Signing up for big offers every 8-12 months?

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Signing up for big offers every 8-12 months?

Postby mbones » Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:07 pm

I've never had an Amex before and was sent an offer for 100K points for a personal Platinum in February. After doing some research I decided that the benefits (points, $400 airline credit, lounges, global entry) made it worth it for me for at least a single year.

After some more research I learned about switching between the personal, business and mb card to continue getting bonuses. I was planning to do this every 8-12 months to make sure I had at least one card open for benefits and maintaining points as I waited for each card to recycle it's year waiting period to be eligible for bonuses.

After the first month I had met the spending requirement and received the points. A week later I got a 100K offer for a business card. This is a bit early in the process and I'm not sure it is a good idea to sign up early. It's only two months into my personal card membership so I know most of the benefits would be overlapped between the two cards so had a few questions for some of the more experienced members.

  • How often do people receive these offers? If I ignore it now is it likely I'll get it near the end of the year?
  • I assume the airline fee refund benefit stacks, but what about the others? Can I get additional travellers into lounges, a different person's name on the priority pass or a different person a refundable global entry?
  • Anything else I should consider beyond going for it for the additional 100K miles?

Thanks for the help.

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