points for buying AMEX TCs? If there is, and they are taken by my loan servicer, that would get me about 300 extra points a month.

Victor Suede

My Cards
  • Discover IT (1% Everything; 5% Rotating): $15.7k (Credit Limit Increase: 3/15)
  • American Express Premier Rewards Gold (1 Point per Dollar Everything; 3 Points per Dollar Travel; 2 Points per Dollar Gas and Groceries): NPSL (7/13; Credit Limit Adjustment 8/14)
  • Chase Slate: $500 (4/14)
  • Barclaycard MasterCard (1 Point per Dollar Everything; 2 Points per Dollar Gas, Groceries, Utilities): $2.9k (8/14; Credit Limit Increase 4/15)
  • Citi Simplicity MasterCard: $1.5k (4/15)

Total CL: $20.6k

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