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Postby Keysmasher » Fri Jan 28, 2011 3:18 pm

bravo4 wrote:The jealousy here is intense. You guys talk like this because you DON'T have it. If you did, you'd probably think and feel differently.

BTW: the expired cards go on eBay for several hundred dollars. That's just for an expired card. So to say they are worth a dollar is really short-sighted and ignorant.

Some poeple spend $10k on a wallet or a purse, they like it and they have it and can do that. Why hate on them or anyone else for that? Disagree respectfully is all I am saying. Otherwise, you only prove your own ignorance and idiocracy, which you guys can keep on doing because it is really pretty funny (and sorta pathetic, no offense).

Bottom line: I enjoy it. I don't need to flash it, but I don't need to hide it or be embarrassed of it. The first class flight upgrades, hotel upgrades, insurance on purchases, treatment from Amex customer service, personal concierge, etc. have all been very beneficial and quite worth it... at least for me. For some, it is not, and they can vote with their wallet and cancel. For quite a few people out there, they really wish they could have it, just like they wish they could have a Ferrari or Lambo or something (which is quite a bit more expensive). I drive a rather normal car, I don't need to be flashy, but I can tell you it is quite fast and functions well for it's purpose: driving ;)

No reply on my $1 offer (see previous post)? $1.50 for the card is as far as I will go. That $1.50 should cover Paypal fees, postage and of course the cost of the card.

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