Think I can get a reconsideration?

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Think I can get a reconsideration?

Postby daddychrisf » Tue Jun 04, 2013 3:09 pm

I recently applied for a Amex Blue card and they denied me application. My scores where in the low 600's for all major credit bureau's (638 TU, 618 EX, 605 EQ).

But when I saw the denial letter it said my FICO score was 575. And my credit history has some recent lates (which is true 60 days) and not enough history. This was 04/29/13 when I applied.

My new scores as of 06/03/13 are (686 TU, 686 EX, 615 EQ) I recently tried the opensky secured credit card but they never sent the card and it reported 1 time to the bureau's which boosted my score. I only have 1 card and its a Capital One Platinum Card CL $500.00.

I need another card that's why I tried Amex. What should I do, I want another card????

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