AmEx "Pay Over Time" Feature

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AmEx "Pay Over Time" Feature

Postby jeff » Wed Dec 26, 2012 4:18 pm

I tried calling AmEx to see if I could get a future purchase for a wristwatch pre-authorized to use they pay over time feature. I signed up this past summer to have this feature added to my AmEx Platinum charge card. They said that they are unable to pre-authorize purchases for Pay Over Time; I am only able to request it after the purchase has been made. They did say, however, that they typically allow merchandise purchases to be eligible.

My question is has anyone used this feature before and if so, do you think they would authorize a PayPal purchase for an eBay item for pay over time? Thanks.

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Postby trumpet-205 » Wed Dec 26, 2012 4:48 pm

Typically does not mean 100%. So you have to prepard worst case scenario (which is pay in full) if you charge it on AMEX.

Also PayPal does not play nice with AMEX. AMEX doesn't like to see PayPal transaction. PayPal labels all transactions processed as professional service, not merchandise purchase.
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Postby jrv » Thu Dec 27, 2012 8:35 am

I would also add that AMEX Pay Over Time feature for charge cards is not for long term use. From my experience they want you to pay off the charge ASAP. I would guess maybe within a year. You may want to call to verify beforehand.
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