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Old Green Cards

Postby marzbarz » Sun Feb 17, 2013 2:57 pm

So I first started my American Express membership 10 years ago (2003) with the green card. If I recall, I remember the green card used to give double points in gas and groceries, and even at the post office during that time. I closed my account about 2 years later after I started getting some good offers from other cards. It's been a while, and think the $95 annual fee was the same, but does anyone else remember the green card offering this?

If AMEX were to offer double points for something on their green card I would no doubt open another green card. It seems to me that they took the green card what it was back in the day, and made it the Premier Rewards card for a whopping $175 fee :( c'mon Amex you guys can do better, CHASE is catching up very quickly.
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