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Postby selfmadetool » Wed Apr 03, 2013 6:23 pm

MemberSince99 wrote:What can it hurt to ask? The worst they can do is decline it.

The worse they can do is decline it, then hit you with a financial review.

As a word of caution to several posts I've read lately, I would only include income that appears on your taxes.
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Postby jonedaley2014 » Thu May 15, 2014 8:01 am

I applied online through my account awhile ago (I estimate 2 months ago) and got the 7-10 message. I ended up getting a letter stating I was denied because I had not been a card member long enough. However, I joined on 11/15/2013 and submitted the request in March 2014. I just resubmitted today and got an e-mail in 5 minutes stating I was denied because I was denied a CLI within the last 90 days. Go figure. I only was assigned a 2k line to begin with and have paid my balance in full monthly. My Experian Fico Score is 727. I do not get it. I use my card a lot and pay it in full monthly. I am looking for other options now. My credit line is not enough for my needs. I travel a lot on business for my company.

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Postby thom02099 » Sat May 17, 2014 12:15 pm

The 3X CLI has never ever been guaranteed. That seems to be a myth perpetuated on various sites. It's not a given that one will get it, regardless of where one is beginning. There are many factors that weigh in on determining when it will be granted. If one doesn't get it, it's not a "failure". Just means that you still have work to do.
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Postby takeshi » Mon May 19, 2014 9:32 am

dlgoldamex wrote:So, I guess this is proof that the 3x cli is not guaranteed even if you always pay in full.

PIF'ing never guarantees a CLI with any creditor. There are always a number of factors at play -- not just one. I've received CLI's while carrying balances (on promo offers) with AmEx as well.

nady wrote:wasn't brave enough to try 3x.

Your call but I'd request 3x. They'll counter if one qualifies for a lower CL.

selfmadetool wrote:I would only include income that appears on your taxes.

2012 and earlier at this point. 2013 will not be considered until August of this year.

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Postby jonheaps » Wed May 28, 2014 10:51 am


I have my Amex BCE for almost a year now. I am availing their 0% on purchases for 18 months, I still have 5 months left for that offer. At one point I was using about 7k out of 7.5k of my limit. I was always paying on time. Now I have less than 1000 left on my account. If I go for 3x increase, will the high usage and and less than 1k still on my card have any effect on the request? I will paying of all the remaining next month. will it increase chances of 3x if wait till I pay off everything? Please suggest how to approach it so I can get maximum limit increase.

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