Guess the Zync can be upgraded.

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Guess the Zync can be upgraded.

Postby Deweytf4 » Fri Mar 22, 2013 5:24 pm

Was on the Amex online page paying my bill and noticed the online chat, so I decided just for giggles to give a whirl and asked the rep about the possibility of upgrading my Zync, assuming the answer would be no... This is the response I got.

Welcome to American Express Live Chat! The next available Customer Care Professional will be with you shortly.

For quality assurance, this chat may be recorded and monitored. To protect account security, please click “END CHAT X” to close this chat window before leaving your computer unattended or when chat is complete.

You are now chatting with Jeuanita.

Jeuanita: Hi, welcome to American Express Chat. My name is Jeuanita. How can I help you today?
you: Hi there. I'm sure the answer is no, but can my Amex zync be upgraded to another charge card?
Jeuanita: Thank you for your inquiry.
Jeuanita: Please allow me to have a look at your account.
Jeuanita: Am I chatting with Mr. X?
you: Yes you are.
Jeuanita: Great! In order for me to access your account, can you please tell me your Security PIN?
you: XXXX
Jeuanita: Thank you.
Jeuanita: Thank you for your interest in transferring to another Charge Card product.
Jeuanita: I have some good news for you, effective April 16, 2013, You will be able to transfer you account to another Charge Card product.
Jeuanita: Please contact us after April 15, 2013, and we will be able to confirm if you are eligible for a product transfer and assist you with transferring to another Charge Card product.
you: Thank you for your time.
Jeuanita: You're welcome
Jeuanita: Have a great weekend.
you: You too.

Guess if you have a lot of Mre points, you can upgrade your Zync to another charge. With that said, I'll still keep the Zync a bit longer. Better off trying to get a signup bonus anyways.

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Postby AMEXPlatino86 » Fri Mar 22, 2013 5:39 pm

That's cool I didn't know that. Going to have to try the online chat when I'm ready to upgrade my gold this summer. (Not much of a phone person.)
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Postby SparkyinCA » Fri Mar 22, 2013 6:44 pm

Great post, Deweytf4! Very helpful..But when you say "a lot of points" how many are we talking here? How long have your had your Zync? And what kind of score/credit do you have? Was this a Zync with a limit or NPSL?

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Postby Deweytf4 » Fri Mar 22, 2013 8:31 pm

Truthfully, I don't have a lot of MRE points (1,250.). Reason for it is because I have BCP, Discover Escape, Discover it, and Citi Forward, so it's hard to find a justification to use it over other cards. In theory, if you have a lot points and wanted to avoid a hard pull, the Zync seems upgradeable now. It would make more sense to cancel the card and wait 3 months to get the signup bonus though. I've had the Zync for 1 year and I originally got declined, but called the executive and a nice lady approved me for a NPSL. Didn't get a signup bonus, but wasn't charged an annual fee. Now I think about it, a full year has passed and I still haven't been charged the AF yet. 3 months later, I applied for the BCP and by some dumb luck was approved, within the following months, I was approved of the other cards listed. I suppose I'm keeping the card for now for sentimental reasons, and in hopes down the line MR points become more competitive with Chase UR points. As of currently right now, I can't make sense of getting a more expensive charge card, when it wouldn't get much use due to my other cards.

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