Disputing a transaction

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Disputing a transaction

Postby sakhalin » Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:43 pm

I was purchasing books on half.com but they charged BOTH my Citi Visa and AMEX for the same transaction. It was caused by a technical error on the website. The Citi card is my "default" card on the site, and when I went to purchase my books, I decided to use my AMEX, so I switched the payment type on the checkout page. I then confirmed my purchase but was greeted by a "this page is temporarily unavailable" message. I went back to the homepage, and saw that my two items are still in my shopping cart. I then redid the transaction (and didn't think about changing the payment type, so my Citi Forward was the default payment option) and it went through with the confirmation email and everything. I was under the impression that my first transaction did not go through, but when I went online to check my Citi and AMEX charges, I noticed that I have a pending charge for the same amount ($18.71) on both my Citi Forward and BCE!

I already contacted half.com/eBay's customer service but I don't think I'll get a reply until tomorrow. As they are still pending charges, I cannot dispute them yet. But let's say half.com refuses to credit me back , will AMEX rule in my favor if I dispute the charge? I mean, I have proof that a transaction totaling $18.71 is the only half.com purchase I've made in the past 30 days, and that the same charge on the same date has appeared on my other credit card.

What's weird with half.com is that it doesn't tell you officially which card the charges were billed to; like Amazon would state $18.71 to XXXXXX-### VISA/AMEX/DISC. Half.com just literally says "billed to credit card". I am positive that the "real" transaction went through on the Citi Forward and not my BCE.
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Postby DoingHomework » Thu Jan 10, 2013 5:30 pm

This is an error. The merchant will need to correct it. You placed two valid orders. If you cannot get a response before they ship you can also return one of them unopened after marking it "Return - Did not order"

It's not Visa or AMEX's problem so a dispute is not the correct process to follow. A dispute is for a situation where there is disagreement between the parties. In this case the merchant's website had an error or you made a mistake and tried to correct it in a reasonable amount of time. Whatever you do, DO NOT OPEN any package from that merchant until you get things resolved.

Most merchants have procedures for preventing this kind of double ordering by, for example, flagging for review similar orders from the same account in a short time period. I suspect they will fix it but if not opening the package could mean accepting the double order.

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