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Postby Reclusive46 » Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:02 am

silver6054 wrote:I wasn't trying to imply anything. Just responding to:

I've had a lot of heated fights with cabs over the driver wanting me to hurry up and me telling them their equipment sucked
Presumably (from my experience of NYC taxis) the driver wouldn't want an explanation of why you were trying to enter a PIN, just **** the **** up and swipe ****" etc.

Haha. If there machines were EMV you could have trouble swiping it through though (Nyc cabs don't though and their contactless machines don't even support EMV contactless, only magstripe only contactless cards). When ever I try to swipe my UK Platinum card in an EMV terminal it always says "Dip Card - EMV Card" even when I was in a Walmart in Florida that had active chip and pin machines. There are some loopholes though. You can put an EMV card in backwards about 4 times and the machine will think the chip is broken and you can then swipe it. (I did this once at a self service checkout as the pin pad some icky stuff on it)
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Postby Sevenfeet » Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:40 am

New Platinum cards came from Amex over the weekend for my wife and I. Neither had the EMV chip as expected (and told to me by Amex a few days earlier). They are going to correct this by an overnight shipment.
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