Graduating college... should I go for the green or the gold?

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Graduating college... should I go for the green or the gold?

Postby yolo » Fri Nov 30, 2012 10:12 pm

I've gotten a few pre-selected offers in the mail from Amex, mostly for their Blue Cash but also for various charge cards.

I would like to add another credit card to my wallet to expand the number of credit accounts that are reported to the bureaus.

I like the Green and Gold for their travel and shopping benefits. I'm graduating college in January and have a full-time job, making about $30k/year. My only card is a Discover which is 3 years old with a $1500 limit (they just raised it without me asking). I've checked my Experian with their credit score tracker, and they claim it's about 715, but I'm not sure how that score differs from an actual FICO.

Have five hard pulls, one is about to fall off in December. Two are from this year, the rest are over a year old. No late payments or anything negative whatsoever. Utilization is about 15% normally. I don't want to apply and waste an inquiry if I am rejected, so do you think I would get approved for either of these cards? Thanks! :cool:

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